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May 05, 2009


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Discriminatory and unseen in other countries, but then again, I don't know a lot of non-citizens that have registered vehicles... makes me wonder, how many non-citizens have registered vehicles in Palau..?

I think they should try more for establishing car insurance, safety checks, etc. rather than taxing non-residents whom the majority make less than the minimum wage.

They're just trying to find the quickest solution rather than a gradual build!

It is better to have strong enforcement of the law than to have more laws that are not enforced.

This Bill sounds ridiculous, I see loopholes in it already...but who knows, I need to read more about it. This Bill discriminate, aren't the Palauans using the roads too??? Why didn't they just put that $20.00 fee, in the real estate tax, that way all who live and work in Palau and all who pay taxes pay for the road maintenance??? I feel that soon we're going to get to the point were the non-citizen may have to think twice about coming to Palau...

Yeah it is becoming ridiculous with these bills aiming at non-citizens when we are the ones begging for their help.

Lots of Bang! Bang! bills with no bullets.

We should start increasing the registration fee for heavy equipment, such as those owned by PTC and Socio, Nishimatsu, etc. to fund road maintenance. Its the heavy vehicles that have a very significant impact on our roads.

However, we must look at how increasing taxes at this time will help because we will be burdening businesses at a very inopportune time.

What about bills to cut government expenses?? Cut Senators and Delegate's salaries ASAP. What about Mr. Haruo Wilter's $$75K a year salary - is this for real or just rumors.

This bill is seriously flawed.

Do not discriminate! We need foreign workers and foreign investors!

Discriminating will seriously effect Palau's immage.

What will these Senator propose next - tax the foreigners more for toilet use and/or charge foreigners 50% more for purchase tax. Lol.

Maybe foreigners will retalliate by selling goods to Palauan at a 100% premium.

Think about that point. Who needs whom more?


How do they come up with the fees? Seems like they just drew that number out of a hat and said to themselves...$20 now that is a nice round number so we'll go with that! Does Senator Mlib really believe that adding an extra $20 registration fee to non-citizens will generate enough revenue for all the road maintenence? Maybe the next fee will be $10 for all non-citizens for walking on the roads as I see more of them walking rather than driving. Just my thoughts. I feel that sometimes a lot of bills don't have a lot of thought put into them and they just seem bogus and ridiculous.

It is clear that Palau is in financial crisis however, lawmakers must not panic and start to choose the short term solutions.

This bill will not raise sufficient money to maintain roads but it will illianate foreigners.

Senator, pass bill that will attract foreign investments. Palau must generate sustainable revenue on a large scale. Our country need at least $80 million annualy.


Do non-citizens drive more than us Palauans. It don't make sense. We should collect them from Senators,Delegates and from president, there the one that drive to Ngeremluud all the time.If you didn't raised your own salaries, there might be some money for the road maintenance instead of taking it from other people.This is discrimination. We're better than that.

Whether non-citizens drive more or less is not the point. The point is they drive and then they go back to whereever they come from and we have to clean after them!!!

Are all Palauans not using the same road as the foreigners? The fees should be applied accross the board to all road users. I'm in total agreement with everyone- discriminatory bill.

What's going on with our lawmakers? This is not worth their $50k salary.

I hope it's not true that Haruo is making $75k a year. And we are charging the foreigners more for driving the very same roads we Palauans are driving every day. Very soon, we'll charge them the same air we breath daily. We must not have any other ways to generate revenues therefore the foreigners are being targeted at our disposable..how they can live with themselves with that kind of salaries and other people are paying for the price. Maybe, Obama should enact a law specifically for us Palauans living in the states to pay extra for driving on their roads?

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