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May 05, 2009


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be careful tommyboy...when you're pointing a finger at someone ten other fingers are pointing back at you. sometime it's better to keep our mouth shut than to open it and reveal our stupidity.

This is very interesting. We can't see the real picture when only one side is talking. I don't care who is right and who is wrong. All I wan't is the truth. And with this one the public has the right to know the truth....


yes pls tell the truth...

all talk, no reports, no nothing.

The question is....why did Tommy not reveal that there was a residue from KN's administration....was it because he was "chosen" to take over and hide the truth for KN?

The next question is: Why did Tommy take all files and documents away with him and there are reports that he even gave instructions to burn documents...Is this not a cover-up act?

This is what JT has had to deal with for the past few months - a sabotage aimed at covering up the facts about the TR and KN administration -it is not difficult to see why Palau is in a precarious position. Good on you JT - reveal the truth as it is and shame theose who are involved!

As an attorney JT should know that doing what your predecessor did is not a defense - if it is incorect you are then also acting incorrectly!

Also, why did TR not clear up KN's mess but chose to leave it to the next guy? Was it a per-planned tactic to get the new guy into trouble with malicious intent? We all know that JT was not TR's chosen beneficiary of the Presidential seat?

Yes, TR had better be careful that JT does not let all of TR's bad actions surface!

captain felix get out of here!! sounds like typical felix style full of controversy and rumors and no real substance.

Hey fake Islander,

Nothing you blog will save your devil worshipping Master (TR).

All of Palau knows TR is a wife beater, fornicator, liar, drunkard, thief, corrupt President and a midget!

All his cronies are deservingly out of office. lol

This is the first step in TR's downfall - isolation! Next step conviction! Next step JAIL! All dictators end up the same way! JN, Uludong and Koshiba is coming after you TR!

Don't blame Felix for Tommy's devil worshipping ways.

Felix is in Monaco watching the Grand Prix eating caviar and drinking champagne!Sorry he don't have time to blog!

What are you doing, Rat eating cheese in the dark. Ha HA HA!

Don't be jealous you may be able to afford it one day when you get a job in NC. Lol. Sorry no education!

Bye, bye Rat!

To Islander/Slander/Salamander:

Island Boy, Island Boy,
Ngmla mo diak kudengei molekoi,
ea domes a bilsengem a mla mekoi.

Tekoi molekoi a di klebelung,
Ngdiak orrenges a tekingem el om dung.

Ke keltukl el diak em llechuul,
Ma ke kora kmal mla mo chebuul.

Ngdi dorrenges e ke mla mo mechetel,
el di ngii ma om secher ra tereter,
eng di kedi melemomel er r uldesuem,
el chebuul le delam a songem.

Island boy, island boy,
ng mla mo diak kudengei molekoi,
ea domes a bilsengem a mla makoi....

Be nice and stop being a screaming little boy. I heard you are a real screamer...I think it was JH. ha ha ha....

Fake islander,

I notice that you have to use a small "i" - so you are the small fiddle?

A bad workman blames his tools and you all are really trying to blame this Felix guy for everything that TR did. This is madness.

Has TR changed his name to "Felix" to avoid being convicted? Will not work. Man you are sick!

Your finger-pointing does nothing. Be a man and take the truth like a man. Maybe you get better and your sick brain shrink to normal!

You mad psycho blaming everybody else for your problems. Self denial is proof you are getting more psychotic!

Carry on increasing your fake IDs and end up suffering from multiple personalities.

You already are a split personality.

You think other people have the time to blog with multiple identities? It it you that has multiple personalities and psychotic delusions. I think soon you will believe that YOU are this Felix guy!

Time to face the music MR. FAKE - Hope you like straight jackets!

nice poem e whose,

ngka el molekoi er ngii a ta er tirke el chad el leko te mo omkedechor ra hoter ra beliliou. ak mla nguu a email ra sechelil el uluuchais er ngak el kmo ng techang. ngka el sechelik a ouchais el kmo ngka 'l chad a blechoel el me er tiang e meluches a mekngit el kirir a rechad. se 'l bo le seserek a rengum er ngii e kedi mecherei ng di ngii el mengesengsang er ngii. ng ulterkokl el diak el sebechel chiuii tia 'l poem er kau le ng tekoi er belau.

