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June 15, 2009


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This practice has got to stop!!! Here we are going to have a funeral for someone who went to a war, a foreign war at that, and has not contribute to the welfare of Belau (No offense Demei but) and we are going to have a public funeral for him. A ureor a stop, public funds spent and we the public pay for a private decision he made. Now it is public funeral for every Tom and Jerry!!!


You don't know the sacrifice we make so don't make this kinds of comments to our fallen heroes and others serving right now!! How do you know he has not contributed to the welfare of Belau. I and most soldiers I know send money back home(Palau) to our parents/family and in return they fuel our economy so tell me how is that not contributing!!! Moreover, the reason you are sitting at home/office typing away is the protection you get from US military wich we are serivng!!!

I have read your comments in here and you are always negative everytime. You are just angry your not getting all the lime light you want to make you feel happy!! This is all we can do for the family of Obakerairur. And also I m pretty sure the family did not ask for this public funeral.

Thank you, Uchelmelis, for your thoughtfulness. This young man's family and friends will no doubt think ill of your sentiments, but I pray that you never have to go through the sorrow and pain they must be feeling now, and forever.

I suppose one can consider this once in a lifetime farewell affair as a small withdrawal from the bank of contributions to Belau's welfare, by contributors who respected and maybe even admired his "personal decision".

New York's state/government buildings will fly the US flag at half mast today (06/15) in honor of this fallen soldier. You would probably conclude from this snippet of information, that this is because Jasper fought in THEIR war. The truth is, nobody wants terrorists to succeed (unless a person is a terrorist, of course) and the United States is the staunchest proponent of a terrorism-free world. America may be the strongest country in the world but they still need help. And, I'm proud to know that Sgt. Obakrairur bravely stepped up to support and defend this cause. He served America AND Palau very well.

When did compassion become some fickle human emotion? It's a scary world today.

The day you and the rest of the natives can protect/support yourself without any aids from the USA, I guess, the day you can stop complaining. If it was your son, I'm sure you will feel offended by someone else's statements. Stop hating the fact that some of us had to find other opportunities elsewhere. Not too many of us were fortunate enough to have been born like you..

To my old friend:


Rest in Peace buddy.

It was not a good idea at all to come out with such comments. I am a close relative to this soldier and really don’t appreciate it despite the fact that we did not plan it that way. It’s all from the top down. I hope someday you won’t experience the same thing.


This is a pain shared by all but mostly by the family. It is the last opportunity to see their son. Let's show our respect by not treating it as a way to ignore our other responsibilities.

He and many of our brothers and sisters saw an opportunity to serve as the only opportunity available. It seems ironic that as a public and a country we show are caring and sympathies after the fact. Let's make this a country that provides other alternatives for our children so they do not risk lives. He was only 26 years old. So young.

Thoughts and prayers from my family to yours St. Obakrairur. Thank you for protecting me, my family and our small island nation.

God Bless,


Wow! My thoughts and prayer to you, Demei and your wife for this tragic news about your son. My heart goes out to you because I know you personally and your boy is the same age as mine. May God ease the pain and gives you comfort knowing that things will work out for good to those who put thier trust in Him...

Honto Style:

I personally will go to the funeral to see Demei because he is a friend ma mo madek el morngii.

The real question is why does the government and the whole republic have to pay for it? The man made a personal decision and this funeral should as such private for the family. The family should not be made to suffer. Ke de mla mo meruul a tekoi el di dorael el mo kedeb er ngii.

Tia kemeldilir a rubliil lak moruul er ngii el mo tekoi ra balatiks.

Uchel, you have a point so please team up the president and ask USA to pay all expenses relating to the funeral if it ain't too late.

I just want to say to the family of this brave soldier that your son did not die for nothing. What he fought for was a representation for our common interests and beliefs in the freedom of choice, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

People seem to forget that our country was once under foreign powers that did not view our ancestors as equal human beings with equal rights for freedom, protection and happiness and therefore, treated them as half humans...animals to be more precise.

It wasn't until America came to our rescue, losing many of their own children in the process, did our ancestors begin to enjoy the same freedom and liberties as we do today.

To that end, I pray for this soldiers family and for the safety of all our beloved Belauan sons and daugthers serving in the U.S. Armed forces around the world. What they are fighting for is what's keeping our dreams for freedom, liberty, and happiness alive.

