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May 25, 2009


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oh boy. quick buck or ultimate screw up?

only time will tell. personally, i would have left the oil where it is, if there is any at all....

With God's grace, an oil based economy will end Palau's crying for $$$.

Dig, drill, and explore oil now.

This oil thing has taken to long to drill.

The work has to begin first in order for anyone to finish anything in life. This is a start. Now let's see how it will end......


"Texas tea"....still won't change a thing, the rich get richer and the poor....just take a wild guess.

Maybe we need to be more careful. This is the website that is calling for investors:


And this is something to think about:


We have to start somewhere. At least lets try this one. If it all goes well then it will surelly help Palau's financial problems. Lets see what happens.

how will this solve Palau's problems if we don't have the fiscal framework to deal with the oil industry? will it be like the fishing companies where palau get a very small fraction of the overall profits?
it seems like a company out there is selling palau to the world!


Thats why Palau asked for the assistance of I beleive WorldBank (correct me if Im wrong) to do the framework and even provided money to do the study for this kind of project!

I mean if its there then lets tap it before the worlds strongest economies come up with another source of energy that will replace oil.

uhh huh, u do realize that if there is oil, I highly doubt any of that newly found revenue will actually be ours... I hate to criticize.. but seeing the state we are currently in i will... be blunt and honest...

what really makes you think we will have any control over this resource if there is any at all?
Look at our largest resource... believe it or not its not tourism... its actually fish. Now seeing as, correct me if I'm wrong, Palau gets less than a quarter of its multi million dollar export, what in the hell makes us think that we can deal with oil companies if we can't even handle dealing with Japanese?

The oil industry is huge... your talking about dealing with individuals who a. dont care about palau, b. Are pretty damned smart, c. are going to use us for all we're worth.
it'll be easy to stick dollar sign on important figures in palau and make a make-believe let the people think the locals are in control board of directors.

Look at PUC or PNCC.... hell Look at continental.

now what happens if there's a leak? you do realize that if that does mess things up that we will no longer be able to fish, spear fish, dive or look at our island the same? I mean seriously? And that combined with Oil tycoons controlling the money equals.... damn, I guess we messed up again.

Or I could be wrong... maybe.

either way, I still don't feel like a lot of thought is put into this (thinking seems to be a relatively new concept to politicians).

We are not Iraq or a middle eastern country that gives powerful nations the chills because we can bomb their buildings to control oil. We are a microscopic island paradise with a laughable cast of entertainers as politicians. Reality Check people, we aren't in the big leagues yet... there barely even a handful of fully qualified Palauan doctors who specialize in fields outside of general medical practice.

We're too proud to admit to being a third world country, yet we run our nation as a socialistic 5th world nation that could rival a peacful africa without guns or aids.

in fact... I could be wrong there too... wasnt there a huge amount of nigerians who scammed a huge amount of wealthy palauans into donating funds for their lost princesses? I heard some of them weren't even in person but online....


to Aramid....

Yes, I do think we should be more careful...your links prove my point even more... It really isnt hard to dupe a Politician... its even easier to buy one.

so instead of wasting tons of money on ridiculously un-nation-like things... like a replica capital of our idols and big daddy America

(we should have sent them a post card of it with "from" palau, your biggest fans... please tell us how to be just like you")(I mean seriously? its made of plastic... how much more pathetic and stupid do we need to convey ourselves to the rest of the much more serious world)

We should build a school, or maybe work on more reasons for really educated palauans to come live here, get smart and do something other than join the military to die for a country that isnt ours, to be a fisherman even though everyone can still be one with a career, or to work second rate jobs on another country and never come home.

maybe, when we can actually be up to par on intelligence... we really wouldnt be saying... is this really a good idea?

Too much,

So whats your solution. All you do is run your mouth trying to impress everybody in hear how smart you are while in your home in Hawaii. You compare countries that have Govt. been oprating for many years to our young nation. Yeah we don't understand a whole lot about oil thats why WOrldBank is assisting Palau to build its framework. You probably don't know this cause your not here.

Just stay in Hawaii casue we don't need here!!!!

