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June 24, 2009


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On the bright side I am looking forward to the Softball Goodwill Tournament in Saipan this weekend. Palau All Stars and Masters will be heading to Saipan to challenge both All stars and Masters from Guam and Saipan. May the best team win!!!!!

Go easy on the biru.

Reports from LA times that Michael Jackson has just died at UCLA medical center from cardiac arrest!!!

If true it is really really a sad day!!!

Ed Mchanon, Farrah Fawcett, and now Michael Jackson, all in one week.

Dude had a heart attack when he looked at the man in the mirror. :-)

Hafa Adai

Alii .. Alii a Sen. TRjr; is in Saipan with his group of law officers playing softball. His father-in-law NikSaboRamon planned and organized their stays. TR is mengoyas era lluut erngi el mor remuurt elmo president ra 2012.

It is so early but a good start so watch our Pres. JT and VP KM. Keep up the excellent works and you will succeed in 2012 and I know you can.

Ombudsman claim that the big fish will be caught soon. At the same time you should trim the forest but leave only one tree to have him hanging like mongkey.

May GOD bless you and Belau.


I dont know...im actually not sad...i mean he made alot of good music and all but i found him strange...i guess all the little boys around the world can relax now...and your funny TAMITTMJ...i bet thats the problem...lol... it'll be funny if he came back from the dead! popping out of his coffin yelling "WooHoo" in his high baby voice or sumthing...lol...well still...sorry to his family and all...

What was funny was I was at a bar with a friend I met through an acquaintance of another friend. We were having a couple of drinks and later I made a risky proposal to the intelligent and attractive independent "strong" woman, but she put me down like a wet cigarette and said, "Over Michael Jackson's dead body."

Looks like I will be getting laid tonight, I hope she can do the laundry and clean the dishes in the morning after.

I wonder if they will place his arms across his chest or put on on his crotch when they fix him up in the coffin.

Human body takes a while to decompose, but his probably has a half-life of 50 years or so due to the plastic.

rengel Belau 'l ngara elesel ma ikrel. kedi telang? diak de sekedii a imol stadium, ya ngered ma nglemkeled a cholchit er kid. Stop the competition among our own and work together. What is that say about you when you put one of your own down? Palau remind me of the movie "God must be Crazy" there was peace before the coke bottle fell from the sky. GREED is contagious, only those w/ powerful mind are immune.

ngdiak dodengei a souad ar chad ra belau, al mad a chad ekedeua mechibesong, al tekoi re udoud e ker di mormurt ma ngered a uatial meriou, ea lak a bodetab er ngii e kedekmo a government era palau a diak lomekereu (LOL).I guess what I'm saying is that ngoltebedechur.may be one of these uighur can go to Ngereml(Ngchemesed)with his share of money to the government(Ngereml) so they can build a freeway from Ngchemesed to compact road.that would be awesome. ma uriul. JUST A THOUGHT.

poor Michael Jackson. when i first heard of his passing, i couldn't help but think of all the ways i could use his song titles to address his unexpected departure. it would've been good for a few laughs but now that i think about it, at the end of the day he was just someone's son, brother, uncle, and friend. the people who loved him deserve empathy. may he, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon rest in eternal peace...

Ng soak el mo medengei el kmo, a remenguteling a mla kmo ng mo er ngii a ngesengesel a udoud er chelecha el Fiscal Year ra Budget, me ke de mla otebedii a tekoi el mo diak a omerael, melai ra rechad el moureor, ma ikel mla medung meng bleketakl, engdi a ududiu a mekerang?????????? Ko mo mengkekerei ra ududiu ra oingerang???? E Santy ma Uchelmelis, tiang locha bechachau el deraimukang el kungol er ngii el diak a ngerang el mekedmokl el kirel e Mosi?????? E Mardi, tiang locha kmal meringel a omesubel el tekoi el bo dousbech el "hire" ra rechelimosk el me mesuub er ngii ra uche ra lebol sebechel e Aramid???? A le me reou a ududir eng mo telekib el diak el lungil el mekedmokl a ureor el mor sel bkul er bab e Islander, eleng locha mo mengesang ra uldesuir me te mo beot a rengrir e belaubana??????????? Le aikal lududir el loldingeronger a kmal kirel e Ngeremlenguian ele te blechoel el meder ra bekl chelsang me ngungil ra lolai er tiang ele te mengoit ea betok ra chelsengrir a rebekl chad???????

