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May 08, 2009


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Kemusang e Omdui, akmertial site el me teloi er kid el chad er belau leng ngdiak el ua chelbuul uldesued ma rengud without belonging anywhere. Mekekmal mesaul ra temei with intention to bring us together.
I'm very impressed with this guy well toned muscle in this picture. Just kidding e please don't ban me out of here...


Oh come on now, Omdui. That's gonna be soooo boring! It's not like they're talking about anything new. Same people who keeps repeating themselves on some issues that it's fallen on deaf ears. And there's something seriously wrong with the ones who can't let go of an 'Islander'. Kidding!

I hope the banning invitation is not limited to the individuals named or the project hoax Na-tut City....alii ngmlediak delii el rokir mellakem ban er ngak.
Thanks for letting us get rid of our everyday frustrations in here, eventhough it makes you frustrated.
LOL!! Just playin' witza.

Alii Omdui,

I am open for opinion regardless of position by those who express them. I thought this site was for intelligent discussion. What's with the ranchy and raw language by some bloggers. You know pornography can be in verbal form so if bloogers here are not careful then this site might be mistaken for one. Thanks for your effort in making this site with purpose and usefulness for those who want to discuss issues in a civilized manner. Have a nice weekend of all you good guys.


tara Islander el kmal betok a ngklel e chad er a ngebard a mla mei el churecherur tial blai. ngkal chad a a moktek er ngii a di mengesbereber e melius er a re omtok er a Nati City. Omdui thanks for taking time to address the issue. 100% agree with you on this one.

Omdui, di hit ra btelul a blogger el lousbech a betok el ngakl.


You considered outing yourself at one time. If that is a picture of you with a hammer, please remain anonymous. Our people are suffering enough. You are one scary dude and certainly don't look like any Belauans I know. LOL

I hope you are fair with your hammer and not see every entry on your blog as a nail. Thanks and keep up the good work.

You made the right decision for the sake of those bloggers who i'm a big fun of such as Sen. Asanuma, Mosi, Mardi, Honto Style, and etc.

I think you should start looking at the IP Addresses, so when someone is using multiple names will think twice about it. It's obvious when multiple name users post within minutes from the same IP address. Just my teblo el sens.



Ngmeral ungil a medam e Omdui!
Thanks for this awesome site!

The problem is not using multiple names, it's when you start bashing people with those multiple aliases that ticks off Omdui.

the problem is when some bloggers start to use language from the forest to attack others.

thanks omdui. please sensor.

A new dawn is here and it's for the better.

Thanks omdui.

ak dirrek lolngit malsekum eng sebeched e lak dousbech a ngklir a rubekud, rdelad ma rukdemeled (ngakl el tekoi er belau) ra chelsel tiang. ng kora mo mekngit a renguk lomes a bebil ra ngklir a remeklou el chad er belau el me tuobed ra chelsel tiang. a bebil ra ngakl altang diak el chedad malechub eng diak dodengei eng di locha chederir a rebebil ra rechad. dochotii a meral klechiibelau. sulang


Some good sense returns.

Ak mo menga er a ngikel.

Kudos to you Omdui for keeping the house clean and maintaning its credibility.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the house.

Hey Shy,

What bloggs have you been reading?

I have also read what your heroes; Mardingoal and Mosisechekiak have written on this blogg site and they at times have been very rude, skewed and downright disgusting. You should heed the saying "the pot calling the cattle black".

Many derogotory and outrgeous statements made by Mardingoal and by Mosisechekiak offered no substitiating or supporting evidence.

I can tell you that if those two had the guts to say in the open what they write covertly on this blog site, they would run foul of the law and be sued for libel.

Be fair for the sake of Palau. Change the biggoted mindset!

Ng kuk ngera brabrem er kau e Rechiungs,

We all have different minds and opinions which is exactly what Omdui likes. We debate we argue just as long as we don't get too personal. Great ideas are born when we put people together. We don't have to like each other and we don't have to agree with each other. Like I said before. We all come from different angles yet we are talking about the same thing. We learn from these different angles which is a good thing. I also have learned a lot from others with their different angles which I never know if I did not read or hear.

