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June 14, 2009


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Anybody know what's going on with Diaz's wwfm being offline?

Who cares...he's full of shit anyways.......it's good for him and belau people, this is one of the few occasion where being off-line is a good thing....hehehehe

hmmm.... same as EPFM. i've been trying to go online but to no avail. for those who would want to listen to epfem for a change here is the url:



Here is an issue,

A guy reached puberty and while in high school he started having these feelings for the same sex. Being a a devoted Christian, he did not like these feelings and wanted to do something about it. He decided to join the army as soon as he graduates. He wanted to prove to himself that he was indeed a man and that these feelings are nothing but ideas in ones head.

While in the army his feelings grew stronger. Determined to prove himself wrong he retired from the military and found himself a young lady which he married and settled down. Years went by and they had two kids. Yet these feelings for the same sex were always there and the attraction grew stronger. One night at a bar he met a guy and one thing led to another where he gave in to his feelings.

That morning this guy got up went straight home took only his clothes and walked out of the house with out as much as a good-bye.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not gay or anything. I am just open minded on many issues in our community today. I was reading the PDN the other day and I came across an article from one of the Senators in Guam who want's to allow same sex marriage in Guam. I mean it would be just a matter of time before we see this issue on the table before our people and our island. So to open the floor on this issue I decided to open the floor with this true story I read to kind of get the feel of what others think out there...

The floor is open to anyone who has an opinion on this....


I used to despite those kind of people, even went as far as avoiding any contact with them. I still believe in my heart that it is wrong in the eyes of God, but I have changed tremendously to accept their decisions and actually hang out with them. The question I ask myself is how would I feel if one of my sons comes home and say, mom meet my fiance and it happens to be a man. Would I still love him in spite of our differences? I think, I will irregardless of his decision.

Mosi, its ok man. You can pour out your feelings and your situation...we won't judge you... Ha ha ha. Just kidding.

I hear you. I have cousins that are of a different orientation/preference. I don't judge them, but they keep their business to themselves, i.e. not bringing their "partner" to family gatherings or being overtly obvious. I don't think my family would accept that, neither would I. It doesn't change how myself or my family treats these family members.

The issue I think is to make legal a bond between two persons, which I think is ok for purely legal purposes (although I disagree with persons of the same sex in a "partnership" adopting children); but legal purposes such as issues dealing with property ownership, etc.

But, marriage is a sanctified institution. I tend to go with the Holy Bible on this one. I think legalize "personal partnerships" vs. having it legalized and be accepted in the eyes of any Christian church, such as a typical marriage/matrimony is wrong. Holy matrimony should still be defines as between that of a male and a female.

Just some thoughts.

I'm all for same-sex marriage. Although I grew up in a Christian family, was schooled in Christian institutions, I do not call myself a practicing Christian.

I'm not gay or anything but this kind of issue came into politics because it started with the fear of what one does not understand. As for me, I have many friends and relatives that have chosen this 'heathen' path of life. But I don't judge them because they're the same people I've known.

It's funny though that there are people that walk about who look gay, and yet people do not acknowledge them, or even ask them. It is as if, we see it but deny it. I can name a few people but I don't want to open up that can of worms for the sake of their privacy.

But I do worry about my reaction if I find out that my sisters or brothers turn out to be gay. I may have an open-mind on this issue but I really do not know how I will approach this if it hits so close to home. So, yeah, I really don't know.

For those who know about Palauan culture and history, does anyone know how Palauans in the past used to deal with this issue? I have not heard anything in our histories that mention or even talk about same-sex issues in our past. That would be interesting to look at.


