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June 13, 2009


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What a load of rubbish. The editor Fermin Mariang is the one who's lost the plot.

Trained terrorist, my foot. Come on, let's show some trust in our foremost ally the USA. Do you really think the United States would place highly dangerous terrorists in a jurisdiction that cannot even locate its own escaped prisoner and a lost rifle? lol.

It is clear that the USA are treating these people as non entities and that is why they are being relocated in such a lax jurisdiction.

Take the $200 million a count our blessings! We've hit jackpot!

We will now be able to have uninterupted electrict supply and sewage that does not stink!

Well done Mr. President!

Realistic Man,

I stand beside you on this one! They were even considered by the Bush Admn as non-combatants and now the Obama Admn. They were persecuted in China cause of different idealogy when it comes to relegion. Also, their now only 13 of them coming according to the latest news.

Lets not be scared and get the money. With our economy struggling we need all the money we can get. Its different way of getting exposure but Im sure in the end it all work in our favor!

Last night (nippon time) i was watching tv on AFN (american forces network) and sure enough our hon. Mr. Toribiong was on live ia phone confrence. I tuned in at the last moment and what i heard from his very own voice was that these GOOKS,CHINKS are going to have working status. So they said there deemed innocent but not good enough to be released in the states.Send them to Guam let them be their problem.

Fermin Meriang is one of the most conservative Palauans I have met.

As the Palauan saying goes, he only looks at the rear end of the cow the spews shit. He forgets to look at the nipple where the milk is squeezed from and at the hind legs where To-bone steak is cut from.

Fermin is only fanning the flames of fear. As a commentator, he should give both side of the issue.

So, now you don't like Fermin because he's not singing the praises of the JT admin?
But, he's past editorials are very pro-JT and very anti-KN/TR.

My opinion in reading his previous editorials is he's biased, uninformed, and does no research. Looks like he's qualified to run for public office.

lol, qualified to run for office.

Hokkons Baules is, surprisingly.

I believe his qualifications reach the highest of levels:

Expert in Cultivating and making effective use of Marijuana

Sexual Abuse

Machete combat training against foreign workers

Crocodile Herder

Is smarter than a 5th grader... but not a sixth grader....

Sorry if this is anyone's uncle/cousin (in fact i think hes MY uncle...? oops)... but lets face it our politicians are pretty ridiculous

Realistic Man,

Get a real name. You are not even a Palauan. Plus Americans do not trust what Bush and Obama are saying about the Uighurs. How come Obama is having a hard time convincing US Congress. You probably think we do not have tv or access to CNN.

Chad ra Belau...it is people with everything goes mentality like yours that have screwed Palau in the first place.


Realistic Man and Chad er a Belau,

If these Uyghurs have been deemed innocent and are only not welcome to their own country merely because of a different religion idealogy then President Obama should relocate them to DC area where a vast community of fellow Uyghurs are willing to accept and welcome them. Plus US can keep a close eye on them and monitor them if needed. The question we should be asking ourselves are; Why US would NOT keep these 13 Uyghers in USA if they are not dangerous to society? Why did Australia not accept them? Why would US willingly pay Palau 200 million dollars when they themselves can keep them for no cost, especially since they are in an economy crisis themselves? In conclusion, it's sad that this Administration is looking for a quick fix. The whole world is in an economy crisis but they are not taking 17 terrorist, are they??!!

Chad er a Belau,

Lak di bedengel a udoud e bom ngibs e bla mobes er a Belau er a tara klebesei er a rengeleked. Kemesaod a exposure er a beluad ma economy leng techa soal el me oldingel er a beluu el melai er a rechad el chad er a belurir a diak el sorir ma rechad er a Merikel a diak el sorir al ngara belurir even though they caught them and placed them in prison themselves. Put them in Guam USA then al sorir al ngara kederang ma kora tropical.

The problem in America is the Republicans. They prevented Obama from relocating them in D.C. or Arkansas where large pockets of their community live. This is a George W. Bush-created mess, where these people were sold by Pashtun bounty hunters in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and there only enemy is communist China--which continues to imprison and kill their family members while trying to erase their culture, like with the Tibetans. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the Bush Administration ruled four years ago that these men did not pose a threat to the United States.
The Hot Air site linked above is filled with Obama-hating rants that believe everything he does is wrong. These are comments from hatemongers in America, the party of the old white man, a la Dick Cheney. Neutral sites around the web are saying both positive and negative things about this move to relocate the Chinese Muslims in Palau.
It could be a great move if J.T. and his Administration stay in front of the media curve. Hope they are working with good public relations people. By the way, one of the nastiest articles about Palau appeared in Slate magazine, and it was written by a freelance writer who supposedly lives in Palau.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

I am not afraid of the Uighurs coming to Palau. I welcome them. They have brought instant fame and publicity to Palau. Good for tourism.

Bring them in. They can stay in my barracks. I will throw a BBQ and share some rice wine with them. I will arrange all my clan members to cook and have a feast with them.


Im really suprised by us Belauans. For all these time we have been saying how bad we are (Kmal seuad lousechal er kid)but the idea of 13 Gitmo detainees coming here has a struck terror in our Country! Wow, we are bunch of pussy cats! Hey there are 13 of them and 20,000 of us if they try acting like bad boys.

These people have been cleared by the Federal Courts to be non-combatants. The reason why USA did not take them is because of Politics!! And yes US will take in most of the detanees that have been determined to be terrorists, and yes they will sent to Ft. Leavenworth(High MAximunm prison)!! The people coming here were supposed to be set free in America cause their innocent, but the idea of alleged terrorist roaming around freely in America will politically kill the Obama Adm. Its all politics!!!

The only thing that Im worried about is I hope that if we do take them in it will not affect our tourism. Even that I beleive we have gotten more exposure than Survivor did. And infact it may havve probablly booked more vacationers here as we sppeak.

Lastly, you say we are going to get screwed. Well lat me tell you that we were already screwed long time ago by our crooked politicians!! Theres no need to go into that cause its another issue. Sorry to say this but bottom line the coutntry is walking on thin red line economically and we need the money!


are there links to this artile from Slate magazine? and any idea who the freelance writer is?


here it is: http://www.slate.com/id/2220290/

take care...

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