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May 18, 2009


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While we are still in recession. This is a good sign that we are slowly moving in the right direction. With all the buzz going on in Guam about the military buildup. I think when the transition is complete. There will be an influx
of divers and adventurers coming from Guam. The
future looks bright at least on this area....


Congratulations to the developers. Who are the developers by the way.

Is this a foreign investment or is this a local venture?

When they approved this project, what of our infrastructure being able to handle this....I anticipate more sewage problems. All in all, good news for Palau but how many guest workers are we going to bring in for this hotel and what is the likelihood of more "good" jobs for our people.

Some time ago, in the 90's, PPR was expanding on Ngerdis. Origially, part of approving the expansion was to require PPR to set aside specific funds to upgrade the sewer processing plant. This never happened. Any new large scale developments coming into Palau has to fork up some cash to improve our capacity to handle "a decherir a rechad ra ngodech el beluu."

What of the power, can our system support an increase in demand for electricity?

What of our water, our reservoir has a one week supply for the current consumption levels.

All things that must be considered. But hey, I'm just a poor boy, nobody listens to me and the big boys have been paid.

Again, good thing for Palau and this will further enhance the Ngerkebesang/PPR area. Something's gotta give I guess.

developers are Korean. No local counterpart, only local landowners that get some money through leases. according to their contact here, their main target is korean tourists.


I kind of like what Santy, said the other day.
There has been funding for the things you are worried about over the years. The problem is how we use those funding. I am sure this new admin has taken your concerns into cosideration before moving forward with this project....


Yes Mosi,
I believe they had these concerns in mind, but what did they DO to address these concerns. Look, I don't want another sewer manhole erupting in any neighborhood in Palau because of lack of capacity and hotels putting an extreme strain on our system. Koror is up to its neck in sewage problems and that is speaking about what is currently going on, without the increase in usage of our infrastructure.

WE are definitely a nation of thinkers, BUT not a nation of DOERS.

Again, I am very happy that this resort is being put up, but I am very concerned about the impacts. Strict requirements need to be in place to get the "investors" help our failing sewer and water systems...and power.


Yeah it is negligent planning Mardingaol. We cannot expect to grow economically if our basic foundations are not prepared for economic growth.

That is a very good question my friend. "What did they do to address those concerns?" Maybe Santy or Omdui can help us on that......

Anyone out there??????


I live in Ngerkebesang, and the sewer already overflows with almost every heavy ran we get. You can see (and smell) the water coming out of the man hole and down the drainage ditch....on down to ocean. Overflows are a too common occurence. What's even more concerning is the people you see out at the causeway during low tide collecting sea cucumbers when the ocean is contaminated.

This is another case of doing it first, and worrying about it later. If it was thought about before then why didn't it get addressed before the new road was completed? Now they'll tear that up to lay new pipes?

I do think this new development is good for Palau. But does anybody know if they have recieved their EQPB permit to actually begin construction? This is usually the stumbling block which kills most developments.

I'm sure they addressed the concerns with great consideration on total Palauan heads and supplemented it with continuously practice of bring cheap labor that discourage our youth.

I can see now a need of Palauan boat operator to have six or seven philipono under his command.

idea....offer PPR and this new development a tax break/holiday for so many months or years....in exchange they agree to completing the sewage and infrastructure upgrades at their own expense.

I'm sorry to hear that you and other residents of Ngerkebesang have to put up with this "shit." To be quite frank, if the President, VP, EQPB Board Members, OEK elected officials, and the Governor of Koror lived near you, THEY would be concerned and would raise concerns. NIMBY I guess. As long as they see a nice shiny new tower of "opportunity" for Koreans, they won't mind because its not their backyards that are being flooded by sewage.

This is very sad and will lead to upheavals in the community and ultimately, LACK OF LOCAL SUPPORT FOR TOURISM.

The EQPB approved this project, according to the newspapers last week.

You know, PPR shouldn't be the only one bearing the cost of sewage and water system upgrades. It should be the developers. We, the people of Palau do not owe these investors anything. Tax break, maybe sometime down the road AFTER they have all gotten together to HELP fix our regularly occurring infrastructure shortcomings.