Emgerang meko mo cha stop ra chad el soal mechiuaiue lobenkel bilis. A chad el soal melund er ngii loba tochedulik a diak de stop er ngii. Endi sekum mocha melund ra chad el chetil eng mocha kired el mo cha merob er ngii. "To each his own but some prefer nettles" -Kawabata Kazunori.

its ok Mosi... we all figured you were..... i mean... um insightful? j/k

Yo, what does a gay man being ashamed of comming out of the closet got to do with being married? It wouldnt matter if he COULD get married if he'd still be ashamed of himself. Im pro gay marriage, let the fairies dance amongst themselves and we can just mind our own business. people are people, we all have choice right or wrong to god, he bestowed upon us Choice... its in no one's hands to judge other than the big man himself... in respect to religion that is. I say allow it... not united in "holy matrimony" but legally..."married". If you've got a phallus or you lack one who says you need to find the opposite in someone. It's all just preference and lifestyle. I do not believe it should be an influence on children, but I also do not believe it should be hidden.

Against the law of god, fine, we are a democracy however and there is the freedom to religion and the separation between church and state.

as I always say to those who have an issue with just dealing with other people's beliefs, perspectives, opinions, and thought.... DEAL WITH IT!

I highly prefer women by the way. Nor am I confused or hiding any truth to the fact. Pls. do not think me anything less than a straight man with an unbiased and open minded opinion...

Hey ladies?.... How you doing?

what they do in private is their business.

It seems like there are a disproportionate amount of afeminite highschool kids in Palau. In general it seems to be accepted.

I'm not going to condemn anyone, but its not going to help increase the population if you know what I mean.

God created Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve!!!

And yes we need to increase our population so there, thats how I feel about this issue.

MOSI...so when you walked out of the house w/out any good-byes you really did something bad to him that he decided to quit his radio station....
and by the way, Guam sure could use ur support on your being open minded ....kedemeral ebuuuul

Kokau er ngii e eliach e ke kmal mo emolt el dirk ngeasek ma btelum a dirk omdasu a omochia e diak el ngara rechad el melengelakl er kau. Grow up....

In todays world, al pancake ma pancake engdi ungil, mal sausage ma sausage meng dirrek el diungil,if chief "Many Feathers" can have many wifes, she is with she and he is with he, that is their choice, let them be.........

lol, "disproportionate amount of gay kids in highschool"....

all I got to say is WOW. are you seriously that stupid?

Adam and Steve.... okay? keep religion out for a second, because you cannot use religion as a backing to reinforce an argument against a group of people who are clearly outside of religion. I do not think homosexuals really give a damn. Honestly, they are people too. You don't want kids being gay then stop abusing them and raping them when they are children. How many times has "young boy abused" come up in the newspapers?

Disproportionate is also just a matter of opinion folks. Im not promoting homosexuality, but I will most certainly defend a human being's rights against ridiculous ideas that violate another's personal freedom to do as he or she may choose... It's really just sexual preference. Seriously, just deal with it. If it bothers you so much that someone cannot enjoy things the way they want to because it isnt something you feel they should enjoy... you need help. There's a concept called "freedom". It might just look like there are more fruitcakes everyday, but this is probably because people aren't afraid to come out with who they really are nowadays, and if anything they should feel free to do so.

To repopulate a nation... well breed more. lol. These gay men arent going to be any less GAY and make babies if we approve or deny their ability to be who they are. If god thinks they are going to hell... then well, thats his choice not ours.

What do you propose? what if one man was a gay buddhist... you think this adam and steve thing is going to sway one from his decision? I had no idea our country was founded with a government that functioned on the beliefs of a Jewish based religion.

Jesus doesnt run our country, he's our "personal" lord and savior. The nation should do nothing to condemn him as much as they should have nothing to do with him. To be unbiased and neutral is to actually be unbiased and neutral.

No holy matrimony. most definately. But if the homos want to live together than let them its their life. Its not yours why worry about it and make another peson suffer because they reflect ideals or have preferances that differ from the majority of the public.

Alii Rokui,

Happy father's Day to all the fathers and likewise those of us who have fathers. Wish them well and show them lots of love because they definitely need it. Good day to you all.


too much,

Being attracted to the same sex is a sickness and it needs to be treated. If you have sexual tendenciec keep it in the closest. As we all know Palau is a tight knit community and this behavior is frown upon even talking about it, lets keep it this way.

