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May 25, 2009


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not another "task force". i mean, is it necessary? don't we already have a financial institutions commission dealing with kinds of issues? come on senator, don't yo think we have enough task force. i understand your constituents concerns are legit and you are just doing your job but this task-force-creating every time someone does not get what she/he wants is getting too old. maybe i'm getting old

Senator Tommy Chong, I mean Baules:

How many oversight hearings and task forces are you going to do to find out that you really don't understand the concept of banking. I mean really, was it your friend Paulus that was denied a loan the primary reason you are going after the NDBP or is it just your dislike for the next generation of educated, professional Palauans in positions of influence running the development bank.

If you wish to keep Palau in the dark ages and want NDBP to be another PSB, go ahead and make the NDPB a revolving door for money. You, Senator Baules, can make the policies for the bank; in fact, you should dictate that the bank come up with a policy that makes the loan application process completely voluntary so all your cronies and unqualified borrowers can just go to the bank and "get" money. Lets make the ban fail within the next four years.


Dear Senator Baules, Instead of creating another task force to investigate the bank, i suggest that one of your staff do a little research of whether these applicants are denied loans because of the banks strict policy or simply because they do not understand the language of the loan application, as it is only available in the english language i presume. if so may you kindly ask the management of the bank to have all the loan applications available in palauan as well to accommodate those who don't fully comprehend the english language.


an applicant

I'd say create a Task Force to investigate Hokkons Baules' extensive marijuana smoking addiction. We know this dude is bad for Palau and is setting a bad example for young people. We must be running out of people to run our Senate if we're choosing a Palau Cheech and Chong character to represent us in that Senate.

Hey crazy,

I am curious, why dont's we also investigate TR for ruining Palau financially?

are you guys really serious about TR bankrupted Palau when he was in the office? I am not a politician just a belochel from afar want to know. May be investigating from the bottom up will make a deference.Say from the indians and then the chiefs.just a thought. thanx. One more thing, about senator Baules smoking pot; Somewhere in the world some big people trying to make it legal to smoke and plant them, so they can sell to make profit and for the government to tax them. I maybe wrong about smoking but you know...

He never inhaled!!!!LMAO!!!!

@ Uchelmelis :

Lmao!!! indeed, hahahaha.
Except I doubt he'd be able to pull a scandal like mr. Clinton... or he could cuz no one would care cuz itd prolly be a filipina and not a hot intern.

Hokkons is an idiot, a raging pissed of lunatic who threatens foreigners and everyone... this guy seriously thinks he's the godfather...

he might look like him... but seriously, I didnt vote for him, I told people not to, and now we're stuck with him... because people were too busy supporting "anko hokkons"

great if your "anko" was osama or saddam would you support them running for president to.

wake up, just because they are somehow genetically tied to you as offspring and spawn from your ancestors doesnt mean squat as a qualitfication for a position of responsibility.

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