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May 13, 2009


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This is indeed wonderful news for Palau. This country under this new administration is moving in the right direction.

Congratulations HOD for taking this bold RIGHT step!

Our best source of revenue is tourism. Let us make Palau the best and most exciting tourist detination in the Asia Pacific Region!

Hurray for HOD!

Wow - A golden dawn is on the horizon!

I don't know guys,

Ever since SHIMAO walked in on Con Con waiving their money and asking us to change the Constitution to allow Casino. I felt that the Palauan leadership will eventually cave in. They SHIMAO even went as far as paying for airfare and hotel accomodations to entertain our leaders. It was not only against the law, but a disrespect towards the public.

Casino's are breeding grounds for illegal activities. It's never a good idea and will never be a good idea. I am just surprised that we don't see any Religious Orgaizations in Palau our there showing protesting this idea.


I am on the fence with this Casino Bill. We are facing an economy crisis right now worldwide. I don't believe this will attract tourism nor will it increase/generate revenue into the Republic. Personally, I think right now is not the right time. I can see crimes increasing (thefts, drugs, prostitution, pollution, etc.) as well as the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

I remember back back in the early 80's when poker machine(s) were legal. A lot of people went into debt. People were selling drugs, clan lands to support their addiction. Crime did increase. That is one of the main reason why poker machines were banned. As we all know gambling is addicting. Mekngit a rengud er tirkel mo addict er ngii el casino e diak el harau a dengki ma meklou el usbechel a delenchokl. Osisiu el time, betok a siukang er kid.

These are my own personal opinions and thoughts so go easy on me if you are on the other side.



Well MJ,

Maybe we want to learn from the same mistake twice. I wonder if there are records of what happened during that time in the 80s, maybe it would worth looking at and reading about.

I don't know guys. Maybe we should study Saipan first before any action is taken. gambling is good but it affects the social aspect of life. Broken family due to addiction. Credits everywhere. Crimes go up. and who are the ones affected most are our children.

While we are attempting to strip down protective measures to safeguard our business industry, i.e. the Foreign Investment Amendment Act (aka: the FIB Liquidation Act), we are at the same time allowing for casinos.

We will have a situation where we are allowing foreign businesses to come in without appropriate background checks and screening to set up shop and use casinos for criminal means and to disguise money gotten from illicit means.

I don't know how we can pass laws without looking at the big picture. The HOD has good intentions - increase revenues - but increase revenues for who and what is the lasting effects of this type of law. But a Casino Bill should be looked at and how it is affected by the proposed FIB Liquidation Law. If not, we are in for some serious troubles down the road.

Don't these guys know the impact the casino brings into our people's lives? Lak el sal loreched a rengud for anything crawling in our way supposedly generating revenues to our economy without looking at the big picture as Mardi said. Believe me, casino attracts all kinds of mental case in this world. Please, let's think of our future children to come.

Casino is intended for tourists, not local Palauans.

If you do not like it, do not enter. If you think its bad, tell your family not to enter.

Palau is a free society. Let the people decide and let the tourist spend as they please. Its their money and they decide how to spend them for pleasure.

Our childrens future are not intended to be sacraficial lambs. If you don't like it cause there is no casino. Feel free to go somewhere else....


A CASINO BILL SHOULD BE DECIDED BY THE PEOPLE. This is an extremely sensitive issue and should be directly VOTED on by the People of Palau.

Thanks Mosis,

I will not come back to Palau and I will tell all my big spending friends to go to Boracay instead. At least I am welcomed there and PGCOR offers nightly casino entertainment.

Here are my questions to you;
what will happens if all of us tourists stop coming to Palau and your economy is kaput ? who will pay for your failing electrical system ? Who will pay for your roads, school books, government salaries, and your hospital bills ?

Remember, there is no free lunch. Unless you go to your neighbor countries to steal, borrow and beg. Do not forget that Palau lives on aid from your neighbors.

So you either treat tourists, who are your only economy, with some respect or you turn Palau into another bankrupt republic.

So be realistic. Otherwise, lets hear your other solutions other than tourists. Meantime, I will just go tour somewhere else where I am welcomed. Bon Voyage

Tourists - S/B TOURIS-T...Don't speak as if you are the global travel authority. Your kind of "tourism" is not welcome on my land. You are only one person and do not reflect the views of ALL the visitors that come to our shores. Don't taint the rest of travelers that are interested in our land and our people - just the way we are, problems and all, and without a McDonalds or a casino. How about we do like the Native Americans and put up casinos for your pleasure. That would please you wouldn't it. Ke ebuul.

