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May 15, 2009


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While the presumption of innocence is also applicable to Diaz, the fact that the SP has filed a legal action against him represents a very good move on the part of the government that is responsible to enforce the laws of the land. Let us see how the senator would react to this, or would he still be adamant about his belief that he did not violate the Code of Ethics. I am wondering what, if any, is the president of the senate going to do or say regarding this development.

The Senate is going to come out and say that they have "their own code of ethics" and sitting members of Congress do not have to abide by these silly little "ethics" laws. After all, they are the sole judge of their own little world up there in the shiny tower of eloquence and enlightenment in Ngerulmud.

Let us see if they will react. Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard Diaz??

Just really annoying to think that Senators like Joel and others continue to look the other way while this guy(Diaz) is making a fool of us as a nation.. It was all too good to be true while they were campaigning and now nothing matters to them anymore. Their little world hopely will last only less than four years.

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Get over it people. We elected them and it is our fault. But the ball that the SP has rolled has just started so let us wait and see.

Why is this guy still a senator? He should be impeach.What is that say about us by letting this guy do what ever he wants,abuse of public office, using his power for personal matter.His talk radio show is not part of gov't.Please Palau,do something about it before he embarrasses us even more.

Did'nt Kasi Berg also violate the code of ethics act when she served as counsel of OEK? She basically had first hand working knowledge of finding govt. support from other govt. or non-govt. entities in order to fund the early stages of her business. Sure she got some help from daddy but she and Jeff cornered the palauan television market with the assistance of Kassi Berg's political connections in the palauan govt by virtue of her position as OEK counsel. Now if that's not conflict of interest then I don't know what is. Sure Kassi and Jeff say they employ palauans but who are the real owners of Roll'em? Is it a palauan with controlling ownership of Roll'em or one just for show? Stop force feeding us palauans with your misguided principles of liberalism.

Though Senator Diaz is leading us away from that slippery slope, he is facing discrimination from the current SP. Why does'nt the SP investigate Kassi Berg and the legality of Roll'em? Seems Diaz continues to serve as scapegoat for all the ills in the govt. whether by his own people or the whites who are really in charge of Palau. This my humble opinion. Learn to like it because its the truth.

Kung fu Panda,

Just wondering, were there when everything was going down. ITs funny how you say Kassi Berg weas using OEK to get connections. There are laws that already exist that she used to start her business.

The issue is a Senator creating laws to benefit himself. What do you think about that? Don't get me wrong Diaz makes sense all the time but sometimes he's just dead wrong!!!

Just my opinion.

Palauan let me put it to you this way. Kassi Berg as OEK counsel was privy to the many go ons as well studies economic or otherwise while she served in that body. Being a graduate of law school makes her a person of with some degree of intelligence so it did not take her long to realize what opportunities were available to her in Palau. But the thing is every or any opportunity that a foreigner capitalizes on is at the expense of a PALAUAN. I am sure that Kassia Berg did not come to Palau to start OTV but what I am saying is that because she was in a position of power, she used that and her political connections to start OTV. I can see that Senator Diaz is merely trying to create a level playing field for all palauans including himself. I am not afraid of Diaz and what he might do but what I am afraid of is Kassi Berg/OTV and the influence they will have not only with our govt. officials but with the palauan way of thinking. Contrary to what you and I think, its Brezner who runs Palau and not JT.

funny that you are worried about kassi and some alleged position of power you claim she had -- you really think the disposable lawyers at the oek are in a position of power enough that when they leave they will be running the government

you worry about kassi and not your senator or senate or government -- maybe you are just worried that she is smarter than you

anyway what kind of inside information does it take to start a business -- oh, look around there is no television production -- maybe she should marry a film director and start a television business -- how pathetic and naive

kassi and her husband along with a load of palauans worked hard to create something and did so by following the laws --

so what is your point

kassi rocks!

kassi's political connections — is that what happens when someone is successful, you idiots need to find some lame reason why it is not because of sweat and tears but some short cut?

anyone who watched roll em grow knows there was no short cut … it was pure brilliance

sp is right on the money, he deserves a hats off

At the end of the day Kassi Berg is not a palauan nor will she ever be one. None of us have had the priveleged background that has afforded her every opportunity from the time she was in her crib till the time she graduated from law school. Helping palauans and ownership of a media company are two seperate points of view. Wrap your mind around that fact. How can we palauans set our own course in this world if we are constantly being told by the Kassi Bergs in the world how we should live our lives. Because contrary to what's been said here, ownership is what dictates and not how much the local people are helped that counts. Just look what happened to the indigenous people of the Americas when they were offered and given help along those same lines. Bottom line Palau cannot move forward if television media is controlled thru ownership by a person or persons who have and will never be PALAUAN. Kassi and Mark fit that mold. Senator Diaz does not.

