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May 19, 2009


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Same reports are coming out of Guam and Saipan and the rest of Micronesia. This Swine Flu has a lot to do with it. That includes the economic recession that is holding people from spending on vacations. The oil prices over the $60 dollar mark which is a good sign that the recession is rebounding now. I am very optimistic for the second quarter.....


All crap! No wonder they are not coming not only the global economy is down but our leaders do extend their fingers for their money. Why do they have to pay for $30 (if I am not mistaken) to get the hell out of the "Paradise". I also wonder why the foreigners have to pay more for their car registration. I don't know, are we that desperate for money. Please leaders, these laws will bite you guys in the butt big time. Are your relatives in the U.S pay more because they are foreigners. Think lawsuits and all you do the math.



With the military population in Guam and more to come, we need to attract more military to come to Palau. A military vessel that pulls in to Palau for a port of call will spend more than 50K just for the pier side with shore ties, let alone each military member spending a lot of cash on boos and other things.


Dream on. What military person on R&R is going to be interested to come to Palau. What are they going to do? Go fishing or maybe scuba? They can do that in Guam and Hawaii.

YOU want military persons to buy 'storey boards" and go sleep at 9pm! Lol.

Ollek if you really want to attract the military boys for BIG BUCKS what you need is Las Vegas in Palau. YOU NEED NAUTILUS CITY!

Wake up!

Let me inform you why the tourist are by-passing Palau:-

1. There is poor scheduled airline services. Continental Airlines arrival time from Manila at 1am stinks!

Palau needs DIRECT SCHEDULED AIRLINE SERVICES from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, & Malaysia. That's the basic need to bring tourists to Palau.

2. Palau is expensive and sevices do not justify costs. Hotel room rates and food charges are outrageously expensive. Most 3-Star hotels in Palau charge 5-Star prices. Fishing and diving charters are also outrageously expensive, yet again the service is poor. The boats are poorly fitted and very little attention is given to safety.

Palau need to open up the industry and bring in international operators to give toursts what they want and pay for. RIP-OFF PALAU is the word out there! Don't change perish!

3. Nothing to do after 9pm. No quality entertainment such as jazz bars, cabarets, discos, piano bars.

Again Palau needs to open its door to foreign know-how and foreign investors. Don't change perish!

4. Lousy shopping! Whatever is sold is 150% more expensive than at other holiday destination like Bali, Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

5. No quality sporting facilities like golf, tennis, carting, squash, gyms etc.

6. Few good eateries - you can't even get a good Rib-eye or kobe steak or foix gras or caviar. Forget about getting a bottle of quality wine in Palau! Try getting a bottle of Chateau La Tour or Chateau Petrus, etc. NO way!

What a place to come for a holiday! BORING! OK for the plebeians I suppose!

Realistic Man,
Certainly not, we don't need Las Vegas(Sin city) in Palau. We already have foreigner women dressed too suggestive walking on the streets which is entirely against our culture. Are we that desperate to compromise our culture, heritage and integrity to have it all? Aika kmal uchul a klechibelau er kid a nguemed. I have been to Las Vegas and never will bo back again for the same reason that we do not need Nautilus City in Palau.

Hey Ota,

I did not advocate that we turn Palau into Las Vegas. What I said was that if Palau wanted to draw service personal from Guam to Palau as suggested by Ollek than we need to provide services and entertainment like those available in Las Vegas.

With regards to your finger pointing about foreign women dressing too suggestively this is too much hypocracy to bear! Our women folk walk about bare breasted - that is our culture! Where did you come from. I am sure you saw your grandma or even mother walking around bare breasted!

I really can't stand this hyprocracy! Why don't you go live in Saudi Arabia? You sound like a muslim!

Realistic man,
Alsekum kemeral chad er belau ekemedengei el kmo ar delad a dikea lorael el uaisei. Te chad el uaikau el telkib el diak kumerang a tegingem leng koldubech aikang el tegoi el loumesinged amo klungiolem ea beluu ma tara klebesei rar ngelekam a metemall alsekum engdiak bo dungil meritel a tegoi.

Ngdi kea cheldechulel mekedemocha ouspech rar ngodech el chad el invest ra beluad ngdi lak di domes er tial kedeb el medad ebai domes ra ngaru chei medad el tegoi. Ar beldeked a melasem el mora ikel sebechir el mengetmokel er tial beluad el lulemdasu er kid. Mebodeuaisei a uldesued el meritel a tegoi kirir ar ngeleked el mermang.

Realistic man,

I've been to a lot of foreign ports where it's conditions is a lot worse than my beautiful Belau. Just a place where you can enjoy boos and some different sceneries. And let me tell you, some of these port of calls are nowhere near what Palau can offer right now. Also I've been to other ports where the cutter i'm on spends 50K just to be moored on the pier with no liberty at all for the crew, no shore ties connections, just a small inter-relationship events of not more than 50 personnels. And in reality you don't really need attractions of a city life style for militaries for even an overnight port of call.
So I am speaking from experience and I hope it helped put a little light in you.


I doubt that U.S. naval vessels pays money to be moored or dock at Ngemelachel. The weekly C130 flight that comes to supply camp Katuu do not pay landing fees too, I believe.

I could be wrong though.

Hi Ollek,

No one disputes that Palau is beautiful.

An uncut diamond is also beautiful, but beauty itself is not enough in today's highly competitive world. Therefore, if one wants to go into the diamond business one has to know that women want to ware beautifully cut diamonds. Very few women want to ware uncut diamonds even though one can say that uncut diamonds are beautiful.