No free lunch and no need for people like you to visit my country. The only tourists that I respect are those who visit my country and are respectful of my people, our laws, our heritage, and our way of life. The world was not built for you to trample on, and if we do not meet your expectations, yes of course, there is still Boracay and the rest of the overexploited, sexploited, pieces of the world that have been wrecked by people who think that the world should be shaped into the "Paradise" they envision. Just because you bought a plane ticket doesn't mean you are entitled to RESPECT my friend.

I have encountered foreigners that say Palau would be great if we removed all the Palauans. You seem to have the same view and therefore, go somewhere where you are tolerated. Indignant asshole.

I hope you go somewhere else because we don't need jerks like you to corrput our minds.. we will servive without your money so take it somewhere esle. It's people like you who we want to keep away from our beautiful island. We will attract other tourists not your own kind.

To have casino in Palau will attract all kinds of tourists with that kind of mentality toward us Palauans. So, think twice before this becomes a reality. I think the people should vote for this sesitive issue, also. Adang mekerang

Places like Guam and the CNMI have held referendums on the gaming/gambling issue. It is a very delicate issue and the people should directly decide.

No matter how our leaders try to window dress Casinos by saying its for "tourists" only and locals are not allowed...my view is to call it what it is. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE>>>>

Both CNMI and Guam have voted not once, but several times and the majority continues to vote, no, to casino.

Please do the research on line that most casino profits come from the slot machines and not the tables. Who do you think they are intended to target? The tourists or the locals?

Tourists do not need to come all the way to Palau to gamble. Wonder if BTA is going to comment.

I rest my case Tourist ! Bon Voyage...


Go suck on somebodys !@#$%%!!! to get what you want. PAlauans have PRIDE!!! so don't think you can threaten us with them words. Palau is for Palau only so you get the hell out of here!!!

Alii Tourist,

Do not threaten us because of tourism or lack of it. Have you heard about Seyshelles? It was a high rollers destination and now kaput. Broke and not so hot for tourism. We have internet in Palau so give us some respect. For those of us Palauans who are students of economy and finance please study on the effects of tourism as an industry. It is one of the most cynical and exploitative by companies that organize tours. Read about Tahiti and see their plight. A country of entertainers and hospitality since the whaling days while the foreign companies continuously haul the lion share back to their countries. Let's learn how to make tourism put money in Palau. At least a significant share of it.


I will risk being the idiot for the day... but is gambling allowed in Palau? Casinos are just facilities.

Good point Aramid. You think like a lawyer. I heard the only gambling game allowed is the "chicken game". It is a game where you put a chicken on a board, that has numbered squares on it, and you bet on the number where you think the chicken is going to pooh.LOL


I am really glad you used the words "let's learn"

Ata and others who are against casinos are talking as if we are still living in the 1920's where gangsters controlled gambling and booze.

Let's look around and "let's learn". The casino business all over the world is now extremely respectable and well regulated.

Every country, even Australia, Europe and US have many casinos with no dissent from its citizens. Why? Due to its well regulated status. This proves that casinos do not cause the type of ill-effects as describe by Ata, Santy, Mosi and Mardingoal.

Singapore that was once totally opposed to having a Casino even paid Indonesia not to allow one to operate on an off-shore island near Singapore. Singapore's ex-President Lee Kwan Yew admitted that he was wrong for promoting his belief that casinos were bad for Singapore. Now even a country like Singapore that was opposed to casinos has licensed casinos.

Every study ever produced about Palau’s economic plight by ALL the international agencies have always highlights that Palau's ONLY sustainable industry is TOURISM!

Tourism is not an easy business to be successful at. Santy rightly pointed out that Seychelles once a popular destination that attracted high rollers is now not that popular and also the same applies for Tahiti. So "Let's Learn" why this is the case!

The fact is that tourists today are very discerning and to capture the tourist market a country must be able to give the tourist what they want.

Ask yourself, what do you want when you go for a holiday?

