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June 13, 2009


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ang hai a rengelekei. Ng mla mo telal kulekoi er kemiu. Bom ngitetirir tirekal chad el mei ra meklechek ra honto mel ngesukak el lomadel a chudel ra meklechek. A bol merek eng sebechir el meruul a bebil ra ureor. Ngkmal betok a babii el lokelall ma blatong el telbongel.

Al sekum e temo songerenger eng ngarngii a cherdoched el cheremrum ma beltakel el ngims el sebechek el lomekar er tir. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Meboluaisei. Tiaikid a ungil tekoi. Ma uriul.

I think these facts might help in the debate.

1) Uighurs are ethnic eastern Chinese with muslim
heritage close to Pakistan and have a long history of independence and have sought it from
China. China considers them dissident "terrorists."

2) These 17 men were found in a village by US military 7 years ago and detained as possible
terrorists. They were found innocent during the
Bush administration by military tribunal but nobody knew what to do with them because China
would undoubtedly execute them.

3) The US State Department called President Toribiong and asked him if Palau would consider
accepting Uigurs upon humanitarian and terms of the Compact of Free Association. No monetary
compensation was discussed at all.

4) President Toribiong immediately conferred with
Palau leadership includinng Ibedul and Reklai. The consensus of leaders was to respond favorably
to the request from America with the provision that Palau would evaluate them and make its own
determination as to their physical, emotional, psychological state as well as potential danger to Palauan society. (Ministers Pierantozzi (State) and Kuartei (Health) are currently at the
Guantanamo Bay facility.

5) There are currently over 100 Muslims working in Palau without incident.

6)The reason the Uigurs received training in
Pakistan is because of their struggle against
China and they have never had any involvement in
anti-American or anti-western acts of violence
(determined by the military tribunal).

7. Palau has a culture and history of welcoming
outsiders and the Palauan leaders referred to that heritage in its response to the US. The
Compact also has a section that recognizes
mutual assistance but that was not called upon
in this case but rather further supports the
independent decision.

8) Tourism should not suffer as a consequence as
the Uighurs are not combatants or done anything
violent against non-Chinese. In fact, the kindness and humanitarian concern of Palau should
reinforce the image of Palau.

Personally, as an American living in Palau, I have felt welcome and long have recognized the
hospitality and generosity of the Palauan people.
I sincerely do not believe that President Toribiong, Ibedul and Reklai as well as other
leaders in Palau would accept the Uighurs if there were any danger to the Nation.


An American in Paradise

look here hoalei, I don't wanna here crap from u. one question what have you done for u'r great country? don't speak on beahalf of the locals cause this is not mutual asissatace as you call it this is mr. toribiong w/ his nose so far deep in the haolie's as that is all brown. If their not good enough to be released in the states what makes them good enough to be released in the belau. They should be dealt w/ like all other that have commited treason, and maybe shoul you!!!!

My suggestion is, if they do come to Palau, we should confine them in one place for about six months and evaluate them then slowly release them out to the society. We don't know them, they are strangers so we should be careful. I agree with Dave Miho, but I think we should get to know these Uighurs first before we trust them. How are we going to communicate with these guys?

My suggestion is, if they do come to Palau, we should confine them in one place for about six months and evaluate them then slowly release them out to the society. We don't know them, they are strangers so we should be careful. I agree with Dave Miho, but I think we should get to know these Uighurs first before we trust them. How are we going to communicate with these guys?


i have been reading this blog for a long time and not once have i read anything constructive or insightful coming from you. you have always been very negative towards bloggers who don't share your views on issues. it is one thing to disagree on issues but when you come out spewing racial slurs and call people names, it is very degrading and insulting.

i think you are suffering from some sort of sickness or disease that makes you so angry all the time, and you should get some help before it is too late. if you are in the US military, please go to your CO and ask for help. i see some symptoms of PTSD in your blogs.

good luck,


Iang hai e David Miho, Bkulatiull, Aha, ma Manait. Ka bong e rengelekei e bemtuu ra tuangel e de chadecheduch. Ngkmal betok a ice kater ma abrabang meng sebeched el kaumondai a chais ra beluu ma sersed e mengang aikal kall. Adang mekerang. Ngdirek el ngarngii a chelas el beras ma cherdoched el cheremrum. Morchedemiu el mei e rengelekei. Adang kemerang? Ochoi. Seikid. Meboluaisei. Ma uriul

OK...here's Palau to the United States...'SHOW ME THE MONEY'....and that my friend is what is's all about 'cos this coconut government cannot even pay its own electric bills and pretty soon the salaries of government employees. NGDIAK A ISED???!!!!


I have been reading the postings on this blog and have figured that the discussion here is way over your head. Cherdocehed el cherremrum and beldakl el ngims shows that you need to find your classmates and play marble.


American in Paradise,

Once again I want to know why the Super Power good USA with all the money and resources it has decided to ask Belau to do it's dirty job? Who is going to train these individuals to live like my people? Are they going to take the jobs that Belauan would have had?

Why weren't they sent to some dessert in your
hometown and have your neighbors put up with them? USA and JT are playing a very dangerous game because the next Super Power (China) taking notes on this one. Could it be that Taiwan is behind some of this?

What if Chinese sneaks into Palau in their submarines and attack. Who's going to defend Palau in time. Palau is so small for China to take in a blink of an eye.

Calm down guys and gals !!!!!!!

Its not DOOMS DAY ! Some of you a envisioning this whole Uighurs thing like a horror Hollywood movie where space creatures are coming down to eat every living Palauans. Stop the dark imagining.

Ugihurs have been cleared as NON VIOLENT NON COMBATANTS.

