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May 29, 2009


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Wow! Mal ungil a rengud e rmenges a ungil e kuk ngodech el chais el kirel a beluad. Ak kiei ra ikrel Belau edirrek el mal mla mo betok el chad a krenges terir el dirrek el mal chemat a kall, esp. burgers, ra Bem Ermii. Bol blak a rengud loldubch e dolgneseu a ikakid el siobai rar meral chedad mar ngeleked er Belau. Ng mekekerei engdi ungil uchul a kerrekernged, e locha diak a kuk mal ngeral temellii e kirel a beluad.

oh yeah...das the shit right there. after a couple of cold ones at SLC on my way home then i get a cure for the hang over the next day at bem ermii....

I can honestly say that when I come home for a visit and start missing food back in the states, I can always stop there for their hamburger. They need to come up with good milk shakes to go along with it. Good job to the owners..

ngarker a BemErmii. Ng-oto ra kmal osii a kall re ngii.fish and chips might be osii too on the menu.
see you at the place for lunch.thanx.

Yang Hello e Ngereml..

Ng Bai, where are u? Bem Ermii, FYI, is located right across from da good ol' Palau High School, and there was another on Airai side, (u wouldnt miss it if u come from Ngereml) right down KB Bridge coming from Koror..dont know if it's still open though.

Really missed them bites..juicy and all ;)

Tia meral lungil... kuk tal de tuchakl el mei mesaod a kuk bebil ra topic. Thanks Omdui for putting something non-political :) Not that I don't want to be part of it! Sometimes it's good to take a breather from it!

And by the way Ota and Ngermlenguian, tilechal milkshakes, fish and chips idea sounds really good to add into the menu! Sechelei, kede di ngar cheroid e bai ou ngemokel a reua swiss burger ra Bem Ermii :)

Have a great and safe weekend. Remember to assign a DD if you're going out drinking this weekend. But it shouldn't stop you from munching on those juicy burgers tonight! Bai derengmiu!

God bless

Ngmeral lungil a burgers ra Bem Ermii! I like the idea for fish & chips, too.

With passage of the revamped FIB, Bem Ermii will be run off palau. Cheaper burgers can be had by those Philippine burger conglomerates just waiting in the wings. And while you free market proponents agree that change/competion are inevitable, we who see palau in a different light see control of our country slipping thru our fingers. It will be a sad day in palau when its villages/hangs begin to resemble images from other countries represented in palau by its foreign worker population. They are getting stronger while we are just complacent.

ain't that the truth though?! when i came home to visit a couple of months ago all i wanted was fish and burgers from Bem Ermii for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. would that we could order them online and have them delivered via some kind of packaging service... delish!

ain't that the truth though?! when i came home to visit a couple of months ago all i wanted was fish and burgers from Bem Ermii for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. would that we could order them online and have them delivered via some kind of packaging service... delish!

Bem Ermi burgers are good.

If the owner reads this, I advise him to put more outdoor chairs and tables out there. There has times when I had to eat my burger standing with the ketsup dripping on my clothes. Thanks to the friendly girls who hand me lots of napkins.

The burger mobile needs a paint job and better signage. Other than that, great job !!

can you serve veggie burgers too for non meat eaters

maybe BemErmii will add local fish&chips on the menu it will be good for fishermen and the mechas will ou makit their emutii.though foreigners are the ones doing sers that's o.k. at least mechas will pocket some money for hair dye. Ak di melekoi. ma uriul.

Invest in this place, make it the palauan mickey d's already.

Hey people,

Don't you people know that hamburger is bad for you ...lots of trans fats and cholesterol. More meat (beef plus soya) and buns (wheat) all of which is IMPORTED!

If we went back to our traditional diet we would need less imported medicines too - this blog is in support of all those of you who hate the foreigners being allowed in to do business! Now why dont you make a case to keep their imports out as well! Oh, also gasoline, cloth, tyres, boats, etc, etc....LOL.

Eat properly (more fish and vegetables) and we will not need foreign food or medicines!

Reminding you all that we have the best fish in the world so why trade it in for burgers and pizza? Ha ha ha! LOL.

Meral smart e Islander, very smart comment...why u hahhha and LOL at the end..??? only makes u look stupid and shallow..


Ngera bebil ra ikal kall er a Belau a omolekoi? Kam kora kmu sesei ra example mebo dodengei?

Ng diak el mekngit a kuk em tal monga burger e sechelei. Mal lungil ra bedengem a ngikel, eng kuk diak el subed el kmo ng kirem el di menga ngikel ra bek el taem le bedengem a dirrek el lousbech a bebil ra odoim.

Sulang e Islander ra tekingem. A Dios lobengkem.

Hey right you are wrong Lol.

This is not a serious topic so let's have a little light heartedness!

Personally, I love burgers that's why I have put in the hahahaha! OK

Ochoi e,aikel burger N fries ra Bem Ermii. Closing time e sel basio.

Lets encourgae more palauans to operate own business.

Kudos e KERAI!

Buik ra Yelch

Aleko diak el 'serious topic'..diak chised e islander, its that what you think of our island and its people's strive to progress?It is serious that's why it was posted here for some to see and know that Belau and its business is recognized elsewhere in the world, plus it's a good promo of our island and people..and for others to come and visit as well..ng uchul a kerruul e brada/sista, adang mekerang?

WWFM: "Bong e morael mera Cliff Side Hotel em enjoy a New Jersey stir FREE sebus."

Ngdiak a chised!!!


Wow, I nearly choaked on my hamburger hearing you say hamburgers are a sewrious topic! Lol.

You actually think that a Palau hamburger stand is going to be recognised as "Belau business" to be redconded with in the world! Ha HA HA

Now I've heard it all! HA HA HA!

Real Man/Meral Chad

choked or cloaked, im sure u are the latter to mislead this topic to your own liking and definition of it..whichever u meant with your comment above, I guess u remain to be one of those who likes to make fun of our island and its people, as we try our best to succeed in life whether selling hamburgers or recycled cans , etc., at least we try to make $$ for our living.

Go ahead and laughs all u can.. hope u don't choke to death with your laughs/hamburgers. You sound like one of them well made citizens who have no cares about others, keep laughing!! still my best wishes goes to those who are striving to succeed in all they do in these trying times of our economic downturn.. good luck and God bless..

Ng uaisei e Eltel,

If it is worth being posted on this blog, then Bem Ermii (not hamburgers) deserves a bit of acknowledgment. If you want a good laugh, why don't you watch the Pink Panther and see Steve Martin say that he would like to buy a hamburger in French. You can choke on that :) I thought that was funny

Olek..Lol @ that movie, i remember that part "hambaka", how steve says it really is a choke...hehehhe..joke! lol, 'twas funny.

Jaspher Obakrairur, Palauan Military, died in Iraq.

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