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June 15, 2009


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I understand the traditions we have and the history that makes us who we are. From Captain Wilson's wreck on our reef to local folklore that makes any Palauan proud. I just think that
we have to be very careful about this because it would open up doors that our small nation could not and are not prepared for....


Please, let's not kid ourselves talking about our traditional way of extending ourselves to the foreigners especially those who are in need. I have witnessed how cruel some Palauans can be to some of the foreigners employed by them. If it weren't for the money involved in this deal, I doubt we will open our doors to them. How some of us can sweet talk omitting the real reason for taking them.. Politicians at their best..

Hurray to the Palauans who are true Palauans. Traditionally, we have open our doors and rolled our carpets to all desperados who drifted here from sea. You are the true cultural heroes and are true sons of Jesus. Hallelluya to you. Blessed are those who provide shelters for the homeless and clothes to the naked, Jesus will open his door to you to his kingdom oneday.

Out of curiosity, is there a precedent in our history when our tradition of extending ourselves to those in need was directed to people beyond our shores?


Way back when eng mlarngii arua Natme, Radiu, Nasser, et. al. chad ra Indonesia el mle motechakl.


Senator Toribiong is an amazing man. I have known him all my life and he has been helping people who have nowhere to go. His house used to be a haven for runaways kids of Palau. My older brother was one of them. But what is more amazing is that he is also helping foreigners who are mistreated in Palau. Latest case is a Nigerian fellow who was mistreated by Palasia and our government refused to recognize his marriage to a Palauan woman. He was sent out of Palau and had to live in Yap for over a year. That case is resolved now because of his help. The fellow is back with his wife who is few months pregnant. Now that is part of that tradition and culture we are talking about.

Another deed of kindness was by Senator Hokkons many years ago when he housed Gibbson in his apartment for many years without rent because nobody cared for him. He even provided groceries for him that is why I found out about his good deed.

Knowing these kind deeds and not sharing them to you on this blog while I am hearing some nasty comments towards these two men whether senators or not would be mischievous on my part.

There is kindness in Palau after all but not in the lime light. Come to the priest house and see some of Palau's down trodden being attended to and cared for by the church. This is because of kindness and not culture no questions asked as Fr. Rusk would say.


Kmal mesaol e Senator Asanuma el kuk mla remind er kid ra tara teleteled a rechad er belau el kmal merengelang el desang er elechang.

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