Do these investors aware of the sewer leakage around the area? How could the EQPB approved this project with these underlying problems? As far I'm concerned, granted, they have agreed to come in, still, we are responsible for any "occurring infrastructure shortcoming." We can't invite people to come in for business wise, unless we're capable of meeting their every needs, are we?

I guess the question is whether the EQPB, in evaluation of the environmental impact, look at such things as the sewage system or is there supposed to be some collaboration between the EQPB and the Ministry of RTCD, and are they responsible to address these matters before the issuance of permits.

Hey Mardingoal, Aramid & Mosisechekiak,

Have you heard of the latest Stand-Alone Sewage System?

The system is fully contained and the waste is 100% recyclable.

In-fact the residual water after treatment is immediately drinkable! That's how good the system is!

This system was proposed by UKIHL for their Nautilus City project and it was suggested that the entire sewage system currently being used in Palau be scrapped and this new system put in place.

One unit system can service 30,000 to 50,000 people and expandable to cater for 250,000 people.

The Sewage system that is currently in used in Palau is totally obsolete. The system is an open sewage system. It smells, breads mosquitoes and is very unhygienic! So much for TR and his pro-environmental policy.

Palau should not have to worry about new development putting a strain on its archaic sewage system - just made a ruling for every new development to install their own stand alone sewage system!

I hope this information helps ease all the unnecessary concerns.

Hello All,

I was at the ground breaking ceremony this morning and it was good. There were some chairs empty but overall, it was a great turn out. I was hoping to see Senator Diaz. Our village chiefs were there and happy that Ngerkebesang is hosting another nice hotel in Palau.

President Johnson spoke well. He said that it is good that Palau is breaking ground for a major hotel while the US is laying off workers and closing factories. He emphasized to the Koreans that environment of Palau must be cared for well.

Koshiba from EQPB was there and said that all the permits were approved and the holding tanks with the two back up generators and sewage pumps will handle all the waste water well. All the environmental reports were done and have passed EQPB with flying colors.

The master of ceremony, Henry Jackson, said that 200 jobs will be available and my people of Ngerkebesang will have employment priority. I like this.

The hotel design posted on the board shows that this is going to be a beautiful hotel with a beach and a restaurant on top of the hill.

Any Ngerkebesang people in America who want to return home soon, please come a apply for employment at this hotel. The opening is July, 2011.

Echol Soon to be Non-Resident:
Thank you for the update. Its really good to see that 200 jobs will be available for our people.

Now, as for the sewer problem, is this similar to what the PRR has...i.e. holding tanks to store shit until the wee hours of the night to then pump it into the main sewage system...i.e. the reason why Toirechuil stinks like shit most of the time you drive by?

I sure hope that we won't be bringing tourists through a stinky village. Look, I'm not trying to rain on anybody's parade, and its nice to have another HIGH RISE building like the Palasia next to the bungalow style quaint PPR. But, these are real problems that our people staying in Ngerkebesang will be dealing with in the future. By the way, what is the Taiwan Ambassador have to do with a Korean owned investment?

What Koshiba is talking about EQPB? The same Koshiba that didn't solve the sewage problems while being the Minister of R&D?

My point is, develop for the people of Palau without having overt consequences that will crap up the quality of life for the residents of Ngerkebesang. I hope this happens. I hope we start going away from the mentality of screwing over the common people to make a buck at the expense of our government.

I don't think that is easy as it sounds Islander. Treating sewage into drinking water is very difficult and expensive. The United States of 275 million people has only one facility that I know of that does this and it is in California.

It works by performing the usual treatment of sewage, but the water that is usually dumped into the ocean or for fertilizer goes through a lot of filtration (there is very little percentage of waste material in this water). Reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment, ozone bombardment, among other things, then it becomes drinkable. All that needs a lot of electricity and pressure to perform.

For the stink problem with the current sewage treatment plant in Palau, I am not sure if it is part of the design to increase the efficiency of the waste treatment, or if it is just badly designed in the first place. I have no information on the plant.

