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June 24, 2009


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President Toribiong,

We trust your judgment completely. It is your watch. You have the information and you have the experience so do what you think best and we the people who voted for you will support you 150%

Long live President Toribiong.


bleketakl e mechelins a urerel a President JT ma rechedal. rubekulBelau ma Ibedul ma Reklai a mui ra llomes e dirrek lochotii a ungil klisichel a klechii Belau rekid. ma kudersii a sus er ngak e kongei er tial luldasu el mo olengeseu er tirkal chad.

a kumdasu a rrau reng ra dertal chad ra beluu a sebechel mesemchokl. ng di lmuut el morngii a mesisiich losisechakl lobengkel a melaok el lomelekoi el mo sebechel sumechokl a ikal sebkreng. ea rokui el tekoi a di mo ungil besul.

Stand firm Mr. President.

I say majority of Palauans support your decision.

Palau is proud to help our closest ally, the USA.
As you said, a poor country handing water to a thirty rich country is a noble gesture. The rich country will be honored.

US drove off the imperialist-colonist from Palau, they gave us our sovereignty and taught us democracy, individual rights and the rule of law. Its is time the Palau returns, in a small way, a favor to our best friend, the USA.

He who helps in the cause of liberty is my hero.

I am proud to call this man Johnson Toribiong my President. May the almighty continue to grant you more wisdom and strength as you continue your STRONG & HONORABLE LEADERSHIP in our PROUD YOUNG ISLAND NATION!

Good points given to the OEK but still bullshit. We could have avoided this whole thing if he would have come clean and let the people know what was going on in the first place.

Remember, lawyers are always good at coming up with excuses after the fact.


when you say "avoided this whole thing" what do you mean? I mean the guy has come out and said it all but I am still lost as to what you mean. Please clarify because with my pea brain I am lost dude!!! I mean what is the problem? ARe going to be like Bena (Tkedesau) who compares us to the Bikinians as the displaced because the US took over their Island for Nuke Testing!!! Somewhat like comparing apples and oranges!!! Or what?

WHEREAS a good or bad decision was reached as a result of a poor or good communication, thereby positively or negatively exposing Belau's usual "me-tara-udoud" intelligence to the generous(?) Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress and the rest of the world. THEREFORE, I do not know whether I am heartless or shameful.

From: Marilyn Hempel
Date: Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 5:43 PM
Subject: uighur - 2

Uighur Prisoners Fear for Their Safety in Palau
Tuesday June 23, 2009
By Jeremy Scahill

One of the consequences of the imprisonment of the Chinese Muslims, known as Uighurs, at Guantanamo for seven years is that these 17 men are now publicly identified by China as enemies of the state. The US allowed Chinese operatives to interrogate the men at Guantanamo, where Chinese operatives allegedly made threats against the men and their families in China. The lawyers for the Uighur prisoners wanted the men to be allowed to settle in the US for various reasons, among them their safety from the Chinese government. A community in Virginia offered to take the men in, but both Democrats and Republicans opposed this move, characterizing the men as terrorists or security threats. The Obama administration refused to allow them to enter the US.

While some media outlets have characterized the Uighurs as “living it up” on an island paradise—and President Obama recently made jokes about them and Palau—the Uighurs do not see their likely move to Palau as a any kind of a vacation.

This from the Associated Press:

Some Chinese Muslims detained at Guantanamo Bay who have been offered resettlement in Palau are leery of moving to the tiny Pacific island nation for fear that it cannot protect them from China, Palau’s president said Tuesday.

Stevenson Kuartei, a Palauan physician who evaluated the detainees’ medical condition in Guantanamo, said detention appears to have taken a mental toll…

“There’s something that’s making them feel like they are in detention regardless of the fence,” Mr. Kuartei said. “In coming to Palau, they still feel like it would be detention.”

From: Joseph Gerson
Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 5:31 PM
Subject: Hope This Helps

Again, please accept my apologies for my delay in responding.

I have read your powerful petition, and I hope that has impact.