I am sure that you will not say, I want to go to sleep at 9pm every night and I want to go somewhere where there is nothing to do but only look at the scenery and some swimming activities. These are all day-time activities.

If this is your idea of a holiday then my friends you are in the minority and most people can stay at home to do this. So, if this is the only type of holiday that Palau offers then Palau will not have an industry that will sustain its economy in the long term!!

Tourists today want to be entertained! This means they want to go somewhere that is not only beautiful and pristine, they also want a holiday destination that offers them good food, good hotels with entertainment (like modern day casinos do) plus a variety of other activities such as world-class night clubs, cabarets and fine dining restaurants.

Tourists also want to shop in places that offers a wide range of world class goods. They want sporting activities like golfing, boating, tennis, squash, rowing, trekking, hunting etc,. etc,. and etc!!!

A casino alone is nothing! Good hotels alone are nothing!

We have to offer them a very wide range of activities, things to do both day and night, and to world class standards – not swimming by day, sleazy girlie bars by night or sleep after 9pm. We also need to offer activities at competitive prices and we need to do this with a smile, because if we do not then we will not improve out tourist numbers. If not for our dive sites, we do not attract the tourism business. We are a ONE activity destination and we cannot build on this as to do so would ruin our dive sites and kill off our current tourist industry.

Another point we have to deal with is getting a reputation of being a rip-off destination because if we do tourists will not come no matter what you offer and I think this is why Seychelles and Tahiti is being avoided now.

However, before we debate about casinos, it would be more appropriate to address the important issue of Palau needing to resolve (if it wants to be a major player in the tourism business) the lack of DIRECT access! Palau must provide tourists with easy and cheap access in and out of Palau.

There are also other issues that we need to look at carefully, such as security, personal safety for tourists, medical services, rescue services, power, sewage, ect.

Palau has the reputation of being a dangerous place to visit! Our main tourist activity has resulted in most tourist deaths. The last government was re-active, not pro-active. It only acted AFTER tourists died, not made sure tourists were safe when they were in the hands of the tour operators! Our tour operators are ill equipped because they are small time!

I support the NC tourist development proposal because the developers have covered all the aspects required of a tourist destination. They have answers for each and every single matter I raised.

I hope that what I have emphasized here does not offend anyone. My only purpose is to point out that if Palau wants to earn sufficient money to become economically independent we cannot do this by having Mickey Mouse type tourist developments. We must allow those who think BIG to lead the way. We must become BIG. We must offer the widest range of entertainment activity to attract the widest range of tourists.

We cannot simply depend on diving and fishing activities to attract tourists! We cannot expand these industries as they will end up killing off themselves and killing off Palau.


Islander when you post like the above post it is quite palatable and makes me want to read your postings.

You actually make a lot of sense. Although I fundamentally disagree with you on the NC deal, I do agree with you an access and making a decision as to what type of tourism Palau wants and needs.

There is another viewpoint though to look at. You can either have mega resorts or have bungalow styled developments that are owned and operated by locals. I guess a choice has to be made.

Thank you for making a lot of sense.

Well said MJ kudos to you and your true feelings about your country.


There is always room for small exclusive developmwents that provide a native theme and needless to say who is more expert at providing this class of tourist development then we Palauan ourselves.

However, these small exclusive developments must be developed in conjunction with the large scale commercial development because the larger scale type development is what brings in real revenue that will help with the Economy while the small exclusive development run by Palauan people brings a definitive style to Palau.

In fact, during his last trip to Palau, I spoke to LD, I asked him whether he would support the idea of the government establishing a 'fund' to which his company and other foreign companies (who desired to establish besunesses in Palau) would contribute to, so that the collected funds could be used to assist Palauan people to start up businesses such as small boutique hotels, specilists shops and also to develop fresh local agriculture and farming industries such as fruits, vegetables, chicken, pork etc for supply to his mega development and his answer was ABSOLUTELY!

LD said that no foreign development could survive without local cooperation with mutual respect and this could not be achieved unless there was a benefit for everyone and that is the reason his company's philosophy was to develop by joint venture with landowners rather than buy and lease outrignt.


I think we are heading in the right direction with the casino bill being approved by the HOD.

However, I would like to suggest that in the interim while we learn, casinos only be allowed in the outer islands such as Angaur and Pelleiu (if the people there want it). This will minimize any ill effects (if any).

