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April 22, 2008


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All lands in Palau are worth than what they decided ...Please be careful its a 99 year lease not even your grandchildren will ever fruit from it.....

This is a sign that our island has attracted many rich eyes looking in from the outside. And I think this is one of the reason why we have almost 60 candidates running for positions this coming election.

Our government is experiencing hardship today. But I believe the economy will turn around in the near future. The only problem we have is picking the right leadership that are there for the success of Belau as a whole. Not just themselves and the few.


Interesting how Midcorp owned the big portion of land in Ngaraard. Didn't know the founders of Midcorp have roots in Ngaraard. If this was real, why the media when the deal did not go through. If I recall, not much was in the press when the deal at Ngetmeduch was secured.

A omeluches el chised a diak el bo ruchei ra teleteled!


I heard that the aforementioned piece property was bought from the former governor of Ngaarard Tadashi by Alan and his brother-in-law.

Private sector support is needed now to get us out of this mess our government is doing.

Support investment by removing road blocks imposed by FIB.

Palau is on its way to financial independence with big investors coming in.

This land offer is a sign that Palau is moving up. vote in the right leaders like Seid to keep the investors faith in Palau by moving in the right direction.

Listen my good people without details of how or what transpired, Seid is just trying to milk publicity from this as he has in the past with his other failed ventures.

As soon as JHenry's name came up as the broker of this deal, I knew something was up. In the world of private equity firms, there has to be accountability on the firms part because the funds being utilized come from more than one private source. And off course, these people want to see a return on their money.

In any case, I suspect that Alan Seid wanted more money than this equity firm was willing to offer if there was even an offer in the first place. But the politician that he is, he is trying to turn it to his favor as the message filters through the community.

That message will be something along the lines of Alan Seid turned down $11 plus million dollars in a land deal because of the palauan people's future.

This a positive for the Chin/Seid team but I say its a mistake because it would appear that Seid thinks he has the VP seat all locked up. Once he is there, who will stop him then? Chin? He will answer to no one, no private equity firm not even his wife or the President then watch him double or even the triple the 11.5 million he turned down. Don't underestimate Seid because he knows how to play the con game.

Hello friends,

Please stop dreaming about the value of Palau. Land values are determined by many factors, namely:-

(1) Local demand being the most important factor.

Unfortunatly Palau has insufficient local population to create demand to push-up land price.

(2) Foreign demand.

Foreign demand is also dependent on many factors -


Natural resourse to bring in expatriate workers,

Large tourist base to create demand for hotels.

Accessibility - direct, good and cheap airline services.

Infrastructure - Telecommunication, road network & Maintainence, water supply, electrical supply, sewage and garbage management and disposal etc.

Services - We must have hospitals, banks, insurance, reliable legal services, efficient and clean government agencies to deal with foreign investers

Unfortunately, Palau currently lacks in all the above and as such we must be realistic and accept that our land price will remain low until wour government provides all the infrastructure and services to attract FDI!

(3) Government Standing -

The government must make laws foreign investment friendly.

Currently our laws are not foreign investment friendly!

Palau has a land area of 189 square miles. That is equal to 489,541,820 square meters. The average square meter value of land in Palau is $2.00 per meter, that equate to an asset value of $979,083,640 or one billion US dollars. That is an asset value of $61,000 per Palauan;

$10.00 per meter would equate to a value of $4,895,418,200 and $306,000 per Palauan.

$30 per square meter would equate to a value of $14,686,254,600 or almost $1,000,000 per Palauan. Is this a possibility?

Let us examine Real Estate transaction values over the last 20 years

1988 to 1992 land values in Babeldaob Average per square meter $8.10

1994-1999 Babeldaob Land values average per square meter $9.70

Palau 2000-2005 Land values in Babeldaob per square meter $1.63 (land claims increase and become a public issue)

In 1992 there appeared to be a scarcity of large parcels available for sale. Foreigners were the primary buyers of real property during this period. The market appeared to peak between 1994 and 1999. In today’s market there are more transactions but few foreigners are buying. The predominant buyers are composed of a group of a dozen local families that are actively purchasing real property. This shift in demand has influenced the average price per square meter of property and has settled it at $1.63 per square meter from 2000 to 2005.