Sorry if you don't like me or Mardi, but I would still love to read your opinions if you have any to share....


Hey Mosi,

It is not about liking anyone. Most of the topics written on this blog is about our concerns. This is good, as we need to bring matters out in the open.

For example, about the NC project - Some people are concerned that the project may cause pollution or that gambling may not be good for Palau or that Too many tourist may cause the cost of living to become too expensive for Palauan people.

Many of us are concerned about the effects of opening up Palau to foreign investors.

Many of us are concered about corruption and monopolies which is the norm in Palau.

All the above are legitimate concernes that need to be talked about in a sensible manner.

I too like to debate and see things from another angle. But when you, Mardingoal and others blog - scam, scam, scam as soon as the topic NC is put forward then this is not a debate. This is bulling with an agenda to suppress!

The outcome of anyone attempting to suppress others is what has occurred. Name calling, rediculing each other and mostly being rude and retalliation by verble abuse!

If you have proof of any scams going on and you are able to substantiate and expose the scam then I will be the first to support you.

For example; I was very unhappy with how the previous administration handled the PSB fiasco.

I was unhappy with SP Walton who abused his power clearly seen by his modus operandi of the Moran case.

I was unhappy with Greenberg being placed in positions where there was clear conflict of interest.

I am prepared to debate these serious issues with anyone at anytime.

I am concerned with the state of our country's economy. I am concerned with the dissapearience of government money, files and even a gun from the government's care.

Are you and mardingoal not concerned about the matters I have mentioned?

That's all.



Komeng alsekum akora melelendund er kau ra comment el blek post er ngii, but i wrote only few names and i still have more "heroes" and
Would you have said what they wrote? let see, Uchelmelis, aramid, rose, and etc.(definitely not Nancy Meek) anything you want to remind me of?



this image is an interesting choice. personally, i would've chosen a broom ("skobang") to sweep out the "besbas" that lack substance and only carry dead weight.

No, the broom and skobang will just brush them to the side with the likehood of them coming back. But with this image, one will be crushed e 'obriid' forever, hopely. I see Recheuing heading that direction soon.

Happy mothers day to those who are mothers here. What a blessing to have such great mothers to have been there for us. Heading to the baseball games today. Ma uriur!

Oh, by the way, Uchel ma Mosi metar cheldemiu el ngikel mebol barbacue ra tailgaiting today in exchange for brats and fresh brewed beers. Adang

Omdui et.al,
Thank you for finally taking a bold move to ensure that this blog is clean and devoid of unnecessary stuff. I do not mind if the writers disagree on issues as this is very healthy in a democratic society, but what I am concerned about and I have mentioned this several times, is the use of words either Palauan or English that are vulgar and unnecessary. I am hoping that you would be able to really do something about it or that the writers who constantly use such words or phrases would discontinue using them.


I don't if you noticed Recheiungs,

But there has never been an NC project issue in here for many months. Omdui never put one up for debate as far as I know. So it's like you and the other's are really trying to bring the issue up when it's not part of the conversation. I really don't know what you guys are trying or what angle are you guys coming from, but it's getting old in here. We need to move on or at least stick to the issue when it's posted.

That is the reason why everyone are just teasing because it's a none issue and they are getting tired of it...


Ng meral soak el send engdi ngmol mo emolt a address e Rose....LOL!!!

Erei ea kidi oleker a ngakl sel tal borngii a blengur....

Happy Mothers Day to all the Ladies in the House!!!!

By the way Rechiungs,

We are all concerned, and your concerns have been addressed in here before which I am very sure the proper agencies will do their best to get to the bottom of it. It's not like this new administartion don't know or don't have concerns too. So for you to bring it up again in here won't change anything. I can honestly tell you that we will not get anywhere if we debates with those concerns. I think we should stick to the latest issues and move on from there.


Like I said before regarding NC "SHOW ME THE MONEY." Hell I have been waiting for someone to approach me me with an offer!!!

Wow, Omdui! I'm actually kind of shocked that you've done this considering the kind of damaging comments that you have allowed to be posted about those you mentioned and others. Let's face it, the damage is done, but thanks, anyway.

