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May 23, 2009


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Does anyone out there know any latest info regarding the charges that SP filed against Senator Diaz for ethics violation?

Iang hai a Bekai. Ngkmal di diak kudengei. Ngkal Diaz al sekum eng kuk kmal mo dengerenger eng kired el mo lochetii ra tkul a meduu and mengiklikl er ngii el dil merekol tuemed, ruams, e lemangel. Al sekum eng dimlak el bol dengerenger e me kulekoi me bom molengit er ngii mekemiu el terung mei mem ngesukak el lomadel a chudel ra meklechek. Tirekal ngelekek a diak kudengei el kmo temlo mengesuch er ker. A kumdasu e telocha mlo menga chedebsachel ma rambotang ra sersel a ngiratmeleches. Ngkmal kesib a renguk er tir. Te mla obes el kmo a babii a okelall ma blatong a telbongel ra bek el sils. Kabong e rungalek, bo mokerir a Diaz el mei me doureor ra meklechek. Al sekum e kom mo songerenger eng ngarngii a bras ma cheltuul ngims el bento. Adang mekerang. Seikid a tekoi. Mebol uaisei. Ma uriul.

hey omdui, i tried that wolfram thing and it was so cool! it calculated exactly how old i was to like 30.56; notable people then, and what time the sun rose at that time!... very cool.

anyway, how is everyone? hope that you are all doing fine wherever you maybe. oh and i was going to ask. anybody have news about the palauans who went to sudan? just wondering how they're doing and what's their status. very brave people :)

god bless!

How is the investigations into the Nakamura and TR corrupt administrations coming along?

How is the investigation into the PSB fiasco coming along?

How is the investigation into the tax dogging of the fishing companies coming along? What about the investigation into shark finning coming along?

How is the investigation into AG Bettie and his Chinese mistress's prostitution ring coming along?

How is the investigation of SP Walton purjury in the Moran case coming along?

How is the investigation into T. Shmull as to where he got $80,000.00 cash to buy a boat coming along?

What about the missing rifle? How is that investigation coming along?

Hope all this is not being swept under the rug!

Hello Koshiba what are you doing to keep your pre-election promises? The people of Palau are waiting for the outcome of your investigations! Please make it public!


I think the questions can't be answer by Mr. Koshiba. He is no longer people's voice where he used to be. He was a Robinhood when his king Richard ( Mr. Toribeong) was not in castle. He is in a new post a tax collector.

The youth of today have a great perspective.

read my comments on tourism, they correlate with alot of your topics...

Here is the latest on Wang Fang.

She is happily married with a child. She met Japanese tour guide on Guam and now enjoying the bliss of marriage, a US green card, a house, middle class husband and problems in Palau behind her. She does not work at the Yellow Rose KTV anymore. The last time I saw her was at Kmart shopping.

The only problem is she cannot go back to China. All the Chinese she snitched on in Palau and had her boyfriend AG to close down their businesses are back in China. They have organized and hired a lookout to watch Wang Fang's family in China. If Wang Fang ever returns, the underground synthicates will pay her a visit. Revange the Chinese way.

So now that the smoke is clear, Wang Fang is the winner from all mess. She used her boyfriend AG to get her to Guam. AG left Palau disgraced and reputation ruined. Wang Fang's Chinese enemies were deported or competitor's business closed. Palau lost Court expeneses and AG's time on the account of Wang Fang manupilating Palau's legal system.

The only person who won from this circus is Wang Fang.

Know All,

Investigations are coming along just fine. Be patient and lets just wait for the outcome.

Kmal Sechelim

Thought provoking article about climate change in small island states with quotes from Stuart Beck and Tarita Holm.


Hahahaha, "we have reports... it might be the swine flu..."

I swear, the dilemmas of my tiny island nation never cease to amaze me. You are all probably well educated if not experienced individuals who have dealt with much of what has been what is and what will always be going on in Palau.

But I am a young person. I have represented my country proudly and I have lived in Palau my whole life. Currently I study abroad, but I have only been gone a couple of years and have no intention of staying away from home. It's sad enough to see majority of my kinsmen around the same age as myself depart or dream of departing my nation with glee... but that is besides the point.

