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June 22, 2009


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This is getting very confusing. What the reports before and now are no different than "Keiukl ma Desbedall"

This is before....

Three U.S. officials familiar with the situation said, however, that Palau is now a prime candidate for their relocation. Palau, with a population of about 20,000, is an archipelago of eight main islands plus more than 250 islets that is best known for diving and tourism and is located some 500 miles east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

One senior official said Palau had indicated it is willing in principle to accept some Uighurs, but that specific numbers had not yet been determined and a deal was not yet concluded.

"We have spoken with the Palauans, but neither they nor we have made any decisions," the official said. That official and two others spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the talks.

Asked Tuesday about discussions with Palau on the Uighurs, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly declined to comment beyond saying the United States is "working closely with our friends and allies regarding resettlement" of detainees at Guantanamo. He said the department would not comment on talks with individual countries.

Two of the officials said the United States was prepared to give Palau up to $200 million in development, budget support and other assistance in return for accepting the Uighurs and as part of a mutual defense and cooperation treaty that is due to be renegotiated this year.

And this is now.....

President Toribiong, a lawyer trained at the University of Washington and a highly regarded litigator, told President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that he needed to assure his people that the Uighurs were indeed harmless, and could be integrated into Palau’s small, diverse and friendly culture. Assuming that this due diligence brought satisfactory results, Palau would be pleased to give the refugees temporary residence. Recently, he dispatched a number of officials to Guantánamo to interview the Uighurs and review their records.

One would have thought that this positive gesture of friendship from a staunch American ally would have been applauded, at least in the United States. Instead, for reasons that are beyond me, unattributed leaks and unsubstantiated rumors have twisted Palau’s act of decency into another grab for dollars by a cunning third-world country. In breaking the story that Palau was amenable to President Obama’s request, the Associated Press reported that two anonymous State Department officials had linked Palau’s acceptance of the Uighurs to a $200 million payoff.

Almost immediately, much of the news media took the bait, did the math and asserted that Palau was getting nearly $12 million dollars per Uighur. Within a day or two, The Wall Street Journal was pontificating against a shakedown.

Before the story gets too far out of hand, let’s consider a few facts. It is true that the United States and Palau have an economic relationship. Palau has been receiving American aid since it was wrested from the Japanese in 1944. (Over the past 15 years, this has averaged about $56 million a year.) This aid has come with strings; as the United States has always insisted that the Palauan government be ready to promptly turn over land for bases should the security of the United States or Palau require it.

A kulengit me de telekib el mo erellakl e bol meiusech tial etau el ngar bebud me bo dungil mesa elsel tial tekoi ruchei ra deluut el mo meius....


Ulekum ngdi sebeched el di kid loruut ra beluad meng diak de risk ra klengar er kid mar ngeleked ra tara klebesei el kongei er tiang luldasue. Kede kmal protect ra klechibelau er kid ma lemelted ngdi a lak a ududed eked mo ulsirs a bebir ra omeruul ma uldasue in order to survive. Ma kulekoi a kmo; do we have any choice in the matter or not? Ngkmal kora mlo mekngit a rengum ra tara co-worker er ngak akmo; after some heated discussion," you guys will do what we ask of you because of what we have done" Ngkmal kora mlo chetik but I guess it is true. Mada deruul a rengud leng we don't have any choice, do we?

A chedil a rungalek. Komuangerang? Morael el mei me dorael el mo melit a kim ra chelmoll. Adang mekerang? Al somiu eak mo olengit ra Ngiramelubechameduu meng mo obengkid el mo ra chei. Adang mekerang. Ochoi. Seikig a Tekoi.

jaime, ng chetimam lobengkemiu el mora chei. lengerang? kmal soam kau ma ngiramelubechameduu el picnic el terung era delul a merand....cherei e morael el mong me molit a kim e mongduul e mongad er kemiu era delul a melus:)lol...sulang era temem el loleker er kemam.

Rose it's not just what US has done FOR Palau but what US has done TO Palau. Remember, Palau has already been a military target in WW2 we don't want to be a target again. We look for trade but we are not looking for a bribe or a handout.

Iang chelik e Mengernger e rungalek...ka bai ungil del kuld a tum... Ngera meng chetim el mo melit a kim el lobengkemam? Ngkmal mo ungil tial omerael. Adang mekerang?

"Iang chelik e Mengernger e rungalek...ka bai ungil del kuld a tum... Ngera meng chetim el mo melit a kim el lobengkemam? Ngkmal mo ungil tial omerael. Adang mekerang?

Posted by: Jaime | June 23, 2009 at 03:05 PM "

what does this mean, and how does it pertain to the discussion at hand? am i missing something?

in any case, 200 million would've been a lot better than the 90k per person now. with the backlash, perhaps it won't happen and we'll keep spending more than we have and end up taking toxic wastes and open our shores for oil drilling.

i wonder what the people who wrested our right to self-governance and self-guidance would think of all their work all those years ago and the affects they have on us today. it'd be nice to have a discussion where they could talk about their plans and expectations and tell us how they think things went so wrong and we are where we are today.

perhaps it was inevitable we'd never really make it. we took a taste of modernity and didn't have the resources to keep it, and now we're slipping back to someplace not quite in the past, but not exactly in the future.

Come on people, stop debating this issue.

Everyone knows that President Toribiong did the right and Christian thing to offer sanctuary to these deprived people.


Iang chelik e Noreama e rungalek. Kebai kmal mlo miss er tial omenged el kiblor ngii ngak ma Ngiramelubechameduu. Aki mlo melit a kim e meruu a molech ra chelmoll ma okeburs. Ia chedil ngkmal mlo betok aikel kall. A ki miruul a fitada el kim ma cherdoched el molech. A next week ea ki mo olengims mal suam eng sebechem el mo obengkemam. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid a tekoi. Meboluaisei.

ochoi e jaime? a di kerik a kmo ng uangera el kall a fitada el kim? me a cherredoched el molech? di leme kim el uaisei e beskak a meradel me a diokang. beche molech me le kelem, e ng diak sau a cherredoched el kall er belau, ng di ngikel e merkong. me a tama er a blue house me a abrabang er a kumangai :) sulang el soam el melai er ngak el mo er a chei, e ng di becherei e ak di omechar er a stouang me a lechub ak mo olengit ngii el kall er a rubekuk. tial saul.

Iang hai e rengalek.

Iang hai a rungalek e Noreama. Ngeram meng chetim el mora chei el lobengkek. Aikel makit ra Bluehouse a oumesind el di cheldik. Sel bo mobengkek el mo ra chei eke bai mo ngeltengat el melai aikal ngikl ma kim ma molch el di fresh. Adang mekerang? Al sekum eng chetim el mo ra chei eng bai ungil de kuld a tum.

EVERYBODY don't even talk to Jaime she doesn't make sense!! SHe jsut came out of the halfway house!! You will just waste your time!!

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