Saipan experienced a land boom 1985 to 1991
Average transaction value is $61.00 per square meter.

1991-2005 Average transaction value $48.70 per square meter.

Saipan’s total asset value based on the transaction from 2000 to 2005 average unit value of $38.14 is 47 square miles or 121,737,913 square meters equates to a total value of $4,643,033,998. Saipan is ¼ the size of Palau and has over four times the value.

How did land values change? To understand that we must follow the developments in the real estate market.

Much of the land in Palau is Clan owned. The privately held land and even State land ownership are continuously challenged in Land court. This instability in land ownership has made it difficult to convert land into liquid capital.

Article XIII – General Provisions
Section 8.
Only Citizens of Palau and corporations wholly owned by citizens of Palau may acquire title to land or waters in Palau.

The land ownership by foreigners is restricted to 50 years by case law. This adds to the difficulty of foreign investments.

Just to note: There are pending constitutional amendments and legislation that will lengthen the term to 99 years (already passed.)

Good to know that some action is coming to Palau.

My business has been slow.

I hope that is a good indication that Palau is finally getting out of this dead economy.

I cannot afford the fuel for my boat to continue fishing.

Ungil chais.

I am happy to know that Alan is looking to the future of his country and what is good for Babeldaob.

Few people these days have the ability to look beyond today.

Babeldaob Boy,

Please come to Ngermid , Koror to see a site for Hung Guo Hotel and also come to Imul, Aimeliik ask Belechel for Golf Course sites. Both sites are still forest "EREOMEL".

PMCI is still the same at dead end at T-Dock.


The deal in Ngaraard is supposedly Besure Kanai's bechfront property; deal is with Lime-Tree Capital Partners out of Hong Kong. Looks like a legit outfit.

However, whe do they have to go through Alan Recherchel Seid? Because he is a master broker and that can sell anything...hell, he can sell sand to isralites, ice to eskimos, bullshit to islanders.

Remember what I said before, J.Henry is in bed with Alan Seid and he (Henry) has already weasled land out of unsuspecting people of Angaur. What does this show about Alan, he will sell his mother for a profit, so will J.Henry.

He is definitely a good "international broker" because of his articulate and keen persona.

BUT, he is still a thief.

Alan = THIEF. Alan will destroy the hopes of Chin becoming president. More shit will come out about him to remind the public about how he maintains his lavish ways at the expense of everyone in Palau.

Alan is a good broker. He will broker any deal but cannot MANAGE a country and definitely will undermine Chin's integrity and a Chin government with his continuous devious ways.

Don't be fooled by this man's silk tongue and velvety speeches becuase he is just as much a pirate as Tim Taunton was.

Speaking of Tim Tauton, I want to hear from at least one of these presidential hopefuls that once they are President that they will do everything in their power to bring Tauton to justice.

JK has kind of touched on the subject but has not been specific enough threatening just to expose and/or get to the bottom of the PSB mess. The people need something more than just talk otherwise the palauan presidency is nothing but a farce.

What has Alan stolen to be regarded as a thief. He has done a lot of big business in Palau that most Palauan cannot do.

Business is like fishing. When you return from the ocean, check how much fish have you caught.

Mardingaol, what fish can you show that you have caught ? Or are you just another employee working for a bi-weekly paycheck on a dead end job ?

You are just jealous of Alan's high profile business because you have nothing to show for.

Before your throw stones at anyone's business, look at yourself.

You are bulak mardingaol. My land is only 40,000 square meters. Talk to Sakum. That was his land before he sold it.

No wonder why you are loosing your hair. Ke Kmal tulchoid. Or is that Alan brother in law fired you. Ha

Beter check the recrods. I have different investors. Ke meral tulchoid and bulak.

