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May 05, 2009


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there goes diaz again...blah blah blah blah blaaaaah.....all air and carbbage.

Want to know what is wrong with our National "Court Jester" well some words do come to mind when I think of Diaz such as: Manic Depressive, schizophrenia, bipolar, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). He is like a pandemic disease to our country and is like a never ending plague of humiliation and shame on our international status. This is no longer amusing, he abuses all of us by having the title "Senator".

Okay okay, it's unethical for Diaz but shouldn't that be illegal? That much control of the media on Diaz is just perpetuating his 'view'. So now they can just play certain sessions on TV and others will be disclosed to the public??? Unreal...

Again I say, "Does President of the Senate and the whole OEK still feel that Diaz is the right man to have full control of the media in the OEK?"

Kamomes aikal klebelung el demeral merur lomes e orrenges......

Moses Uludong has done a fine and carageous job in exposing the Attorney General for being a crook. While Ex-President Remengesau and Minister of Justice Chin covered up for the Attorney General and his Chinese whore mistress!

Nothing surprises me about the illecit conduct of Tommy. Get the swine out of the Senate. This swine is a virus like the Swine-flu he must be isolated and irradicated from public office!


felix/ slander get out of here.

Hey fake islander,

You finally realize that you and your rat gang have lost all credibility eh? All you can say now is get lost felix who is not even a countryman!

I am your concions, a citizen that you have screwed for money and power. My children are at jeopordy because of leaders like Nakamura and Remengesau.


Guys, HELLO, it was all over when the PEOPLE voted for JT!

As the saying goes; " You can fool some people some of the time" You can fool all the people some of the time" but "You can't fool all the people all of the time".

THe PEOPLE woke up to the lies, cheating, intimidation corruption and cronism of the Nakamura and Remegesau Administration and they booted every single one who was associated with TR out of Government. What joy!

Now the people want justice, they are coming after Tommy himself and he has to answer for putting Palau into bankrupcy.

Don't get angry with foreigners, they had nothing to do with TR's terrible actions against the State!

The people want justice and Koshiba and JN promissed the people justice. The people will get justice!

God bless President Johnson Toribiong.

Why are these people asking for felix to get lost?

Why did Diaz ask for Uludong to get lost?

Is it because these two gentlemen are telling truths that exposes their wrong doings?

Hey fat rats! You canot silence the truth. Intimidation went Bbe, byes when Tommy lost power! Don't use this blog-site to intimidate!

Do the crime pay the fine!
Eat like a pig you'll choke in your dig!

How do you guys like my poem Lol

Islander aka Curious,
looking at your old blogs, you two can never seem to blog more than 10 minutes from each other, are you two supposed to be a double threat or are you one and the same people who are behind the UK wave.(baby wave) let me ask you one thing, where is the Angaur real estate website that we were just discussing about in the Samoa PM blog and why did you pull it down just yesterday? Its now showing nothing. you know for people supposedly "backing" a 2.1 billion dollar hotel and a 40 mil Angaur Resort UKHIL and PIP couldnt afford $ to leave their Scam websites up until the projects resume?? its not even under construction the url is none, gone completely (no redirecting). they looked cheap anyway and the Coral Beach CEO bloke you put in front of the camera looks like a chav. couldnt you buy a better suit instead of giving him Peter Moran's, the one he wore to jail. haaa... you wouldnt notice because youre one anyway. and i also know for a fact youre not palauan so stop trying to fool everybody. ke chad er ker kau el metetoech a medam?

Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what did Tommy do with government money!

Rats hate the light, rats scury when they hear noise, rats steal cheese. Lol

Ask what Tommy did with the government cheese?

The NC project is private. How they find the money is their business.

Government money is the people's business. We have the right to know! Where is the money Tommy?

Hey fake Islander,

Don't try to deflect the important issues by speculating whether Islander is Palauan or not.

What does it matter who he is, as long as he is asking the appropriate questions!

You dirty little rat! Fake islander!

What did TR do with government money?

Why was Tim Taunton allowed to leave Palau?

Why was AG Bettie allowed to leave Palau?

Why was SP Walon allowed to leave Palau?

Why did TR put public money into the PSB Bank and then allow his cronies to draw money out after that?

Good point Islander

I am sure everyone in Palau wants to know the answers to your legitimate questions.

I sure want to know the answers to those questions.


Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what what tommy did with government money?


Islander, Curious, and Red

Ngera momdasu e ng uchul ma diaz a soal a le fire ra Moses? momdasu a diaz a ungil el oungerachel a omelai el bideo?

Sorry Kerkikl,

They are in a different world with different issues.....LOL!

You questions excellent questions and I hope to hear some or if any for their opinions.....


what does ombudsman mean?