I agree, Palau is beautiful, Trust me I have been to many places around the world in my short years living and I can say that even though I have seen wonders on different continents there is no place like home. I just hate to see how our home is filled with anger, corruption, distrust and constant, vain jealousy. Honestly, tourism is worth saving, it may be crashing now but hey.... its crashing all over the world, let us not get in over ourselves and realize we are but a decimal to the rest of the world.

I am almost disgusted by Palau's attitude towards the compact, how we as a nation see its okay to running back to the U.S. to beg for more. It's like our friendly versions of homeless people.... "metara change?"

Honestly we need to stop acting like babies on child support, with U.S. being our illegitimate father just because we decided we were grown up enough to live without them. we made the choice, they provided grace but honestly... The world's most powerful nation is undergoing the worst financial crisis they have ever faced since the Great Depression.... why would they seriously even consider us significant enough right now because we irresponsibly laid our free pass to waste?

But before I stray farther off topic, trust me a lot has been on my mind... believe that the youth no matter how far from home can feel the strain across the oceans... Tourism is essential, it's all we have right now... and now we are considering legalizing shark finning and oil drilling.... seriously....

I even heard the great KN once had an idea to accept responsibility to handle nuclear waste from developed nations such as France and Japan in exchange for big bux (apparantly for Palau, but that is besides the point...)... now... lets thinklogically, why would we...barely a country, still unnoticed by majority of the rest of the world, be able to handle something that the worlds most powerful countries (not to mention largest in land size as well) cannot contain? 'Scuse this if you take it as immature but.... DUH!

Oil drilling, yay, lots of money there.... okay so we get rich for 5 years.... then what after an oil spill or the destruction of the only beautifully unique thing that separates us from any other tiny island. rich for a few decades, deprived of everything we'd ever be worth for a life time. Doesnt sound like a fair trade to me.

Honestly, wake up... please, because I find it laughable and yet oh so frustrating to look back at the politics and the mindset of the people at home wondering if the most powerful leaders in our country even understand the basics in political and social sciences that an entry level college student understands.

I'm tired of everyone back at home hating one another for success... yeah lets label all the most financially successful individuals as "drug dealers and dubious scandalous people"... because they have to get their money from somewhere?

I'm not going to be blind and say not all of them might have shady ties to fortune, but that is besides the point. What about PALAU'S money! who cares about fancy cars what about your children. I am in the united states of america because I can't find the same level of education where I am from, andthere are countless others my own age here as well for the same reason. I say melt the lexuses and build a school, a gym (get that obesity rate down), a hospital, damn construct something young and old Palauan's can look at with pride and say, wow... thats palauan, and that makes me great because I am Palauan and this is how far we've come...

Our only show for that is a microwave safe plastic replica of the united states capital...

honestly who are we trying to impress? what in the world are greek columns doing in a land that was founded on volcanic and limestone rock, from people who lived with pride and heritage...

This relates to tourism. I didnt know it was so great to be proud of a replica. Imagine what tourists think, powerful leaders who visit us...

oh wow, a united states shrine!

wake up leaders, elders, chiefs, or young people. Stop focusing on who owns how much land or their shiny cars, focus on your nation. We are a nation, lets act like one.

Start by protecting the one thing we do have, tourism... and its again... like everything else we have, not something we've had to work for at all, it's just a gift of nature that we have to take care of, its so special people who are well beyond the development of our tiny society spend their savings just to see. Lets not mess this one up.

I am 20 years old, and I plan on coming back home to make a difference.

Posted by: Why Tell | May 25, 2009 at 05:53 PM

one more thing...