Similarly, if a country wants to go into the tourist business the country has to provide good access to the country, good infrastructure, good security, good safety standards, good medical facilities for emergencies, good entertainment, good food, good shopping - all for good value. A naturally beautiful country (with poor facilities) is not enough to make the country a desireble holiday destination.


Build more hotels...maybe they will come.

Hahahaha, "we have reports... it might be the swine flu..."

I swear, the dilemmas of my tiny island nation never cease to amaze me. You are all probably well educated if not experienced individuals who have dealt with much of what has been what is and what will always be going on in Palau.

But I am a young person. I have represented my country proudly and I have lived in Palau my whole life. Currently I study abroad, but I have only been gone a couple of years and have no intention of staying away from home. It's sad enough to see majority of my kinsmen around the same age as myself depart or dream of departing my nation with glee... but that is besides the point.

I agree, Palau is beautiful, Trust me I have been to many places around the world in my short years living and I can say that even though I have seen wonders on different continents there is no place like home. I just hate to see how our home is filled with anger, corruption, distrust and constant, vain jealousy. Honestly, tourism is worth saving, it may be crashing now but hey.... its crashing all over the world, let us not get in over ourselves and realize we are but a decimal to the rest of the world.

I am almost disgusted by Palau's attitude towards the compact, how we as a nation see its okay to running back to the U.S. to beg for more. It's like our friendly versions of homeless people.... "metara change?"

Honestly we need to stop acting like babies on child support, with U.S. being our illegitimate father just because we decided we were grown up enough to live without them. we made the choice, they provided grace but honestly... The world's most powerful nation is undergoing the worst financial crisis they have ever faced since the Great Depression.... why would they seriously even consider us significant enough right now because we irresponsibly laid our free pass to waste?

But before I stray farther off topic, trust me a lot has been on my mind... believe that the youth no matter how far from home can feel the strain across the oceans... Tourism is essential, it's all we have right now... and now we are considering legalizing shark finning and oil drilling.... seriously....

I even heard the great KN once had an idea to accept responsibility to handle nuclear waste from developed nations such as France and Japan in exchange for big bux (apparantly for Palau, but that is besides the point...)... now... lets thinklogically, why would we...barely a country, still unnoticed by majority of the rest of the world, be able to handle something that the worlds most powerful countries (not to mention largest in land size as well) cannot contain? 'Scuse this if you take it as immature but.... DUH!

Oil drilling, yay, lots of money there.... okay so we get rich for 5 years.... then what after an oil spill or the destruction of the only beautifully unique thing that separates us from any other tiny island. rich for a few decades, deprived of everything we'd ever be worth for a life time. Doesnt sound like a fair trade to me.

Honestly, wake up... please, because I find it laughable and yet oh so frustrating to look back at the politics and the mindset of the people at home wondering if the most powerful leaders in our country even understand the basics in political and social sciences that an entry level college student understands.

I'm tired of everyone back at home hating one another for success... yeah lets label all the most financially successful individuals as "drug dealers and dubious scandalous people"... because they have to get their money from somewhere?

I'm not going to be blind and say not all of them might have shady ties to fortune, but that is besides the point. What about PALAU'S money! who cares about fancy cars what about your children. I am in the united states of america because I can't find the same level of education where I am from, andthere are countless others my own age here as well for the same reason. I say melt the lexuses and build a school, a gym (get that obesity rate down), a hospital, damn construct something young and old Palauan's can look at with pride and say, wow... thats palauan, and that makes me great because I am Palauan and this is how far we've come...

Our only show for that is a microwave safe plastic replica of the united states capital...

honestly who are we trying to impress? what in the world are greek columns doing in a land that was founded on volcanic and limestone rock, from people who lived with pride and heritage...

This relates to tourism. I didnt know it was so great to be proud of a replica. Imagine what tourists think, powerful leaders who visit us...

oh wow, a united states shrine!

wake up leaders, elders, chiefs, or young people. Stop focusing on who owns how much land or their shiny cars, focus on your nation. We are a nation, lets act like one.

Start by protecting the one thing we do have, tourism... and its again... like everything else we have, not something we've had to work for at all, it's just a gift of nature that we have to take care of, its so special people who are well beyond the development of our tiny society spend their savings just to see. Lets not mess this one up.

I am 20 years old, and I plan on coming back home to make a difference.

one more thing...

Foreigner women dressed in seductive clothing? HA!
That is funny. Who cares, their foreign, they arent a part of our culture. Be open minded, if they are prostitutes okay, different story, but seriously, let the haolies (as they call them here) be their weird selves. What you should be worried about is the influence your kids are getting on MTV, I think thats highly more suggestive considering how alcohol consumption among youth is rising as well as crime... I am part of that demographic, its not the outsiders coming to Palau thats a problem, its the priorities in our society that is. When we are old and grey, the youth will ascend, be sure they are the people they need to be and that our country remains the way it should. Palau will never be a Las Vegas. And yes I agree, Nautilus city is another great example of ridiculous (excuse my language) Whoring by people who are trying to pimp our nations assest for personal benefit and dollar signs. I will be direct, its not disrespect, its insight. What Palau has is misplaced pride and I do believe every Palauan who has sculpted our society can get at least one sentence for negligence in how ridiculous it was fostering our new generations. When I was back home for vacation I saw a 12 year old Palauan child try to commit suicide at an elementary school. I found out multiple classmates of mine passed away in drunk driving. Alcohol sales have increased higher than ever... this is not because beer is awesome... its a sign of distress in society. When our own people are praying for the day they dont have to live in their own country... something is wrong.

YOU TELL IT, WHY TELL!! Meral ngii!

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