Mardingaol, read the article. Alan is not the broker, he is the seller. He bought the land a while back with his brother in law. He has not stolen anything. And I do reiterate what The Fisherman is saying about your jealousy, because even if you had land like this you don't have the connections Alan has to speak with people from funds like Lime Tree Capital.

This news is not only positive for Palau, but in my view really shows Alan's belief in Palau. He's holding out for something better, and I don't know too many Palauans who would turn down $11 million bucks.

ben@"benmiller.com" to Alan Seid

Pay me my money.

Stop being a jerk who thinks it is acceptable to keep someone waiting for six years.

Don't you have any self respect?

What are you teaching your kids?


Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Alan Seid's (remember this is the guy who turned down 11 million dollars) response to Ben Miller was the following:

"alanseidpw@aol.com" to ben

"You are a looser Ben, no class, cold piece of shit. I will pay only and only if you apologize, otherwise go fuck your self."

Is this you want to be Vice President of the Republic? If Seid could string along Ben Miller for six years, think about how long he has been conning the palauan people.

Email from Alan Seid to Ben Miller concerning the money he owes Mr. Miller.

"alanseid@aol.com" to ben

Dear Ben,

I have a chance to get some funds with in June 10th to the 15th. Actually the funds are already in our account pending a court judgement confirmation expected within this time frame. I would like to clear this up. By chance, I an now in Tokyo so if you would like to talk with me I am at the new Otani Hotel 3265 1111 room 1330 until Thursday

Mr. Ben Millers response to Senator Alan Seid follows:

Which is all the more disappointing coming from a guy who can afford to stay at the $400 per night New Otani. Other correspondence included assorted reasons for an inability to pay, usually involving some complicated story about escrow and deals in the offing, but sweetened by an offer to accompany him on a weeks's charter of a yacht for scuba diving or some other (perhaps tax-payer funded?) junket.

Well, I learned my lesson. Don't call someone who will not honor their debts for six years a "jerk." It gives them full justification for canceling the obligation. After all "jerk" is a word the Right Honorable Senate Floor Leader Alan Seid of Palau is probably not too used to hearing

What the hell? Kemesaod a selaod! Share something new leng meral mal soad a tekoi.

If you want the price of land to fetch a good price....

If you want your children to have a bright future....

If you want Palau to be self sufficient....

Vote for a President that has the legal knowledge to refrom Palau's archaic legal system that is unfriendly to foreign investment.

Vote for a President who's policy is to encourage FDI.

Vote for a President that has good connections with other Nations.

Vote for a President who has prEsence and who is articulate.

Vote for a President who can command international respect and confidence.

The ONLY Presidential candidate that has all the above qualities is Johnson Toribiong!


Be Sure /Fisherman, other detractors from the Truth:

You are so busy kissing this guys ass to get some favors and strenthen your own "connections" that you are unwilling or unable to comprehend the twisted and thieving character of the person Alan R. Seid.

I say it again, SEID = THIEF & LIAR.

Tell me that my relatives at Belau Modekngei didn't get robbed of their money and are now struggling.

Tell me that he has made good on his promises for the lands that he "bought" with shitty terms and future payments that have never been received.

Please pay closer attention to Mr. Seid and hold on to your wallets because he will rob you blind...he will sell anything to anyone, even if it wasn't his.

MIDCOPR is a sham and his ideas will never come to fruition because most people have found out the true character of Mr. Alan R. Seid; ngkang a merechorech e cheblad el chad.

Thief and Liar and I have the books to prove it and when the time comes, he will wish he never ran for VP because this stuff is going to come out and its gonna hurt.

I'm not jealous of a thief; I just want my friggin money Mr. Seid.

Jealous....ha ha ha ha. I've made my own money the honest way.



With regards to your comments concerning Seid, I myself recently bought a piece of property in Palau, and guess what?? …came to find out that he, (Seid) was trying to purchase the same property but the land owner refused to sell it to him due to what Seid had done to him in the past pertaining to similar transaction. I did not know this, until couple days ago then someone told me. I guess Palau is so small so we can’t hide our shits.

