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May 29, 2009


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Oh well, back to the dark ages!

woohoo!!...I support you FSM! Don't sell yourselves for something that can be gone in a blink of an eye. Pacific Islanders are well known for their strong culture and sense of true identity. However, imperialist nation(s) are slowly ridding us from our island homes with money, security and an addictive western lifestyle. Just look at our struggling sister island-nations of Guam and Hawai'i where the natives are a the poor minority in their own lands... We should unite and support one another, Oceania! And FSM, please hold on to your sovereignty!

I am curious, when a treaty is made and terms signed, is it not proper for all parties to abide to the terms of the treaty?

I wonder, what is the rethoric about compromising sovereignty?

The receiving party was willing enough to sign when they wanted money but shout foul when it is time to abide by the terms!

I wonder why the international comunity does not simply blackball these tin-pot countries that do not abide by treaties and let them choke on their sovereignty.

Sorry, but I cannnot accept people who go back on their agreements.

Sound good to me --

" COLONIA, Yap (Yap State Government) — Isaac V. Figir, speaker of the 16h Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia, has issued a strong statement in response to President Emanuel Mori’s proposed budget bill for fiscal year 2010.

The budget covers only those areas funded by local revenues.
The bill proposes the appropriation of $30,459,405 to fund the operations of the three branches, the agencies, the various programs, grants, subsidies and contributions of the national government for fiscal year 2010 which begins on Oct. 1, 2009.
But the current national government budget overview as provided by the Office of Statistics, Budget, Overseas Development Assistance and Compact Management showed that 77 percent of the budget is from domestic sources with the remaining 20 percent plus from the amended Compact.
Mori’s bill does not include items supported by foreign assistance, especially programs that fall under the scope of the FSM’s Compact of Free Association with the U.S.
According to Mori’s transmittal letter, “foreign financial assistance is to be disbursed, not by an FSM congressional appropriation, but by the terms or special nature of the assistance.”
The “FSM has unequivocal obligation to conform to the provisions of the amended Compact and subsidiary agreements,” Mori said.
“Hence, all laws in the FSM, including budget appropriation act, must be in harmony with the treaty,” his letter concluded.
But Figir said the FSM will not compromise its sovereignty for money.
He said Mori’s position that the FSM Congress has the power to appropriate only local revenues “is a position by the executive that a enormous significance.”
The speaker added, “This is also a position that [the FSM] Congress cannot condone. This means that everything that [the FSM] Congress has done for the past 30 years, ever since we established constitutional government, was wrong. To say that [the FSM] Congress can only appropriate local revenues takes us back to the days of the Trust Territory.”
Figir said the FSM Congress represents the people of the federation.
“The constitutional mandate of [the FSM] Congress is to control the purse string of the nation on behalf of the people. Yet, the executive now tells us foreign donors do not want us to control the spending of their funds. That cannot be. To me, donors to the FSM will think twice about giving assistance to the FSM if they knew that the people of the FSM has no say in how the money will be used.”
Figir said Mori’s position “represents the most egregious attempt at limiting the power of [the FSM] Congress since this country began. It is un-democratic and does not make any sense.”
He added, “I urge the executive to think again. And if there are any foreign donors out there who think that the people of the FSM should not have any say in how their funds should be spent, I urge them to take their money elsewhere. This is a question of the sovereignty of this nation. We will not compromise our sovereignty for some money. And shame to anyone in this government who would be inclined to do so.”
Chairman Peter Sitan of the Congressional Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations said Mori’s position will seriously impact the state governments which derive more than 50 percent of their funds from outside sources.
According to Sitan, for Mori to “think that legislative bodies of the states don’t have authority over funding for their people, has a potential to be a serious problem.” "

Speaker Figir, you are right! You should open a school to teach People from these Island Nations how to "THINK" as PEOPLE and as a NATION. We are not Las Vegas "show girls".


Hello Eagle-Eye,

In my experience, when receiving goverments shout about lost of sovereignty or curtailment of their rights and authority by doner nations of what they can do with grants and aid moneies it only means that they are pissed because they cannot skim money off for themselves.


Just a friendly reminder Unrealistic Man, you also forgot about the part where the Chief Executive/Governor of a palauan state receives shares in a bogus company and is not put in jail for violating the code of ethics law in palau. And his friends from that bogus company, spread their corrupted lies of deceit to push their unrealistic agenda of development on a people who don't need their 1000 dollar investment. Another thing, Toshiba should sell off all his interests in UMDA.



You always keep on making innuendoes and keep on implying someone got away with corruption BUT you forget to mention what administration was in place at the time when you SAY he got shares, etc, etc. Ponytail, you forget the true reason and outcome of the matter.