But the facility cannot be absolutely closed loop because the bacteria needs oxygen to metabolize the sewage into the next stages of treatment, it will always stink to a degree. There are two simple methods to decrease the odor, one is to slow the sewage treatment to a trickle pace (less slushing and aerating, but treatment process is slowed dramatically) or add hydrogen sulfide-degrading bacteria infused foam scrubbers to the system.

None of that would help though if the capacity for the sewer system cannot support the populace of Koror. I am imagining that the sewage transport system is also overburdened. We probably need to upgrade this. Besides this, I would really like to see a second sewage treatment plant, the existing one can keep operating until the second plant is done. Once both are running, they offload the work between the two, like kidneys in the body. I don't think it will happen but an engineer can always dream.

Sorry for the long post, I felt like rambling..

This is the same b@@@$$$$ they said when they build PPR. The sewage problem has been going on for more than 15 years. Nobody bothers to do anything about it and know you want to build another Resort in Ark. In 5 five years you will be swimming with poop like the rest of us who lives here. And for those of you who said it will benefit us, we were chase away by the PPR people for fishing in ngerdiis you goonsss!!!!!!


Ngkiriu el blame ra Ign ma Paulus el kirel aikal problem er kemiu. Ko moderchak kung ma kmo remurt el omtechei er kemiu.

LOL! Kahall e Uchelmelis e desal kmal moungil
kiteketii ruchei ra obom rurt....

The sewage problem has been alleviated by BPW/CIP with installation of new pumps at the Ngerkebsang pump station. However, that was a solution only for the current load that area is recieving. Even with installations of new manholes, and pump stations in the Ngerkebesang area, this hotel is still going to impact the transport line, from Echol to the Hospital to CIP before it gets to the treatment plant. BPW can't even prove that the capacity is there in the lines.
200 hundred jobs won't be available to Palauans. Read the fine print on their investment license and it states that they only need to hire 6 palauans to meet the required local hire clause. The rest of those jobs will be goint to Koreans, which means additional impacts on the infrastruture and economy of Palau.
On top of all this, 3 families were forced to move out of homes they've lived in for decades to accomodate this development. So, new policy seems to be "leave the weak behind".
Aramid was right about those treatments for re-usable water. The main use of re-treated sewage water is for lawns, not drinking.


Koshiba is Jonathan Koshiba, current chairman of the EQPB Board, brother to former Minister Koshiba and current Compact Negotiator former Dean of Senate Koshiba.

Was Nata the chairman during the time they approved the new hotel being built on the former SLC/Polycarp compound. This hotel was also a problem for the sewage system but they (EQPB) ignored the significance of it and Nata is one of the local principals/beneficiary of that hotel (please correct me if I'm wrong)- so does this guy not give a shit about shit? and why are developers sitting on the EQPB Board, let along acting as chairmen?

Yes to the first question. Sewage will be rerouted back to CIP (going backwards across da bridge, doesn't make sense at all).
Conflict of interest, yes, seems he may have pushed that project forward.
Why is he on the board, supposedly to balance it out from being too pro-conservation. Board membership has to come from all sectors (look up PNC 24).


This picture is starting to stink!!!!

Ok guys !

Who of you is a certified engineer ? Who of you
is a professional sewer operator ?

EQPB and CIP have done their engineering and
the sewer system will be able to handle this
new hotel. So quit making unsubstantiated comments.

Why not try and build your hotel on your land, if you have the ability to convinced investors with real money.

Hotels and tourists are the bread and butter of Palau's economy.

Be part of the solution and quit making a good hotel appear like a problem.

This hotel will bring jobs, taxes and business to Palau.

CIP engineer,
CIP has yet to prove what the sewer capacity is for this stinking old system and its lines can handle increased sewage loads. BPW director signs off on sewer hook-ups because he doesn't want to be blamed for stopping development, all the while knowing that sewer overflows are and will be an issue. EQPB crumbles when pressured and approves permits when people know there are problems.
Just because you as an engineer says that you have done your job doesn't mean you've done it right!

All the more reason to tax the foreigners, eh?

The only thing that stinks here are those throwing their s**t here because of they are jealous of this wonderful hotel.


