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May 13, 2009


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If there was an OSCAR Award for lying, Tommy Remengesau jr., would be the lying star of the century!

This guy has'nt stopped lying since he came out of him mama!

No name calling please. And if you were Palauan you should never insult one's mother as that will offend many people. God bless and let's hope that things will turn out for the better in Palau :)

I've know TR for years and I can say with hand on heart that a bigger liar there never was.

How the hell this guy got elected for two terms I wil never understand.

It just proves that as a liar his is champion. As a scamer he is number one. As a con-artist the ultimate.

Come on Koshiba; investigate the scum-bag.

This begs the question of WHO is in charge of our country. From reading all the articles, it looks like JT is running on some bad info and Haruo W. or just "W" - who is gonna get his $75K a year for being unable to read financial statements.

What is going on in our government. All I hear are complaints and no solutions - only solution is to open up Palau because our citizens have been led to believe that the only way to "SAVE" Palau is to SELL Palau.

WTF JT Administration?? Casinos are going to save us??? Please.

Let just hope that this new administration will keep things on track for the 4 years term. I am proud to say JT you are number one. I am sure that you will remove all this corruption that has been going on for decades. We need you!

Wow! That is a very powerful sentence from our
Current Presidnet. If this is the road that this new administration is taking. I would bow down and follow him to the ends of the earth no matter what!!!! It's still early to see if one can talk the talk and walk the walk. Still my attention hes been perked and I am on full alert.

Rebeluu!!! Momes, morrenges, e momtab...
I omelekoi ma omeruul a domes e ngokiu a llemalt ma bleketakl el tekoi. Mei me bol ta rengud e desa el mo ra ulebengel ngii leual rrak. E deluut el msang eual rrak lokiu tial bleketakl el eldecheduch,

"What is normal to me is for my administration to live within its means. i'm not going to leave any unpaid bills to the next administration," the president said.

Wow! If JT can do what not even the leading nations of the world can do, that would be impressive! But, highly unlikely.

Remember, the govt is not on a pay as you go along basis. Is JT saying that he'll stop all govt spending before he leaves office so that they'll be no bills for the next prez?lol

Nice, Omdui--for reporting both sides. I guess you are turning a new leaf. I remain skepticaly since I noticed you still aren't censoring all the comments.

Come on! Stop pandering to this jerk Tommy! He is a liar and a thief! He ruined Palau!

Kick him out of the Senate. He is a disgrace! Put the conman in jail!

Let just hope things are going to be better from this new administration. Viewing everyone's comments, I clearly understand where everybody are comming from. I can see that all comments in this site, comes from very bright and intellegient people.

We all have our frustrations and we want to see our government fair for everyone. If this new president says he will not leave any unpaid bills for the next administration, lets support him and see if he can really do it. I believe that Tommy had a purpose in his administration and he did do some things for the benefit of Palau aside from his faults. People makes mistakes all the time and they tend to see things differently and sometimes they prioritize themselves and their families from any benefits they see. With the support of all the people of Palau, things can move forward. Citizens of Palau need to build up some type of communication (Voice out) with this new administration by letting them know how they feel and what ideas we see fit for Palau and its people. This could also help the administration make the right decision by knowing that it will be fair for not only few, the majority palauans.

There we have it: The soon to become famous quote from TR Jr: "there is only one finantial system - one set of compterized records".

Oh yes? and just WHO was in charge of those records? We all heard that the brotherly WHO was forceably removed from office! I wonder WHY?

Is it not convenient to now stress the point that we only have (had?) the ONE set of records?

Who the hell runs a counry with only ONE set of records? More to the point: ONE set of COMPUTERIZED records? WHY WHY WHY, & WHY?!

Is it not prudent to have back-up of records of these 'ONE SET' of records? If our ex leader was so imprudent we should ask WHY?

Smells FISHY to me!

He says he will give an explanation? Why not produce the FULL set of records instead? If TR can produce them, let him do so - the hard facts! His usual sort of explanations are like his "Palau is doing good" speech we have been hearing for years. Baloney! Now look at the situation!

Show me the records! better than that - show me your personal records!

Don't hold yur breath!


your weak attempt to brew controversy is laughable and your desperate attempts to pry only yields no results to your dissatisfied lying behind. try not to confuse us anymore since you dont know what to say. the brother you are so eager to refer to was working in the department way before the administration contracted him and he was forcibly removed from office for no reason other than... what else but make way for the new boys in town.


