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June 18, 2009


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Hopefully palauans get 50% discount too. Why we even give 50% to manang and manong is freaking ridiculous.

I think Palauans already have subsidized medical fees.

I wonder when are we gonna see the result of the review? It doesn't have to be long one, short and precise for now. Minister Kuartei, hopefully will do a better job on this one for all the Palauans.By the way, thanx for the email address.I gotta go ,playing softball is cool! ma uriul.

thank you for what you did to all palauans minister Dr. Kuarteri.

i have been working for Minister Dr. kuartei for 11yrs. and he is very fare person to everyone in the whole enterworld so we dont have any problem with him with palauan,manang or manong. he is a smart person.

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