All your anti-TR rhetoric isn't going to sell any of the NC/PacViews properties both in this site or anywhere out there. Who knows, any non-believer of your gigantic dreams could eventually become a Late Birdie customer. You still have not answered the million dollar question and that is, Where's da money coming from to fund your NC? One thing we know for sure and that is Tommy boy f*%^d up your arse gooood and rightly so!

I am not defending TR but all I am saying is that my and Belau's former presidents should be treated with respect. JT is the man right now and as such you should be consulting with him regarding NC reality and if you don't, go play with your Tony Blair instead.

Ea ea, ngkal chad el di ngii el mla ngiltii el investigator e prosecutor e judge ng mlekerang e tmuu ra elsel tiang meng ng mla morkedii el urecherur meng dikeal sebeched el kuk mes e remenges a bebil ra ungil luldesuir ar betok el chad. ngkang locha techang a sebechel el dobechii a dekelel meng remiid eng kmal mla mo urusai!

Hey this is to all you TR supporters,

All Tommy will be pushing back on is some inmate's dick when he goes to jail. Lol.

Ask now where is the money for NC, Ask what did Tommy do with the government's money! hehehehe!

This is the question SP will ask Tommy and his gang of rats. Where's da cheese? Lol


Hey great quote Curious,

You sound like the great JFK! Ask not........! lol. Most appropriate!

The old hat ploy of slandering and pointing at others (NC) to get the heat of oneself (TR) is long passed its used by date. Lol

The people of Palau have matured! They are not scared by TR initimidation tactic and now the intimidation tactics of his divil worshipping bloggers because the saw what Moran (a little Australian jockey) did to the mighty rotten rat (SP walton)! It took a foreigner to show us he right way, but still we learn well!


God bless President Toribiong
God Bless NC


LOL! I give up!!!

This issue will never end as long as you guys
are around. I will just step to the side and move on to other issues. Good luck to all...


You're wrong my friend. At the end the of the day, nobody's going to jail and one fact remains. Your nightmares continue in which you'll be looking at, smelling, inhaling, sucking and touching Tommy boy's COCONUT MONSTER ARSE, and it will not go away until you tell us where the money is coming from to fund your titanic shiiiit!

the truth will come out. even if the truth is a lie/rumor/fabricated. thats what happened when the judge decided i was guilty of the "truth". now i wish what Curious aka Islander said will come true. my last boyfriend was peter moran. he was a little small but he made up for it in creativity. i liked to grab on his pony tail while we envisioned that we where atop Nautilus rooftop overlooking the ocean and sunset.

Hey inmate if you liked Moran wait till you try Tommy! You will not want to leave jail.

Moran liked you too. Now that he's out. He is sending you a lovely present; a gorila from the Congo. Moran knows what you like inmate so he has the gorila trained to stick BIG Congo bananas and coconuts up you arse. You will love Moran Congo gorila. Lol

I am sure you are going to remember Moran for the rest of your miserable life! By the way, I hear that TR has aids.


Hey inmate,

since you're a self confessed arse-man especially when they're small guys, wait for the midget TR. Now he a real talented arse-hole! Lol

Christmas is coming to you inmate!


no, i only go for the nancy caucasians mate. especially the ones with pony tails and sleeveless shirts like a chavy nan se. i also like their bloody knackers to be colored pink and fuzzy like me Pi-ta Mah-ron. thats all

that was meant for you Islander

hey inmate you are where you belong! Lol


merusech a rengul. Your faggot soul is headed for hell.


Braise yourself for a good old Tommy time coming your way. Courtesy of the peeps of Belau.

This is a prayer from Tommy R. Small "God grant me the serenity to accept my fate for my wrongdoing and claiming that I'm mightier than thou. Grant me the knowledge of my fate that I will be joining Inmate, my doommate"
How's that Inmate?

Hey Inmate,

You are a lost soul and I pity you. The seeds of hate will grow in you like a cancer and in the end your dick will drop off! Lol.

Wait for TR in your cell.

Thank Moran for the jail being re-decorated when he got out with photos that proved the appauling condition the jail was in.

TR and Chin paniced in case the world got wind of the humand abuse that was going on in the jail under their watch! Drugs, weapons and monsters lke you - vile rat!

Stay in jail where you belong! Wail for you kind Tommy is coming

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