Thanks - Tiakid:
A OMBDUSMAN a chad el soual
O - Oltelechakl, end ngdi kmal
M - Mengetelakl, el dirrek el kora di
B - Beldechalk, e do mes er ngii eng kora mo
U - Uldirekorek, e bo do rritel er ngii en kmal
D - Diak el sebechel ra Diaz, el dirrek el Dia el Sebechel el mo
S - Smiich, el
M - Mengetiit, ra
A - Amt, ma
N - Ngerulmud

Ng sebechek el kuk meskau el ngebard. Ngdi tiakid a uldesuek eng di kuk ngarngii a ko ra omoshiroi el obdasu e motobed me kuk bol lungil a rengud el menguiu a tekoi er tiang...

Tia di ngellakl ma kulengit meng diak el ngasech a rengmiu. Every time I joke around in here, people get very very riled up. Joke..ha ha.

davidson aka islander, how did it feel to have to see helpless Moran in jail together with the pedophiles and thieves. thats what you got for trying to blackmail the government.

how do you feel about legalizing the kemedukl? fish and chips!

How about this Mardi,

Omdibus eak medam e dingam.
Mak mengetiit e mengelbus ra re melemall a llach.
Berrotel ma lechub eng blechetoel.
Uldidelid ra lemalt,lemeltem,lemeltek,ma lemelted
Diak lobosech,lobuu, ma lechub e lemechibirukel
Selemosem ra blantalos ra beluu.
Medideriik ra ngidil laok, ma lechub eng tund.
A beluu a merredel e ngak oderuchel.
Ng diak a imiit ra biskelengek.

LOL! I still like yours better...


Akumdasu eng ka a urerel a mediate between us and them.. Ma Diaz akirel mo kerkikl e mosi leng ngkang akmal diak imiit ra biskelengel. just amazes me how Diaz think and act as a professional in that position.. Did we have our eyes closed when we voted him in? Reminds me of someone with bipolar disorder, indeed. The only way to be put in his place is for Senator Melib to distance himself from him, otherwise, engmol mesemosem ra blantalos.

LOL! You took the words right out of my mouth Rose!!!

Ke kora kmal mla tmaut er ngii. LOL. Funny and accurate...kinda like John Stewart...

All joking aside, I am glad that someone is putting Diaz to task on this. I mean, the Senate is not supposed to generate wealth for its own members, if in fact the taping of these sessions are only aired on MBTV. I could be wrong though.

Hey Mosisechekiak,

Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what did Tommy do with government money.

All of Palau is waiting for the answer.


Hey Chav101,

To tell you the truth, as a palauan I felt ashamed and disgusted at being a Palauan.

It was clear that Mr. Moran was a victim of a corrupt administration. No matter, Mr. Moran survived the ordeal and came out stronger.

Many important and upstanding Palauan people stood by Mr. Moran. He was made Chief. The Angaur Ladies society honored him. The church accepted donation made by him.

As you probably know he now has a work permit in Palau. He lives in La vante Villa a very high class resident owned by President.

He holds a great job with PIPL. The company provides him with a car and a boat, entertainment money. he eats regularly at the PPR and other high end establishment. I hear he earns about $250,000.00 per annum.

He fu*ks a lot of Palauan girls. He's happy!

What about you Chav101, how are you getting on? What's your job? I heard it was licking Remengesau's arse? You lke the brown stuff eh? lol.

Don't worry you'll get a lot of brown stuff in jail with your master TR. Lol.

As the saying goes. What goes around comes around. Your turn is not far off.

Already, shit is flowing back due to poor sewage system and Power of breaking down and you have to eat rotten cheese in the dark. YOu Rat!

How's that for an answer. Want to ask any thing else? I waiting! Lol

Alsekum kechad er belau, elak moluches aikang uaisei er tiang ekedekmal merur. You are not very nice person and I hope you get what's coming your way. Ngdiak a ngalk er belau lomes er ngkal impotent el chad. How's the weather in Aimelik lately? I heard it rains there a lot..

e rose,

ngka el chad a diak el chad er belau. ngka tara chedal tia le cheblad el kombalii ru u.k. ngdiak a chad er belau el melokoi tekoi el uaisei.

wow islander, you need to cool down a bit buddy.its not healthy to build up that kind of frustration, you need to do something more productive. you enjoy your nasty writting too much and its not good for you and the rest of us readers.


Wednesday, 06 May 2009 13:25 By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa - Horizon News Staff
KOROR (Palau Horizon) – Moses Uludong has sued Palau Horizon and 12 other individuals and media entities for Libel, slander, defamation, inflict of mental and emotion distress and pain for reporting that two seats in BaiMelekeong, the highest traditional council of chiefs of Melekeok State were vacant in November of 2008.

Uludong filed a complaint yesterday against Horizon and its reporters Philip Haruo, Bernadette Carreon, F. Kazuo Asanuma, Ernest Ongidobel, Senator Alfonso Diaz and his broadcasting company, Island Times and its reporter Aurea Gerundio and editor Fermin Meriang and five others identified as John Does.

The complaint is seeking damages of $50,000 each for Horizon reporters and $100,000 for Palau Horizon and an order to permanently restrain them from writing and publishing stories about Uludong.

The plaintiff is also asking for damages of $500,000 against Kazuo, $100,000 for Ongidobel, $1,000,000 for Senator Diaz and $50,000 for Island Times reporter and $100,000 for the editor.

