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May 05, 2009


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Sorry but it's the same kindda logic our politics and government have down here, nothing ever makes sense. we can probably get a high school team from guam to play against our so called major league and i bet they'll give us a run for our coconuts....hehehe

Hahah! nice one bukitang... I'm laughing :)

LOL...thanks for the laugh...I'll just watch my Chicago Cubs, go Cubbies.

While passing through Guam last week I had an opportunity to watch the Palau Softball League on Sunday. I was amazed of the size of the crowd and barbecues all over the field. Ma re sechelengel a re bekel State a kaisichai ra yakiu ea kuk rengalek el dil a kaisichai ra barebor.

I mean "Ollllek! Tirka meral ta rengrir!!!
Ng meral smiich a renguk el mesterir a rechad er Belau el uaisei. Kede blechoel kautouch e ketutk ea tekoi el doruul a mo olengesonges. Ak meral proud ra rengelekel Belau el ngara Guam.

Ak meral mlo semeriar engdii sel basio er ngak ra keremlal a mengiil er ngak ra medal a Todai...LOL!

Keep up the Good Job Guam!!!

Nice letter baseball fan! Kemeral smiich!

The worst President in Palau's history Tommy Remengesau!

Ask not where is the money for NC. Ask what Tommy did with the government's money!

Ask what happen to the PSB money.

Ask why did Tommy and Chin cover-up AG's Bettie's illecit activiy with a Chinese prostitute madam.

Ask why is Palau receiving so little money from fishing activities being carried out in Palau's territor ial waters with international sales of fish caught is palau worth over a billion dollars yearly!

Ask why thete is so much cover-up going on with the rememgesau administration that they (TR and his Ministers) had to hide and/or destroy most of the government records and files.

Ask when is the government coffers empty when the Nakamura and Remengesau Administration received billions of dollars in grants from our allies.


Halo Omdui,

So I'm reading your twitter updates on the right hand corner of my screen and see that what you've posted are quite interesting. As to your latest post on the female fertility drug thingy, I was like, "what?!"

So which sport is that and what's their reason? Just curious. I would've put this on the latest open thread post but I'm sure you won't see it so I figured with the baseball blunder, sports, you know??? it's related... in a way :)

peace ya'll!

okay, so i should have clicked the link :) my bad! i was about to say all kinds of things like, is he palauan? how did he get female drugs fertility drugs in palau? saisel klebelnguk! ak meral chebuul :)

fyi, happy world red cross day!


FYI, what OMDUI was talking about is about Manny not about our stupid PML. So relax it has nothing to do with us. If you are not a baseball enthusiast let it be-especially if you do not know who Manny is!!!

heheh... My man Uchel, always on top of things,
outing the wannabe somebody.

Listen to Uchel and let it be....you know?. ;=)

Her friend


Mousubes e brad. Ak kmal mlo mekngit :)

F___k uchel!! Why talk about Manny when the issue is about PML. Just be quiet!!!


I believe you should be the one to zip up. You do not know what you are talking about!!! READ THE BLOGS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR TRAP!!! FOOL!!!


You are the one who should zip up. Read the blogs before you post your comment!!!

What, which, who of PML do you want to talk about and I will discuss it with you.

My posting was a riposte to Olekyang's inquiry into OMduis twitter's regarding the latest use of steroid by a "major league" player and not about the DAMN DUMB PML!!! So keep quite if you do not know what you are talking about.


You mentioned that our Damn PML is Stupid. Palau Major League is better than nothing!! Kau ke chad er ker? kau a locha chad ra Oles ke chad er ker el diak a beltkil a rengum el mei ra Belau!! At least, eng ngarngii a programs el sebechel lolngeseu ra rengalk me te mengeroid er tir ra mekngit el lomeruul!! Ruleterir me te mo mesisiich a bedengiir mo sebecherir el teloi ra community e meruul a ungil tekoi, thats what sports in Palau can do.

Kmal di chochotau el uase ke ngara cheroid maybe merikel me compare ra PML ma MLB. KEmam el ngara Belau a mengetmokl ra beluu meng diak mosaud a tekoi el diak modengei. Chohoi, diak el longiil sel bebir ra time eng di ngarngii a room for improvement!!

So yeah, be quiet and oh I hope you can read and understand Palauan you fake Belauan!

