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May 10, 2009


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It feels good to know that we have attracted big countries like Morocco. I surely hope that this could lead to a strong friendship that we could both learn, and benefit from. I am very sure that our President has what it takes to make it successful....


Could someone out there educate us, or maybe just me, on what it means to "establish diplomatic relations" with another country? I mean, how does this benefit countries when they establish official ties...

I'll just give one example my friend.
"Taiwan", farmers, Doctors, fishing, constructions, and stimulus...LOL!!!

Well, well.

The same old pair of support brackets making more comments to support eachother! What's new. LOL.

The more the merrier my friend Rechiung....
I don't see any reason why we could not be friends too....


Hello Mosi,

Of course we can be firends. Support me and I will support you

I think it's easy for any Palauan to support my cause because my agenda is to:-

1. Get justice.
2. Rid Palau of the laws that enable corruption,
3. Prosecute those who have broken the law.
4. Get rid of monopolies.
5. Bring in Foreign investments.
6. Upgrade building standards.
7. Turn Palau into a tourist paradise.
8. Make the government agencies more efficient,
9. Upgrade Palau's infrastructure.
10. Develop Internatioal businesses
11. Zone Palau.
12 Reform the Foreign Investment Act


I think it's great for Palau to establish diplomatic ties with as many countries as posible.

When diplomatic ties are astablished our government should negotiate with those countries to introduce scheduled commercial flights to our beautiful country.

In this way we will not be too dependent on a single carrier and also our tourist numbers will increase which will be good for our economy.

What do you think Mosi?

Over the years my friend I went toe to toe with Mardi, Uchel, Rose, Honto-Style and all in hear....

It did not mean that we were not friends. We just disagreed with each other on some issues. It worked very well because like I said, we started to see things from other peoples point of views. There are times we totally agreed with each other and there times we disagreed. Still when the smoke clears, we say, "Mesulang" and we move on.

You see my friend,

If we all agree with each other's veiw. Our questions and concerns will be held back and we will never learn anything. Right or wrong our intentions are all for the good of our beloved Palau. Besides the debate, I don't see any reason why we should not be friends....


Amen to that!!! I could not agree more....


I would also like to know if we have diplomatic ties with Singapore. Seems like a practical thing.

Islander, your idea of increasing flights and less dependence on a single carrier is indeed a great one. I know now that we have these charter flights by different carriers such as China Air and such, but it would be nice to see regularly scheduled flights. I think the charter flights do not pay the regular landing fees for the airport so they (charter airlines) prefer to keep it that way. I may be reading it wrong but it would really help lower airfare costs with more options. Your thoughts?

Ngaukai e Mosi ngkang kelelak el chad er belau el di soal aikal blal lists here to come true mebolungil a uldesuel el metmuu er belau. Kamsal e domes er ngii, leng ngoba tal rael el melekoi a soad lorenges luchul eng tmuu ra blai. Alsekum ngonger er tegoi er belau englocha merang a lolekoi.

Lak molekoi e Rose,

E tilecha dirrek el ngara uldesuek. Ka hall e
detelkib el mecherei e deluut el mengetiit e domes. Adang


Ng klebokel e chetengakl el tekoi sel betok a rsechelid ra lebetok a cherreued. Ea ikal mla mdung a meral tekoi, ke de chadecheduch el losiik er sel kot ra bkul er bab el mo klungiolel a blid e beluad.

A beluulechad a merael el mo kekerei e le llemesed a rechad a uoi meral longasireng ra ikal betok el mla mekedmokl el tekoi ma klekedall ng klalo er tial beches el beluulechad. Me ke de meral di mla mo urachem el bekl bedengel a rechad er tia me sei. Ng kmal diungil. Engdi ngak a kot ra soak el chad ra Belau el ulekum eak lmuut el mo chad ra tara klebesei eng soak el mo chad ra beluu eleng diak el ngerang, ak klunga el chad e sel kumes el kmal betok a chedesaoch el lemorael, ng risois el dirkak de ngimakl, ng toachel el dirkak deues a betotel, eng rullak mak soak el lmuut el mei me ke de mo kaiureked chim, esolang e mo dmak el rokui el mo chemau aikal tekoi e kudmokl.

Tekoi ma tekoi engdi a rechad ra Belau a kot, e kirir el kot ele tia beluad e blingeled ra chelid ma 'lii e kede mo tekangel ra beluad.

E Mosi,Rose, Mardi, me kemiu el rokui, ng kmal lungil el Sils ra Remechuodel el leko ra Remechas ma Rubak er kemiu.

E mousubes eng mle kirek el kmo chedesaoch el dirkak el lemorael.......Ak kmal di sechelimiu.

Ngbai kmal loltebedechur... support brackets. Good one, rechiung. I hear you...

Etia morkemiu el dilob ra sim, Ngsoad elou friends er kemiu, engdi ngmekerang eng sebechel mo uaisei a tekoi alsekum ea chomoruul a uaikaing el teletael:
green eye monster

Ngmal bleketakl a domes ma bladeues...
Maleuaisei engcha ungil a desechelirir areuai kid leng tang a uldaseu. Ealii a DIOS a medengei e chomes. Mebodungil ra rechad ra blai ma rechad ra rael.