I have yet to find a cogent and definitive article here that explains precisely why Pelau was selected as the dumping ground for the Uigher prisoners. That said, to a critical thinker here in the U.S. it seems pretty obvious:

1) The political right-wing here in the U.S., which also has racist dimensions, is trying to make U.S. citizens fearful of all the prisoners at Guantanamo. I think there principle reason is to help defend the unconscionable reputatoins of Bush, Cheney and the others who were involved in creating the prison and authorizing torture. By making people fearful of the Guantamo prisoners, even though some like the Uighurs pose no threat and more dangerous prisoners can be held it maximum security prisons inside the United States, they are attempting to put the Obama Administration on the defensive.

2) In the case of the Uighurs, there is the question of the U.S.-Chinese relationship. If the Uighurs are released into the United States, China will demand that they be extradited to China, where they are likely to suffer imprisonment that could well be worse than what they suffered at Guantanamo. Both because of strong human rights currents within the U.S. body politic, especially among many Democrats, the Obama administration wants to avoid this. Shipping them to Pelau is one way to avoid this situation. Further, the Obama administration has been clear that it perceives the U.S.-China relationship as the most important bilateral relationship in the world. The Obama Administration has two primary goals in its relationship with China: to resolve the global economic crisis and to address climate change. The Obama Administration thinks these two concerns are so important that they do not want any other issues to disrupt the U.S.-China dialog on economic and environmental issues.

3) As you know, Palau does not recognize the People's Republic of China, and thus there is no extradition treaty between your country and Beijing. Thus by dumping the Uighurs in Palau, the Obama Administration doesn't have to worry that it will be criticized for placing them in a situation that could lead to their imprisonment.

4) Not entirely unlike Guantanamo, Pelau remains a neo-colony of the United States. I have appended, below, an op ed article that was written by Stuart Beck, Palau's permament representative to the United Nations, which complains about criticism by some in the United States taht Palau had to be bribed to accept the Uighurs. His article, which describes the many ways Palau serves the United States and how some of your sons have fought for the United States in Afghanistan and lost their lives made me sick. I recall all too well how the people of Palau were forced to vote for the "Compact of Free Association" eight times or more until the vote could be sufficiently rigged to be accepted by the United States and the sacrifices that Palauns made in your efforts to actually practice self-determination. We are very good in the United States at criticizing elections rigged in other nations, as in the cases of Russia and Iran, but when our elections are stolen, as was the case in 2000, or Palauns are forced to vote as Washington wishes them to, the voices of U.S. leaders go suddently quite.

5) Fundamentally, as you say in your petition, the decision to arrange to deport the innocent Uighurs to Palau is a function of big power colonialism. Because the U.S. has so much power and influence over the lives of Palauns, and especially your national leaders, it can impose this solution to a domestic U.S. political problem with relative ease.

Bena, this is the best that I can do. I have appended the article by Stuart Beck. Also, I saw a tiny article that said the ruler of Bermuda will not be deposed for accepting the four Uighurs who have been placed in his neo-colonized nation.

With sadness, solidarity, and best wishes,

Op-Ed Contributor

The Myth of the $12 Million Uighur

Published: New York Times June 19, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS Palau. Our little country, a group of islands 500 miles east of the Philippines, has become, if only briefly, a household word. President Obama, much admired in Palau, asked our new president, Johnson Toribiong, to do the United States a favor: Please accept, as refugees, a group of innocent Chinese Muslims. They are not anti-American terrorists, but victims of human rights violations, who landed at Guantánamo Bay for seven years. Innocent, stateless, harmless.

President Toribiong, a lawyer trained at the University of Washington and a highly regarded litigator, told President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that he needed to assure his people that the Uighurs were indeed harmless, and could be integrated into Palau's small, diverse and friendly culture. Assuming that this due diligence brought satisfactory results, Palau would be pleased to give the refugees temporary residence. Last weekend, he dispatched a number of officials to Guantánamo to interview the Uighurs and review their records.

One would have thought that this positive gesture of friendship from a staunch American ally would have been applauded, at least in the United States. Instead, for reasons that are beyond me, unattributed leaks and unsubstantiated rumors have twisted Palau's act of decency into another grab for dollars by a cunning third-world country. In breaking the story that Palau was amenable to President Obama's request, the Associated Press reported that two anonymous State Department officials had linked Palau's acceptance of the Uighurs to a $200 million payoff.