Alii all,

This is not about development or anti-development. It is about menure hitting the fan. The reality is that sewage is overflowing and that is not development in my book. Maybe I invent a word for it-brokement. Whose fault is it is almost bad as the problem itself. People in the government don't care and the people in the community don't care because they are tired of calling on the government.

Someone asked me in another blog what is my solution. I say you and I care enough to take action. FYI, I was the only lone lawmaker that made attempts to work DPW on the sewer system because I truly believe that it is the primary determinant to increase development in Palau. For drinking water I managed to lobbied additional $30K to EQPB for monitoring and evaluating our watersheds.

The sewer and public water are vital to development but nowhere near the priority list. Until we are smart ourselves then more development will only bring in more dang than dough to our land. People who are doing the work in the government and people in positions overseeing the work are the problem. My solution is that we care and take full responsibility before we bring in more outsider.

Uchei ra omolai ra re chad ra rael e ng mketmeklii a ulolem ruchei an old Palauan adage is very apropriate for this situation. The manhole near Penthouse and Fuji restaurants have been overflowing for over twenty years. This is serious matter that is not being addressed.

I introduced a bill to require developers to pay for impact fee but that bill was not approved. Majority of members wanted to protect foreign investments but not our environment and future. Until we resolve to earmark money from all these would be foreign investments towards sewer and water, I am not too excited for more hotels and more tourist coming to Palau.

Alsekum me tia el beluu a di me rael el mo bekumkum e a cho momdasu e a tourist temelemolm e mei? Food for thought.


CIP Eng. You did not explain the existing problem that has been going on. Enlighten me, Sir, Maddam Engineer.

CIP Engineer:
Being a good public servant means actually listening to people's concerns and addressing them appropriately. Just to come out and say there are no problems and that your office and the EQPB have done your jobs right is all talk.

YOU and the CIP Office have been a big part of the problem - your bidding process is screwed up and you don't even follow your own rules. I should ask the SP to look into how some people there are on the take. Very serious allegations indeed, but your ineptitude and mismanagement of projects ends up costing the people of Palau.

Sad to say but you folks have royally screwed up many CIP projects...do you want me to list them, going back to the late 80's??

Now, before we go any further on this CIP Engineer, can you explain to me why we all all different kinds of sewer pumps at the pumps stations and even sewer lines that your CIP OFFICE cannot figure out where they connect to?

I'm no engineer bro, but you got your facts screwed up and people are not as stupid as you think.

It all winds up at Ice Box...Treated waste water is currently pumped out of the pipe at Ice Box Park after it goes through a few phases of treatment (ponding system). Tests that have been done show that the treatment is pretty good....except for high fecal coliform counts! Makes you think twice before going for a swim at RipTide.

It doesn't always end up at Ice Box. It overflows into peoples yards, places where people fish and swim, on the road, into mesei's. Then we get the joys of pure sewage all over the place.

I'm not looking forward to the same thing happening in the states of Melekeok. Some of the sewage pump are not too far from the resident's home. And none is closer to some and their relatives because of their positions in the community. If and when the development starts in the near future, the people living in close proximity will suffer tremendously. I hope the people will have a say about this before it's too late. If I have to smell the " bekemkum, it's only fair that everyone experience it also.

After reading Santy and Mardingaol, I went driving
around Koror from morning till night.

I did not see any overflow of sewage or bekemkum.

Yes, there are times when sewer overflow. But not every day or to the extent these two are painting it to be. Just like any other sewer systems in Portland, Oregon sometimes overflows.

Santy and Mardigaol just won the award for exaggeration and spreading fear in our community.

That is why I did not vote for Santy. He is all talk and spreads BS to scare us and no action.

I grew up in Mekatii and benjos were everywhere. Flies and bekemkum was the way of life then. It was worse than today. Now, we complain when a little bekemkum is in the air. How fast have we forgotten our old ways. Before that, we use the mangroves or the boonies.

At lease this bekemkum brings in money from kangkodang. So its an attitude issue. Learn to live with it because our republic is broke. We just got over one of the worst electric crisis in Palau. Who do we blame ? No one but ourselves. Where did the compact money go ? Who squandered it ?

So learn to find solutions and easy on the fast talking. At least this bekemkum in Echol will be money that we do not have. Bul a udoud.

