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June 05, 2009


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really? when did you finally come to this conclusion? after our fisheries and long liners robbed us of our prime resource for years?


i clicked on the link but it says that the URL is not valid. thanks!

The sooner the ban the better!

Allowing longline fishing is akin to allowing the indiscriminate slaughtering of animals for ivory and their bones for chinese medicines. Or shooting buffalo during the days of the old wild wild west!

Ask yourself who has profiteered the most over the last decade from this despicable business? Nakamura and his cronies of course!

I thought you wanted to give it to foraign investors? Redherring

Why stop at Casino's, and, cities being built on small islands, Why not take all the sea life out of Palau too. It would probably really save Palau from economic meltdown.

This bill apparently refers to reef fish and NOT to long-lining:

KOROR (Palau Horizon) – SEN. Hokkons Baules proposed a measure which will ban export of any living resource that primarily inhabit the reefs of Palau.

Senate Bill No. 8-67 aims to stop the depletion of the country’s marine resources except highly migratory fish caught pursuant to the foreign fishing agreements.

“The Olbiil Era Kelulau finds that the living resources that inhabit Palau’s reefs, territorial sea and internal waters are quickly being depleted,” the bill stated.

It added that information from local fishermen indicated that reef fish and other aquatic life have become scarce. The bill stated there is generally lax rules regarding the export of reef fish and other organism s that inhabit Palau waters.

The bill bans the export or caused to be exported any species of living resource that predominately ingabit reef areas, the territorial sea of internal waters.

Bait fish are also exception to the ban.

...I'm guessing export for profit$$? Otherwise that means no more bringing coolers of fish to family when going off-island?


You said it not me!

You got me all wrong as usual because you are so very shallow.

I did not say we need to give anything to foreigners.

I said Palau needs to encourage foreign companies to invest in Palau.

I said we need to reform the archaic FIB ACT!

I said we need to get rid of the ‘red tape’ because it breeds corruption.

I said the best was forward for Palau to solve its financial crisis is to encourage joint ventures businesses between local business and foreign business.

Joint ventures businesses are beneficial for the following reasons.

(1) It will destroy all the illegal front businesses that currently thrive in Palau.

(2) The local partners can secure foreign capital and foreign expertise

(3) Foreign entities having a local partner can learn from their local partners and get good advice about local culture so that they do not cause difficulties, inadvertently or otherwise.

I do not support long-line fishing because I do not think it will solve Palau’s financial dilemma.

On the contrary long-line finishing will decimate Palau’s fish stock in the long run. Not to mention the fact that long-line fishing techniques also slaughter indiscriminately many endangered creatures in the sea.

I think we should look into replacing long-line fishing with sport- fishing activities ‘catch and release fishing’. This will bring in more revenue for our Nation!

You see Mosi, I am not the one selling Palau. I just want what’s best for our country and if that means we need to allow foreigners to do business and work in Palau then so be it so long as we put sensible measures in place to protect our culture and sovereignty!

We do not have to support monopolies to be successful. We do not have to say that this business is only for Palauan owned business. What is the point of making something only for Palauans, if it fails because there is no market or brings in so little revenue that it is not worth doing?


If it refers to only reef fish and endangered species, the Bill is not going far enough.

"Export" is one thing, killing is another. You can kill without exporting so what good does this 'exporting' ban do except cause someone to go underground and not come back to port with it. They can jusr throw it away and the sea has many hidden secrets.

The offloading to mother ships and going direct tp other ports is happening all the time.

It is time we get the means to police the bans and put proper controls in place. An unenforceable Bill and law is a joke. We need the law to be taken more seriously by all parties concerned.

Take it all the way. This is a start but it needs to be backed up properly.

Did you know Red Herring that long line fishing industry is making $1.3 Billion dollars a year?

Out of that 2/3 of the fish caught is in the Pacific. I don't know what our leaders are doing, but 2/3 of a billion dollar is a lot of money.

As far as Palauan's is concerned. We only have less than 20,000 Population. Why is it so hard for you to understand that we need to at least leave some for Palauans only. Though I do agree with you on this one,

"I just want what’s best for our country and if that means we need to allow foreigners to do business and work in Palau then so be it so long as we put sensible measures in place to protect our culture and sovereignty"



Do you realize that more than 100 million sharks are killed and finned yearly. This is a 10 billion dollar business and the only business that rivals the drug trade.

Do you want Palau to have a bit of this action as well?

You talk about preserving what is good. You talk about preserving the Palauan culture. You talk about preserving the environment.

Now you show your true colors. When you are involved in the business it's OK! But when you are not involved in the business like the Nautilus City project you propaganda that the project is not good.

Mosi you are a hypocrite!

I don't know RM,

But long liners are already in Palau. There are contracts here in Palau with other countries. Palau is already making a couple of millions out of it every year which I think should be more. They don't fish in the reefs. They fish hundreds of miles off shore.

I am saying that Palau's leadership should look into this because I am very sure it could boost our revenues and spare us from scammers like you and scam projects like Nautilus City....LOL!

RM, Mosi, et. al.,

Unless we palauans are willing to go fishing ourselves we will continue to rake in the paltry sum for the foreseeable future. The only fishing fleet own by a palauan is KFC and yet there are hardly any local(s) fisherman on the baot.

Kid a DI MUI EL DI MESAIK. Ker di meduch el ngara subsistance fishing and farming e diak el sebeched el ngara meklou el commercial fishing and farming. Sel de kot el meduch er ngii a tiaikid el do ruul er ngii-MESAOD, MESAOD E MESAOD. (myself included).

Diak el sebechel mo klou a udoud el do suk er ngii alsekum ker di continue el di soad el ngara elsel "obis." Kired el mo dechudch a imad ra ureor. Mle kirel a dios el rullii ongeteruich ma tang el lach el kmo; Thou shall work, work, work and work or thy days may be shortened. A tara re delak a mesuk a SS ma Pension el diak lebol lengelakl ra $1000 e ou DH. Ma ker akmo alsekum kede mengoit ra 10 -15 el basent ra ududed lomdoud ra chad el meruul a kmal sebeched el tekoi engerang mekede melemolem el uaisei? KE DE MESAIK!!!

Uchel, koderchack e ngkung me modiak kumat a riim e mochad era long liner adang mekerang.

Amen to that.


Ng klou el ngelekel belau a oketa chad ra chei. Ak dirrek el medenterir a rechad el ngar ngii a skulir engdi bai betok ludoud a lesuuk er omenged. Me te emoit a obis e mo oumenged. Ak dirrek el medengei el kmo te betok a rengelekel a beluu el diak a skulir engdi ngdiak a diak er tir le te elimosk ra rolel omenged.

Ma dolekoi er ngii a kmo,

Alsekum ng sebeched el smiik a eldechulel e mo oumenged el chad ra long liners e olterau er ngii el mo ra Siabal. Ea kumdasu ea udoud el me soiseb ra beluu a triple ma lechub eng quadruple el kmal klou a lengesuir ra beluu.

Alta ke kuk di medenterir ar mesaik el chad, engdi ngak a mla chad ra ikal dial meng diak mesaik e dirrek el medenterir a re betok el chad el diak lemesaik e semeriar ra kuk tekoi ra omenged.


rawr... personal attacks. tasty... irrelevant... nonetheless entertaining to a bored college student.

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