Almost immediately, much of the news media took the bait, did the math and asserted that Palau was getting nearly $12 million dollars per Uighur. Within a day or two, The Wall Street Journal was pontificating against a shakedown.

Before the story gets too far out of hand, let's consider a few facts. It is true that the United States and Palau have an economic relationship. Palau has been receiving American aid since it was wrested from the Japanese in 1944. (Over the past 15 years, this has averaged about $56 million a year.) This aid has come with strings; as the United States has always insisted that the Palauan government be ready to promptly turn over land for bases should the security of the United States or Palau require it.

In 1994, the two countries agreed to a 50-year option that allows the United States to use Palau for military purposes. That agreement's economic terms expire in October 2009, and a new economic package for the remaining 35 years is in the works - and has been for some time. But there has never been a mention of $200 million. And no one has even hinted at linking the deal to Palau's acceptance of the Uighurs. The United States simply offered to pay relocation costs for the Uighurs of less than $90,000 per person to cover transportation, food, housing and medical help until the men can get oriented and get jobs.

Palau is a small and peaceful community. Its constitution bans weapons of all kinds. Capital crimes are virtually unknown. Social life revolves around the family. Children wander from house to house. Could anyone believe that the leaders of Palau would risk the safety and serenity of their modern Eden in exchange for money? Is it plausible that these close-knit people would countenance the presence of terrorists in their midst? I can assure you the answer is no.

Last week, the Palauans lowered their flags to half-staff in memory of Sgt. Jasper Obakrairur, a Palauan who joined the United States Marines and died on June 1 helping to root out the Taliban in Afghanistan. He was the fourth Palauan serviceman to die in recent years, following his fallen comrades in American uniform Cpl. JayGee Meluat, Cpl. Meresebang Ngiraked and Specialist Philton Ueki. The people of Palau are very proud of them, and of our country's special relationship with the United States. Can't Americans be proud of the relationship, too?

Stuart Beck is Palau's permanent representative to the United Nations.

My answer to Stuart Beck is yes. Palau leaders would sell out what you call a modern Eden in a blink of an eye. It is only the true Palauan resilent spirit expressed by the community over the years that have defended our integrity and dignity as people. Not the government including you. Please read Solmon's Report so you do not sound naive in your position representing us at the UN and for you know that US had always plotted and meddled with internal political development of Palau to promote their self-interest and not genuine care and affection for the Palauans as people as you subscribe to. Go check you head.

Wow! Very Clear and Transparent!!! I like that..
Mesulang for the Clarification. This is what the people need to clear misunderstanding with the public.

I just wish that this came out first before the outside media took it and blew it out of porportion. The whole world is probably thinking othwerwise based on the out of contex version from the media.

Mesulang e Mr.President

Great transparency. Next time, do this first!

Bel and BS I agree with you both. This sounds all after the fact to me. Lawyers are good at covering their tracks so maybe this is just one of those times that JT utilized that skill. What I want to see is his notes on all the promises he made to the palauan people during his campaign? What is the status? This Uighurs issue has everyone looking the wrong way which is probably how JT wants it anyway. Those who are too close to him are blinded by their own bloated egos. You know who you are hybrid.

In my opinion, I think the President is just doing his job. If something goes wrong, it's his call. That's why he received the majority of the votes during election. Why don't we just let him do his job?

Hey Mr. Brown,

The President does not have to consult every time a decision needs to be made.

This president is wise, he is a top notch attorney unlike TR who is an expert at lying!

I think that is stretching it a bit to far and not Realistic...

Even President Obama needs to consult his advisors, Ministers, and Generals before deciding on important matters. If that is your arguement than we should cut from the top of JT's administration because he does not need to consult with them. We could save a lot of money that could help the minimum wagers, police dept, hospital, and education dept.

You should change your name to Unrealistic man...


In article 13 in the Constitution, a decision like this (accepting the Uighurs) is the sole decision of the President.

He did not have to consult Ibedul and Reklai or OEK.