Foreigner women dressed in seductive clothing? HA!
That is funny. Who cares, their foreign, they arent a part of our culture. Be open minded, if they are prostitutes okay, different story, but seriously, let the haolies (as they call them here) be their weird selves. What you should be worried about is the influence your kids are getting on MTV, I think thats highly more suggestive considering how alcohol consumption among youth is rising as well as crime... I am part of that demographic, its not the outsiders coming to Palau thats a problem, its the priorities in our society that is. When we are old and grey, the youth will ascend, be sure they are the people they need to be and that our country remains the way it should. Palau will never be a Las Vegas. And yes I agree, Nautilus city is another great example of ridiculous (excuse my language) Whoring by people who are trying to pimp our nations assest for personal benefit and dollar signs. I will be direct, its not disrespect, its insight. What Palau has is misplaced pride and I do believe every Palauan who has sculpted our society can get at least one sentence for negligence in how ridiculous it was fostering our new generations. When I was back home for vacation I saw a 12 year old Palauan child try to commit suicide at an elementary school. I found out multiple classmates of mine passed away in drunk driving. Alcohol sales have increased higher than ever... this is not because beer is awesome... its a sign of distress in society. When our own people are praying for the day they dont have to live in their own country... something is wrong.

I love the crazy things Palauans believe... like apparantly how one of palau's most successful businessman, Shallum Etpison, is an alleged Drug trafficker and dealer.

Go home and think about better things. It's hard to enjoy life when yeah, he's got a nice car a foreign wife and a huge house... we all want that... but why say stupid things about good people just because they have and have earned what we dont.

I heard he started a huge fishing tournament where majority of the earnings go to some charity, such as buying new and needed equipment for the medical hospital. And that if someone can beat his record for his fish you'll get 5 digits.

A man who is capable of running the facilities he has must be able to earn money other wise those facilities wouldnt exist.... I mean honestly how many of you buy chicken at neco plaza? its good stuff. I think what he owns proves merit for his actions, and if anything his success should be reason to motivate other young palauans, rather than to use people who succeed in life as a source of envy..

grow up palau

watch out if you ever open another open threads forum cuz I WILL tear it up... I have been born and raised in tiny Palau and now I found a way to speak...I will.

I love this website by the way. Big props out to the Belauan in charge (in case your an elder and are a little unfamiliar with "props" as I call it)

In respect, I would like to thank you greatly for providing myself and fellow Palauans the opportunity to express our opinions on the current events in Palau. It's both enlightening and amusing to be able to do so and at the same time be exposed to the insights of my fellow countrymen.

Too much if I had to choose between Shallum and Seid, Seid would be the one. He has proven himself to be a liar, schemer, scammer, a pimp for our country and at the end of day needs anger manangement. As for Shallum, sure those rumors about him circulate but he is not a self made man like Seid. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The real genius in the family has always been the late Ngiratkel Etpison, his father. Could Shallum survive in the real world without his daddy's money? NO WAY but Seid could because he's got moxy.

True, honestly. I had never said anything about Mr. Seid... I mean you have, clearly... But if you have ever talked to Mr. Etpison, I'm sure you would see how he has come a long way. If he was just a spoonfed child, I have a hard time seeing how much he's changed his father's company... You cant just do that with a leftover fortune... you kind of have to know what your doing.

Maybe he had money to start with, but seeing as he was alive before his father ever had ANY money at all, I'm sure he was there at his father's side helping the company get to where it is.

There is without a doubt that Pres. Etpison was one of Palau's greatest men, in fact my personal role model, but I have seen pictures and documents where President Etpison needed a translator or someone to have conference with during times when he needed counseling... and that was none other than his son. I'm not saying he wasnt fortunate, he didnt have an advantage... But I am saying that the man knows what he is doing.

Look at Ngatpang for example. It wasnt daddy's money that got him to win the lawsuit against the United States Navy for wrecking the reef, or daddy's money that set up the aqua culture... one of ngatpangs best source of income.

The man is lucky, but he isn't inept. Mr Seid doesnt have money, if he did he'd have started PMAir on his own without taking half of Palau down with him... Theres a term in business Mr. Seid is very well familiar with, it's called OPM... Other people's money. I was an ex employee... and no disrespect to Mr. Seid or anything... but he doesn't exactly work for his money by hunting for foreign investors and making promises to them that he cannot keep.

This whole let have a battle between rich people thing is getting ridiculous... do your homework, get to know these people and them speak your opinions.

Maybe you like Al Capone, since he is a self made man as well!

What stupid people you all are!

Self made man, papa's money man, what's the difference. A man should not be judge on his material success but on is good moral fiber and high mindedness.