poor kungfu panda, unloved at home and tormented with jealously of those more fortunate and beautiful. ah, life is indeed unfair ain't it?

hey you got any reason to believe that those who have touched the hearts of palauans and made a contribution to our country actually wish to be palauan? i think that may be your first misguided assumption.

why don't you stop writing on this blog lamenting the good fortune and intellect of white people as it is embarrassing as a palauan to read your bigotry and see how you miss the point entirely.

kungfu panda suggests we make diaz the media monopoly because he is half-palauan thou he never hires or trains a palauan and even his own kids loathe him

never mind that diaz is unstable and not much of a creative artist, i think this is a brilliant idea kungfu, just wondering where did you get your million dollar education?

I love your argument Kung Fu. Chop chop chops Kassi and send her home.

sad that SP had to file and the senators could not handle this in house!

any word or comment by the other senators on SP's move

does anyone know how much jail time is involved

sp has diaz's head on the chopping block so i wonder who will have the last laugh? recall or expulsion?


maybe we just decide who is right

Let me say this for all who support DIaz. The point here is that a law(Code of Ethics) that was broken was created not too many years ago and Sen. Diaz had a say so on that law.

Now that he has broken the law you guys say its okay. He is a Palauan and he should be protected. No one is above the law!! That is why we have problems in this country cause we have Senators setting bad examples to our children. I beleive this would be the 5 or 6 time Sen. Diaz had been to the court. This shows what kind of Senator he is.

Dear Belauan,

You have hit the nail on he head.

One set of rules for well conected Palauan and one set of rules for others! The legacy of the last two administration!

If Palau is to gain respect in the international community we need one set of rules for all. We should start by reforming the archaic and bias Foreign Investment Act.


If people keep voting for toxic people lice Diaz and TR. This is the result.

Both TR and Diaz are classic examples of people who are devoid of moral and legal sensibilities.

All you need do is just quitely observe them, their behavior, their demeanor their arrogance!

They are full of themselves when they have infact (as politicians) acheived nothing for the people!

We have not time to give these people any consideration, just kick them out of the Senate and let's get on with helping President Toribiong make Palau a decent place for all.

Get your facts straight fool! Diaz, JN, JK and the rest of JT's cronies in the senate helped get JT elected so show some respect to your daddy Diaz! How the hell can you expect Santy, Dengokl, and Otto to win in the same election with Johnson Toribiong?!? If you're gonna vote for Mlib, Diaz, Joel and others then why not JT? My poing is Diaz and JT are political twins and TR is unrelated to them!

Do you think this is TR's way of putting Diaz in his place after the election crap that Diaz pulled? If you think TR still has no influence in Government, you are sadly mistaken. Wanna know who is next on the SP's list? Take a wild guess.

DIAZZZ is a puppet, he has people coercing him to act the way he does 'cos he's not very bright to begin with. it's the idiots who elect him time after time to think he has what it takes to be a coconut senator.

This is bs, what people in Palau should do is let lawmakers do the talking.If all the indians go after the chiefs, there will be no space for work [talking] for all chiefs to their work[sp] and all that. thak you.

yeah, sure let the chiefs do all the talking but the indians will never get to hear/watch the sessions because a certain chief has control of all the tapes!

what indians!!!...belau has more chiefs than indians, that's the very reason why people don't show up on these public hearings 'cos everyone..eh hum...almost everyone and their mothers have been a senator, delegate, governor, legislator, president or vice pres., a minister of something or chief of whatever. that leaves all the chinese, fillipinos, bangladesh people as indians.....NGDIAK A ISED!!!!

elaich& palauninja you could have showed up at the hearing, the record will show up later that there were two of you showed.well if you wanna call them outsiders to be indians in Palau so be it they're the ones doing hard work and less talking.ma uriulkerem

I like the nick name given by BUIK.


i am a supporter of otv and i think i am not alone as its a cool place with hip owners who have really excited lots of young palauans about film tv and music and so i think these are the ideal kind of foreigners …as for diaz and sp now it is showtime…

oh oh.... busted hahahahaha.

diaz is a character, but he needs to get in line.
He hates roll'em and he's racist to Americans... which is weird, he fought for them in the ARMY....

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