Larry Ngiraswei
Austin, Texas


OK the cost that will come out of this funeral will not compare to the money being leaked out by some of our corrupted politicians!! So if you really want to straighten our Govt. why don't you start there!!

I am a taxpayer and I really don't mind my money going to this one!! You commented above that he did not contribute to our country. He has been supporting his family in Palau by sending money to his parents and they use it on siukang and our economy!! He paid the ultimate sacrifice so you and me maybe free to live in a Democratic society and do whatever we want!!

Al sekum eng meral somiu al stop a aikal Public Funerals e de relii el mo ra rokui el chad mo lemuut era Politicians er kid ma leko te ngarbab el chad era Belau el leko te deserve a Public Funeral!! Tirkakid a bai merchorch ra Govt er kid e kid a meruul a Public Funerals!! Example - Johny Reklai (PSB)!!!

You have a point but perhaps how you say it makes it difficult for people to accept it. Better yet, difficult times like this, especially for the family members who lost their love one wouldn’t want to read or hear remarks such as yours, particularly if it wasn’t their decision to waist tax payer’s money for their son’s funeral. I would give them a little respect by allowing them to bury their love one, heal from this tragic moment then come out with something as such. I “refrain,” if I were you. Sometimes a good point can be ignored or hard to deal with if and when it comes across in the most unfortunate moment in our life.

So double up your “Badek” when you come to the funeral, and thank you in advance for understanding or deep sorrow.



Gone but not,

You said it. What you said about the politician is exactly my point. They try now to sooo politically correct that they will stoop low and spend public money to... you get drift.

Honto STyle;

You are right!!! Sometimes what I write are rather pithy and rough but I write with anger toward our leaders. One of our problem is omeruul reng and may be this is the problem. Instead of facing the problem head on we couched the problem with smooth talking and problem gets bigger and bigger. Seral dirrek mlad a ngelekel a Baustina mak dirrek el millekoi a dio sisiu el tekoi ekid etiang e lluuetang el mocha mellekl.

Nevertheless, MEA CULPA!!!


I concur that with the current state of our local economy, we must make sure that taxpayers' money is accounted for and properly utilized. It is every citizen's prerogative to question choices made by the president and other elected officials.

What I personally took exception to, was your notion that Jasper had not contributed to the welfare of his country. Surely even you would agree that one's willingness to risk his own life so that his family, his friends, and fellow countrymen may continue to live as a free people, is a contribution worthy of acknowldgement and dare I hope, some gratitude.

Jasper wasn't just another Tom or Jerry. Not to those of us who knew the man that he was. I'm torn right now because I hate that he had to leave so soon, yet rejoice in knowing he is now safely nestled within the arms of a most loving God...


Rest in Peace, cousin. A part of me goes with you.

"..love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.."

Rest in Peace Jasper, I will pray and think of you in my thoughts


Me ke kmo ngudoud ra national el mechitang, ngkmal telal ludoud a mechitang?


Ka di bital mekngit a ulkurulem malchub e ke kuk mle bad ra ikrel a uuked!


Kau kelem secher or plain dumb?

Our Palauans serving in the US military deserve our respect and appropriate state funerals if they pass on.

These guys and women, our own children, may be pledging allegiance to the USA, but they are also responsible for our defense/security.

Should we get provoked or attacked by an enemy, do you think you or I will go out there to defend the country? Even if you and I do, we will still require the might of the US armed forces.

So please do not talk non-sense that Japsper, nor any of our Palauans serving in the US armed forces for that matter, does not contribute to our country's welfare.

I hope you will clear your conscience of this filthy thoughts and talks and be able to sleep well.

You were a brave soldier
contributed so much to our country
May you rest in peace
may you be remembered for all your good deeds
You were taken away so young and so soon but you will forever live in our hearts.

Rest In Peace, Brother...

The man did his duty and sadly ended that way.
Be happy that you all live cause what he did and done was to help defend your ass and my ass!! Bottom line is... Respect.!

hey coconut uchel...you need to shut the hell up, the few soldiers from belau serving in the armed forces are making sure you're enjoying your freedom but to be stupid about your freedom and talk like an IDIOT that you are then you need to crawl back under your rock and stay there.
HOOOOAAA to all you soldiers out there, we're all praying for your safe return. uchelmelis...EAT SHIT AND DIE!!!!!!


