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June 26, 2009


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Tirkal chad ra Ngiwal tekelsakl el di mutaut ra tekoi ra udoud!!!

Ng' kmal kirir el dimo merek el rokui tirkel ngara labor office, le tial tekoi a diak lebora dital chad, they're all connected. One weak link failed and all of them will follow....lak bom ngibes ra diak el ngii a llemalt. A omorael ra belngel a rael, e moltirakl a llechul a rael eng mekull le kung mem accident malchub e kenguu a ticket. Be thankful for what you have...

mla mo medinges a obechad. alii e Ouuch mla momedinges a obechad. Meka mongiil. Tiai sel kdilii e Russel. A chad a emiis el mora embassy era huiliping ea omomekedong ra kot lureeor medekong, ekede mla mo mekngit el chad el dikeam rengesid ealechub a udoud a merael, ke mla obechar. memosang alengelir a remechas ma rechad er belau meke kirel ker? kemla me mekit er yiou. kmal kekemanget tial angaridang ekedi milemiakl el di melemiakl meke mla me kesbedechakl ra chutem. mechelecha tirkal illegal el telemall a babilengir ekobeteterir el merrous ra rechedam mar chedal a bechim temekerang er chelechang? aki harau er til mei ete chemiis eke ngoititerir el mo chederir ar chedal a bechim which i know some of them el ngara melekeok el elsechusem ra ngarbab el chad el dirrek, meka mosang. arul mechar a ticket a ebulang mekau meke metemellang.

a kengtid a di ngii el lochotid. mei melak bodengibes ra udoud ea Rubak a medengei a rokui. Bai bodo rail ra llemalt. De chebuul e dorael ra llemalt.

A chedil a Uchelmelis, Dilsaisei, ma Artingal. Kom uangerang e rengelekei.

Tekmal a dimengang a soup machul a blekerderlir a ngodech. I think our government needs to take these matters very seriously.


He needs ti be improsened right away!!!! We don't need people like that in our Govt. especially labor office!!!

Alii Alii e Ouuch, may be your on the same road, beware of those watchful eyes..lol..

TR had eight years to lock this guy up. Everyone around town except the proper authorities spoke in hushed tones about this guys guilt. I hope JT personally sees to it that RM is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I begining to wonder if Islander and his mind's posse have been right all along. If this is only the tip of the iceberg then TR's legacy as President is going down the tubes if anyone else under his watch is convicted of wrongdoing. It will be a sad day for our country. And for what? everyone knows that greed is the root of all evil but then again that's just me.

All men are innocent until proven guilty.

RM deserves a day in court.

Beware of what the media says. This could be you victimized by the media and court of public sentiment.

The truth shall prevail.

Iang hai. Ngilecha bai ungil ksebek a tama ra ngisel mebol kedung. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid a ungil tekoi.

Just as we try to be self sufficient and the money becomes a major factor in our lives, greed becomes our only best friend. The more you feed yourself with greed the more powerful you become.
Only When The Last Tree Has Died. The Last River Has Been Poisoned. The Last Fish Has Been Caught.
Will We Realize That We Can't Eat Money.

chediul e jaime, kau ke meduch el mesebk? lol...locha bai kired el fire era masayos enguu a ouuch el mong mel kukel longederemaot?...tedi osisiu meng di kired el fire era rokui el chad....sodel a tabesul kabelment..