Perhaps the lure of a casino will help develop the much neglected outer islands.

The local population will not be so exposed to gambling as access to a remote islandf like anguar is not easy.

Just a thought.


Casino will never be appropriate and suitable to the size and shape of lifestyle in Palauan World.
The idea and feelings derived from the tourism is a sensible judgment if not pure political agenda intent to benefit few who thinks US$ dollar is the only solution.
Palau can continue to seek all variety of activities for tourists without those humans who lived with concepts that gambling cash is a lifestyle.

I just think I want my kid to have a lots of money and make a good sense of using/spending it than to gamble because its fun thing to do. Assuming he earned it in an appropriate matter.

I know its a tourism thing. Let it be done at somewhere in some Asia or Las Vegasss....

It’s a view but I can lean to "people will decide". I will never agree with the motive of current lawmakers. Not that I don’t trust them but instinct.

The only people that are against Casinos in this modern day society are those who have only been exposed to propaganda instead of actual facts and reality.

You may as well oppose liquor, girlie bars and just about everything else conceived as problematic such as beetle nut, but you do not seem to mind allowing those!

Stop the hypocracy and maybe you can work out what is best for Palau without blind prejudice and closed minds making the decision for you.

What is feared is often what we are told to fear by others who fear it!

By opening a casino, where do we go for marketing. You think Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese etc will come to Palau for casino.They might as well stay home and go to there own casinos.
We are so depend on other people we can not even think for ourselves.It is good we are trying to bring investment to Palau but it has to be smart investment.I don't think casino is one of them.I would like to see a study that this will work. We are moving too fast.
How big it's going to be,how much revenue its going to bring, how many job positions are for Palauan,Where its going to be?Now that we have power outrage,our sewer system is getting old,how are we be able to accommodate this casino.Lets pause and really think this through.

Hey husky,

why do you not convert into a muslim and go live in Afganistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Iran.

YOu would not be so fruatrated with us siners who want to enjoy ourselves with wine, women, gamling, boozing and song. Lol!

Only joking! trying to bring a lighter side to your indinations!

Husky, we need BIB BIG money to make our country financially independent.

If you have a better idea rather than earnings through tourism please emlighten us. Please don't tell us that we should build little huts and sell coconut juice to tourists because that ai'nt going to work!




For a casino to be built on tiny Angaur, how do you suppose it will power itself? An unoccupied 7 story 350 room building will still have a staggering monthly electrical bill. Adding an independent casino generator will still need transported fuel, providing a potential hazard to the environment.

Gambling machines, lights, heat radiating from the building, and people (you are generating a 120 watts of heat right now just reading my comment) in a room generates enough heat to kill a person without air conditioning, and the more entities the hotter it gets inside, thus more electrical power needed to cool the air, AND thus more emissions and fuel consumptions and cost.

You can save electricity by turning off everything when the place is not occupied, but geographically, we are in a hot humid climate with sea air around with constant rain. Air conditions must be kept running to prevent molds and rust. The gambling machines must do the same by heating off moisture and mechanical seizures.

What about turning them on and off every now and then? It depends on the frequency. But when you perform this practice to any mechanical or electrical device, you can significantly reduce it's life expectancy because of initial startup surges, there is no way around this.

What about water, waste, and sewage management? Medical facilities? Etc, etc, etc?

This casino idea in Angaur (or in other areas) sounds like a fantasy in my opinion because I can see the already what is needed to run and maintain it.

Oh, and for the second time... is gambling legal in Palau? If so then what are the conditions?

Santy and others,

You need to "learn" from the statements made by tourist. Do not take offense by his statement and throw back your tantrums and anger. Instead, "learn' as you said. Its the tourist that pay and if you want their money, listen to them. Do not offend them or be over defensive.

We in Tinian get $4 million a year from one Casino license. It pays our government salaries, infrastructure expenses, medical referral to Manila and scholarship to our students, that we could never have done before casino came to Tinian. we just approved 3 new licenses and the hotels are now under construction.

Some Palauans still think that casinos are like the 1930s time of Al Capone and Mayer Lanski when the mob controlled the casinos. That era is over. Casinos are controlled by government agencies and overseen by professional regulators. Tinian casinos are regulated and controlled by a Gaming Control Commission.

There are NO postitutions, drugs and gangland crime in Tinian as most of you in Palau think.

