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May 05, 2009


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I'm all for the open season for belochel, maml, and berdebed. But can't they think of anything else in the Senate? So they do a 2 year registration, but they charge an extra $20 for foreigners.... leave it as it is! If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!

The government needs some sort of establishment that researches these kinds of things. They need researchers so when they come up with ideas like these they can see what will/will not happen... man, talk about frustrated!

I still like this bill. At least now the ordinary people can actually benefit from it. In the past it's only the rich and powerfull who are benefiting form it while we see ordinary locals getting arrested here and there.


The way to attract foreigners and foreign investors is not to discriminate!

If you start having one law for Paluan people and one law for foreigners where does the discrimination stop.

Please be careful!


go home Feliiix!

felix you are not making sense. have you lost your marbles?

Ngtecha Feliiix e Jackson? Komerous?

Jackson, Fake Islander Hamlet,

You people should not be addresing bloggers by other people's names.

This practice will ruin this site.


Hey rats and asses,

Ilike it here. I am home and my home is going to get better under the leadership of President JT.

Fake Islander, I have not lost my marbles its you guys that have lost your political power' Lol. Too bad. You had your chance but screwed it up. Go sit in a corner and play with you marbles. It all you're capable of anyway.

Better start practicing with your answers because the SP is going to come after you guys in a big way for the SCAM you pulled over the Palaun public - the PSB case, the missing stimulus funds, the missing gun, the missing files, the lies, the extortion rackets. Wow what a way to run a country!

Big time entertainment on the way. It's lik the OJ case all over again. Lol

Islander aka IP man,
looking at your old blogs, you two can never seem to blog more than 10 minutes from each other, are you two supposed to be a double threat or are you one and the same people who are behind the UK wave.(baby wave) let me ask you one thing, where is the Angaur real estate website that we were just discussing about in the Samoa PM blog and why did you pull it down just yesterday? Its now showing nothing. you know for people supposedly "backing" a 2.1 billion dollar hotel and a 40 mil Angaur Resort UKHIL and PIP couldnt afford $ to leave their Scam websites up until the projects resume?? its not even under construction the url is none, gone completely (no redirecting). they looked cheap anyway and the Coral Beach CEO bloke you put in front of the camera looks like a chav. couldnt you buy a better suit instead of giving him Peter Moran's, the one he wore to jail. haaa... you wouldnt notice because youre one anyway. and i also know for a fact youre not palauan so stop trying to fool everybody. ke chad er ker kau el metetoech a medam?

Ask not where is the money for NC? Ask what did TR do with government money?

Hey Red Herring, great quote!

you sound like the great JFK! Lol

I believe in free speech!

Why do some bloggers worry who other bloggers are? The idea of bloging is to have ananomity.

The deal is to tell the truth and given ones own perspective!

All I know is that....Rats hate the light, they hide in the dark. They scurry and hide when there is noise. They carry diseases and steal the cheese!Finally they will desert a sinking ship.

As a foreigner, I like the NC concept. It's great. There is crap all to do in Palau during my last visit. A waste of money that trip! But, I'd visit again if there was a resort like NC, hell yes!

I like that quote; Ask not where the money for NC is. ASK WHAT TR DID WITH THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY. Red Herring you have a great mind!

Keep exposing I say!

The trouble here is that some SOB has lost his job in government and cannot help himself continue as the frustrated dectective and bully he was. Now he has no poswer, he trys shoot fake bullets by throwing names at others but cannot even come up with an original name for himself.

This madness will prevail until someone out there exposes his name - common you boys, give up his real identity and the game will be over. My bet is that he is Walton!

It is clear that he is a TR government man and is continuing to harrass bloggers just as he harrassed the good people of Palau when in office.

You know the saying; one bad apple?

Most of the anti-investors look like Yanks to me and they sure look like they have the agenda of keeping Palau to themselves and poor enough so they can manipulate us. They have a few Palauans in the pool game on their side with the same agenda to keep us down and their own pockets full.

Get rid of the bad apple by exposing his identity - do unto others - and we rid him of his cloak and cowardly ways!


BTW, there is another fake identity of "jackson" - this guy is adding fake identities daily!

You clearly are not in Palau - you screwed up man, so many times! If you were, you would know Felix is home!

Heard the saying "yankee go home" why not apply it to yourself. Perhaps you have been sent home or ran away like a dog on the last plane out? That would explain your bad ways and foul mouth and madness.


Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what TR did with government money!

The stupid jackass who is always trying to be an imposter is now using more fake IDs.

This "Islander is from UKIHL" is another new one.

Jackass, your continuous speculation as to who the real "Islander" is shows you to be a stupid jackass with NO credibility - it just goes on and on - you ain't got a clue!

Are you out of a job because of UKIHL, Felix, JN and JT? Good that you are so free to check out the website of PIPL so frequently and make detailed comments.

You should remember that only the Clans of Angaur are involved in the dealings of their investors and the Angaur people have chosen their investor to be UKIHL - you and your 'Fecken' friends and many fake IDs are so boring and full of baseless shit that is why JH tanned your asses.

Stay the hell out of Angaur business you green eyed yanks.


CuriousHotDogSlandersIslander because Uncle Sam was told by the Captain to blog and apologize for all the Red Herrings.

I really want to meet the Malaysian head of state that was supposed to come to Palau. It was all in the newspapers and all and I was hoping that he would REALLY visit Palau last month. I guess, like everything else, I have to wait and see.

NC is going to be the emperors new clothes.

OMG! Why are you folks wasting your time with him then if he's such a moron?? He's making you all look like idiots. Just listen to yourselves. Ngobekemiu el mong e mei.
Stop guessing the real identity of commentators and using real names because you really don't know, only Omdui. Tekuk mol sue er kemiu.