Isn't it funny how we refer to palauan language when dealing with something that is totally embarrassing to us? The fact of the matter is that everyone knows what goes on in our country. We have yet to get over the problem of people elected to office, taking care of their own special interests before doing their job of finding a way of saving our country from the economic problems we have and will continue to suffer. Since the beginning of our so called discovery by Capt. Wilson and all the people that came after him, we have learned to love money... Be it pesetas, yen, what is now the euro, and last but not least the mighty green back dollar... People in our beloved Belau no longer have the means of getting to money as they once did in the past. All land is owned by the few or the government; money making businesses (dive shops, restaurants, tour operations, etc., etc.,) are mostly operated by foreigners who don't need to be reminded that money is in the pockets of the outsider visitors... If you are not attached (front), you only have one other option- government. The Masayos' have been here and operating strongly since the beginning of our take over of our own government reins. The problem of corruption has always been there. It has never stopped and it will never end. This latest thing with Masayos is all based on the testimony of one corrupt filipina who is in hiding. The spec. prosecuter, in his infinite wisdom, is looking for something to boost his existence and justify his salary... He has nothing to hold Masayos or anyone else. We are an easily corrupted people because we have nothing. Look at all that J.T. is doing now... Everyone loved him so when he took office.. How about now? Belau, for all it's physical beauty, will never amount to anything until we find the way to set our priorities straight and find the people that will make the difference. We are fooling ourselves when we say that we can do it all ourselves. We are corrupt, totally blind and we will always find a way to take three steps back for every one outsiders/outside help moves us forward. The older I get, the more I realize that living away from my beloved Belau is the only option.

Iang hai e mengerenger...Nguaisei a tekoi. Ngkmal mekemanget a kekul ochik meng bai mo sebechek el tmit a ngisir sel ksebeketerir. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Me boluaisei a tekoi. Mereko moral el mei me donga abrabang ma icekater.

belaubanana, you must be kidding. Palauans don't need people so negative like you. There is a palauan saying and I quote," ngmla mo medinges a obechad." if you know the meaning of this quote you are a good person, if not you're not a good commentator, or should I say kedimelbesiaol.ma uriul.

Alii er beluu:

E kamosang, sel bebil a kuureng ulekum me ke de dirk ke kie ra ngara mong ra uche ra de nguu tial Compact me ke de di rokui el dirkak bo dengibes ra ikal lududel a beluu el de ngilai e betok a mla nguemed e mlo meterkakl a omengitel meng me kid itiang. A beluu a kekerei el beluu ma chais a merael. Ng diak a tekoi el lobart!! Meng betok a dodengei el tellemall engdi ng klauchad er kid ma klaodengei er kid e ke de kadengmes e karuruul meng mo diak el sebeched el locholt ke de ouchais.

E diak el bol rrau a rengmiu sel kuureng ra ikel taem engdi a kulasem el melekoi er ngii a kmo, ke de milengerker e kie el mle budech, ea rechImerikel a mei el losengebid e lemechet a chimad e kmo, alii ea lak ke mnguu a Compact ea ki di kimdii a udoud el leko er kemiu. Sei a mle uchelel tial ngeuil a ongetikaik ra klechad ma teletael ra beluu ra Ngebard(western influence) el mei er kid. A Darwin a kmo,"Survival of the fittest". A Nietsche a kmo alsekum me ke mesisiich, eng kuk mlo blingelem el mesisiich ma chomechitechut eng kuk mlo kirel. Me tiaikid a luleba a rengebard el lomesiul ra beluulechad el rokir el diak el dil kid.

Me kid a uoi meral dirk ke ngeasek ra tekoi ra kabelment. E sel kdu el uaisei eng sebeched el di omes ra teletael el kekedel ra lengar ngii el me er chelechang el robdois a dirk kultuil el loureor ra kabelment, aikel kot el dousbech a rebeluu- ralm, dengki, rael, tekoi ra skuul ma ukeruul, ma lmuut el bebil a dirkak el mekedmokl el mo er sel telkelel el kirel ngar ngii.

E udelei e ngak a diak ta er tirkel kora di melebesiaol el chad el di melekoi a mekngit e di oltuub, aika a klemerang el tekoi e ngar ngii er chelechang el beluad a mengarm ra bekl sils. Ke de milchetikaik e kmal kedeb a osenged meng diak dungil el sobechii a kelel a Ngersuul e di omtab a bnged ra eabed.