Thank about what I say.


Too Much, its not every day that a 50 year old gets schooled by an aspiring 19 year old who is set to return home. I will heed your advice and demure myself into the little corner of my mind.
Since I've humbled myself so willingly, I wonder if anyone out there can tell me what is former VP Chin up to these days? I hope he is not heeding General MacArthur's motto to just fade away. We need a man like Chin whether we voted for him or not. That's enough said. Till next time.

Realistic Man,

I couldn't agree with you more, it is indeed moral fiber and a higher sense of mentality that should reflect ideal qualities in an individual.

My only point in discussing Mr. Etpison was to reflect on my disgust in how certain individuals can fabricate the most obscene lies to ruin a man instead of looking into his success as an inspiration.

I am glad we have gone beyond the petty squabble over who is better between the two, the only reason I found it prudent to pursue the arguement was because both men have an admirable set of accomplishments.

To Chin/Seid... I hope you take no disrespect from my previous statements. I tend to get flustered easily ( it must be my genetic Palauans high blood)

I had no intention of any sort of disrespect and I am glad that I could voice my opinion to someone such as yourself. And I would like to thank you for the intellectual debate. It's quite refreshing to have conference on matters beyond last weeks parties or alcohol related stories as I do with my peers, but instead about things that really do matter.

Too Much


Chin faded away just like the school bus program he initiate. LOL


About Chin,

I wouldnt say he faded,

I cannot totally say b/c I am not there to witness what is happening, but I do understand it takes a lot to recover from a failed presidential campaign.

Whats the word on West Point candidates anyway? I heard the first, Mr. Etpison, left b/c he decided military was not what he wanted for his future, but are there any other candidates? What is our government doing on the matter of education?

That is so harsh Honto Style but I guess if you find humor in your comments let it be. I still say Chin can contribute his time and make a difference no matter how miniscule it may be politically.

HS did you happen to see that JT interview on youtube this past march? If you did'nt, you can find it at the following link:



One of the ten top searches on Yahoo today. Boy the debate has never changed on either side since my college years.

Of course I am pro-life. When Becky and I did the act and it happened, we never had a speck of doubt that what we had procreated was pre-destined to be an individual person; thus deserving not only our love but unconditional protection (emphasis) from any and all harm.

I have reread the pro-choice argument and I still do not buy their argument that value human life is predicated by some conditions including stages of it including being a fetus. This is monstrous and outright playing God. How about your grandmother who cannot speak due to some physical or psychological infringements...are you so willing to allow a committee to evaluate her life value if she should be deserving of our protection or not. This sort of attitude will lead to monstrous behavior like what Hitler did...only promoting supreme breed and race. Human quality or life conditions should not be determining factor on right to life. Right to life for human beings is both sacred and inherent and above all natural. And personally I believe it should not be a debatable issue.



It is very un-honto attitude to sound ungrateful. The students and their families who benefited from the buses were grateful. Besides this administration decided to put buses to replace Chin's buses. And that should be the case.

He is far from being faded away. I see him at church and engaging with church groups regularly. And it is not only the Catholic church. Yesterday I saw him talking with Evangelical Church women's group at the Penthouse Hotel. I do not know what they talked about but I am sure it is not politics.

I understand he goes to fish and attend to his farm quite a lot.


I respect your opinion on right to life and yes it is sacred and only God gives and takes one's life. I believe that if let's say my father in his old age decided not to go to the hospital for further evaluation, I think I should respect his wishes. There comes a time when we just have to allow nature takes it's course instead of interfering with modern medicine.

Alii Ota,

You sound like a pro-life. Yes, it means one cannot actively and deliberately take upon himself to be an agent for termination of life. This conversely does not mean that one is morally obligated to prolong life through extraordinary (emphasis) means. Respirator is considered extraordinary means but food and basic care are not. Therefore we attend to our aging and/or sickly loved ones to provide basic needs until they pass on to their eternal rest.

My father decided not to go to Manila after the third time for medical treatment. He was too weak and 89 years old so he decided that he will spend the time with us until his time.