The sun rose bright and shinny this morning. Yesterday was a different day. It turned gloomy in midmorning and then around noon it rained the Noah's rain for the rest of the day. As a father I could only imagine myself in the shoes of Demei. That thought was too much for me to bear as I recall my father's grief for my older brother. I knew then that fathers should not help bury their children but the other way around. I pray for strenght and peace to Demei and Florence for their greatest loss so that they can live on. God bless.


For all you smart alecs;

This is not about whether your chose to be a mercenary for U.S. or as some of you seem fond of saying defending my freedom, this is about a public funeral AND NOT ABOUT THE PASSING OF A PALAUAN SOLDIER (mercenary).

Now, the question is ngeral obledabel/scale a do bal melbodeb ra ko te ngerang a lorael a bo do ruul ra kemeldiil buai ma lechub eng diak? Ngak a oumerang el kmo a olbedabel er elechang a melbodeb a grams ma nanograms, melbodeb a kmal mekebekakl el tekoi. Om nguu er ngak ea olbedabel mora kemeldiil buai a mora mengeteklel a beluu/rubekul a beluu el meklou el tekoi a blal ruul el kirel a beluuu.

As for all the palauan young men and women who enlist in the U.S. military and for all you defenders of this program, this is not about you and your beliefs. We can debate the pros and cons if you may. Do not confuse the issue!!!

Everyone in belau are kissing the ass of trying to be too POLITICAL CORRECT.

elmelis...it's too bad ur not close enough for me to just BITCH slap you...

... last paragraph should have been POLITICALLY CORRECT.

buki... say what you may but you know damn well I AM RIGHT!!!

Does anyone know how many Belauans in the military have passed away? And did all of them have a Public funeral?

Just wondering...

Uchelmelis before you complain, can you do some research. All members of the military who were on active duty or a member of the Selected Reserve at the time of death are eligible for state funeral. The members of Guam National Guards flew to Palau few days before the funeral to make arrangements. I am sure the military paid for the funeral expenses such as transportation, flags, caskets, the ceremony, gun salutes, etc., but if Palau wants to do something other than the ordinary, then it's very minimal expense. The family will receive life insurance proceeds, lifetime military benefits, and a U.S. citizenships if they wish. If Jasper was not married then it goes to his parents.
got it?

First you take issue with the fact that the public has to pay for a funeral. Now you talk of scales and refer to Belauans who choose to enlist in the US military as mercenaries (and I hope you used this word strictly for its general definition and not as an insult). What next; the issue of soldiers' interment on Belau soil?

Just thinking out loud I guess, because it's become all too obvious no one and nothing can change your opinions. Why waste time and effort, right?

Moving on.

My thoughts and prayers goes to Demei and Florence on the passing of their beloved son. And to you all the bloggers , good or bad , you have shown that you have adopted some kind of freedom of speech.american ways and it's a good thing, but for the sake of good old palau give it a little RESPECT. ma uriul.


I see the point your trying to raise. Your concern of abuse and unecessary expense incurred by the National Government.

I definitely disagree that Sgt. Obakrairur's funeral and or previous State funeral are waste of Government funds.

Also you don't know who paid for Sgt. Obakrairur's funeral arrangment. The United States Army and the Department of Defense picked up the bill for your information. So please bark on a different tree and leave my family alone.




If your so concern of abuse and waste of Government funds; Why are you in here bitching around?

Do something about it!


Not one penny from the republic of palau goes to this funeral. U.S army rep had been in Palau coordinating and assisting the family and the government for this funeral. U.S of A is the one footing the bills, as they realize the untimate sacrifice this brave man has paid for the cause of freemom. KAU KE MELISBEKL ER KER?


Kemla medebodeb ra ikal comments er kau er tial blai, i wish i could understand where your coming from, somewhere along the line i think your still stuck between a rock and a hard place or your still meyus a kabel going somewhere. U.S Military takes care of their fallen heroes no matter what part of the world they're from and it is their tradition to do what they do best in a time like this, what page of story ra "irechar" are you on ???

Mistake er ngak, "Kabel" should be "Kabekel"

uchel....right about WHAT.....???!!! too bad that GED didn't help matters much did it. word of advice to you and 'yo momma....sometime it's better to keep your mouth shut than to open it and reveal your stupidity.