E tirka ng di tir el tang a mengoit a meklou el cheral a cheluch el mora Ngerulmud e telekib el klou a cheral a ulekurulir ra osbitar ra rebekl chad e Jamie meng sodel a udoud el longereker er ngii?????????? A ngelekir e Lissy, te di ngara skuul ra Merikel malechub e te di ngara skuul ra private skuul ra beluu ra Belau meng sodel a udoud el longereker er ngii e Red Herring?????

????Ng klou el rrau el reng a mla chimkemkak eleng diak kisa uchul me te melemolem el melai ra ua klungel aikal ludoud e lodengei el kmo a rechad ra beluu a kie ra Paycheck-to-Paycheck el lomech ra klukuk.


Ak lmuut el dulii: Le mekedmokl a PETITION el lebo lorael ra beluu e deluches a ngkled er ngii me le mekedmokl tial tekoi leng mla mo kired el mekedmokl ra di mereched. Ealsekum me ke tara tirkel chedal a VOICES el menguiu er tiang, e mngesukemam a rechad ra beluu ea ki uoi chebulang!!!!!!!!!!!

Belau er Kid!


great points, Belas! the people are anxious about their livelihoods, but as long as they're not suffering and their children can wear the latest fashions and attend private institutions, it's all good. so wrong... i admit, though, that not all of our elected officials are this bad.

a petition's probably a good way to get things rolling. you've got my jane hancock!


I introduced a bill lowering not only OEK members but also from top down where there will be smaller gap between the high and low wage earners. Sort of move the top and bottom wage earners toward the middle income. This did not get anywhere among lawmakers. I got unpopular in doing it. Now I see Sen. Oilouch doing it.

You have a point that a pressure has to come from the community to push for this move. Contact me through santyasanuma@gmail.com so that we can discuss about the petition.


Another thing with the JOKES on THEM (JT) Administration, why is minister JN traveling abroad and sometimes gone for 30 days straight. What happened to all the evidence he had against TS and TR? Are we going to prosecute or what? I guess now that he is in a position of power, he's gone quiet. These palauan politicians and wannabes are all hypocrites. I am writing in Vicky Kanai's name in the next presidential election. So far these male presidents including the present one are failing the people.

Santy, Belas,
Please do start that petition and let us know on okedyulabeluu where to go to sign.

If by the swipe of his pen he gets a raise, then by the strength of ours we can stop him.

I too want to sign on the dotted line.....

wowoweeeeeeeeee Might be stong duck tape on JN and JK so they don't make any noise.

Hey Where's HS,

Be patient my man. Rest assured KN, TR and all those corrupt officials in the TR Administration will be charged and indicted.

JH and PM will be visiting them in jail. lol

Happy days

Clang Clang!

Latest news! TR has been charged with 17 counts of corruption by the Special Prosecutor.

Boy you are right Red Herring.

Let the game begin!

Know-All and Redherring,

17 counts of what? be specific. and ppl, grow up...molngull ra di dengchokl ra uchul a tuu el di melkoi rar menguteling mar mle menguteling er tial beluad. techar kemiu a sebechel mora ikal derchuall me kom di melkoi...SEL DOLEKOI, ENG SEL SEBECHED A TEKOI!.

I was dusting my little library and came upon a book I read ages ago- Dostoevsky's. In the chapter of The Grand Inqisitor, Dostoevsky argues that "Human beings would happily trade their freedom for food and security" and I am wondering where do we stand as a nation. Do we want freedom/liberty with empty stomach or do prefer to be sated and secured and be led "like sheep?""

I prefer to be full/if not fooled and secured!!

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