O e ii, tiang kuk tara beches el hotel mocha dechor engak arenguk komesaod er tial mle SLC? elik yang di mo diak bede dum el telal klebesei ea demei, engdiak dil chais a betok, ma hotel meng meral betekngang ku ra beluu ra Belau.

Kid a locha di kmedung eke demora Guiness Book, ra world record, ra "kot el betok a hotel er ngii era kot el kekerel beluu ra beluulchad". elocha mo dirrek ra kot el betok a bul a dach erngii el beluu..? hmmm, kora soal tuobed a dechik, i mean, Cherik...mousubes. Engdi kora mechese rengud. A bekl el beches el mo tmuu ra medal terremakl, meng dirrek el kuk beches el lomekedecheraol, tia locha kora ungil bodetuu ra obis mebol sebched el kuk om ke dechor a beches, el hotel, blid, mlid, sechelid, ma ngerang...?

Oh e BTW, ngkal Nata Koshiba ng diak el sal smecher el udelang? A tara blogger akora uase ng ngara medal a terremakl ra EQPB? Ngak a locha eleuid raikal chais el krirenges.

Taxi Driver,
did you drive by King's minute mart in the evening? usually during peak hours, raw sewage flows out of the manhole there, disrupting business for king's and mogmog. just because there's no overflow today doesn't mean there's no problem.
How often is long island closed for swimming because they've opened up the sewer bypass behind the CIP office, letting raw sewage out behind happy fish, so that the manholes won't overflow? Too often.
Not having Santy in senate is a loss for all of us because he was one of the very few senators that actually did his homework before he opened his mouth in session. Never did you see any one of the incumbent senators at bpw, cip, eqpb, etc, to see what the problem was and what solutions could help, except Santy. So, you didn't vote for him, fine, but I wouldn't brag about it if I were you.

Taxi Driver,
I'm sorry you voted for Diaz and carry around the orchertoll mentality. If you are ok with living in shit, by all means, be my guest. Its too bad that you FEAR the truth about the direction our country is taking, or perceive my writings here as spreading fear. If the TRUTH instills fear in you, maybe it will encourage people to rise up and take some action to correct our problems. I'm doing what I can outside of this forum to help our situation.

You and people like yourselves that wish to stick their heads in the sand and think that everything is ok and smells like shit because you are getting pennies of these so called investments - you will make others believe that its ok to live in shit and put up with it because someone else is making money at our expense.

As for me, I don't want to be exposed to sewage and power problems. I sincerely hope that you will benefit from this development and that you will get a consistent flow of customers for your taxi from this new hotel and that they will not put up another Korean tour bus operator and you will be left with no customers. Good luck to you.


I just graduated from PCC today and plan to head to Hawaii for a BA. I hope to return and work for this hotel.

Here are my thoughts. Do not stop development just because our sewer system is not 100%. I think we should develop so these hotels can bring in the money to pay for the sewer upgrade.

Doing nothing and complaining will not solve the sewer overflow.

Taxi Drive has a point. We used smelly benjos before but when development came, we used the money to upgrade from outhouses to sewer.

Now, lets use the money from hotel development to upgrade our sewer. And the same with our power supply.

When I return from Hawaii, I hope more hotels are open for me to get a decent job. I would not want to turn my back on Palau because Hawqii will offer me a hard-to-refuse kind of a job.

Let me first say “thank you all for your comments concerning our young nation.” I just want to share my thoughts/experience regarding the issue. I left palau in the late 80s, came back for a brief visit in late 90s, then 01, 07 and 08. As I red comments from former Sen. Santy Asanuma, Mardi and others, I can not disagree with them more; however, Taxi Driver and New Graduate and some others, see this matter in a deferent perspective. Taxi Drive wrote: “At lease this bekemkum brings in money from kangkodang.”

It reminds me way back in the 70s when “MIC” came to Palau. It used to be at the PRR site today, I’m sure some or many of us here are old enough to remember the company. That place was stinks. You can smell it from a distance. I had a friend and relatives who were employed there and when they come home we used to tease them about the stinky smell….and they laughed, turn around and say: “Ng Bul a Udoud.” LOL
I thought about it and was laughing even more because back then EQPB was no where near existence. Each time when we drove by the area we used to roll up our windows or cover our noses if the car window was inoperable.