Good luck to those who trust Seid to be the captain of their ship.

Just thought I share my personal experience to validate what Mardi had said.


Several of Seid's investments have failed and i fail to recognize the correlation with Seids failed investments and running the country....

Register Voter, I totally agree with you. However when he uses his public office to enrich himself that is when I draw the line.

There is still time for VP to dump him.

Chin has rung the bell and now he cannot unring it. Its too bad. He was slated to be the next president but he chose a con man to be his number two.

Actually if JT wins, the bells will be ringing merely to resuscitate and bring back the oldies like Joshua, Sandra, Seit, Lucius, Moses and certainly Johnny if he was still around, etc.. Time has changed and we have more educated minds in town whom we can trust more than these people. I am going for Chin this time because I think, if elected, we can expect to see fresh faces in the white house. I believe Seid can be controlled and I will not change my mind just because of one bad apple in the mix. From what I gather from Chin's website, I find him to be conservative, caring, and all about "baby steps." That said, I don't see how Seid can play his game freely and get away with it under Chin. Few years ago, newly elected Sen Seid paid a visit to Koror jail without Chin's approval and was ordered to f**k off.

However, I am still waiting for SW and JK's running mates before I make my final decision.


I challenged to you reveal all your business accomplishments in Palau so we can compare. The truth is you have NONE. As I said, business is like fishing. If you have no fish, do not be jealous of others who are taireyo, like Alan Seid.

Alan Seid is a self made millionaire. He never inherited a penny from anyone. All that he has, he rightfully earned from being smart and honest businessman. Alan's businesses are employing many Palauans and paying large taxes to the country.

You keep saying Alan is a thief, yet you have not said anything specific that he was convicted of or been publishized in the media for stealing. Why ? Because there are none. Diak a tal ngerang !

You are nothing but a character assisin. You and your group tried to unseat Diaz but were unsuccessful. You are preoccuppying your time cutting down good people in Palau. Yet you are a failure yourself.

You been riding on your old man's coat tail all these years but never can get into business for your self for you have no skill or the brains for it.

Get off cutting down Alan Seid. He is one of Palau most dynamic businessman and has great ideas how to make Palau a great country.

As for you, you are nothing but a looser hiding behind this blog. You are jealous of Alan because he almost got you fired for over stepping your authority.

What have you done for your country lately, except attempting to assinate good people ?

If you cannot fish, do not cut down good fisherman. One day you may just eat Alan's fish.

Palau is sick and tired of negative people like you.

I feel compelled to comment because alot of people seem to concentrate on Seid's failures. When it comes down to the wire, yes, Seid has had failures, but that's because he is a high-risk individual. It's called the risk - return theory, in that only if you make high - risk investments, you get high returns. That also means a high probability of failure. To continue with the fishing analogy, people like Seid don't fish for the small fish like tiau and chimirechorch, they go for the marlins of the sea. They come back alot of the time with nothing, but when they hook something it is big and it lasts a long time. Yes, he has failed a few ventures, but his big fish are Palasia, Palau Air, Morita scholarship, Dolphins Pacific, etc. These are things few Palauans can accomplish. Before you start criticizing the fact that Palau Air failed, alot of Airlines have failed, but to craft a vision and raise millions of dollars to fly it is pretty amazing to me. He is not a con artist, he is a business man that can walk into a room and say, here is my idea, here are the returns, would you like to invest a few million dollars. I am an educated Palauan individual but I doubt I will ever have the connections, the guts, or the intelligence to convince educated international investors to place their bet on any venture of mine.

I also take note of something someone said above, which is that Alan is self-made. He used to be a kid from Dngeronger with nothing. He did not inherit anything, and yet he has managed to accomplish more than alot of people and I think that is quite an honorable thing.

