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June 05, 2009


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What goes around comes around!! That's another best way leaders go out to have fun in our tax payers money. I don't know if we are just to blind to see what is going on or just as we Palauan idealogy - He/She is my relative give a break..

Well I hope our government won't file for bankruptcy cause it is a shame not for the leaders but all of us Belauans cause you know who did you vote for..

Jack S

Anest, ng meral chebuul ngkal chad :(. Tirkal chad er a congress a meral a oba bank book me sel bol uaisei a tekoi, eng meral kired el question er tir el kirel a uai ikakid el issue.

The whole of Belau is directly affected by their actions and decisions. Where one person can afford to play with money, there's someone else who struggles to make ends meet. WE should all be aware of each others' needs. This is definitely not right.

Hopefully, President JT will find time soon to look into the positives and negatives of our Philippine issues. TR made it more of a financial negative, just as he seems to have made most all else during his tenure in office. We have a very nice but do nothing Ambassador who spends little time on his official duties or providing assistance to our citizenry, unless of course, we are in a power or strong financial position--his life is his beautiful condo, his "staff", Golf, nightlife, "meetings" at Ermita Hotels etc--what has he ever done positive to correct the demeaning performance of the Medical Referral Program?? Nothing-right?? It is still a sham and full of fraud/kickbacks/commissions--he could have saved us thousands and ensured professional medical services if only he was paying attention to his duties instead of being Mr. VIP and "Butler" to the visiting "VIP's"--Education?? There are some great Institutions of higher learning in the Philippines but would not the MOE or MOS be the better ones to work with the schools there? Ever wonder where our tax money is being spent? Lots of "special people" in Ermita or Malate can probably answer that--just get a camera and let it show how "carefully" our money is being spent--funny though how with all the talk about our dire financial straits under our new Prez, that these so called "official Trips" and negative performance by our P.I. Ambassador continue unabated--but, on behalf of the benefactors from the false Medical Statements and inflated Bills, on behalf of the shameful ones benefiting from the kickbacks/commissions and special "procuring" and on behalf of the nightclubs, golf clubs and "special social attendants" in Makati, Malate and Ermita, a sincere Mesulang. In closing, what can of price can we place on our medical care and the Education of our Children?? There are so many sources of "free" medicines that can be sought out and benefited from, so many sources of Free/Donated Medical Equipment and supplies available--our problem?? To obtain these requires effort, responsibility in accounting, auditing and personal integrity--that seems to be too much for us when it comes to Medical especially.

Kid a di medengei el uase tirka a di mo milil. A ke te medei tirkal ngalk ra oles!! Ng di becherei e kmal klou el tip a lengai er tirkal congress man er kid ma staff er tir.

Twelve Pole,

Is the medical referal part of the ambassador's duty? can you englighten us as to what are the responsibilities of an ambassador???

Yup...i predicted the collapse of our coconut government by 2015 but it appears it's gonna be much sooner than i thought....especially with the help of our "big shot" politicians who'd rather party with taxpayers money like it's 1999....aaaaaahahahahaha.

Are these the types of things that we can lodge complaints about with the Ombudsman? Also, what about the Delegates going to Korea and coming back with a casino proposal...

It all stinks just the same but what are WE going to do about it.


Does not the Ambassador represent our President, our Nation and WE, the citizenry in the Philippines?? Is not every single thing that performs for or happens to our nation UNDER his watch? Why the question when the answer(s) is/are so obvious?

yeah 12 pole, ask him! he,(uchel) thinks he knows more and sometimes or most of the time he's full of sarcasms..smart ass!! I am wondering why he's not responding?? smart ass!!!

Twelvepole ma Oliich,

I was asking because it seems to that we already have a medical referral officer in the PI. Maybe we should get rid of one them and save some money. Olsiich msisichau LOLsiich ra rengum!!!

Fact finding mission involving the OEK??? Please give me a break - remember the youlsau bells fiasco?? They still can't figure out her real name...
There are Palauans who have earned their degrees from schools in the Philippines - why not get the facts from them? or the ones who are still attending school there? What a waste of money. Anyway, how long is this fact finding report and where can we get a copy of it?

To many honeymoon trip for fact finding mission Government money will be drained out and we will see more corrupted and high ranking will be rich and low ranking will be left poor.Tell me about it I went to Hospital to get medicine for my mom and I was told that it's out of stuck...and yet OEK is blind to see and know the needs of Hospital, but yet there is money for their trip to Philippines....and when school ask the needs for student...wow the answer that they get is no money......

oh yeah Uchel! keep explaining and justifying yourself, the more you talk the more you come out. Like to see that. Merengum el mesaod, cheers!!!

Get em' (damned adiminstration)

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