Casino is a form of tourist entertainment. The tourist who visit our casinos are mature and use their excess money to entertain themselves in a civilized and controlled setting.

If you want to "learn" more, I advise you to visit Tinian and see for yourselves first hand. Or visit casinos in Las Vegas, Macau or Manila. They ills of casinos that you envision is something that you may have seen in Hollywood movies. They do not happen in Tinian or other casino places that we "learned" from.

It is the poker arcade that are dangerous and may have bad effects on the locals. So refrain from approving poker arcades in Palau. Casinos in 5 star hotels is the way to go.

Again, "learn" by visiting casinos in the world and do not let your own prejudices and fear take over you ability to reason. And always treat tourist with respect and offer them good services, not matter what. "learn" from their advises and do not take offense in what they say. If you want to improve your economy under tourism, always listen and learn from what your visitors say. Truth may hurt but that is the only way to grow and progress. Palau is part of the world community and we need to learn to work together.

Bottom line is, casinos can improve Palau, if done right. "Learn" from Tinian. Casino has done miracles for us and has protected our Chammorro hertiage above and beyond our dreams.

Hey D.

D must stand for dopey!

Which casino are you refering to? Perhaps the ones operating illegally in Cuba, Columbia, Maputo or Mogadishu. Lol

Hello Tinian Official,

Let me say this, the dopes that are anti casino blogging here have no money to go view anything anywhere. Ha HA HA!

These guys are probably over 60 and gained their experience from watch Humphrey Bogart movies. lol.

Comment removed by the administrator.

Aramid why do you worry your pea-brain over questions such as:- Where will power come from and how will sewage and pollution be managed?

These are matters for the developers to answer for. People who are willing to spend millions of dollars would have thought and have formulated plans for all these simple issues.

Nobody would spend money on non viable businesses. Oh!, let me qualify that statement!

No foreign businessmen worth his salt would spend money on a non viable business venture.

Only we Palauan do non viable projects - i.e. the Palau Micronesian Airlines, Sunra Bank, The Melekeok Capital building, road that are not used, Ports that are left idle. etc. Lol

Let me ask you, Were these question asked when Palau was first sighted.... Chief says to his clan members "Men we cannot land here because there is no power, no sewage and no laws to manage our waste! HA AH HA!

What an ass your are Aramid (half donkey half horse - not the orifice - Ho Ho Ho).

Hey Islander,

You kill me! You really know how to entertain!

I can imagine Chiefy saying what you jested. He would be strung up by his balls! Lol!

Sorry I do not mean to be rude! But it is true he would not be Chiefy for long with that attitude!

You sound like I offended you Islander. I won't bother.

But I'll save your from future embarassment: Half a donkey and half a horse is called a mule, not an ass.

Thanks for entertaining us with your intelligence Forrest Gump.

Whether offering gaming is moral or not is not for me to answer. My concern and what should be the concern of all Palauans is who will be hired to work in these casinos? Can our small population support an insurection because that's what it will be of more foreign workers. Our basic social fabric in Palau is bursting at the seams as it stands. How much more can the people stand? Casinos are not the answer by a long shot. Money will not solve our problems. Its the palauan people and their unique culture that ultimately matter and our BASIC survival in this crazy world. That's what our leaders need to address in the simpliest terms. Do they have the fortitude? or are they still guided by unseen forces namely money and the pursuit of it.

Obviously the House of Delegates have been bought by the interest of others!!! Its so sad after getting a free weekend pass to Asia HOD came back and went straight to work trying to pass this Bill!!

This issue should be decided by the people, not from few congressman that have been bought by cheap vacations to Asia!! The only way is to put it on the next coming election.

Also, we say we can create stricter laws and some kind of Gaming cammision. Well guess what its us Palauans that have to be the ones monitoring. Are we capable enough to really do the job? Im don't think we can. We can not even clean our own Govt from corruption and now we say this will solve all of our problems. You got to be joking!!

I want to askk those who are anti casino, anti this and that, what is the the answers to economic problems? I am not against nor for casinos, big hotels, etc, etc, but I keep thinking what is the solution to our problems (electricity, sewer, hospital, etc.)?

We already one answer from the pro-casino folks like Islander, Rman, et.al., now let us here from the anti-casino folks. Do not just say casino is bad, give me something concrete to look at!!