Oh yes, cover up some more. Why not? I even like the quote that TR says "readily available to explain any misinformation" and that is really GREAT! Why not explain the continued lies and misinformation that he has dished out to Palau for the past 8 years when he was in office trying to keep us misinformed about Palau's situation? Do you not recall that?

How about the quote " so that we don’t continue to confuse the public"! Who has confused the public? The truth be told, and the situation analyzed from the source of the problem, is that TR was the one who was doing all the misinforming and now this has led to confusion (not the "we" he so readily uses when he is caught out). Just because TR surfaced the facts and did not cover up TR's lack of care for our funds is this confusing? Only for TR!

Why not ask TR to explain how any President can only have one set of accounts - one COMPUTERIZED set of accounts? Is he an idiot or is he doing so for a reason?

Finally, I would like to say that even IF the records show no wrong doing by TR (which I doubt) there is a great need for any leader to be PRUDENT with a country's funds - it is very evident that TR was far from a good caretaker of our nations funds - fact!

I am not being controversial, just pointing out facts that you TR lovers sure do not like to surface about this negligent fool (to be kind)!

You people like to cover up and hide the facts – is exposing them controversial? Is analyzing them for what they are controversial? If so, then do not do anything wrong so people can’t be “controversial” (as you like to put it).

I say it is spelling out the truth!

More power to JT for being factual!

correction in paragraph 2, last sentence should read:

"Just because JT surfaced the facts....."

Let us not get more "confused"!

you are obviously leaning towards TR being corrupt. what else is new? lets just wait to get some solid evidence before you come in here so eagerly with your lies and deceipt to post and throw little jabs. this could be another jn and tr media fallout.

one set of records? youre seriously going to go on about that bit? you dont even know the mechanics of that so why not let the skilled finance people handle that? after all your president is in office so he could make two, three, or even 10 sets of records, however you like it

how about
you look at the big picture and realize that all this is political posturing. jt is trying to go after tr because jk and jngiraingas failed to do so. this is just a continuation of the latter's failed attempts. jt will never find dirt on tr because there is none. they werent able to do it while jt hadnt been pres yet, so what makes them think they could do it now. hiring outside help to investigate the former pres is just ridiculous and i dont think represents the publics sentiment. all the major talks that resurface in the media always so happen to come from the some people that are trying to ruin tr's reputation. during the election blatant lies and misnformations were spread all in an effort to keep him out the senate because he posed a threat for some special interests getting through. all he did ws campaign using the truth and despite knowing he never chose to go down the road that your favorite candidates have now made so popular. now a new horizon is upon us and we should have hope for a better future from a prudent leader in jt. what we get so far are a bunch of rhetoric that have yet to be manifest themselves. the difference with jt and tr is evidently shown in how they choose to handle accusations n that tr chooses to take the high road as president because he knows that to be leader he had to neutralize all that fire for example all that fire coming from jn. he knows that to be a leader he was not supposed to let down his role of uniting people. our curreent pres chooses to let his selfish agenda take over his role and now we are seeing in the media a back and forth battle between our two respected officials. at leats tr is now in the senate so he could afford to speak up. i expect our pres to unite the people.

also facctfinder or islander i know youre not palauan but theres a brief report from the investigative arm of congress of the united states. read it to know your info and know that palau has been praised by the US gov for accountabilty. before you say bankrupt so quickly. theres also recommendations for ways to achieve self sufficiency. one of them is tourism rev whch falls right in your avenue

There seem to be some vaque statments or unmentioned ones in his remarks. According to a GAO report on June 2008,"according to Palau's controller and Palau's current external auditor, Palau has inadequate staff and experstise to properly address its financial reporting weaknesses and make other necessary impromvements in a timely manner". As a result, Palau is at risk of being unable to sustain its imporovements in financial accountability and transparency. It was further mentioned agreed that Palau has limited capacity to address weaknesses in its compliance with federal awards and auxilliary services requirements.

"Unless Palau strengthens its financial accounrting resources and expertise, its ability to sustain recent progress in financial accountability and to operate a major federal program according to applicable requirements is at risk".

Keep in mind, we have not gone to the part about external funding other than the federal ones.

If you are bad in construction, no matter how many quality materials and equipments, you will still end up with a short lived, inadequate, inefficient, and unsafe living conditions.



Sorry to say that you may choose to present TR as innocent but the facts are PLAIN for anyone to see and the proof will follow sure as day follows night!