Erbelauu, we voted for this Constitution. So we Palauans should stop of all these none sense talk about consultation.

Mr. President was nice to meet OEK, Reklai and Ibedul.

You naysayers should read a Constitution more often and less with the rhetoric.


I have go against your statement and say that the President HAS to consult Ibedul, Reklai, state Chiefs, and maybe the OEK. It wasn't just nice of him, it was required of him to do so as part of custom.

Dirrek el tara uldasu, a President a mle rubak er a uchei, meng ngka medenge lorrul.

Sulang and God bless,

Our government is a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY NOT DEMOCRACY IN THE LITERAL MEANING OF THE WORD where everyone is required to be consulted in every decision(s) is needed. We the people elect them (leaders) to make decisions for us. If you do not like their decisions then wait until the next election or you can take the recall road, otherwise let them do their jobs by making hard decisions for you and me.

Alsekum ke de melai a turk ra rebeluu ra bekl taem eke de miss a betok el tekoi.

My two bit noncents!!

Two T's - Mlib and Ngirai - were both in the meeting so I do not understand why did it have to involve two T's when Diaz could have been invited whom we all know would have aired the news immediately thereafter! Could it be that the people are disappointed due to the fact that the attending leadership is more representative of JT's own family?

And why is the Compact renegotiation committe so over-staffed and overpaid? How much are JK, SKuartei, PartickT and most especially HWilter making anyway?

"A chebuul chad a lokelii a meteet, eng chetengakl el tekoi." Whaaaaat!

How about this..."A songerengel al kelii a dechil a medinges eng klebokel malechub eng abunai el tekoi."

Come on President, please utilize your resources wisely!

Whereas Doctor Kuartei wastes plenty of time outside of his own ministry, therefore make him spend more time with the BNH patients.

Whereas Doctor Tellei wastes plenty of time outside his PCC oval office, therefore make him spend some time assessing MOE Emisiochel's performance, improvising quality of education at PCC, and working with national govt and/or private sector to find employment for PCC graduates.

Whereas JK wastes time being useless, therefore utilize his toughness by making him work with MOJ Gibbons.

Whereas Haruo Wilter's salary equals(???) that of VP Mariur, therefore reduce his or their pay first and if not, force them to say something at least.

You can look at this a multitude of ways.

1. The consultation with OEK, Ibedul, and Reklai was a CYA.
2. He was Ngiraked and respects our ways.

How many of TR's decisions of this magnitude were we privy to? And so what if two T's and Kirk were at his side. As long as we get information that's fine. But take it with a grain of salt - JT and Kirk are lawyers and they only say what needs to be said and nothing more.

Wondering whether Islander, RM and RedH have knowledge of any development opportunity that entails Badawi's June 30 trip to Belau? If he's coming only to strengthen Belau's Muslim ties, I suggest you invite a more appealing and universally-known Muslim like Louis Farrakhan!

Regarding Muslim, their prophet Muhammad is a pedophile, he married a 6 year old girl and then had sex with her when she turned 9. It is written in their holy book, Quoran. Some of the text inside encourages the practice of pedophilia. One line inside says that a man is only allowed to divorce his wife in the condition that she has not had a menstrual cycle in her life.

"The religion of peace" where they execute even their own followers from simple things such as accusations of adultery (which to them could easily be their wives asking another man for directions) or executing a husband or bride that follows a different religion.

It is because of the Muslim religion that women's rights are being fought against in Muslim dominated countries, and this reason is why human trafficking of underage girls forced to be sold as wives is a huge business in the Muslim countries in the Middle East. In fact, the Muslim countries in Mideast and Africa lead the world with human trafficking.

I would say no to Muslim. Or be an atheist.

Staurt Beck is an idiot. He is only looking for himself and his friends. We have seen it time and time again when our leaders sell out for personal gains. You can only look at the people who got elected and the next thing you know they get rich.

Stuart Beck, Palau is not your freaking country. You are using Palau as a platform for your politcal career. You have not done anything for Palau. U.S is flexing it imperial arm over Palau. If the U.S wanna help this people then let them stay in the U.S

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