How old were you in the 80's? Many families failed apart because of poker machines. Many people squandered money for their offices or companies. Many divorced because of lost life savings. Many of the people in the prominent positions today should know because many of them got into trouble playing poker machines. Why would you like to see more Palauan families go through such tragedies.

Now about the problems for Palau you cited electricity for one. What makes you think that root cause of our power generation is money. As a matter of fact, there has been too much money played with by PPUC for too long and they have not upgraded our generators. 7th OEK gave them $7 million in 2006. Before then they were investing money and lost $2 million in PSB. What about over $300K spent by Peavey? Maybe there are more that has not come to the surface.

Sewer. U.S. gave us $7 million. Last Administration got $4 milliom from Taiwan. And there are endless yearly funding from OEK.

Hospital. It recieves annual budget of $6 million from OEK and about $7 million federal grants every year. Our hospital runs on about $13 million yearly for about 18,000 people.

You forgot about education. They got money for instruction and curriculum and spent it on other administrative expenditures for 16 years. MOE gets $6 million from OEK and about $8 million grants from federal programs. SO they have about $14 million every year for less than 4,000 students. Are you sure money is a problem? Think again.

Maybe the problems you are worried about is not because of money. It is like the old man who complained that Toyota is not a good car because his son had wrecked two vehicles already.

The question is where is the money. Because of this perspective I was generally looked upon as being negative. VP Mariur should know this very well because he relentlessly persued this question. Because of this move, he and his group was pushed to the minority which rendered them powerless to do anything during 7th OEK.



Again, you have managed to tell us all that is bad about casino's deleterious effect. You have also managed to show us all the problem we have now. What are the solutions, alternatives to what the proponents of casino have offered?

Changing the leaders, election was over 6 months ago and we have elected people who love casinos into OEK (the toyota drivers have been changed) so crying about the problem now does not bring the money back or solve the problem.

To solve our problems, we need JT to act a little more Mugabi and a little less Judge Judy. First of all, we have to answer the question who are impacting electricity, sewer, hospital, etc if palauan population is not growing and there has been an increase of our outmigration.

Second, send all American Lawyers home because of their insurgent nature. We can get them cheaper in India.

Third, send as much foreign workers back home. The world and palau are experiencing an economic crisis or have'nt you heard.

Fourth stimulate the local economy by taking some money out of the trust fund to give to the most needy of palauans.

Fifth set a limit on the ammount of tourists who can visit palau every year. How much money do you really need Uchel anyway?

Lastly, smile more and worry less, our country could be in much worse shape.


For me it is never enough!!!! My drinking and karaoke habits are way out of control!!!

Hello Santy,

I am very dissapointed with your talk about money not being the solution and that our agencies have had bucket loads of money thrown at them by the USA, Taiwan and the OEK.

Money may have been thrown about in the past.

But it was not a case that money did not help it was a case that money was being thrown in the wrong directions - direcly into the pockets of corrupt afficials!

Who allowed this to occur? Nakamura and Remengesau of course!

Now the situation is quite reverse, Palau has no more money to throw about because the Compact Agreement has reach its limit and what money there was has been siphoned off by the last two corrupt administrations,

Our newly elected President needs to find ways and means to make money and make it fast otherwise our economy will collapse and make no mistake, it will!!!

We all know that expanding our tourism industry is the ONLY way forward for the forseeable future that is, so...... We need to make Palau as attractive as possible to attract back our declining number of tourists and expand it at least ten fold!

Casino is just one essential component, if we want to be an international tourist destination. This is the only way we will increase tourist numbers. That is, if we want to make revenue for tourism meaningful.

This governemnt needs to move quickly and introduce all the ingridients that will transform Palau into a dynamic and desireable place where tourist come to enjoy themselves.

So please stop misleading Santy, we are no longer children that you can lead around by the nose.

Hey Santy,

You have made the perfect case to support the view that KN and TR should be investigated!

You have given numbers and incidences where money in the millions were distributed by the last two administrations to their inept agencies, YET our infrastructure is still in shambles.

This is surely prima facia evidence of criminal neglect, abuse and corruption by the past two leaders as they did nothing for 16 years to ensure that such abuse was stopped in its infancy rather then let the nonsence fester for 16 years!

Put both Nakamura and Remengesau in jail.


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