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June 05, 2009


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Let our leaders do what they do best...Beg for money from Taiwan and other Asian countries. Like I said before, this Government of ours is too big for its own good. Waaaaay too many chiefs and not enough indians.

Just attended President day here in Seattle. I was disappointed that President did not make it for some reason. Some people understood why of course but the rest felt disappointed.

Its good the President did not show up in Seattle. The last time Tommy was there, a ugly fight broke up only to ruin the gathering and paint an ugly image of Palauans living in the US.

My gosh, I thought you Seattle-Palauans gave grown up and civilized yourselves.

I suggest no more Presidential visits to the US. You US mainlanders should return home and aid your country. We are facing a multi million dollar defecit.

I am glad that the President did not attend the gathering.

Ota, what did you guys do in the last four presidential day? Remember the President is the president of Palau not palauans living abroad.All you guys do during the past presidential day is what-party while we here in belau bears all the burdens of Kemeldiil, House Parties, Medical refrerals, etc, etc,...

If I have a say on this you guys should not be voting AT ALL!!!

Glad the President did not attend!!! Whats the use anyway. Nothing good comes out of them parties but fights and marriage break-ups!! LOL. Thats what happened that last time I attended. If we really want him to attend then like PORTLAND ssaid we must break away from the barbaric mind set before we bring in the President.

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