You forget to mention that the corrupt SP left in shame after he kept on harassing the man you term as “Executive/Governor” for 4 years and still could not bring the case to court. The SP left under escort of the HIGHEST ‘Executive’ of Palau as he was too scared to answer charges of perjury in that same case. So, make up your mind as to who is corrupt – the corrupt officers who investigated or the person who could not be brought to trial because there was no evidence of wrong doing. The purpose of the charge was purely to cause embarrassment and to cause his political demise. So, do not forget to also mention who was truly corrupt and abused his position to bring a bogus case against someone the administration did not like.

You sound very mixed up to me. You sound as if the person who had no case to answer was corrupt but this is not the true fact. You may think the courts are to blame for not charging the guy BUT it is corrupt legal officers that can make the court look bad.

The court cannot keep a man under charges forever if no case is brought to court. The crooked SP did try on various occasions but he was found to have no case – he then perjured himself and when found out, he ran off in the night!

This is not how you would have personally liked the case to turn out but the fact is when a crooked official lies to get someone, there is concern for all good citizens. Are you saying that Judge Miller was crooked for not allowing bad evidence into court, or that the judge who struck the case off was corrupt? No fair court can keep a case on forever just because people like you have misjudged the situation and dislike the man. Justice is blind and it has to be to be fair and impartial. Justice is alive and well in Palau.

What you want is personal revenge against a guy who has nothing to answer for. If a CROOKED SP and ALL the government cannot find evidence worthy of a trial for FOUR YEARS then the guy must be very honest and very clean. So your personal beliefs do not count. There is no need to blame the courts – blame yourself for still believing the Governor is dishonest. Shame on you for making as if he is not honest and for blaming the courts for him not being convicted. You should blame the last administration for wasting public money and harassing an innocent man. Personally, the last administration went after the small guys and let the big fish get away.

Once again, the focus is brought on people that you are prejudiced against, not who you have any evidence of wrong doing. This is the problem here, people are considered guilty when they are innocent as soon as they are charged. Look at the mechanics behind the charges. The crooks were the ones who abused the law and their positions to make him APPEAR dishonest. The courts held firm and kept to the straight and narrow path. You have no right to keep on harassing this guy with your own disbelief in his innocence. The AG was duty bound to bring these matters up to court and go after those who abused the law. Once again an unethical legal man appeared on the scene. The AG’s last act was (now as a solicitor) was to get someone his office had investigated off. That he was in a conflict of interest situation did not matter – so who exactly are you accusing of being unethical? A mere (proven as innocent) state official or the top legal eagle in the nation? Get your head right and stop being so one sided!

I do not know about any bogus company other than the PSB – something that the last administration hailed as being so good they even propped it up with public funds and then allowed the perpetrators to get away. You are so disbelieving and use words that are so decretory it smells of personal hate to me. Why are you bringing up $1,000/- is it because you feel they do not have enough to bribe you with?

How could you possibly know that they are only worth $1,000/- and how do you know the company is bogus? Sounds like rum talking to me! You feeling alright? You sure have no proof other than beliefs that are biased.
If nobody needs their investment, then why entertain them at all? The trouble is you are not the judge and jury on all these matters you bring up. Your beliefs do not matter to those involved and you just can’t handle that. Are you a control freak as well?

Thankfully the Lord has not made you able to persecute people with your erroneous beliefs, personal prejudiced and cross wired thinking. You are too biased and prejudiced to have a fair mind so please do not worry yourself when you think people are corrupt because they are probably innocent. And your belief that a company is bogus is probably indication that it is bona fide.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord that we are all not like you and bitter with bad beliefs about others. You are so twisted and frustrated that you STILL cannot let this go – were you directly involved in the perjury that failed? Sounds like you were to be still so hateful and mixed up about the facts.

BTW, do you call yourself Chief Ponytail because you are the chief ass scraper and cleaner? Just a friendly reminder that the name somewhat suits you – you keep on churning it (crap) out so you have some cleanup to do!

Now that’s what a realistic observation gets down to – you can give it any name you want but that’s what it does!

I am impressed Unrealistic Man. I did not know you had it in you. Turn you words around and you'll see it readily applies to your side also. It all boils down to our invidual opinions. The effect that I was after was achieved. I truly believe you understand perfectly the error of all your mental musings. Lets take it further bibical and appeal to the decision making of King Solomon. You've praised God so you know about the bible. Let me pose this to you and think of the time King Solomon was faced with a somethwhat similar question determining the parentage of a baby who being claimed by two women.
What did he do?