Kom kmal mesulang

Something interesting mentioned in New York Times article is that "remittances bring Morocco more money than tourism does." What is does that mean for Palau? We are already subdigating ourselves to our own unique blend of foreign works whose remittances drain money from Palau. So does our newly forged relationship with Morocco open our borders to their citizens so that they can work in Palau? This ambition of ours to be part of the world citizenry will have detrimental effects on our culture and livelihood. Unless we can reign this over eagerness for quick solutions and the mindful rejection of the mere promise of grandiose tourism developments, we will never head down the road of true self reliance as a nation.

Hello Mardingoal,

Thank you for your civil comments.

Ftom my understanding about chartered flights there is a slight down-side, which is the charter does not guarantee their flights until the charter reaches its minimum passenger load target.

This means a chartered flights can be cancelled if the minimum quota is not met. This uncertainty is a turn-off for most tourists and especially business people.

Palau needs at least 3 more schedued flights - One csrrier coming from South East Asia - Originating either from Singapore or Malaysia.

Flights originatng from Singapore or Malaysia will act as hubs for passengers from Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

The second flight should originate from Japan and the third flight should originating from Hong Kong which would act as a hub for tourist from China, Russia and Europe.

If we could convince Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan to establish operations of scheduled flights our tourist would easily reach 500,000 per annum in the next few years and then revenue from tourism would be meaningful and our country would not be dependent on assistance from our allies.

a kora mo lmatk a ikel tekingel a Joshua Koshiba el uasei " ke dekora chimol klebokl el kekerel dil". ke de cheroid e ngara mocheuekl eng di betok el meklou el beluu ra beluu lechad a remurt el mei el sorir lomak a deleuill lobengked. te mesisiich el mengub er kid lolab a udoud ma klalou. e ouretakl a rengud lousbech a melaok el cheldecheduch. e blechoel beusech a mederir ra ikel dousbech. tirkang meral ngarengii ra rengrir a kemanget el deleogel alechub e te kuk di mei el remuul a sorir e remiid e diak lomdasu.

ak chebuul direkngeasek e olngesonges

It's good to have diplomatic ties with more nations. But as always, diplomacy isn't about a free ride or free dinner, it is a collaboration, so anything they do for us, they will want something in return (hmmmm, which I hope they all understand that a tiny island can only do so much).

What I like about this Moroccan relationship is that Morocco is good in ties with Israel, and Israel is one of the most technologically moving and forwarding nation in the world, it helps as well that Israel is one of U.S's closest allies.

Tilechakid sel dolekoi er ngii e Karui,

A kmal bekikl ra melelokaok el eldecheduch el ngarngii a moktek er ngii a lobusech a mad. Sei a uchul meng kired el mo beiusech a medad e meruul a tekoi lolab a bleketakl el eldecheduch.

Elechal sal kmal betok a ngesengesel a beluu, e te betok a sorir e loba isei el mengitikaik er kid lolab a kmal melaok el tekoi. Meng diak lungil a di de bekerokl el turkii ra ngerang e bede meuat er riou.


Kau el direkngeasek e olngesonges, a diplomatic ties a mo sobcheklau. A ker a kmo sel beskau aikal dengesonges er ngii, kede mo beluu el di Kaugneasek? a dang, soam el mokerooul el mo kloulchad el medengei a tekoi.

Its funny when we live knowing foreigner is our hope. Unlike "Exodus"

I was informed that just like Palau, Isreal is also almost bankrupt. Is this true?

I was informed that there was an annoying leech in here causing confusion, is this true?

Well it wouldn't matter to us if Israel is almost bankrupt or not, why should it? Unless if in a case when the U.S begins to preferably shift more budget to Israel and less to other allies, like Palau and Costa Rica, etc. then maybe we should be concerned.


Strange how the Palauan culture have women high in the social ladder while Moroccan women are treated unrighteously in their own country, yes they have new laws to protect women's rights, but society has not changed their mentality yet, no doubt a strong residue and effect from their religion that has been twisted over the centuries, Islam.

Not much of a problem with Israel with their Jewish dominant religion. Hmmmm... intriguing.

Foreign ties will solve our short comings and put our economic in the map with the rest of the globe. The though of Israel, Exodus, and Jewish bring ???s for our next generation. Palauan will be fighting with the foreigners due to numbers, rights, and percent.

Now that we have accomplished the road of foreign investment, the question remained. When will we start to train our our children? Remember, we did not build the beauty of our rock island and our ancestors only left us knowledge of respect on how to making living among ourselves.

I guess we can always find a shelter in some town and cities in states as our kids seemed already heading that way. Must be a matter time when we gather enough taxes and fees to buy airline tickets and send them for safety.

diplomatic relations means an international ties with other countries where one kisses the other's ass for support and in this case take a wild guess of who's doing all the kissing. our government cannot sustain without "grants" from other countries 'cos we lack financial resources to fully support our government that has gotten out of hand.

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