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June 23, 2009


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That is a very good issue to talk about Mr.President. It would open the public's eyes when it comes to diplomatic relations. It's a give and take. You are right. What would have happened if you said, "NO"?


Well, we all know that a "NO" to Obama would have cost us our livelihood. The compact re-negotiation is at hand, in fact in a year so he wasn't dumb enough to pick us at this time.. I used to look up to Obama but not anymore. Maybe, a republican President may have not put us in this situation

If Johnson Toribiong was found by our court to have failed to “adequately represent Chiang” his client then how can we say he has adequately represented the people of palau in this case? His response might as well have been what would jesus do? At least the christian majority in palau would side with him if he would've taken that route. As for his consequences plea had he said "no" to Obama, this member of the palauan jury is not buying it. Like I said better to preach to the choir then to sing that lawyer song and dance. Watch out TR and Surangel Jr. in 2012.

Wow! Mr.Brown,

Ng kuk dirk kesemsemed a btelud ra sengkyo el dirk mlo merek e kau a mla mo Campaign? LOL!


sorry, TR er ker? Ngkal le di melim a rom ra Sunset Park? Bai ereii....komen nasai!

Mr. Brown,

You are a clown,
Don't know when your man is down,
The People have spoken,
when they voted Johnson
Suragel was strangled with nothing to dangle.

TR is no star
because he went to far
Corruption was his life
as he cheated his wife

The PSB Bank was his folly
TR was just a polly
His master was KN
who taught him the trend
Who has the power
NOT TR, NOT KN but it is our man
The attorney who can

Viva johnson Toribiong

Mr Brown,

TR Jr has served his time in the oval office already. I honestly think he is a good senator and I will vote for him again and again at that level. However I will vote for anyone associated with SW's family over JT's in 2012.

Hi Dreamer,

I will vote for an Angaur monkey before I vote for TR or Surangel for that matter.

8 years of tommy is enough. If anything, it was too much.

I will make sure he never gets back
on the President's seat again. The man
is slow and afraid to make decisions.

If Tommy was in office, he will say NO to Obama and Palau will fall out of favor with the US. Our compact negotiations will fail and Palau will get nothing.
Glad Johnson said yes. Johnson is both smart and has the guts to make hard choice for the good of Palau.



someone called it oval office. can we not?

Why is TR always mentioned here? The asshole finished his term, he no longer sits on the seat..ladies and gentlemen.... there's a new man in town...
Again... TR ER MR LR whatever you call it.. NO LONGER A PRESIDENT, I rather hear about how the monkey got the banana than hear about TR...

Ngdiak a elaus?

Regardless of whom the Palau President was they would still say yes!!! Lets be real here, who in their right mind would say no to someone who has been feeding them and will continue to feed them!!!

i think JT did the right thing on this one... It is true, if he said "NO" what would have happened? the US Gov. has always been on our side in our time of need.. now its time to return the favor..."U scratch my back, and i'll scratch yours."

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