I'm glad that you FINALLY decided to excercise some responsibility in what is posted on YOUR blog. It's been too long since some of us have had to endure what's being said. I wonder who you're really trying to protect--our opinions and ideas or certain politicians.

We only need to look at the issues you've chosen to post for discussion to come up with reasonable and rational conclusions as to who YOU are supporting and not supporting. It is fairly obvious. This is just my opinion--which I am entitled to. Or, are you just afraid of being sued? Oh, am I going to be censored now? That's okay, I have a witness that I tried to post this comment.

The delete/ban hammer is a good idea. Too many valuable conversations are hijacked by posts that don't even make sense. Half the time I think these post are one person whose multiple personalities are battling it out online. And the vulgar language is just unnecessary. We can do better than that when discussing the issues and news of our country and our community. I trust that Omdui will be wise and conservative in using his delete/ban powers. It's been this long and he's just now coming around to the idea. To me, this shows a value for free speech and people's opinions. As long as bloggers have something relatively thoughtful to say, there should be no problem.

Hello my friend Mosi,
Thank you! It is great to know that you and other bloggers are still around making this site very much alive.

I wish and hope that one day we can all be friends, understand each other and live with harmony. Frankly, every now and then I drop by to visit, read comments trying to keep up with the issues, and such,…but… end up reading some un-called for or unnecessary comments. I give a credit to the administrator of this site, as I know that it is tough and challenging to manage some thing like this.

Di dolengit me bol sebechel duubech a omengull ma omelengmes ra delongeled el bek’l chad.

Sel tekinged ar had er Belau el kmo: “KABU-BOUCH-A-CHAUS” ng locha belkul a kmo ngerang?



Tilecha meral lungil ker e Honto-Style,

Ng meral diak kudengelii sel meral belekul, engdi kelel losaod er sel dolul a aus. Ngobubouch e metebtib el mo kona el tutkii a kelchibelau er kid el di mla siukang er kid el melamech ra ngara mong el mei er elechal taem.

Can someone help us with the true meaning?


Hey Uchelmetis,

Why should anyone show you anything?

Are you a government investigator?

Why should anyone offer you anything?

Is this a hint that you are looking for a bribe?

Your nonsensical writing really does beg for a rude response.

This website is biased... Democracy has been raped by the administrator!


The topic that I bring up maybe old but the reason I bring it up is to remind our people that they have not been resolved.

Maybe you should realize that the projects and people you attack have been on the table for longer that TR's last term of office – far older than some of the topics you claim as ‘old’. You still attack these older topics mercilessly.

I believe that when a great injustice has occurred especially by authorities repeatedly for 16 years we should not just forget about it, sweep it under the rug and 'conveniently' disregard what has occurred.

In any event, I see you guys CANNOT stop blogging about matters that have been BANNED!

You are all bloggers who are provocateurs with an agenda. You can libel and make underhanded remarks about others, mostly people you know next to nothing about, but you feel that this is OK and try to justify yourself. But when people retaliate, you cry 'scam' and add injury to insults by trying to cause harm to reputations.

Maybe you should realize that verbal abuse and is nowhere as bad a libel and bearing false witness is a cardinal sin. The Bible does not say thou shall not use verbal abuse but it does say: "thou shall not bear false witness". Perhaps you should take this up with your pastor rather than continue on with your unholy thread on this blog site.

I suggest that we all comply with the blog ban and you stop your snide and underhanded comments that will only result in responses that you do not like exposed about your lack of evidence to back up your comments.

At best you clearly you do not have the authority to get the information you so want, but in reality you are just plain against the project and so attack the people involved and resort to libel under false names.

You are not for Palau but for yourself serving hatred of others.


LOL! I really don't know if your being funny or not. In the first place this is a debate. There is nothing holy about it. So if you are being holiness about it than you would not any problem answering Uchelmelis's question. "Show me the money."

And for your infromation, no one is sweeping anything under the rug. The old administration just left. The new one is just settling in. If I am not mistaken our new President was part of that NC project, but he took himself out of it at the end. From the time he took the seat until now, he has not mentioned anything about the project. Either he found out that it was a scam or he still needs to figure out things first.