In regards to extending 50% discount to Filipinos at Palau hospital. This is not a good idea as we need money to run the hospital just like any other business enterprise. That 50% discount is going to be paid by someone, it's not free. It's going to come out of the government of Palau budget. The tax payers are going to pay for it. Give them medical insurance instead.

Just dropping by to wish all the dads and single mothers in the house a very-- Happy Father/Parent's Day! We children often forget the sacrifices you make. Thank you for all you do. :)

aha, not bad idea if the medical insurance gonna be paid by employers or come out of their own pocket.or else they gonna make babies left and right and take them home 50% less. and before you know it, pure palauans are kicked to the curb asking for a quater. speaking about babies Happy fathers day to you all. ma uriul.

"Being attracted to the same sex is a sickness and it needs to be treated."

People like Melissa Etheridge and Portia de Rossi need to be treated? C'mon man. And in another thread you blurted out racial slurs. Those thinking have no place in military man.

You wouldn't think this way if one of your family members or friends comes out of the closet or is a victim of prejudice crimes.

You don't have to like people like Melissa Etheridge but at least respect and accept their decisions on private issues, it is their own to make and not yours.

I have no problem with people who do whatever they want with their bodies(Homosexuality)!!! At least preserve the sanctity of marriage!! Go ahead do civil unions or whatever but why try to change something that is not broken. Marriage is between a man and a woman plain and simple!!!!
If you guys think this is a private matter then you are wrong!!! Once Gaymarriage is approved it will change a whole lot of shit!! Example: Countries that allow this are facing problems where now the Gay movement is trying to sue the Churges for having statement in the holy book condemning homosexuality!! And want it out! That to me is discriminatory!!!!let me tell you who are pro Gaymarriage, you say they have their rights to do what they want and now they want to change what I beleive in........Go to hell!! Its a scary thought cause tax-exempt status for faith baised organizations will be at risk!! This is just an example of what could happen and the argument goes on!!

Hello everyone,

Are we discussing this as an academic exercise? Because I know that the last Palauan Election the people spoke loud and clear against same sex marriage. It is now part of our constitution. It did not ban any sexual preference though. So what is the deal with all this heated discussion?


oltuu or not, Let them be themselves,after all said and done there's nothing people can do about it.they're only human being like the rest of us.beside Palau has alot of important stuff on its plate to deal with. like this 50% discount these philipino are getting from hospital in Palau.stand to be corrected, palauans get to go to Oles for doctors referral and they need to come up with some amount of money b4 they can get to go. and they dont get even 5% discount. as we all know Oles is much bigger than Palau. ma uriul.

Why discuss this issue when its all closed and done with ?

All you voters made a decision in the last constitutional convention and its now one of the adopted amendments.

Do not cry over spilled milk. move on

Yes we all know that the majority of the voters have spoken against same sex marriage, the same intelligent voters that made Palauan the prevailing language in the Constitution, CP No. 2-278.

What we are doing here that you are trying to snuff out is a discussion about same sex marriage, in an Open Thread no less. No harm done.

If the majority of the Palauans are against same sex marriage, then they are also against individual rights because now we have taken something away from them, they are now not equal. We can't change the law now but that does not mean we have to stop discussing about it and learning new things from it.

For my input on the 50% discount on Philippinos for hospital fees... I would say let them have it. They are already having piss poor pay and cannot or will not pay for medical insurance nor will medical insurance be given to them by their employee.

We employ the majority of them so we must take care of them. All these laws and proposed laws to make it harder for them to live in Palau and now what reason do they have to stay? Let them have it.

Also if they do not have reasonable access to medical treatment, then the possibility for an outbreak affecting Palauans are high as they are do congregate in large groups and numbers.

If the hospital collapses, then it is perfect, this will shift focus of the government budget because you cannot have a weak operating hospital.