The complaint stemmed from a report which was published in Horizon on November 25-27, 2008 entitled “Vacancies declared in BaiMelekeong.”

Horizon reported that two seats in BaiMelekeong the highest traditional council of chiefs of Melekeok State were declared vacant on November 24, 2008.

The report stated that according to a press release issued by Adelbai Er a Udes Frank Kazuo Asanuma, Asanuma was instructed to inform the people of Melekeok State that chief titles Sechalruliong and Ngirmang no longer have representation in BaiMelekeong.

Based on the press release sent to the media, the report stated that Theodoro Rengulbai bearer of Sechalruliong and Moses Uludong bearer of Ngirmang have been dismissed from BaiMelekeong.

Uludong’s complaint stated that Asanuma was a candidate for Melekeok Delegate to the OEK in the November 4, 2008 election and he concocted a scheme to oust Rengulbai and Uludong after his defeat from the OEK election last year.

Palau Horizon regrets that there was no attempt or notice from the plaintiff after the story came out to correct or rewrite the story.

Ng mekngit el dolekoi e Uchel, Mardi, Rose ma Kerkikl eng di tia mla tmuu er ngii a rechad ra Ngebard ra elsel e lobekid el mengebelung er kid. Anyways,

Ngarngii a article el kilsang ra kmung ker meng mla mo telal ksurf e losiik er ngii e diak betik er ngii. Kelel sebechiu el ngosukak.

Tial article a renguk ng kirel a Compact Review ea lechub eng mesaod ra deruchelel a Ombudsman ma ututelel el kired a rechad ra beluu. Ng kmal soak el copy e paste er ngii er tiang. Ng kmal kirir a rechad leng kmal lungil suobel...


Hey Rose & Smily,

Did you read the blog written by Chav101 on May 07 at 1:41pm. Should not your expression of indignation be pointed at him rather than me?

I mearly answered his questions as frankly and truthfully. I truly felt disgusted and ashamed that a fellow Palauan would take satisfacton at an injustice perpetrated on a foreigner who came to invest in Palau.

I went on to express what I know has occured subsequently, sich the gentlemen has been relesed. What is so bad?

Smily, my writing depicts the truth. The man is living at Le Vante Villa, He has been given a Palauan work permit (I am sure that if he were guilty he would not have been given a work permit). He is paid $250,000.00 salary per annum. He was given a car and a boat by his company . His salary does have provision for entertainment. He does fu*k many Palauan womem and the guy is very happy.

Please direct your indignation to the arse hole that took pride in wrong-doing.


Hey get real,

There is no need for you to defend me or answer for me.

I stand by what I say. Chav101 is a swine taking solice from other people's misery.

Up yours Chav101.

Ngilechal chad el kiei ra Le Vante Apartment a dirrek el luleterau ra Internet Gambling me ngiluu a license el mora ikrel belau meng olterau er ngii eng mai a ududel ekid a dirk mengiil aikel kirel harau ra government.!!!

Re: 5/6/09 Palau Horizon article
Is Moses Uludong still holding the Melekeok chief title? Why is he sueing so many reporters?

Uludong declared himself an attorney when in fact he does not have a law degree.

I do not think it is benefitual to slur Mr. Uludong.

The gentleman was appointed Ombudsman, let him do his job.

Palau is a free country and anybody can sue anyone without fear. Let the court decide who is right and who is wrong.

If Mr. Uludong declared himself an attorney and he is not let the authorities take action. It is not for us to belittle the man because we do not have all the facts.

Thank you

Greetings Know All,

As long as we do not enact justice and take appropriate action on the people who have profited from corruption. The mindset of the past will remain.

There is still the belief that there is one rule for those so-called elite Palauans and one rule for others and that includes foreigners.

The unconcionable theft that has gone on is unbelieveable - from the PSB fiasco to the tax dodging scams of politicians and their wealthy rich families and cronies. To the collusion of operating prostitution dens and the illcite business of catching sharks for fins! This is the legacy of the past administration!

How do we look away, How can we keep quiet!

The people must be told and there must be justice handed out for this nation to be cleansed of the vile deed of the last administration!

I pray for our people.


Like the prophet, do your duty without fear or favor!

Expose those who would conspire in the shadows! Expose those who have put our country in jeopordy!
Expose those past corrupt politicians who polluted the soul of our country!

Hello my follow bloggers. Ngara ngeliokl? Ak mlo leong a ked ra uriur ra blolmerek a sekio. Me ka mouchais el kmo ngara ngelikelled ma lechub eng cherdecheded?



Welcome back Honto-Style,

Where have you been. It's not the same with out you.

I am wondering how far would this go when Diaz seems to be dictating what the senate should or should not do? The question is whether the senate president would go along with Diaz or not. However, in the final analysis it is the president of the country who has the prerogative to either fire the ombudsman or not. It is interesting to note that over the years Alfonso and Moses have been, at times, the best of friends and, at times, the best of enemies. I guess this is that time when the feeling has shifted to the bitter side.


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