So if I were you I should just relax and let things run it's course....


Kekmal mesaul e WebMaster,

Please sanitize this site so we call can be civilized and exchange good ideas.

Some have attempted to hijack this site in pursuit of their personal agenda of ruining Palauan people's images.

Please filter out those blogger who use profanity and vulgar languages here. My children surf this site and they are shocked that some are quiet rude.

Continue doing what you are doing. Job well done.

Thanks to the Admin. Just one comment/suggestion, could you use the Delete/Ban "Biskang" instead of hammer? The picture sort of reminds me of a cold war era USSR statue...minus the sickle.

How about a picture of Ngirngemelas instead?

Either way, I'm very happy to have a site to air out our frustrations and occasionally put out some constructive comments for solutions to our challenges.

Thank you.

The "show me the money" is thoroughly stupid and childish.

Nobody participating on this site is capable of showing you the money. Those foreigners are not here otherwise this site and you would be exposed in a public law suit.

If those you pose the question to do somehow hear of your demand, they would die laughing and then someone would ask you 'who are you and by what authority are you making such a demand?' You would look real stupid then.

No company would open their books and bank account to satisfy some anonymous blogger and no body would be stupid enough to make public their records and you are so arrogant to even consider that they would.

You are just getting above yourself to make such a statement and it is clearly intended to cause mischief.

Give your leaders and fellow Palauans some credit as they should know who their investors are. The fact is that they are THEIR investors, NOT YOURS - maybe you are too jealous and big-headed to realize this? You look like a member of the past administration to me as you act with such bullying tactics and ask questions that you have no right to receive answers to.

It really is none of your business and that is the crunch line.

Maybe you do not realize that pre-empting a scam, con or whatever you choose to call it just shows up your prejudices for what they are - pure prejudice!

Pre-judging and pre-empting persons and acts is against the law. Even the police are not allowed to make such judgments about people. Who are you to do so?

Do you think any self-respecting company or person would respond to a blog site question and stoop to such stupidity as you think they would? You are doubly stupid to think so.

You are too prejudiced and too arrogant to realize that you have no power base and that ithout the power to bully people anymore, you now can only resort to making such a question on this blog site. You are also a coward and mischief causer standing behind your anonymity and blog names to ask such questions and ping-pong blogs to support your own stupidity.

Why not use your real name or use your political power to do what you want if you are in a position to make such demands. If you are really concerned and not just out for mischief, this is not the place to make such demands.

Sure looks like you are jealous and out of power to me - just trying to cause trouble where there is none. The clan chiefs are happy, the current government is happy so WHO ARE YOU to ask such questions and make such childish demands?

DARE YOU to expose yourself and make your stand where you cannot hide from the reprisals of your own statements and acts!

BTW, you do realize that you are CONTINUING to blog about matters that have been banned?

C’mon administrator – do you have the guts to impose your ban or is it just ‘BLOG’! So far, can’t see the ban working!

WHY NOT EXPOSE THOSE NAMES of the people who continue to blog about banned matters instead of allowing them to continue on without being censored. Their ignoring of your ban is only forcing us to blog and attempt to defend people or projects as a result of their continued flaunting of your ban.

C’mon, mean what you say!

Yes, no enforcement results in idle threats and the ban is just more hollow words!

Wow! Concerned,

I am concerned about you. We are not saying show it to us. We are saying show the credntials to the Government and that should clear any misunderstandings. And when that is cleared, we are going to jump in the band wagon with the rest of you and we will laugh all the way to Nautilus City.


I am now laughing at both the irony of the delete/ban hammer thread being turned into yet another pointless Nautilus City rant and at the idiocy of this painfully eternal topic in general. If you bloggers are using your computers at work, please spare us this agony and get to your actual work. If you are using computers at a cafe or at home, please spare us this agony and spend your money on something else. Either way, there are so many other useful topics we could discuss.


You're not a blogger, and please stop attacking us from the forest. Kekuk mla remiid?

Palauan lady, so which computer are you using, the one at home or @ work?? And you are also not a blogger.

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