I support Alan because to be frank, he has the balls to swim with the whales of this world, and he isn't scared of controversy or what other people have to say about his alleged failures. We need people like this to help us move forward, because if Palau keeps playing it safe, we are never going to integrate with the world community.

Don't associate me with those voices idiots please.

I stand by what I said and when the time comes, all I have will be put out in public for all of YOU to see.

Some bloggers here are right, Chin should dump this clown/thief before it gets worse.

Man, open your eyes and look around you. Negative? Jeez, why would you think I'm not negative after all these years of dealing with the self-enriching politicians like Alan R. Seid.

Millionaire my ass. Seid's personal finances show him as anything but $$$ rich. He lives off of others until he spots his next VICTIM to suck them dry and then moves to the next, and then to the next. This is going to keep going until someone puts him in his rightful place.

As for the comments regarding his daughter and scholarships, come on folks, if the girl is smart and applied for a scholarship to pursue a degree, then good for her and good for Palau. Also, lets leave politicans' children out of this. I don't think Alan Seid's daughter should be a topic here. Bring it up to the OEK and to the scholarship board if there has been some sort of unfair treatment for scholarships.

Fisherman, ke chebuul el kmal di omes a soam el lomes e diak bom ungil merritel a tekoi e bom siraber a ikel blal ruul ngkal chad. I feel sorry for your blind and misguided conviction to support someone who is step away from being CONVICTED.

Palauan all the way,
You have a very interesting and convincing comments regarding Senator Seid. Being courageous, talented, intelligent, and professional politician, I must say that I liked him a lot and most importantly respected him. As I remember a while back when we could tune in to FM Radio, listening to Senate sessions, I remember telling my wife that of all the senators, senator Seid is the most talented, qualified and professional politician and I would vote for him regardless of his business ventures. However, later on I was shocked to find out from the local news media that the two highly regarded and respectful elected officials, Senator Seid and Senator Diaz attacked one of their constituent, as Oketol mentioned before. And the fact that he pled guilty of charge and still has a pending civil case should and will not qualify him for such position, if not any and all the leadership positions in the ROP. It is quite interesting theory when you relate Senator Seid’s diplomatic skills to a fisherman. Back in the 80’s I had a motor boat, and in fact did some fishing, mainly trolley or deep water fishing. You were right! There are risks factors involve including life. Although, I was not afraid to risk my life in the rough open sea just to catch as much fish as I could, or the biggest one, money was always the issue. I’m afraid our young ROP can’t afford to take such major risks anymore. By reading Richman/Poorman’s comments I’m wondering what goes on in Senator Seids mind with regards to that particular deal, (PMA) as well as the others. Also I’m afraid I believe Uchelmelis’s comments regarding the Japs who made deal with Senator Seid. You might have red my postings above validating Mardi’s comments. This is very true without jealousy part. Anyways, the bottom line is: If and only if Senator Seid did not commit a crime nor the pending case against him I probably would take the risk and vote for him and the VP Comsec Chin. Chin however, is a different discussion, but let me say he disqualified himself by choosing Senator Seid to be his running mate.

Richman/Poorman’s analysis is more likely my best option. Elected or not at least I know I vote for some one who is trust worthy. Let me put it this way; I rather die poor and honest than to live rich and famous with guilt feelings.

Just my opinions,



You have not answered by challenge. What have you done in business or politics that comes even close to Alan Seid accomplishments ? If you have none, then quit cutting him down.

As I said, Alan Seid is a great fisherman. Every fish he caught, he did it by himself. How many Palauans have come close to Alan Seid's accomplishments in both business and politics.

Alan is only human and there were several mistakes along the way. But on the balance scale, he done many good for himself and his country.

You still have not listed anything you have done for your country except cut down people.

Man, I will not fall into your trap. My business accompolishments, which were started legitimately and are operating legitimately under the laws of Palau, have benefited many here in Palau.

