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May 15, 2009


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ladies and gentlemen, the gloves have come off - let the games begin

Please Oreor,

There nothing to take off. President Toribiong is an honorable learned attorney who does not exaggerate!

Tommy is a well know liar. This swine reneges on promisses he makes in public! Ask the people of Angaie, how many times he has lied to them!

Remengesau has all but destroyed Palau's economy and to keep him on as a Senator is an insult!

Remegesau would not know the truth is Moses spoke to him.

Where are the billions of dollars that was given under his administration!

All we have to show for it is bad roads, bad sewage, bad telecommunication, bad hospitals, bad power, a bad AG and a bad SP!

This poor excuse of a human being should be tarred and feathered!

Investigate him and put him in jail!

God bless Palau.

I suppose he knows about distorting the truth as he distorted the truth for the last 8 years.

He must be feelin' the heat and the noose around his neck?

Its about time someone told the truth about all TR's crap.

Get the records and expose it to the people - what's left of what he took away and hid and burned so the full truth cannot come out easily.

Power to the people comes from the TRUTH!


you dont have to do it everytime TR's name comes up. we will still know you by your blog handle Islander even if you dont come out from left field with the petty insults. youre vandalizing the blog once again by not sticking to the topic.

I'd say that even if the evidence is non-existent or missing, then someone (the probable suspect) is still responsible.

If ate quite royally at a restaurant, and say that there is no proof or evidence of a receipt and refuse to pay, the chef will threaten you with a hatchet or a hot frying pan, no one walks free.

i agree that no one walks free. but be careful with the word responsible. you could be cleared of all responsibility but still be considered responsible only in the chef's eyes or the chefs waiters.
in the chefs domain he will be sensitive of people that threaten to upstage his authoritative image. he will bark whenenever oppurtunity arises to ensure he does his part or maybe go even further to bash other chefs on who has the best recipe lol too far?. right now the chef is looking like the newest vendor down the ave who just got in and starts rumors of other vendors having cockroaches in the kitchen when he himself has not even worked the aroma of the food into the restaurant walls. im just joking aramid no offense

Comment removed by the administrator.

Comment removed by the administrator.

There is only one thing that Remengesau accomplished and that is bankrupting Palau

Don't be so hard on the Senator... despite what he has done he still has family, and he has done some good too.

I hope that President Toribiong's public statements do not affect the judgments of people so very quickly. Like what's been said, it's still all talk and the action is yet to come and hopefully we will see if things are like what President JT has said. I hope so at least. And I believe in our pres.

I believe in our President too Olekyang and that is why I said President does not exaggerate.

TR is squirming like a conman he is!

We should not give him any regard because he has not earned any pity. He did not pity anyone when he was in power. Everything he did was for himself and for cronies that furthered his end!

He even beat his wife. How low is that?

Come on, kick him out of the Senate!

Come on Koshiba. This is your time, make history and go down in history as a warrior who stood up for justice and feared no man!


You all have good points. In time, we'll know what happened and what didn't happen and what needs to happen to make things right. A 100 years ago (seems like that long ago) when we elected our ex-president, all was good and well in the beginning. What went wrong and who or what made it go wrong? I know money talks. The rest is history, but what led our government to go down further in debt?

Iang hai e rengelekei. Ngkuk ngera chised. Ka mereko bom stob el di kakeuad e bemtuu ra berandang ek beskemiu a icekater ma abrabang. Ak kuk el somiu eng sebechemiu el chuarm aikal klongoseng. Ak dirk mlo merek el omeldakl a ngims a fitada a cheremrum. Ngkmal betok a kukau el direk. Mada bong e rengelekei e mei. Ak merolung er chelechang ra uchei ra kubes el kmo a babii a okelal ma blatong a telbongel.

Where there's a smoke there's a fire and we all know that Palau has been smoking with crime and whatnot. It almost looks like TR is in deniel when he should at least accept some responsibilities.

