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June 05, 2009


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Meke de locha ungil bodo kerang alsekum tia mocha meral tekoi? A kora di melbedebk a eral klalo ma kall el mal mla mo rebab, el lak akmal lureor ma elechal ngesengesa udoud ku ra beluad.

A ta ra tekoi, e beluulchad kelel le blal lobals ra chelid? Bekl el beluu er elechal taem a di a merael a errodch ra ngelsengesel a udoud e kung, ngera chised?

Hello fellow citizens,

I think VP Mariur is being very optimistic. God bless him for not wanting to make us panic.

However, if my fellow bolggers had read my writting over the past two years, bloggers would know that I predicted that our country would be in financial crisis in 2011 and that if firm action was not taken our country would have financial and civil choas after 2012.

The administration to blame is the admiistration under inept ex-president Remengesau jr. It was Remengesau who lied to the people of Palau for 8 years, telling them year on year that Palau's economy was fairing very well. This was a delibrate lie and now we will all suffer!

Bloggers like Ata, Mardingoal, Mosischekiak and many who supported Nakamura and Remengesau retaliated saying that I was scare mongering when I warned that Palau's economy was heading for disaster because of the corruption and bad policies of the Remengesau government. What do you say now?

It is imparative that we (every single citizen) support President Toribiong's policy of making Palau foreign investment friendly.

Palau must take immediate and aggresive action to bring in foreign investment to avert the impending financial crisis.

Cut out the old thinking that foreign investment will cause destruction to the environment and cut out the old thinking that foreign investment will cause Palauan people to lose their edge in business.

It is this nonsensical philosophy that has put our country in this financial crisis. The way forward is joint venture - equal partnership, between Palauan business and foreign busiess.

Open the way for foreign banks and big business to creat wealth in Palau.

The real shortfall will be around $40 million.

To Islander

Sulang but No Sulang. Go home. They need your expertise and empty promises more than the people of Palau. Bye Bye

Bye Expat,

You show your true colors. Can't stand the truth! Can't accept responsibilty.

What do you do. Lash out like a fool. Have I made promises? Have I offered my expertise? YOU are in denial! You are delusional!

All I have said is that we need to finds ways to better our economy before matters get out of control. I suggested, we make Palau very foreign investment friendly. I feel that this is the most sensible way to inprove our failing economy.

If you know of a better strategy, please put your suggestions forward. Don't ask me to go away. I have as much right to be here as you do.



These 'guys' are all one and the same, changing names with each blog. They cannot stand criticism, even if it is constructive criticism, of the past administration as they were probably part of that administration. They just want to look as though they are many different persons.

Thier pain is that they cannot move forward and Palau is constantly held back by these few die hards who are strongly opposed to anything constructive.

They are also rude and will stop at nothing to silence everybody else that does not agree with them. They are the leftovers of the Tommy boys who, as we all know, have done almost nothing but to lie and bully those of us who would speak the truth about them.

They have no solutions that are in any way constructive or remotely logical. Your challenge to them to give us their solutions has been made before. It is a waste of time. They have none worth considering. As they are so clearly part of the past administration and their supporters this is not surprising at all. They were the sadistics who did nothing but helped themselves to what they could while others suffered at their hand. Now they are bitter, tormented and viscious as they have no power to carry on with their perverse ways.

A new dawn is upon us. We have not been given the best base from which to build on, but we will do what we can to survive.

Palauans, beware of those who would scare you into doing nothing or holding back on moving ahead. We are in a sink or swim situation and these guys would have you sink.

Islander, you are very welcome to this site, while I may not agree with all your views, I know you have Palau's future at heart.

It is with a heavy heart that I observe that there are still Palauans who do not care about their fellow Palauans well being, only their own pockets.

I am curious,

If Palau was infected by some disease that Palauan doctors could not cure, would we tollerate these fools saying; "Don't allow foreign doctors in to practice maedicine in Palau because it would ruin the businesses of Palauan doctors and don't allow any foreign medicines into Palau as it would ruin the chances of our witch doctors seling their local witches brew. Lol.

How is it possible for people to be so irresponsible and bias in this modern era?

Island, Curious, Red Herring,

Its good reading your comments here on Palau. You make sense.

Please refrain from attacking Tommy or Nakamura. I have been reading comments on this blog for years now and I enjoy reading your reasonable comments. However, personal attacks only turn me off. In fact, I get the willys when you attack people that I know well. I have been coming to dive in Palau for 15 years.

If you have any evidence of corruption, please contact Mr. Michael Copeland at the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

Meantime, keep smart comments going and avoid personal attacks.

Thank you for your advice Ruchasmeiyer,

I do not like to attack anyone. The people that I blog about are politicians that have to answer for their actions.

The issues that I blog about are common knowledge and matters that are in the public domain.

For example: Did Ex-President Remengesau not issue public statements intimating that Palau's economy was doing well? When all along Palau economy was in decline.

If he did not make such a statement then I will retract my accusation and apologies to him in public. However, all you need do is read up on his many 'Public Addresses' and you will see that he did warrant to the People of Palau that Palau's economy was doing well, which was a deliberate lie!

Now look at his life style, can a man earning $50,000.00 a year live the way he does? Own the material things he owns? Land, homes (in Palau and abroad) cars, motor cycles, boats, expensive watches and that's just his toys. Now, look at what his wife and family own. Ruchasmeiyer, his life style is prima fascia evidence of his corruption.