Alan hasn't started SHIT. He uses other people, including myself in the past, to start things for him, reap the first drop of nectar, and then be on his merry way reardless of the mess he leaves behind. I have may Japanese friends that say Alan R. Merechorech Seid is not welcom in Japan and that his Yakuza connections (Seid's brother is married to a daughter of a major figure in this organization) will not get him far with the Japanese whom have already lost trust in him....golf course my ass.

Dude, I will not oblige by telling you who I am so you, a jealous nobody, can get your 'connections' after me and destroy what I have built. I'm not a millionaire but I make enough to get my family a good life and support my extended family, and go fishing on the weekends on pristine waters undamaged by greedy bastards like Alan Merechorech Seid.

I will continue to post my OPINION on how I THINK Alan Seid is NOT to be trusted on this post and in the local media for all to see. You and others will see when the bombshell is dropped on this sorry sap of a so called business man. THIEF.

ONLY HUMAN? Humans have a conscience and decency to think before they steal from others and make them suffer.

What a lame ass excuse Fisherman. "did it by himself?" bullshit. His connections did it for him. He hasn't had to drop one penny of his own money to get anything started nor has be, except for flapping his mouth, actually done WORK to get things started. YOU ARE SO RIGHT, HE IS A BROKER, A SELLER, A VENDOR OF DREAMS my friend. DREAMS that usually take someone else to put into action and REALITY.

Your Alan Seid is a CROOK. CROOK and CROOK. You are foolish to keep pushing for a person whom you choose to ingore the faults and damage that he has done to a great many people to get what he wants...POWER AND MONEY.

Remember when he was at the airport shouting at the customs guys saying, "I OWN PALAU!!!"

What an imbecile.

Fisherman, a person like you cannot challenge me and your choice to align yourself with a person like Alan speaks volumes about your credibility and integrity and CALIBER.

What a sorry ass comback. Call me when ALAN SEID starts paying taxes to the Republic. THIEF.

Wow Mardi, you have some very strong feelings about this guy. Just curious what he did to you? Did he steal something of yours that we don't know about? Maybe you should tell us so we can understand your wrath. If he took something of yours, why didnt you sue him? The logic doesn't work - please help me out.

Alan is a Palauan too. Like you he works to take care of his family, and goes fishing in the pristine waters our country. He is a vendor of dreams, yes, but don't hate him just because his dreams are bigger and brighter than yours. Not everyone has the heart (or the connections) to dream that big. He may want power and money, but don't we all? And to be frank I don't know if I want a head of state to not want power and money. Can you imagine negotiating with the US being poor and humble? You would have such an inferiority complex that they would get everything they wanted. I know Alan personally, and I know that he shares our love for Palau. I watch the senate sessions and the guy is one of the better Senators- he runs the floor and has an educated opinion.

If he is really a crook, enlighten us. What did he steal? Otherwise I am forced to believe that you are just someone who is upset that he has the goods that you want.

Catch Part two
of latest on Elvin Meek probate case Let me know your thoughts


This is part one


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening my dear Palauans. First and foremost, I thank God for this beautiful day here in America. I am enjoying this day of California life. Things are beautiful here. I am glad I set my foot steps of the island of Palau. All the news you people are talking about don't worth a dime. You people are talking crap then any other countries around this globe. We don't need no government. The whole Belau I knew has turned into greed. My perspective, I don't see no future of Belau. The only future you people are talking about will lie on the hands of the people that are putting their foot upon you. The people your putting your hard earned money into their pockets. They'll be living the dream. While you will be scraping their dust out of their homes. Their children and grand children, they will succeed and enjoy the green papers that you yourself will put into their pockets. Think about it Belauans. How much more BS you going to here for the next couple of days in Belau. Here in America, we talking about people getting health care and education, crime and terrorism and global warming.People here in America talking about recycling products. Very much they are concerned for the citizens. And what is our concern for the future of belau, oh, we thinking about bringing rich people to bring in more money, leasing land for 99 years. Bringing the money for the government, yeah ok. So all the representatives on that seat be beating the S*** out of you because we all stupid. What the hell you talking about Belau. I am ashamed and you all giving up so quick. Giving up land for lease. Well, great for you. We are turning into like Mexico. Young People are flying here to the states to look for jobs because of the chaos in Belau. Why not just give up the country to the United States or Japan. Let them reorganize us because they got knowledge then we all do. Look people, this is not the beginning, is almost the end of the world. What do you need the money for? Oil will be gone very soon, the earth's heat is far more worst. The air you breath be soon contaminated. The whole food chain will be contaminated. We are almost on the age of contamination. We are almost at the age of EARTHKILL. The ICE up north is melting. So there is something very bad going to happen very soon. Look at the world today ladies and gentleman. You think this era is going to last long. We will enjoy this moments but for the rest of your lovable young ones are going to face it, not you. Thank you

