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May 18, 2009


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Any bill that makes Palau more attractive for investment is good, however I would like to see real reforms being made to the archaic and bias Foreign Investment Act.

The host of businesses that is disallowed to foreigners is the real impedement and cause of illecit front business.

To open up Palau, we need to rid these unhealthy monopolies.

I think all joint venture companies between Palauan owned companies and foreign owned companies should be allowed to conduct all business legal in Palau.


I think what Islander proposes makes very good sense.

Once the law enables Palau/foreign joint venture companies to operate all businesses legal in Palau, the illegal front businesses will close and Palau will acheive the ranks of openess that will make Palau very attractive to foreign investors.

this is an excellent way forward.

Well done Islander.

Local interest will still be protected as businesses will be in the form of joint ventures which is good for all concerned. This is a real win, win situation for all concerned.

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