I do not have to provide evidence against people who are government officials, who appear suspiciously corrupt. All I have to do is suggest it and investigators and lawmakers should look into such suggestions to ascertain whether there is merit or not. It is then up to the investigators to decide whether there is a case to investigate or not. The onus is on the SP, AG and the OEK not on me. I have done my duty by speaking up. Perhaps, if more people spoke up against Hitler than that madman would not have been able to do what he did!

I ask you does Nakamura have interest in fishing business in Palau. I ask you does his fishing activity include long-line-fishing. Has his fishing boats been caught for shark fishing and fining?

I ask you why is Palau in such financial difficulty when both the Nakamura and Remengesau Administrations were given billions of dollars in aid, compact funds and stimulus monies by our wonderful allies? Is this not a fair question to ask?

Why were people involved with the PSB bank collapse allowed to leave Palau when all along the government knew that the bank was being operated questionably? Why was, public money poured into the failing PSB bank and then allowed to be withdrawn by government officials, politicians and privileged people in the know?

Also why was SP Walton and the AG allowed to leave Palau when there were indications that these people were involved with criminal activities?

Under the circumstances, do you not think that there are fair and reasonable grounds for me to conclude that there is corruption at the highest levels?


Like he said guys,

"If you have any evidence of corruption, please contact Mr. Michael Copeland at the Office of the Special Prosecutor."

If it's mostly "why?" with out any evidence than it's just a hot air that really has no binding except to scare the public.

Since you are all bunch of foraigners who don't know our culture. It's very offensive to Palauans when you keep talking about people with out any proof to show for. Even those who are not involved will take it as personal attacks.

Mosi, Yes, Yes,

We have all heard your old hat propaganda before. When the truth hurts, blame it on the culture and that make everything OK!

Cannibals will say, show me the body. It's in our culture, if you can't show the body we did not eat it! Lol.

HA HA HA HA HA! good one Mosi! Sorry Mosi, but the international community ain't buying!

Yup the "international community" of one. NO WIN NO PLACE NO SHOW lol Islander, Curious, Red Herring et al...
you can send all your concerns to the Managing Attorney of the Hilo Hawaii office of the Legal Aid Society. You can find your friend's name online. He will be waiting your reply. HAHAHAHA

Islaner and Redherring.

Stop your negative talks by attacking people, if you have any solid evidence against the prev admin, then by all means report it to prosecutor to prosecute the prev admin, by mentioning people's name and attacking them just put your self as un professional...alsekum meng dekdekims a chochim sel bor Belau e bai bomluuk..curruption is happening around the world
not only Belau..

Hey Buragai,

Are you suggesting that because you say that corruption is happening everywhere then we in Palau must accept corruption as normal government standards?

With your type of thinking no wonder corruption was the order of the last two administrations!

You also make much ado with your slogan 'if there is proof provide it'. I say it is not my job to provide proof of corruption. I am not being paid to provide proof! As a good citizen, my duty is simply to suggest it to our investigators.

Why are you and your gang so outraged when I say that the last two administration are corrupt as hell. Everyone in Palau knows this. Just read the Tia Belau! That's why the government is broke Buragai! Are you stupid?

Maybe you are part of the last government and that's why you are sooooo... scared of anyone using the word CORRUPTION! Ha Ha Ha! We are going to get you all!

In any event, as I understand it, proof of corruption of the last administration was already provided by Mr. J. Koshiba and Mr. Ngiraingas to SP Walton and AG Bettie, but everything was conveniently swept under the Remengesau rug, then SP Walton ran away as did the AG because they were themselves found to be corrupt. Man what a mess!

Maybe they will bring it up again as we now have a new President.

Let's wait and see.

in the meantime... contact your friend at Hilo Legal Aid Society. He is waiting for your e-mail. Its time to put up or shut up. No win No place No show


If it's not your duty to provide evidence or proof of corruption then you may close your FM.
Talking about corruption and yet senators and delegate went to Manila to spend lot of money for their honeymoon trip, and they are blind to see the needs of Hospital and school..I may be stupid to you but I can say...a lot of honeymoon trip, Government will be corrupted by new Pres....

Hey John Attoreny,

Why don't you go chase some ambulances! Ha Ha Ha.

I am sure that you know all about the Hilo legal Aid Society since you are recommending it so highly. I am sure you corrupt friends have found the service handy.

I hear you have debts all over town so I am sure legal aid will be useful to you. Lol.

Hey Buragai,

Keep cool, Don't be rude. Being rude only shows that you have lost the plot!

If it was inappropriate for the Senators and Delegates to go for the trip to Manila then why do you not complain about it to the SP? Perhaps you should complain to the President.

As for me, I am satisfied that the majority of the current Senators and Delegates are good people and would not go to Manila 'just for a honeymoon trip' as you irresponsibly purport!

I am sure they went to manila for good reason.

Don't be jeolous just because you are stuck in Palau with the sewer overflowing and the lights going off every few hours.


Don't you think that our hard working Senators and Delegates need a bit of R & R.

Why would you begrudge them a bit of fun in Manila?

Our beloved Remengesau spent tens of thousands of dollars of government money on his fairwell trip in the USA. Like a rock star he acted. All along saying Palau's economy was fantastic!

Perhaps the Senators and delegates believe him. Lol and are following his splendid example.

Don't worry be happy!

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