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June 12, 2009


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Iang hai a rengelekei. Ng mla mo telal kulekoi er kemiu. Bom ngitetirir tirekal chad el mei ra meklechek ra honto mel ngesukak el lomadel a chudel ra meklechek. A bol merek eng sebechir el meruul a bebil ra ureor. Ngkmal betok a babii el lokelall ma blatong el telbongel.

Al sekum e temo songerenger eng ngarngii a cherdoched el cheremrum ma beltakel el ngims el sebechek el lomekar er tir. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Meboluaisei. Tiaikid a ungil tekoi. Ma uriul.

It irritates me how they have to romanticize tropical islands. Is that all these people see when they look at our home, just mere tourist destinations?

pretty much. but then again, it's Palau man.

It's hard to take a country with 21,000 people and playground politics seriously.

well, maybe it's time they take us seriously.

or that our politicians take our nation's well being seriously

New name for Palau = Uighuristan.

Put it in the Johnny B. Song and it goes like this...

"Uighuristan my island, paradise of the sea, beautiful Muslims, so strong and free. I give $200M to you, whether young or old. I pledge my tax money to you, with all my soul."

"My emerald island, you are a tax haven to me...."

Talking about seriousness, we all need to take a breather, laugh a bit about how ridiculous a situation we've gotten ourselves into, and then keep the dialogue going.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!I needed that Mardi,


Please feel free, and others, to expand on the lyrics. I think its quite a nice song but I forgot the rest of it.

Ever vigilant.


You have to stop encouraging Mardi!!!

Come on Uchelmis,
Everybody loves a song. If it were Christmas, my favorite song would be:

"We wish you another Uighur, we wish you another Uighur, we wish you another Uighur, be-cause NIMBY.

Good tidings to you, US Taxpayer, good tidings for POTUS, and the US debt too.

We really did not know who these guys are.
We really don't know them, and we don't care to.

Your $200M we'll take so freely, (in the associated sense)
Your $200M will not come easily."

Ho ho ho, Christmas in July? Or is it June still.



I told you so!!! thanks Mardi for the entertainment.

LOL! Just what I needed to start this week...Christmas in June and Johnny B alright?!

On the serious note though, this comic is actually quite on the money. These men are not detainees anymore, they are refugees -- of sorts. They are free to enjoy whatever liberties they are given. And if that means pina coladas, at the pool, then so be it. They were supposed to remain in the U.S but the U.S Congressmen had a dispute regarding that so they needed to be sent elsewhere. No one else would take them because of their close ties with China. Who wants to piss off Communists? Last time that happened, World War II occured. Anyway, since then, the U.S needed to find a "temporary" home for the Uighurs.

My only problem with the whole situation is that the President did not inform his people first. He should have told us about these men BEFORE we learned about it in the media! The people should have been informed and maybe a poll should have been taken.

Public forum anyone? I know, not many of us like going to public forums (per many various examples), but you know -- maybe for this one we would have gone.


What do you think Uchel,

Can we put these on an album? I think we can sell it and buy some new buses and books for the children....LOL!

Sorry my friend Uchel,

When Mardi gets on that singing mood. It's out of my hand. All I can think of is $$$$$...LOL

Thanks guys for starting my day with a smile


is Palau only cooperating for the money? $200M... but why Palau? what will this affect our tourism....

yeah, i meant HOW will this affect it and will Palau be known for holding detainees.... sel kumtab er ngii eng meral klebelung! seriously!

Iang hai.

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