Alii All,

A comprehensive legal framework/legislation has to be drawn up. The 7th Government initiated it with the World Bank so I hope the 8th Government will take heed and move on more deligently on that bill. I understand that some OEK members are making insinuations that we should just scrap this process and rush into drilling for oil. I must admit when I inherited this bill with the RCTD committee from Sen. Diaz which idled for over two years I thought that we move to dig oil right away and discuss the regulations later. I suspect that former Gov. Ngairaingas shared my sentiments then. After dealing with the World Bank, we realized that this was more complex and that our current legal and governmental systems were not capable in absorbing the full impact of oil industry. Minister Ngiraingas is the best suited in this administration to handle this issue because of being a member of the Oil and Gas Taskforce from day one.

A Consulting Firm has been picked through the assistance of the World Bank to lead in the work towards formulation of the required legal frame work that address cultural, environmental, social, employment and business opportunities, and economic aspects of oil industry and how it affects Palauans. I hope they continue this route and finish it soon.


I would like to congratulate the graduates from home and from abroad, as they move out of the familliar cocoon into the great unknown. Not to forget the proud parents who spent hours and hours behind the scene coaching them.

O the places you can go...

To Karui:

Dont waste your time insulting me. I've only been here in Hawaii for a year and I am home every end of the year. I plan to come home to make a difference, not to stay here and get fat and make myself an american. I am a born, raised and original grown 19 year old palauan, I have no intention of banishing myself because of an idiot like you not understanding how crucial it is to find perspective outside of the rock. I am here to voice my thoughts on the matter at hand. If I wanted to impress people with intelligence, trust me, I wouldnt be talking to you about problems at home on this blog.

I'm not trying to impress anyone. Just think about what your saying. Is that your attitude towards people who leave to be educated? That is ridiculous, Palau isn't even the size of a modern day city, it isnt even close to the size of a small district of manila. I think it should be mandatory that every student be required to get off the rock to be exposed to the world.

All I am saying is that we take EXTRA care when handling the situation because if not, you will find Palau in a worse state than it already is. I did not know that voicing concern over a potential FUTURE problem was a bad thing.

Thank about what your saying, voice a constructive arguement, not a personal attack, its a waste of time, we aren't in high school anymore. At least I was sure when I graduated from PHS, and I was hoping to at least find someone on here who is.

And to conclude, I had read about the framework, but regardless, either way... in the end the people should still keep it in their minds to be aware, and not brainwash themselves thinking that Palau will be the next Middle East.

Just because we are working with the World Bank to ensure the proper legal framework doesnt really mean anything if in the end we dont consider how to handle the industry responsibly. Once again, look at our fisheries. Look at our utility and airlines... were they not laid out by "legal framework" back in their day... I'm sure they were great ideas before, but I have a hard time seeing monopolized industry a good thing for anything in Palau

it's so nice to see such optimism and idealism here regarding the future of the island. keep it up "too much," and i hope you never lose the drive to make Palau a better place.

everglasssishalffullguy....(nice name!)

Thank you, you can be sure it the drive wont fade, I cherish and have too much pride in my heritage and the blood in my veins to do that.

I just wish my peers could look at things the same and understand that there are more important things in life than fast cars and last weeks party.

The glass should always be half full.

TM Out-

Too much,

Mengiu era blog er kau e kora mo tuobed a erik er kau. Seuam el di melkoi ra Govt. er kid e kmal diak modengelii a ikel meringel el ureor el blangrngii a rubekull Belau lomuchel era Govt. er kid. Kedi mesaoud ra kengtil a Govt. er kid ma rechad el lorrurt era kid a kmal diak lungil. Me kuchais er kau. Tirkal mengeteklel Belau a mle meringel er tir a tuobed era Belau el mo melai a education er tir. Mle mekesai a techal eng di ngarngii er kid a mle blak a rengrir meng sebecherir mo mai skulir. Kau kmal diak modengei le techall era elchal time a betok. Kau tiang el ngara Hawaii el ngara College. Kau tiang lomdasue el uase ng kirir a rokui el ngalk el tuobed leke medengei el uase techall betok.

A Govt er kid a kmal ungil el compare el mo era FSM, Marshals ma Yap! Ak understand ra frustration er kau. Ngak a mla tuobed ra College e mei ra Belau ma kureor. Sel bebeil a kmal mechas a renguk eng di uase kid a kmal dirke mesuub. Aika di usei, al sekum eng meral somii a Govt er kid a bol ungil em molekoi ra sechelim sel bol merek el ngara College e temei ra Belau el rulii el mo ungil beluu!! Instead ra di insult ra Govt er kid el uase mekngit!!

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