I believed he proclaimed that he would split the baby in two and give a half to each of the women. When he announced his intent, one of the women cried out in protest and concern. This he determined to be the real mother.

So in that same vein, we the children of palau are crying out in protest because we see our mother "palau" turning into some sort of commodity to be sold and traded in a marketplace filled with shysters from all walks of life. I wonder based on this comment if King Solomon would be able to determine which one of us is the true palauan? I believe you know the answer. Go home. We don't need your kind of investment.

Hello Realistic Man,

I totally agree with you observations that Chief ponytail is mixed up.

The whole of Palau knows that the Governor of Peleliu was totally innocent of the charges brought against him by SP Walton. Judge Miller threw the SP's case out of court several times on grounds that SP Walton had not case and no material evidence. It was SP Walton who was the crook and not the Governor of Peleliu.

Next Ponytail suggest we turn your words around, what for? If what one says is true, there is no need to turn the words around. Turning things around only suffice to make you look at things from the rear. I can understand that coming from someone who calls himself Chief Ponytail Lol!

Next, old chieffy wants us to go back a few centuries, back to King Solomons times. What for we are past King Solomons who was a jew by te way and not a Christian. Chief Ponytail is mixed-up Ha Ha!

Next, Ponytail sees us as children with mother Palau is crying? The only child here is Chieffy Ponytail. He is cryig because he sees things like a child and is left behind!

The people have spoken. They want progress and that is the reason they voted for President Toribiong (an adult) The child Tommy is out. His proxies are out so lets not bring this out of date issue up anymore. I am so bored about hearing mother Palau crying!

Let's abide by the voice of the majority after all we are a democracy!



Now we see your true agenda! You are using the situation to pretend that you are for justice and now that you have nowhere to go, turn it to say the ‘foreigners’ are coming (again)! LOL.

The years of Solomon are long gone. The world is now far more sophisticated – we have DNA to determine blood lines. Solomon was wise for his age, but Christ teaches different – can you see Christ saying ‘kill a baby’ – instead He said “Let the children come unto me”.

As for your use of Solomon’s example, we can take it you are really confused. In the example you brought up (in a thread that has nothing to do with the blog you made) the two mothers could be likened to Oldias and SP Walton. Solomon was Judge Miller. The case was that one ‘mother’ ran away thus it became clear that the baby was under Oldias’ care.

Instead I say to you that Christ said “take the beam out of thy own eye first before thy try to remove the speck from thy neighbors eye”. This is like the modern saying of ‘people in glass houses should not throw stones’.

Do not raise questions about another’s ‘guilt’ unless you want the truth thrown back in your face. The person you want to discredit has been exonerated of all allegations made against him but YOU cannot move on and are upset about this. Maybe even overly upset. You cannot take what has happened and keep on bring up old matters – you are stuck in a groove – the crack between the legs where the ponytail is situated? LOL!

Yes, Palau is crying, and the protest is with the last administration otherwise his favorite would have won.

How your twisted brain can turn Palau crying to look like the baby in the parable from Solomon is crazy. There was no mention of anyone crying while Solomon was making his judgment, only the real mother protesting. You stretch the example too far.

The baby in Solomon’s tale was not “to be sold and traded in a marketplace filled with shysters from all walks of life”. You mistake the situation for the one where all ‘the shysters’ from all walks of life sold Christ out and denounced Him as guilty of just about everything under the sun. Millenniums later we all know that Christ was innocent but the ‘shysters’ and holy men from other religions wanted things to remain the same so that they could keep the people subjugated to their way of life and religion. They also told Christ to go home and spat on him for his teaching and finally even caused Pontius Pilate to have Him crucified – an innocent and holy man! Even Pilate knew he was innocent but said “be it on your own head” and so they were cursed in eternity for their sins and lies. Look what happened to them then. They were cast into disarray and the Christian religion triumphed!

Those of you who do nothing to support Palau move forward with dignity will be cast into the deepest pits when you are shown up for the liars, deceivers and scare-mongerers you all are for bearing false witness and trying to crucify Palau with your false beliefs that Palau is being sold out.

There is no need to liken anyone to any true Palauan because a true Palauan has the future of Palau in his heart but the false one is the ‘shyster’ who is bearing false witness against his neighbor and asking anyone who can show him up for a false mongerer to go home. How childish.

While I in no way liken myself to Christ, since you pretend that you know about Biblical matters, did the shysters not do this very same thing to Christ time and time again and finally because He continually outclassed then they then lied to get Him crucified?
Just because you cannot restrain yourself, and it is clear where your hatred and false beliefs come from, I am very glad to be here to show your falsehoods up.

