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June 05, 2009


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I only have one question regarding this issue. Whatever happened to the millions deposited to PSB and now you're after PNCC to cover for the loss. I see Mr. Etibek still works as a Director for Pension Plan.

Are the PNCC employees not contribute to the Pension Plan?

ok. How is working on a retirement fund making up for PSB?

Hallelujah for cracking down on PNCC. its close to 300 dollars to 500 dollars for DSL in palau per month. Every hotel in Palau or business that needs internet is under these high cost plans. Do the math, there is no way that for the satellite we use that the costs must be this high. I say privatize PNCC or make PNCC a semi government agency that handles the maintenance of our phone lines and cable... BUT, let the service be handled privately in order to encourage competition and development, also to open new horizons to local business

Ex: multiple cellphone companies, satellite TV, different internet providers

I think PNCC is already a semi-gov't corporation... but then I could be wrong.

Another thing worth mentioning, PNCC deliberately cut off the use of SKYPE in Palau. So even if you have a skype account back home, you can't sign in and use the application over the internet. It's so unfair because the rates of skype was so much cheaper to call overseas and if other people have skype, the calls were free.

I am wondering though, if Santy can answer this, if PNCC has the legal right to do so when it comes to Palau's communication services? Was it because of the bill that was passed a few years ago (I think) about giving PNCC the rights to this?


PNCC is a monopoly and lke all momopoly it has become complacent. Very little consideration is given to the peole. Greed and abuse is the philosophy.

The proposal to place 50% of PNCC's profits to fund retirement is excellent. I say put 80% of the profits into our retirement fund after all PNCC's businesses and profits are generated by the people of Palau.

Why then should not the profits benefit the people of Palau?

Who owns PNCC?
Who would like to see PNCC privatized?

Know the answer to those two questions and we can draw a line in the sand. It does not make good business sense to put 50% of PNCC's profits into the retirement system. As an owner, any profits should be reinvested back into the business. Adang mekerang Uchel? Before this measure was even proposed, our legislators should have asked themselves how much has the retirement fund received in contributions these past years? Or has it just been used as budgetary ploy under the disguise of funded/unfunded liability? I believe the hospital is under that same fiscal spell.

So looking at it just for priority sake, does'nt the hospital need more funds rather than the retirement fund? Is'nt there a marriage of sorts that exists already between medicine and telecommunications/technology? Could'nt this prove to be fruitful in years to come as economic stimulation. These are just some of my thoughts.

Hi RedSnapper,

May be you are right, let's put 40% of PNCC's profits into your hospital fund and the balance of the 40% profit into my retirement fund. Lol

That should satisfy everyone.


I am not really good with numbers but I know that when Silas, Lucky, Anat, et. al. brought SMART in the long distance call charges by PNCC were brought down to a much reasonable fare. I suggest that we open up Belau for a new telecommunication company to do business here!!

Adang mekerang e Richard!! KekmulKmo? I know you are reading or should I tell Dolo to force you to read Okedyula beluu!! LOL!!!

palau is already open for "new" telecommunication companies to do business here...Palau Telecoms, Palau Mobile Company, Palau Broadband, besides the good ole' PNCC. bring em in by hook or by crook, there is still nobody looking for the market size palau has to offer...ka bo momechell el mo betok

Too Much,
ka halle em telekib el kemaget el taem el om ngara Hawaii e bom modengei el kmo ngera uchul ma internet a kmal yasui er tilechang...oh malechub em ngasech er sel imo ra thread em post...fyi, a Palau Telecoms a ngodech el kombalii el mengaisichai ra PNCC ra internet...similar pricing, there must be a reason, look it up it might be good research for you.

ma bo modengei e mouchais...adang.

Ak Kngibech! lol.

Yo, I know all about Palau Telecom, and about PNCC trying to shut it down too...( I'm in hawaii...yeah, but I'm in Palau every chance I get. Christmas...summer... spring break) because PNCC IS Semi-Government (dont get me confused I knew it was semi government I was saying that it shouldnt and if anything, as a semi government agency it should handle... and only handle maintenance of our national communications infrastructure like the phone lines and satellite rather than regulate it and hoarde it's use... they are palau's... not PNCC's) and there are laws protecting PNCC since it was established from competition... which is why Palau Telecom is struggling against it. In reality, yeah, similar pricing, but not on the level that I meant... what I meant is throw PNCC out of the arena. Let it handle the maintenance of our communication infrastructure, not our services. It's the services (cable, internet, cellphones) that should be privatized. Restructuring our utilities (yes power as well)... equals healthy competition, Economic and business opportunity for Palauans... new jobs (engineering major? incentive for palauans with degrees to come home).

Banning Skype? that is ridiculous... absolutely ridiculous.

Palau Telecom is good service, I know several locations that use it (Cliffside Hotel's wireless for example). And it IS a start... but as long as PNCC exists as a semi-government agency that regulates all usage of our communications infrastructure as well as the services required to use it... we will and will always be victim to their monopoly.

Palau telecom is wireless by the way. ;)

lol...you should visit Palau more often, next time can bring some aku poke fo grinds...
The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industry and Commerce regulates communications, PNCC is a player...just like everyone else
kam luut el mo ungil omngamk...

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