Anyway, I, myself is more confused of how we, as palauans are trying to attain our goal(s) as ROP…..Or, do we have goal(s) as far as developing our precious tiny island? Until we discover a clear picture of what is it that we want and how we want it but most importantly “agree” to it, then I think the puzzle will fall into place. But the main question remains: Why do we want it? Or, if we want it… do we really need it? Perhaps most of us palauans are confused between “WANTS” and “NEEDS.” I, personally sometimes or most of the time get it mixed-up.

New Grad,
I hear you loud and clear as I’ve been there done that. I live in the US but my heart and soul roaming in palau all the time, especially Honto where I grew up. Each time I came to visit Palau I notice lot of changes, good and bad ones but over all I can say “we’re moving forward but not sure if we’re in the right speed for the right direction. I just hope we are. I’m happy that the “Compact Road” is now completed so that I can drive to Honto anytime I want to, although I know that this road brings in both positive and negative impact for the villages. Each time I drive on the compact road to my village in Honto, I think of our fore fathers, thank them and whish if they lived to experience it.

I think what I’m trying to say is: “Develop Palau for the Palauans.” Ooops! I hope that’s not a discriminatory comment. LOL

Sulang el rokui for the long blog,



I worked at MIC for about 6 months and, yes, it was smelly!!


Let me tell you that it is as easy as it sounds. The technology exists. I have seen it with my own eyes!

Anyway, I was informed that UKIHL will in August of this year donate a public latrine for the dock area in Peleliu. The latrine will use the self contained sewage system, then we will all know that the system works and can be introduced to Palau.


MIC did smell bad but many locals did not mind because were paid a good income at that time.

After MIC closed, many were hurt about the loss. The land became a site for drinking, lovers, and picnics and trash. beer cans, ulengal, broken bottles and flies.

now PRR sits on the land and employs many including myself. i really do not know where to work without this hotel.

palau gets better all the time so will our sewer and power.

PRR worker, Taxi Driver, PCC Graduates, as we speak I can see the needed of additional hotels. Its what we want in an addition to the beauty of our fresh water and the landscaping that attracted first class tourists.
Looking closely, Palasia, Papaco, Airai view, and PRR are yet to prosper to bring the best of Palau and its beauty. Hotels in Palau attracted cheap labor and big corporations.
Palauan working at PPR are not exactly satisfy with their employer as it perceived with our policy makers.

I really don't know Islander, there is no easy way to seperate soaped laundry water into drinking water without chemical neutralization/ionizing and heavy filtering. It is even more critical with sewage and that contains oil, debris, microbials, minerals, among other things.

This is due to the molecular structure of water, it is charged in a way to bond with other molecular structures and it is not easy to seperate it. Even if you have the latest technology, it won't be easy, even nature has a hard time doing it.

NASA spends millions of dollars and thousands of hours of research to recycle waste water from astronaughts to make it drinkable (it is not sewage, just waste from the body and cleaning), why would it be easy for it to be done on Earth?

You can check scientific forums and articles with discussions about sewage purification, none have said it is easy or that the technology can do it will little effort. But if you want us to be convinced, then I think it is time to provide a web-link or describe/show how this sewage purification works.

Not to give away a lot of information, but I have taken several years of advanced engineering courses and many more for other science related courses. This is why I say that sewage purification is not easy.


you are either blind or just plain ignorant. No, maybe you are just a kid.

I am 63 now and PPR land was called Omguug when I was a kid. It was filthy with trash, rusty cars, dead animals and rats. we went there to drink moromi and moripet.

Have you seen the swimming pool, garden,
fish pond and inside the restaurant ?

All the hotels you named bring millions into Palau and they pay our income. they have turned wasteland to resorts.

PRR worker,
yes, these resorts have turned wastelands into resorts...while laying waste to the rest of the land.
Pray we don't end up like fiji, with multi-million dollar resorts known around the world...sitting right next to villages with homes that cannot afford hot water (fiji gets very cold from may to september).

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