Forget asking me to leave, forget your false accusations. I believe you are an American in (or one recently living in) Palau and not of true Palau blood. Nevertheless, I am not so rude as to ask you to “go home”. In reality, I think you were one of those who was told to go home or else you will face charges? Yes? LOL!

You forget that you are no longer ‘in charge’ and have now to eat the bitter pill of defeat!

Fruit for thought: if a ponytail could turn things around, maybe he could see where he was going? Having one black eye is not being able to see clearly! LOL!

LOL!!!!That was the best reverse psychology I have seen in here Chief P. I could not agree with you more. I am glad that Mardi and I are not
the only one who feel the same way as you do.


Have you thought about becoming a preacher rather than trying so hard to sell Palau to benefit yourself and others? I think you are in the wrong field and it shows because you have lost every one's interest on this subject. Molenguul ekemeral mlamo churusai..

Mosisechekiak, Mardingoal & ota,

There is only one preacher here and that's me.

I have excommunicated, exorcise and declared all three of you devil worshippers!

You are hereby banned and exiled from this site! hehehehehe.....

Hey mosisecchekiak,

Reverse phycology? sounds like horse shit phycology to me Hee Haw.... lol

You've been in reverse gear all the time, that why you like horses arse backward ideas lol


Who says we are not interested in Realistic Man's writting. I find it facinating.

Realistic Man is a real scholar! He knows the scriptures very well. He must be very holy!

You had better watch out before you are excommunicated! Lol

Talk about reverse psycology? That is sure great when it was the ponytail that lost his trail.

This was a blog about FSM and their not willing to compromise "sovreginity for money" BUT the lost pony (since he can only see with one black eye that looks backwards) decided to bring up LONG settled matters of the "Executive/Governor" and carry on his whinyying ways about corruprion and the such. He is still carrying old hat baggage that has turned out to be a load of dynamite.

When someone decides to put him right, the next about turn is for the pony to change direction like the dog that tries to wag the dog. This pony and even trys to switch ponies and move his tail to another horse 'coz he don't like the trail he decided to start.

I knew his 'scared shit' trail would draw all you horseshit lovers like Mosi and Mardi - one and the same gang of corruption lovers that only support the people THEY personally want to prosper in Palau.

Reverse is what they want, forward is what Palau wants - no more double standards and blind faith in wrong-doers.

So, what's new - there are two views and the anti-development group cannot stomach the fact that they have been voted (or thrown) out.

I say give the new guys a chance - the last guy did nothing and in my book doing something is better than the big fat NOTHING we got from the last guy. They do not want Palau to prosper and so are scare mongerers.

God is great and in his infinite mercy has seen it fit to get rid of most of the 'do nothing' set of LOOSERS who have taken Palau to the brink of the abyss.

Don't worry, be happy - all is well in Palau now except for the cry babies that are STILL not happy!

line 2 of second paragraph should read "tail that tries to wag the dog"

Wow! Ota,

Are these the kind of investors who will be taking over our island?

We have a Pope who can make a devil out of us. And a very Concerned person who has nothing better to say, but horse shit, horse arse and so forth. In the meantime someone is very interested in RM. He even thinks his Holy.

Ng diak a chised? Ng ko ra mo soak el kmo, "A kuk ais ra Lebanon" LOL!


Dom't talt about subjects you know little about.

Don't say this person is bad and that person is good unless you have tangible evidence to back you statements.

If you talk rubbish you will be shown up as a fool. This is not like the Nakamura days where most people would keep quiet.

The people have has enough of rhetorics. The people have had of lies; like Tommy saying "our economy is sound" when its not!

The people wantr development, they want jobs and good prospects for their children, and why not? No point you saying at what price?

No sacrifice is too hign to pay for security and for prosperity for our children!

Fact is that this demonizing trickery of theirs is very sad. They have no valid arguments so they choose the demonize the opposing viewpoints.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Please tell me, who is tricking who? and, who is demonising who?

It is you and Mosi that is claimining that development will cause all sorts of bad effects on the people and environment of Palau.

That is the trickery!

You ignore the true facts that with modern technology development will enhance the environment and will bring good to Palau.

It is you people who embarked on a blogging campaign to demonise the Governor of Peleliu and the good investors that he found. All the Governor was doing was his duty, to bring investment in Peleliu for the good of the people of Peleliu. Yet, you people were every ready to acciuse the good governor of corruption! How pathetic. You people need phyco therapy!

The good Governor did his due diligence on the investors and found them bona fide, yet you people, who did no deligence at all, spread all sorts of negative romours about them, calling them con-artists and the such whithout providing a single shred of evidence to back your propoganda!

So who is the devil? The people will decide in due course! For now I say shame shame shame!


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