Me te ngoititerir el mei me te meruul a makit er tir ma re meruul a mlai, ma betok e lureor ea Boss a kuk di mo nguu sel blinglel a tal buil ra elsel a udoud el bla losiseb a chad el kirem ma kombalii er kau el nguu el msang. Ea bol secher a chad eng di ngii.

Meng dikea el sebechel loureor le secher a uchul. Mekede odureklii el mo remei a kuk nguu a tara beches el diak el secher. Me sel lemei e kede kuk osecherii ra berredel a ureor e kuk osebekii.

A kumdasu eng kirel a chad lousiobai el bai harau ra okeim el basent ra osbitar ra employee. Ea employee a harau er sel tedobech. Ng diak le Kabelment le tia mla mo klebelung....

Ngera me kede oldubech er ngii el bedul a Kabelement? Tirka toureor er eungel a Kabelment a lechub eng Private?



Tia ngarngii el lach (law) el wase employer ra foreigner a kirel harau ra osbitar era ngkal chad a bol secher-alsekum eng diak eleuid.

Yes there is a law that exists, you are correct, it's written in paragraph 6.6 in the Palau Labor Regulations that the "Employers shall be responsible for all medical expenses arising from employment-related activities."

If they are still asking for 50% medical discount fees then there is probably something gone wrong between the employer and employee.

For the sake of entertainment and amusement, let them have their discount.

"Monday in Palauan is spelled M-O-N-D-A-I"

way to go mosi. let this private sectors be reliable and responsible for their employee. cut this poor palau government some slack for once.should we go protest at labor office to demand an official answer? or if you gonna see a doctor let them know you are a palauan you need 51% discount of your hospital bill. I hope you guys don't get sick. ma uriul.


Me ngkal Employer a msang a blil ma kelel e omdoud er ngii. E dirrek el kmu ra Kabelment meng msang a 50% el discount?

Ng meral tekoi e Ngereml,
Ng tela discount ra ngelekel Belau? Ng 51% malechub...

gays and lesbians?...mmm...i dont really mind at all. just as long as they keep the marriage thing sacred. and as for me i have alot of friends and family that are gay and i love them none the less...i dont even think about it...as for me i can say that i am bi...i'm a palauan 19 year old woman who likes man and woman....and i do have a boyfriend right now and he doesnt like it. he thinks i'll run off with some chick or dude...but thats crazy..lol...so yea...thats my opinion on this subject...

hahahah, no I can assure you I do not have homosexual tendencies...

In fact you should be worried as to whether or not I've met your daughters.

Homosexuality is not a sickness... wake up and stop living in the stone age.. whether you like it or not people are coming out and there is nothing you can do, they have their rights... regardless of how you elders in our community cant handle the fact. I respect my elders yet I cannot respect those who limit their vision and keep narrow minds regardless of age. Go ahead and make your laws, before you know you who are old and who support the laws will not be around or be in power and there might just be another law tat comes along to override anything antigay.

What's the point of fighting what already exists? Gay people are coming out with themselves already and making a law to stop them from getting married isnt going to make them any less gay.

i hope this law passes :) sorry if i've gone off topic but they don't call it an open thread for nothing!


i love it!


You're not palauan are you? Lol... how many Palauans actually know who melissa etheridge is anyways? Hhahaha.

good music.


One question...

Why do we call our "traditional" laws and chiefs "traditional"? As if its just a tradition like turkey day or saint patricks day? how about cultural? How can we ever be serious about our "tradition". I didnt know we have laws and chiefs around because it was part of "tradition" an old practice we do to reminisce. I was pretty sure what is traditional is still very much active and far from just a common practice to celebrate. If anything it should be our cultural laws and chiefs... just something Ive always wondered.

Oh, well my music taste is quite odd and opposite for the Palauan standards. From Aphex Twin to Sumi Jo, mostly music and artists with sense of eloquence or emotion, complexity of musical range and tones as well. Some select rock music if you listen in details also contain many of these qualities and so I enjoy them too.

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