Eak kuk bo dechau a bita el taoch, eng sebechek el kmo, a Belau a tara kot el klebokel el beluu ra Micronesia ma beluulechad ra ikal klebokel e betok el delemeled ma charm ra beluad, ng klebokel a debed ma beluu ma melidiul el di osisiu, aikal chised el ngara reksi el sera kot el Micro Games eng mle kid, ke de mle kot el mo er bgii a Chief Justice er kid ra Micronesia, ke de chulsekedii a Congress ra Micronesia a rengelked, ea chelecha e ke de ouPCC, Compact Road, ng betok el ngeleked a olab a skulir, a tekinged ma siukang er kid a dirk ke ngar ngii, ma lmuut el betok el klebokel el tekoi a ngar ngii er Belau me domrotech el rokui.

A di urungulek e urungulir a rebekl chad a kmo, a beluu a kmal sebechel lmuut el moungil a di deluut el mo blak a rengud.

E mousubes ak kora di mol smodii sei me tiei...Ak di soak a bo demellomes a doruul a tekoi eleng kmal dirk ke sebeched. Alii e ke de kmal mo kerekikl meng diak de sal tomelii a beluu ele omerael a bedul a daimechesengel el diak desa ulebengelel.



the case has been dissmissed due to lack of solid evidence to pursue the case.....

Ousbech a klou audit ra elsel a Commere & Trade! Not only Labor, especially "A.R.F.F." Airport. Tial kmal beches el organization el diak dodengei a chisel. Ng bekord el uangerang a chelsel tial ureor? Locha betok a mla kmerd el mlara JetPlain el dimlo mai a ngar bab el deruchall ra ureor? E locha kmal betok aikel mla dubech el tekoi el ngii a diak el ngara lemeltel a ureor? Kid a rechad ra beluu a diak de sal medengei aikel betok el chelbirukel el teletael ra ureor el mora rechedad mar ngelked. KE UREOR EL MO UANGERANG, ENG DI DIAK EL SEBECHEM EL MO NGAR BAB A DERUCHELEM RA CHAD EL CHEDAL, SECHELIL, MILNGUB RA MEREDER MALCHUB ENG DIAK KOM KAUODENGEI KAU MA MEREDER RA UREOR!

PlEaSe check a urerel a Airport Director leng diak el ngerang, ng ka locha merechorch el chad,diak el melemalt a omerelel... Sometmes, Someday eng mo chemolt a betok el telmelir tirkal chad.

.................COMMERCE & TRADE...............

Assuming my good friend is guilty, let this be a catalyst for making STRONGER AND SCARY LAWS to limit corruptions (there will always be corruptions)....


Look, this whole alleged wrongdoing by Russeell and his other partners (allegedly govt high officials like directors in other agencies) has to have for a reason, not just for us to talk and speculate.

Oh my dear Palauans, are we just going to talk and let it pass????

Santy, kau ma re mengeteklem, when truth is confirmed that a group of govt officials are guilty of this alleged crime, take to the street and let's protest for changes.

Ak mla mo mesaik el omes e di mesaod a delngerengel ra elsel a blai!!!

I desperately plea with you all to do something...after the court. The Court's final confirmation of crime and punishment is NOT ENUF!!!


I hope you come to realization that fighting corruption begins with courage and lots of sacrifice. Until you and many others come out and openly speak against it culprits will carry on their activity as if the community is okay with it. There need to be more than just me saying things against corruption.

It is funny because people like Yuki and Otto who are men of good character and integrity are not popular. This has not discouraged me to speak against wrong doing in our society hoping that someday more people like you will come out to the open and fight against it. If people have the courage to come out of the closet to reveal their sexual preference, I am having a hard time understanding why people are not coming out against corruption in the open. You tell me.

Balas has not e-mailed me yet so I not sure if I am also to be feared. Of what I do not know. My e-mail is santyasanuma@gmail.com. And I never reveal people's name in my writing if I am not given the go signal. Read my article in Tia Belau about the Christian Faith being attacked by proponents of gaming. This is also corruption.



We know that you have obtained copy of charges file by SP last Friday, July 3rd against Former President Tommy

i wonder if Masayos connected to TRjr. during his administration. If so, that's a lot of money and ppl to move around.

i wonder too if convicted, should replacement a relative or connected to JT in some way?


A rechad ra Belau a dirkak bol sebecherir mo ta rengrir, mekideb, e oldubech ra omeruul ma lechub eng uldasu. Ng mla meketmokl ra ngar ra mong..e diak bol tekoi.

