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June 30, 2009


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"On Monday, Toribiong ordered a freeze on government travel, hiring of new employees and unnecessary government spending.

Toribiong issued Presidential Directive No. 09-04 saying that the country will be experiencing a shortfall thus a need for tightening of belts.

He said the whole country should undertake cost cutting measures and the government have made every effort to cut spending.

The president directed that there will be a freeze on all hiring that require the use of funds derived from local revenue accounts.

All purchases requiring the use of funds derived from local revenue accounts are also restricted requiring the use of funds derived from local revenue accounts.

Spending should be restricted to essential expenditures."

-Marianas Variety (June 29, 2009)

And I just finished reading the Palau Horizon. The President has asked for an increase in salary for himself, the vice president and all ministers.

LOL @ tightening our belts.

Eh soam, ng meral di mlo merat tial renguk el diua le dirkak a chull el dikmesii el mla mo buil meng medkung.

Meng tiaikid a kelulul el uaisei. Me ke de diua ngikel melengoes a ilaot ra Urdmau el melecheseb ra kesai el lomekeek ra mui.................Ea rebeluu a reboreb e olengeng er tir e diak el lokerang leng tiaikid ra le uaisei ra ngara mong el mei er chelechang.............Ea kuk tara sils a ngmelt e kid a oureng a mle kingelled ma irechar er kid el mle ngodech.....E mle ungil.

Tial sulel a renguk a mechiuak ng kung e mo el mo diak lokisak ra secher el lobengkel.

Ak telirem e chelmuul!!!!!!!

We're tightening our belts so they can loosen theirs :)!

It really pisses me off you guys. I mean all throughout his campaign he made all these promises to the people and now he wants to increase their salary. What about the salary of the majority of government workers who can barely survive on their bi-weekly paychecks? What about our schools, hospital, and roads? Damn, and I really thought he was different!!! Just goes to show, once a politician, always a politician.

Do you know how difficult it is to convince the Prez & his VP Minister of MOA to get somebody a 2step raise (which is less than an extra $1000 per year in some cases); and yet this president wants to give himself a raise over $30,000? Wasn't it bad enough that congress raised its own salary, now these guys?
Where's this money coming from? From all the savings from the belt tightening, I bet!

Some fissy in our Government....Toribiong has done nothing base on what he promise to the voter's...ngera chised...President ordered freeze of hiring people/travel and then turn around want increase their own salary.....wowoweee money came from all savings taxes...so Pres can have raise and ...majority of governments worker will tightening their belt.
This people only thinking about their salary....
not bit for voter's that some of them are jobless
or do makit.

I'm beside myself for having just read what he said. Did he just request a pay raise for himself and others in times like this? I'm so disappointed I could just cry. I wish I could take my vote back. Was I wrong, honestly, just don't know anymore. Kedemeral chebuul..

Budget Cuts, Power rate hike as well as the President, Vice and all the Ministers. There is really no logic to this kind of math. Is this the kind of leadership we have today?

I wish Chin would come out and speak out about this very issue. Its time to stop being an officer and a gentleman. Palau needs someone to stand up for the everyday people and who better then the current President's opposition. Chin would have never asked for this pay raise and HS knows it. By the way, your nose is growing by the minute.

Hey Where's HS,

An officer and a gentleman, my foot! Chin has better be covering his arse quick! TR is being charged with 19 counts of corruption. People in his administration who were corrupt will be next in line.

Tommy will make a deal and turn in his Ministers especially his VP, Minister of State, Minister of Finance and the rest. Have you not heard about rats deserting a sinking ship!

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