Enough with the "they died for your freedom"
What freedom? For the people of Palau? In way way?? Is that what the U.S. military made you repeat over & over again once you're in? Sounds like brainwashing! Seems like some of you get enlisted in the military with your eyes closed! What is the real lure? Is it the bribe money you get each month? Is it the option of not getting a real education? Can some of you in the military be really honest about this? I think it's safe to say that it's NOT the desire to fight for United States freedom!
That is your choice to join the military, but do not try to feed us with the nonsense.

Uchel, one of those days with the foot in the mouth? Though I see what your'e trying to point out. But I'm sure you know some folks have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity like this to give you all they got. LOL.

Venomous bukitang,

Very wise advice, now we'll really appreciate it if you'll get in line first. The problem is you have too many arms dangling behind your body and brain mekemla mechiseksikt. Kokau erngii ekemol stroke, unless you feel Uchel is so worth it.

Sympathies for Jasper & Family.

After Ibobang high school and few semesters in UH Hilo, he joined the military perhaps to take advantage of the GI Bill benefit to help him further his eduction, country and most importantly his family later in life. This tells me this fallen soldier was a fighter and should be mourned respectfully and peacefully.

A chedil e rengelekei. Ngmorngii a kemeldiil ra oingerang? Ngtecha mo meruul a billum ma kukau? Al sekum e komo ousbech a ngesue eng sebechek el mo mengesols. A leborngii a ungil chais e bem sbedak. Ochoi. Ma uriul e rengelekei.

republic of coconuts...aaaahhhh...exactly my point you IDIOT. that is what palau is...coconut republic. what curencies does our island use, what protection do every coconuts on the island have...all thanks to U.S of A. you may think we're republic but we're not...not for one NEW YORK MINUTE. go back to your rock.....


Scatterbrains, it is very obvious that you are using your many arms to posts on different topics at the same time, and that is why, once again, you are lost as to what the real issue is. Do stop confusing yourself.

Allow me to be very clear on my previous comment, in regards to my blog name, republic of coconuts, refers to YOU and your kinds who does not have a clue as to what comes out of your pipeholes, except making yourselves more foolish by the minute. And I should know what I'm refering to, since I picked the name , not you or your 8 arms. Use one of 'em to bitchslap you on the head, maybe you'll stop having brainfarts.

Ok, I admit I did not graduate from high school!!! But if you guys for one minute think that stoppage of government workers for about six hours was not a waste-working hours spent on a funeral, than you win the argument. Nevertheless, this is for me is not an issue of just arguing for argument sake. This an example where we have lowered the bar so low that every TOM and JERRY is honored, elected, etc, etc. Take a look around you and see whom you have chosen to be your representative(s). This representative of yours are pandering to your votes and whims and have brought the level of discourse so low to accomodate byzantine ideas not to mention the neantherdal pace of it all.

Let us suppose TR jr dies today(GOD Forbids), do you think that he should be afforded the same honor of public funeral and why? Yes! BEcause he has... Ngkired el telkib el mo mekreuos a uaikaikid el tekoi.

Different subject, Kudos and appreciations e klou el etengakl el mora Truman Skang (ngelekel a Katsusi ma Hilde Skang) el mle rescue ra chad el milkelli a mlil orbetii ra Des Moine water front.. according to the The Seattle Time, June 10th. This happened last summer guess. This happened last June 20, 2008 and Skang was awarded the Silver Lifesaving Award by the U.S. Coast Guard. Skang is in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Come on guys,

We know that the funeral is paid for by the U.S
What Uchel is saying is that during the funeral we will find many government workers all over the place while on the clock. That is what he means and I think his concerns are legit...It's a
waste of tax payers money.


A chedil e uchelmelis, kau ke ngelekel a Miuako ra Ngersuul? Ak medengelii ar chedam ra blirir a Ngirauchuchelatumerang. A chedil e rungalek. Me kulengit mebom sauch a emelek el buuch. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Meboluaisei. Seikid a tekoi. Ms uriul.


This is one of our problem-lack of imagination and critical thinking. Ke de mla smau el di menga uuldars!!

I think public funeral should be up to the family of the deceased. As we speak I have members of my family in the Service so I'm going to leave it at that.In the mean time I want to express my gratitude to all the me and women in uniforms for fighting for our freedom.

You guys have to stop this nonsense about these guys and gals fighting for our freedom. Stop perpetuating this myth- they enlisted for the money and because the lack of opportunity!!!

If they stop enlisting will our freedom be curtailed?


please spell out your evidence to prove what i know to be baseless accusations you've made here about FIB's alleged corrupt conducts?

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