Sorry Mardi,

You are like an empty drum. Full of noise but not content.

You cannot list your business accomplishments because you have none, except perhaps selling ramen and sardines, while Alan is building real estate empires.

It is obvious that you are a political oppenant of Seid. It it because Alan Seid nearly had you fired ? Or you just plain jealous of sucessful Palauans ? Which is it ?

You have no credibility !

I'm sorry but America isn't the America we have in our mind.
It has a well below average health care system, in fact its pretty bad. It's also the biggest polluter of the environment. The American government is run by Lobbyist who work for big corporations. Thanks for the money and the education, but I wouldn't say I'd like to live there again, I'll stick to palau where I'm not a walking stiff paying big corp. and big gov.


If your are an American then your opinions mean nothing to us....If you are a Palauan living in the US, your opinion really has not worth either.

Of course, the ice caps are melting but the US as well as several Asian Countries are the biggest contributors to global warming. So since youre in America, can you turn off your AIr Conditioners?

Senators and House Representatives are being convicted and accused of Sexual encounters in restrooms and with minors.

Palau will never give up the country to the likes of Americans. Americans say we were liberated from the Japanes i beg to differ. Who gave Americans the authority to Bring democracy to countries that did not want it in the first place? Because its right? Who says? Americans?

I would rather subject myself to Japanese imperialism than American democracy.

Palauans in general did not corrupt the country, Palauan Leaders did. And it really shows how much you know about Palau....Recently palau has adopted recycling regulations, policies and processes, as a matter of fact 2 companies have been established as redemption centers, efforts have been made into converting old glass into concrete mix, a regional medical center that will be housed in PAlau has been identified, and again, AMERCIA SHOULD BE CONCEREND ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING SINCE THEY ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTORS.

Land leases are for the development of commerce and housing. Land leases allow for recreational centers and alternate harbors, airports and an OPEN TRADE ZONE.

One great aspect of being a developing country is we get to sit and watch all the follies and errors from Developed countries so we do not repeat the same mistakes.

The air that you Breathe in America is already contaminated, so is the water and so is your food chain. Terrorism is a problem in America, because hey, lets face it...

Where were those weapons of mass destruction again? The reason why George Bush knows there's Weapons in Iraq is because he still has the reciept.

The Dollar is low and its going to get even lower. Your currency is weak and so is your confidence.

Let me ask you something, how many Palauans with PHD's are living in the US with Multimillion dollar houses? How many Palauan Millionares are living in the US?

So far in Palau there are Several PHD's and Juris Doctorates in the Republic of Palau:

Dr. Tellei
Dr. Roberts
Dr. Kuartei
Dr. Minoru Ueki

Johnson Toribiong
Yukiwo Dengokl
Oldiais Ngiraikelau
Raynold Arnold Oilouch
Uduch Sengebau-Senior
Arthur Ngirakelsong

So again, please if you are Palauan, come back and lets work together.

Why sit there in your comfortable sits in front of your computer eating your McDonalds and B*tching about how this is this and that is that.....Come and show how much you love this country. This years election is important becasue we will be choosing an entire new list of people to run our country.

Its good to read educated comments from Registered Voter. It makes a lot of sense.