Elechang kuk di mamor el di mamor!!

ngmlamo medinges obechad e sechelei.....and the wall come tumbeling down.....

money talks and bull-shit floats...i bet there's a lot of floaters floating around our government....hehehe

Hello Bukitang,

I say you are wrong. Let me asked you, who spent more money during the last Presidential elections - Chin & Seid or Toribiong? We all know it was Chin & Seid.

Now who has more money Surangel or Toribiong? I don't even have to qualify, we all know the answer as to who is the richest man in Palau.

To be realistic, I will admit that money is important, but I say not everything. The majority of people in Palau have had enough of corruption, cronism and inept administrations, we want to make Palau a better place for our children and that is why we have Toribiong in power and not those who have more money.

With regards to your comment about bull-shiy floating, I leave it to other to judge where does the bull-shit come from TR or JT.


hey coconut...are you a floater too??? i'm merely making a comment and not pointing a finger at any specific people here.

Ia rengelekei! Alii ngdiak mobes el kmo a blatong a telbongel ma babii a okelall.


I hope you are not trying to imply that I am islander and also pastor.

Just because people may support the same things please do not presume to lump them all together as the same person - perhaps that may be some people's way of doing things but not mine.

As for accusations of vandalizing the blog I think that is cheap! There is an administrator who judges that, not you.

I have not even tried that yet and I doubt if it will do any good because 'none so deaf' applies to those of you out there who are staunch TR supporters!

Your blog is also a distortion of the truth - in support of the one person has been doing that on a regular basis? No prize for guessing who that is!

You may blindly support TR but you cannot deny that fact - look at his past public statements - this one is no different.

Only the truth will prevail in the end!

Lies and misinformation get exposed in the end and cannot match the truth for strength.

diak a temam el melib a blatong or omekang a babii. memoutekangel el tilib e mokang eng kmal kora klou a temem el lomais era chelsel tial blai:)....akdi olengit mem ruula fritada el cheremrum el mo betok emngai el mkang ilechal babii mel lemad....kmal klou tial swine flu mekede medektang loucharm a babii.


Iang chelik e mengernger, ngkuk ngera chised. Ngera mekedemo kuk omkeuad aikal babii er kid. Ngkal babii el kmilngeklii el Bertha a kmal meral mla mo kedelal e ungil makit. A beluad er belau a kumdasu eng diak a swine flu er ngii. Al sekum eng morengii a rechad el semecher er tial flu eng kirir el mo mesang a chelid ra ngchesar e olengit a subes. Kabong e me kulekoi, ngkmal mla mo ungil a beldakl el odoim. Bo moleker ra rokui el chad ra blai el mei me domengur. Ngkmal betok a ngims, ma kukau, ma someng ma tuna, ma cherdoched el cheremrum. Aikakid aikel meral lungil kal. Adang mekerang. Ochoi. Seikid. Me boluaisei.

lol.....no comment:)

So wait for the end My Friend Concerned,

Singing the same song everyday about TR makes you seem very infatuated with him where it's starting to look like a very personal problem. If what you have said has merit to it. Let the conclusive evidence give him what he deserve. No one here is saying you are right neither wrong. Your message has been posted and it's been noted. I am hoping to hear your views with other issues....



Memou tekangel el rullii a beldakl el mengernger, emoutekangel locha sesel chuit. yang sel asi erngii el meral lolengibs..eng meral di merret el mor olboid! lol...

moblak a rengum lom keroul a babii..ungil makit ra ikal siukang erkid. btw, mla mo tela cheral a bond ra babii? kirel ngmasch a cheral eng mal meringel a domkeroul.

wow, I love how hyped up Palauans can get over whos responsible for what... and usually to cover their own butts. sigh* TR is getting investigated, we all know he did the shady... why dont we talk compact? do we need it? how can we be sure it'll be used right this time, how can the people of palau be a part of how are money is spent and become the democracy we should be... not the socialist society undercover as it has been. Lets make progress and figure out who dunnit after we fix it. git er done people

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