BTW what makes you think jt is 'after' TR because jk and jn "failed"? Our President is just presenting the facts and we are grateful for him doing so - at last someone willing to speak plain talk. This is something that TR failed to do time and time again. Previously we were all fed garbage! That is why there is so much garbage left hanging around.

If you want to support someone for being 'Presidential' the person should at least be seen to be doing the right thing. We cannot say this of TR! The many incidences of his double talk will take a book to record! Maybe that could be someone's new project? We respected his office but he did not respect us enough to give us the truth and disrespectfully kept us misinformed.

The fact is this: in light of a lifestyle that a person's salary cannot support, a person will always end up looking corrupt!

In light of what Santy has stated about millions of dollars being granted for public projects but these utilities are still no better today! This is evidence of something that requires serious investigating.

Palau is not a ‘mama and papa’ store. A nation needs to be run right and its funds need to be accounted for right. I DO know the mechanics of accounting but it looks like you do not. Since you imply that you know the mechanics then answer me why was the first and most fundamental rule of accounting not adhered to? Why was the brother allowed to keep the records once TR became President?

There is no good explanation for this and so the person in charge will be looked at suspiciously and rightly so. You cannot deny that a family member will always be predisposed to cover up for ‘mistakes’ and so is ineligible for the position. There is a conflict of interest that accounting practice cannot reconcile. So again, I ask "why"?

Ultimately, TR was responsible for what was received and what was spent and to see that funds are spent correctly. We cannot accept that funds will be accounted for correctly when a family member is left to keep the "one set" of records.

If (this is a very big 'if') Palau has ever been praised for its accountability under TR - I would look at that report more closely if I were you and also look into the context and content of what is stated! You must be scraping the barrel for praise because all the reports I have read over the years only asks Palau to IMPROVE its accounting practice and chides Palau for the many inadequacies of checks and balances. Were some of these chiding reports making reference to family members being responsible for accounting records? I wonder what skewed reports are you reading?

Everyone is suspicious when it comes to accounting for a nation’s funds as millions of dollars are involved. Close family members in charge of financial records is a warning signal of bad accounting practice and is a sure way of asking to have fingers pointed in your direction. It gets even more alarming when funds are depleted with nothing to show for them.

So far we see no good answers coming from anyone in the past TR administration. If TR is found to be imprudent or corrupt then neither is acceptable of a President. If TR wanted to appear correct he should have done the correct thing, not do what he liked at the expense of Palau.

I think we can all agree that money has been received and spent on projects to cure the various public problems but the same problems are still here. So where did the money go?

If you think you can answer where those funds were spent and why there is no improvement I am all ears and so is the rest of Palau! ‘Disagreeing’ on what facts are being presented does not hold any weight! Let’s get the details on why there is no improvement from the funds that appear to have been spent. If there are other figures and details we welcome detailed explanations not just words without the weight of actual figures behind them.

You may be upset with questions but does Palau not have a right to question what was done with Palau’s funds and does Palau not have a right to the truth? When no good outcome is received from funds being spent on ‘improvements’ the questions will be asked and someone is always to blame. If Tr allows the guilty to get off scot free then he must face the music himself.

The buck stops at TR’s feet. He (and you) may disagree, but saying you disagree is not enough. Give us the detailed explanation if he can instead of trying to misrepresent the situation and throw barren seeds around. If TR sees a need to reply and SAY he disagrees then give us a proper explanation instead of trying to deny responsibility in such a hollow way. TR readily passed on a debt so why not explain why it is there and why nothing was improved under his watch when funds were allocated for improvements. Why was the outcome Palau had a right to expect not achieved?

Then after that maybe you can also explain why certain people (do you need examples?) who had broken the law, who were accountable for public funds, who were responsible to answer to Palau were all allowed to leave while under TR's watch?

If all this still does not look suspicious to you and you still have blind faith in TR then you need to ask yourself if you are really THAT blind? I must commend you on your faith in the man but it can only be brotherly love not logic!


I am not for JT nor TR. I am for what is fair for the people. And I believe that what is fair for the people are facts and concrete evidence that will show proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
No one is guilty until proven guilty.

So for you to write what seems like a Harry Potter Novel about TR is just plain fiction until he is proven guilty in the court of law.

I agree with Kerekikl,

Let the professionals dig and compile all evidence to make a case. If it's enough to convict TR than the people have been served justice. In the meantime let's not blow too much air when we really don't have anything to back it up.


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