This site was made for all to contribute good ideas and exchange intellectual views of events that concerns all Palauans in our maturing country.

Its bloggers like MARDINGAOL who have turn this site into a gossip and a tabloid forum. Its MARDINGAOL who have turned this site into a gripe center. Its MARDINGAOL who turn this site into a tool to attack and demise high profile figures in Palau like Alan Seid and his associates. Its MARDINGAOL who has turned this site into low life center of junk and hate.

All you good and educated bloggers, ingore MARDINGAOL. Lets put a force together to rid of poisonous bloggers like MARDINGAOL. They do no belong here.

Palau deserves better. I will not stand for haters and poisonous people whose intent is to run Palau into the sewer.

Kom kmal mesaul.


I wholeheartedly agree with you.


Palau does deserve the best !!

Registered voter you said:

"The Dollar is low and its going to get even lower. Your currency is weak and so is your confidence."

Careful, where the US dollar goes so goes Palau's economy.

I agree with you 100% Richman/Poorman...I was just trying to make a point to "TRUE" that although he/she is in the US, the $dollar is low, they are in the same boat as us, they just have more of the $$$'s.

Im just irritated at peeps in US doggin' the economy here when they could be here helping. Maybe they are maybe they arent, but the blog makes me believe otherwise....


It is quite healthy for us in this blog to maintain flexibility minded regardless of who you are and what you stand for. Some of you have not yet tell while some of us are still yet to open our small minded. Please, do not emit anyone but continue the freedom of being Palauan., "about the time we can make the ends meet, somebody move the ends"
Let it be all benefit the next generation.

I am very sorry Omti,

I have known Mardingaol in this blog for maybe 4 years now....maybe more.

He is basically a straight forward person who says what he has in mind at the moment or any given time. At first I did not understand him but over the years I have come to find out that he is just Mardingaol. He is a good person and you will be surprised to find yourself agreeing with him on some other issues.

You guys all know that I am Chin/Seid supporter. But you have not seen me attack him, cause I know I can't change who he is. Mardingaol is Mardingaol. Ng diak a soal ngikel ma etil el ngikel. A lsekum ng mlo er ngii a techellel e lorkedau, e kau a mo odoim er sel sils. Now that it's election season people tend to get very emotional. And Mardingaol is a unique character. I know he is disappointed that I am a Chin/Seid supporter, but that does not mean we are North to South on other issues. When this election is over. We will all be here to tackle and debate on other issues. And I won't be surprised to find both of you teaming up to disagree with me on other issues.

And that my friends is the beauty of this web.page...

Sel bebil ra taem, ea kmo omdasu el kmo...A uchul me tomekedong er ngii el kmo Okedyulabeluu, ngii el diak el sebeched el kmal mo keltukl a dedechor er ngii. Kerdi mengellael ra okedyul el kam de sind el mong ma ka de sind el mei.

Ng kmal di mo ior ra issue el dosaod er ngii...


saying that folks in the u.s. have more monies is pure urban legends.

used to be a dream; whitewashed dreams.

ask any islander sitting swallowing their dinner if it is "free?"

there are a lot of free food if you ask me; in our beautiful neck of the woods.

only in u.s.,one can not worry about losing a job, cause you can always relly on the "un-enjoyment line."

they say that the u.s., is a free country, folks nothing is FREE; you pay for everything, or you'll be like other dream seekers begging for something to ease that stomach pain.
even your freedom is not free.
if you ask me, i say yes, the economy is sqeezing my nuts; if you ask me i say i can't barely take my friend to the park; no monies to take my friend to the vet.

enviromental is a ok; lets look at a team that can look at economic as a priority.

if you ask me, i say write-in's are off the pace at this time.
let's rattle all these wannabe's and see who come's out amoung the best.

vote for JT/KR, you wont be sorry,

eh lien


it's JT/KM

give mardi a break, he is probably "just" don't feel good for the moments.


Mardi just needs few fresh air.


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