"one proposing [bill] that the basic government workday be between 6am and 6pm and it's up to the supervisors to teh decide the 8 hour schedule for his or her staff."

This could possibly work, though if the supervisors deemed that one half of the staff works at 6am until 3pm, and the other staff works at 10am until 6pm, then you are wasting electricity as it will run for 12 hours with a few hours in between when there are fewer staff members.

This has been done before in California a while back for some private sector works and it was found to be an inefficient way to have work done because the distribution of work is spread over a larger amount of time. You use more electricity in the end as I mentioned, and transportation becomes inefficient.

There was also an experiment that allowed supervisors to determine when to have the mandatory 1 hour break (usually lunch break) from a full work day. This led to an abuse where the supervisor did not allow any 1 hour break until the final hours of work, say the worker has his or her lunch break at 4pm, then leave at 5pm, mind you it is a break and the worker is not allowed to check out of work.

Hey False daddy,

Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what Tommy has done with government money.

You say you want to meet with Malaysian Head of State. What for, he don't want his arse licked! Hee Haw!

Go visit Tommy in jail! lol

Hello Red Herring,

Ask why Palau is getting so little revenue for its fish?

Over 1.5 billion dollars of fish are cought in Palauan water yearly yet Tommy and Nakamura sold fishing licences for a piddling $6 million. WHY?

How much kick back are they getting?

Palau should be getting minimum $100 million then we would not be hard-up!

Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what has happened with our fishing royalties!

Tommy and Nakamura sould our precious resources for peanuts. Why?

SCAM SCAM SCAM! That's the real scam and corruption! Not NC project!

Hey false daddy, your devil worshipping master have sold out Palau for rotten cheese!lol

red herring,

did you mean to post under islander your other alias? what happened to the website of Coral Beach Angaur? just curious


Just maliscious, not 'curious'

Just another 'no name' imposter!

Time to call up your head doctor.


To "Whose_UR_DaddyIslander"

I do not know who is the fake 'islander's' daddy is. Sorry but the best judge would be to try to find out from your mother if she can remember who he is or who you are!

omerrous er a obildeb!

Not in your lifetime will you ever get to get close enough as scurity will need to be stepped up. So just in case some crazy tries to pass himself off as JT, you will be the first to be rounded up and put in jail!

Because he seldom visits with shitheads and imposters there will be no visit to your particular mad house. It would not be correct to allow you to introduce yourself as 'JT' or 'islander' or 'curious' or 'jackson' or whoever you think you are at the moment. Maybe you may even act like 'Hitler' and make a mad speech!

If you introduce yourself as JT Palau would have to pay for your permanent stay at the institution and we can't afford it.

So sorry, but no invitation for you!

Try not to get above yourself and you may get cured someday in the next twenty years! Don't cry - nobody cares!

Hello Belau, I'm back and I brought you Prince Lebuu's skeletal remains. I wish to sail back home next month and this time I humbly ask for your permission to take Jackson, preferably Ngirangas over Henry, with me including of course my son prince Lebuu wannabe Petrus Moranis. I would also ask for security to protect me from B-2 figher pilot Tommy as he is known to drop the bombs on would-be scammers. Someone has already served jail time and that someone is none other than my son Moranis and with that I kindly ask for all his former roommates/inmates to be released and ride with us to help fight off Tommy's relentless bombing again.

Hey Captain Wilson,

They say that scrvy makes a person disillusional!

Survy and betel nut maakes a person insane. It's ok though, because all the devil worshipping TR group are quite mad through fear of being uncovered by Koshiba and Ngiraingas that they have been skimming off government money and accepting bribes.

They go about rambling about nonsense like what is written by Captain Wilson.

Palauan's know that these lunatic are illiterate fools that have no credibility. They urge each other on and become more vile with each blog because they can no longer put any sensible opinion forward.

As far as I am concerned they have lost the plot. Islander has completely exposed TR and is blogging secretaries as frauds.

Well done Islander.


Viva Koshiba
Viva Ngiraingas

Sus ma odanges......Esola e mei e di kdu a lsoad a de telekib el mo ungil a rechad ra beluu eng kmal beot el ngelekam el ngara High School a sebechel chanzang er ngii e kmo,"Me di monganget a ududiu a rengar a deruchall e mngai el mesa beluu me lengai el longasech a ududir a rechad ma lechub el lengai el remuul a bebil ra kedmekill el ua skuul ma rael ma tekoi ra ukeruul ma lmuut el betok el tekoi, ea kumdasu e ke de mla rullii a telekib el klou ra rengrir a rechad. Aika diak el lousbech a meklou el lomesuub ma ngerang. Ng di ousbech er TIR el rullii el mo llach eng mla momerek.

Ke de meral di omelekl a di osisiu el chelitakl me ke de turka rengud el di meloik a osisiu.

Ng mla mo taem el domakes el mong. Ke de kmal limis ra mla mechoit er tial bekesel a klechad el di memochang e kid itiang.


Amen to that ! e NgiraBelas,

Ng kmal soak a obomodengei el kmo ng kot el soak el menguiu a tekoi er belau el moluches.

Ng kmal meringel eng di kede mekekokid e mesemechokl a tekoi. Ng dirk kuchelel me debesterir a tall rrak e desa el kmo ng mo sebechel limiit a eokl a lechub eng diak. Seikid eng locha mo kirel a Kabelment er kid el lemuut lomes ra deruchelel e mesemechokl er ngii el mo ra ungil rubetellel. Adang


Have not had a chance to read the comments but I was thinking maybe this OEK would be open for the legalization of Marijuana. I mean, hey why not! it seems logical they are changing the norms now so I think this one could be included. After all this would bring a whole lot of money into the Government!!

Just a thought.

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