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June 29, 2009


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Iang hai e rengelekei. Bai bom ngitetirir el mei ra meklechek mel ngesukak el lomadel a chudel ma kebeas. Ng direk el soak el mo oldurch er tir el mo mesauch aikal buchek el mla mo ungil makit. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Meboluaisei.

Wow, ng meral smiich e mereched a move ra Gov. er tial kmal lungil beluu ra Ngeremlengui. Ng kmal lungil a ikal lolekoi el kmo alsekum ng sorir el mo oureor ra sers e temong malechub eng sorir el mora chei e temora chei, ak kora mo omdasue el uasei, tirkal Uighurs, are they as just the same kind of people as Indo. or Bangla.
laborers, not the people we feared for in so many ways.

ps. relate, thanks


I wonder if these Uighurs are still coming to Palau, because the last time I heard they were invited to the Big Island.

I'm with you on this one Mr.Governor Ongos. like I said, take them use their share of money to fix what ever that need to be fixed in our state. let government of Palau and great USofA to worry about your protection.We need freeway from ngchemesed to compact road. treat them good, there will be reward for all ngeremlenguians in return. It doesn't matter palauan or not God love us all. ma uriul.

A di soak el melkoi er ngii a uasei, KID A RECHAD ER BELAU DE KELDMOKL E SEBECHED EL MO OBANGEL AIKEL TACHERBESUL A BELUAD EL KIRIR TIRKAL "UNKNOWN PEOPLE"? Tirka chad el di uaikid, mak medengei e ubketerir eng di tirka te locha uaikid el chubechubechad e ultebechel a rengrir?

ARE YOU READY? To face the factS?

FACT: These people are "FREE"!!!
FACT: The amount of money that's said to be given to Palau is not confirmed, it's only heresay!
FACT: Ngeremlengui is one of the state in Palau that has the most inhumane cases in the whole Republic. (Don't make me spell them out!)

1. Can we use these free people as laborers for nothing?
2. Are they going to be employed with wages?
3. Who is going to house them? Governor?
4. How will these people impact the young uneducated kids in the village?
5. How will they impact the "SEILENDANG"?

Shouldn't it have been better to study and get to know these people FIRST? Should they start doing this NOW? $$$$$ is nothing compared to the safety and harmony of ones realm! Let's not forget the big picture, FOCUS and set priorities in the right direction for the betterment of EVERYONE!!


I dare you to spell them out (inhumane cases). Really, there are that many cases in Ngereml? In comparison to what other States??
Share those statistics you have been compiling from all that intense studying on the subject...start when Ngereml was first formed. LOL

These Uighurs are not FREE in the true sense of the word, if they were, they could just pack up and go wherever they want, not to have their asses dragged and dumped by the United States to god-knows where as it sees fit.

For your information ROC...

Wednesday, 08 July 2009 13:39 By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa - Horizon News Staff
KOROR (Palau Horizon) – Police arrested on Thursday a 61-year-old man for sexually abusing two juveniles at his residence in Imeong, Ngaremlengui last month.

The suspect was arrested at 7:40 pm on Thursday for two counts of child sexual abuse, two counts of indecent assault, two counts of assault and battery, three counts of trespassing and three counts of disturbing the peace.

The charges have been filed in court on Friday and the suspect is set to appear in court this week for arraignment.

Lt. Aloysius Alonz of the Criminal Investigation Section said that the victims are siblings and they are 12 and 13 years-old.

The victims were interviewed by Officer Marlon Bechab on July 1.

Lt. Alonz said the victims were abused by the suspect on two separate occasions at his residence in Imeong, Ngaremlengui.

The incidents happened on June 24 and June 30 outside the suspect’s residence.

The first incident occurred while the victim was playing with the suspect’s children.

The suspect called the victim and when she turned over to him and asked him what he wanted. The old man walked over to her and touched her breast.

The victim pushed the suspect away and went home.

The second incident occurred on June 30 while the victim was waiting for the suspect’s daughter.

The victim and her friends were planning to exercise together that morning.

While the victim was waiting outside for her friend to came, the suspect came out of the house and put his arm around the girl’s shoulders and touched her breast.

The affidavit of probable cause of Officer Bechab stated that suspect frequently peeped on one of the two victims while she was taking her shower at her grandparents’ house.

The document stated that suspect regularly came at the house and spied on the victim while she was in the shower.

The document added that suspect peeped on the victim on three separate occasions at the beginning of June.


Dang, if all you have to present is what the media has to offer, than that's not much of an in-depth investigation on your part. How very dissapointing...LOL.. Thanks ever so much for the meang el chais, but I do keep up with what Horizon has to say.

So my question to you is, that one case you mentioned, THAT never happenend in any other island beside Ngereml? Never, ever? Especially in Koror? You sure now? LOL

smart girls! they went to the authorities. Authorities should put these child molesters in jail let them rotten to death. about this child molestation happens all over the world. again smart girls. what is there to study about Uighurs, they come from USA. Go Ngaremlengui state take them all, feed them,house them,and let the money rolls to our state, we need freeway from ngchemesed to compact road. ma uriul.

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