...Yeah, let's take Reagan Sidoi-run over two Survivor workers few years. Reason, DRUNK and DRIVING. Turu Tellei, an addict and a drunk. The last Micro Olympic in Saipan our baseball manager decided that he could overrule Oceania Baseball rules and used aluminium bats, result no medals. One of the players was also caught with marijuana and was banned from playing in any competition under the auspicies of Oceania Baseball. Guess our manager then also insisted on playing him and he (manager)was also banned by Oceania baseball. Should I go back to the 90s I could tell you more when it was popular to stuff aluminium bats with marijuana!! Believe me Belau baseball at its best is the East Coast softball league. Last mini SPG game Melengis was taken out of the team palau by his own uncle for smoking pot and drinking so tell me how well have taught these kids you mentioned.


All you talk about is negativity!! You said its damn stupid. Ok its better than nothing!! you are saying that all of them are bad!!! So you want PML to cease to exist? What is your solution? NOTHING all you want is PML to FAIL!!

What a true Palauan, right! you are an example of a dog w/ its tail between its legs runnin away! No wonder why we as a nation are struggling cause of Palauans like you, wait are you even a Palauan.

You are probablly in some Starbucks somewhere in the states typing away talking about issues going on here in our Motherland.

Just enjoy your lifestyle in the STates and let us work hard to improve our own Country!!


Rise Up,

Check yourself before you speak out!! Did you finish Elementary school!! Check your spelling you stupid dumb ass!!

LMFAO @ retards!!

Chad er Belau;

Ka locha dirk tiluu ra blangel tuangel er tial blai meng meringel a dosaod a betok el tekoi er kau endi ak mekiis a bekl el tutau e mo oureor. Ak mora Did ra Nmgatel mak mechar a bento er ngak e oungil tutau ra Hanes, ma Hanes el Spam, Eranest, et. al. e merael mo oureor. Ea after lunch ea lmuut el mora Did ra Ngmatel ma kurenges a omengesekang.

In short, I know What I am talking about tokuni a tekoi ra yakyuu.


Melngis was not taken out from Mini SPG because of marijuana use or drinking.
Please get your facts right!

ollek...tial Did Ra Ngmatel ngmedel mla mo Starbuck's, ng wa ngera Wi-Fi er ngii? lol, tial PNCC ngdiak el bekerklii a wireless ra Did Ra Ngmatel mel bol sebecherir a rengalk ra PCC el ouspech er ngii. Cherei ngmol mo diak a kingelir a coalition.
Ngdi ngmeral tekoi, a PML a meketeket el diak el relii a requirment ra rengalk ra skuul (al le high school ma le college) el mo ouyakyuu. Lochotii el kmo te mengenluoluo ra skulir a rengalk leng diak el professional league mal sebechrir el mengerker ra yakyuu, a beers ma bar-b-q a diak el nguu ker.
Especially, with the last case that went to court because of players not wanting to miss classes.


Ke mla chochotii a problem kedemekerang e chultuuil era rechad el ngara Did ra Ngmatl el di melkoi a tekoi e diak a ACTION!!! E sel bol temel a Election e te mekiis el leko te kmal betik a rengriir ra Beluu mede sengkio er tir!!!

Ollek, kngibech. Kau kmo a PML a diak lochotii a mengeluoluo ra skulir a rengalk. Chelechang e komes, PML a rulii a little league l diak a tal chad el melim a rrom malechud ouspech a drugs. Tirkel loueakiu chelechang edimelim a biyang e barbecue a mo start el diosekool er tir, malechub e te mo mountain pitch. Ea rengeleked ma skuled a mo mechelii a Past Time sport once and for all.

everybody out there doesn't know whats the truth.baseball is the best thing that ever happened to and in palau, trust me iknow this because i use to play for the best team in P.M.L history,and baseball gave me a chance to see the world(Austrailia,guam,fiji,saipan,samoa,phillipines, and japan). so instead of throwing bad stuff at each other lets get together and help P.M.L's future,which is our kids.


If you think you are so much better then Reagan, Melengis or any other baseball player in palau why dont you come down to palau and try out. You are just one of those palauans who just dont appreciate the things that happen in palau. You dont know what happened in saipan so dont talk about it. I was there and i know that all u wrote are not true and beleive me you dont have any idea of whats your talking about. Go play with yourself and get your story straight next time.


I wish I could play ball again. I am much to old to play baseball again. I played ball before and believe me or not I was much more discipline than anyone playing ball now. I was in saipan and I know what I am talking about. Please don't press the issue ak mol otobed terchediu.

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