E ngerang? Le kede mekesai el chad..klauchad a ulekuak el me kmeed ma lechub eng mer kid.

A di tal rolel: Bol beiusch a medal a SP e ngii a locha telkib el mo duosb a rechad ma beluu.

Senators, this is a good proposal. Propose a law that will prosecute government officials to the fullest.

For those who serve in the highest agency or governemnt seat(s)and are found quilty, prosecute and do not appoint them in any governmentt seats, and take away all their benefits.

I am sure there are few Palauan left who are honest and are able to perform these work. Unless you guys don't want because it might get you in jail. Although, if you are honest then I would propose this one.

Belas ngkmal meral tekoi aikal molekoi. Selkumdasue engmla modiak OMENGULL, elngii a tara kot el klisichel a syukang erkid. Omengull elmorar meklou el chad. Kede mengoit a temed el kaiberober a deruchall ma chetengakl. Kekemlanguu aklengarbab elreng elmorchei ra klechibelau. Tial compact kelel luut eltomeliid.

Akdirek lomdasue elmo tial keyam ra merikel amla tomellid.

Funny, we have always wondered what kind of salary a chief of labor makes to have a comfortable life in Ngiwal let alone a title that he quickly acquired as a new employee surpassing all senior employees who had been there for many years. There will always be corruption but we can overcome it by making good choices with good intentions. Cheers.


I do not wish to destroy people but at the same time I am not going to be silent on their evil ways. SP is doing his job and this is still a case and until the fat lady sings (and I am not saying any of the judges is fat, especially the lady judges), therefore it is still waiting to be heard in the court of law. Until then there is no ascertaining guilt to anyone. Now the question remains are you coming out to the open and fight against corruption or not.

A friend of mine who is following this blog and I are speculating that many postings are coming from government employees themselves since they have access to computers and internet. So if you are using government computers beware because they can find out where you have been in your computers. This is another waste of time, resource, and people which also contribute to the on-going financial struggle in our government. This is corruption if you ask me.

So don't look at the big fish only...e le ng di sensond e mrecherchii a klengoes...as the old Palauan saying goes. There is no such thing as small corruption so be careful before you throw stones at others.

Senator Diaz was indicted for allowing someone in during his talk show saying things in anonymity against Olkeriil and his family. Since IP addresses can be traced, be extra careful in what you say.

But there is no better way than be yourself in the open. No pen name to hide behind. I invite all of you to become warriors against corruption in the open. And I have heard all the reasons from those who wish to remain anonymous but I do not buy any of them. Join the fight now and save Palau.



If you are government employee go to internet cafe and post your comment, do not use government computer you may end up losing your job.

Alii Omtikl,

A kbai omdasu el kmo tial siukang er kid a bai mla tomellid. Kede kmal mla osichii a tekoi e, "Lomenguul" meng mla mutek a ngerir a rechad el mo diak losaod ra remeklou el elbiruekl a omerellir.

Just my thoughts


Can anyone update the status of Melekeok State Governor’s case? Just wondering.

Omtikl & Mosi,
I think you both have a point. There is no doubt that it is the love of money & power that causes all these. We want to be “so & so” of the clan or the government so that we can be “kuoll”, have control over things and have a paycheck to cash. We zip our mouth and turn our head away for any wrong doing of older people, particularly close relative or prominent public figure. Just take a look at PSB fiasco. Is it fair to say it is part of our tradition already? LOL.
Basically, we are killing ourselves slowly.


In reality that's how it is HS.

Majority of our leaders in many ways has more sources of income beefing up their wallet aside from their government pay-check.

I have no qualms/dispute against it...BUT, lets be fair, everything they do only benefits them at both ends.

Let's put it this way.
"A sengsongd a merecherchii a klengoes/kauang"..refers to the young generation/young ppl who are bold brave and have the courage to stand up and take the first step and fight for what is right.
If this step is not taken, then the rich becomes more rich and the poor becomes more poor.

It sounds funny HS but..it is alresdy our tradition.

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