Another example of extraordinary means is the dialysis treatment. It is very expensive for most families and beyond their means. They are not obligated to seek such treatment.

But this is about prolongation of live which is a bit diferent issue with deliberate act to termination of life. Sulang for sharing your views.


With regard to my comments toward Chin,…
I didn’t mean to be un-grateful but if that’s how you felt then so be it. You ought to be entitled for your perceptions. I realized now that it could be interpret both ways as Chin/Seid seemed to acknowledge if I had some sense of humor there, which I did.

Serious is good but being able to loosen-up is even better. It seems to me that we all cutting each others’ arms, legs and throat in this blog. Life is too tense back home, perhaps. I am a Jay Leno’s fan and I must admit that I thought this was something funny to put out. But…oh, well!

Sorry if I offend anybody.

Now, let’s talk about the other issue: “Abortion”.
Although I find myself leaning towards “pro-life”, I don’t seem to understand why a conceived fetus from a raped female earn the right to live when she, (a raped woman) had her right violate twice should we disregard her option to terminate the fetus?

Could you help me understand that?



With regard to my comments toward Chin,…
I didn’t mean to be un-grateful but if that’s how you felt then so be it. You ought to be entitled for your perceptions. I realized now that it could be interpret both ways as Chin/Seid seemed to acknowledge if I had some sense of humor there, which I did.

Serious is good but being able to loosen-up is even better. It seems to me that we all cutting each others’ arms, legs and throat in this blog. Life is too tense back home, perhaps. I am a Jay Leno’s fan and I must admit that I thought this was something funny to put out. But…oh, well!

Sorry if I offend anybody.

Now, let’s talk about the other issue: “Abortion”.
Although I find myself leaning towards “pro-life”, I don’t seem to understand why a conceived fetus from a raped female earn the right to live when she, (a raped woman) had her right violate twice should we disregard her option to terminate the fetus?

Could you help me understand that?



Alii HO,

Rape is definitely detestable act. I also found this hard to accept that an offspring of a rapist should be allowed to live. But bear in mind that the act itself (rape) and conception are only mere conditions. This argument becomes weak if for example a father of a child decides to rape another woman or even his own wife. Would the right to life of such child who already exist be put into question.

This is a typical question. But I would not condemn a child of heinous criminal because I can not decide that it will live a monstrous life beyond all reasonable doubt. Besides the other half that makes the life of such child is from the woman. Life how it came to be regardless of conditions should be revered as both sacred and mysterious. If you go to the website you would read more on it. President Reagan was also a strong pro-life.

I was beginning to like Obama but I might change my mind on this guy. He is playing on this issue and trying to win both sides.


Imagine bearing a child of a person who raped you!!! For the rest of your life you will look at the rapist's face!!!

I am curious e Senator Asanuma as to what is your stand on capitol punishment, for or against?

Alii Uchelmelis,

Right to life is considered asolute right which means no condition even the most heinous act of crime can render it any less in stature. Of course, I am against capital punishment. Crime is only a condition. This view is not confined to Christian faith but a more universal doctrine. Here are three school of thoughts that can support this position 1) protection (and continuation) of the species 2) the law of rationality and 3) natural laws.

There are other views but these three are primary foundation of St. Thomas Aquinas and other philosophers' writing on morality and sanctity that govern life on earth.

Once a upon a time in wild wild west life was take very casual in value. I think you and I would not even dream to live in that era yet demand for our right to life or any right. You will be shot first and discussion later. I am glad that proponents of life have persisted and therefore; society of men today is more inclined to revere life and recognize rights assign to it.

Stephen Hawkin would not be alive today to decipher the new frontier of mathematics if we were to evaluate his right to life purely on his extreme physical deformity. There would be so much loss and chaos in our world if right to life was subjected to emotions of men alone. Yes, if someone killed my mother would I kill him/her? Maybe but that does give me the right to do so.



Sorry the last sentence sounds funny. It should say...maybe but that does not give me the right to do so. Sulang.



Since you are openly “pro-life”, let me ask you this simple question and perhaps we can discuss it further more after.

At what point a human life should be granted civil rights? An ovum, a spermatozoon, zygote, embryo, fetus, newborn, etc?


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