What are you so afraid of anyway ? Werent Palauans warriors in the old days and bravery is an honored tradition ?

If you are bunch of pussycats, then you are citizens of Ngeluu, not Palau. Palauans are smart, brave, daring, and wise. Support our President, who is brave and smart.

Medal a Belau,

If these Uyghurs are NON VIOLENT NON COMBATANTS then they should stay in US where they are welcomed by their own community of people in DC. Have you ever wondered why Australia and Germany refused them?

Yes..Palauans are SMART, WISE, and BRAVE. Smart to know that we cannot afford to be daring in this situation. Brave enough to say "no" to a big bully like US who is holding our string like a puppet, and ask questions when not sure. And wise enough to make concrete decisions that does not impact just Belau of today, but also Belau of tomorrow.

Iang chelik e Baibeluu. Ngkuk ngera chised e rungalek? Ngera meke omekakue er kid? Kabong e me kuderchau el mora stouang e bechar a chemelek el buuch. Adang mekerang? Ochoi? Seikid? Mebol uaisei.


What the hell are you doing, get back in bed!! And stop playing with the computer or you will break it!!

Just Say No,

It shows you are misinformed. The US will not take them because of political reasons. Australia and others also refused because of political connections to China.

Palau does not have any diplomatic ties with China. Get the point now ?

Yes, Palau is home of the smart and the brave. As for you, you are misinformed and appear to be afraid of your own shadow.

The only fear you have is fear in itself.

Iang hai a KeDeChebuul. Ngkuk ngerang e rungalek. Ngera meke kuk di mengirngirs? Kabai mei e moutekangel el madel aikal chebelek eng kmal betok. Adang mekerang? Sel bomerek eak meskau a dalla meke momcherar a kelem el ice kater. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid. Meboluaises.

Ngelkel Belau,

Are yo serious!!!China is a memeber of the United NAtions and have slowly maid its way up to the worlds stage(Todays economy is connected with every country out there so why sacfrifice it)!! Im pretty sure it will not commit that kind of act just for 13 or 17 Chinese muslims!!! So relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset,,look there it goess!!!

man...ya'll are stupid.

The 4 chinese detainees are enjoying their freedom in Bermuda. I saw their picture eating ice cream near the beach.

Guatemala has accepted 4 of them so the number for Palau is getting smaller, if we get any.

Ngeram ma Obama a diak el sikii a lebor ngii tirkal "unknown" ra chelsel a US el klou l' basio? Kmal low economy ra beluulchad e tir a spend a betok el udoud el kirir tirkang? Maybe eng sebeched el meruul a telemall e get paid for it? Tial beluulchad a locha mla obitokl. Kmal diua tekingel a Former President, locha mla moua chermel a Tommy el olik. Aikel 200 million dollars, ng worth ra klengar ra kau ma telungalk er kau? Malchub eng bekord el mo ta bingel el mora rechad er Belau? Maybe only for tha Criminal Administration! Ar mechebuul akmal mo imis el chebuul, ea remeteet a kmal mo imis el meteet. Komla obes, tiang a diak el dil belumiu. Belurir a rebetok el chad.Ng kmal diak a kom dachelbai malchub eke elimosk. Kau a bai mla mo dachelbiul! Lak di bekerokl el mungii a kboub e bem dengarch. Mousbech ra bdelum ma medam el ouedikl. Ng diak el sel dengerenger el uldesuem ma heart er kau. Goodbye Diokang!

Here's a good one since I see this as a money opportunity... Nomore money, No bptik lekong.

I hear you Eldoech. The money is nothing but a bate/bribe. My question is who is going to spend the money and who is going to do the spending?

This money is a year salary for every palauan.

This is very interesting rather ironic-I have been tracing the voting on the VIZU poll and I find that some of the people against accepting the Uighers are the very people who are in the U.S. Military. How ironic is that. Swear allegiance to U.S. , fight its war and when Palau President tries to help U.S. government you guys are the very first one to cry foul. LMAO!!!!! Speaking of twisted logic or did they just join for the money!!!

Sincce there are 20,000 Palauans and $200 Million dollars available, why not give each Palauan $1 million dollars!


Bad Idea, do the math again!!!

Don't put the cart before the horse. We might get only few or none at all.

200 million dallahs?!!! Holyshit!! I wonder how is the goovernment going to spend the money, hopefully they spend it WISELY and BUDGET the money fully in tact, SHIT..!! Maybe we'll see all the government officials go on wasted budget on trips AS THEY CALL IT " GOVT BUSINESS TRIPS" while they sit and dine on fancy restraunts..HAHAHA... no wonder they call it FUCKelment!!

Some of you really need to read and/or pay attention to the news before you come crying about stuff!! So first of all, it's not about the money, second of all, the US never said that the detainees weren't allowed in America, third, these people were found innocent and they are non violent combatants, and lastly, all this was taken up with the high chiefs....... Why are ya'll being so ignorant?!?! Why are you acting so scared? what happened to bravery? So what if we get 13 detainees from China? How many muslims are in Palau as of right now? more than you know!! so what's 13 more going to do? How is it that we, Palauans, can enter the US freely with no questions asked.. no visas no paper work?? how is it that we can join the US military freely? How is it that we can get jobs in the US as we please, but we can't even keep 13 people?? where's the fairness in that? I'm not saying it's a good idea, but is it really that bad? We gotta pandemic going on with the swine flu, with people dying all over the world and you're worried about some 13 Chinese who were found harmless??

What good will come out of accepting these people into Palau? I'm just wondering. I know that 200 million dollars is being offered to help with having these people living with us. I'm hoping that the President did not make this decision for his own benenfit. Maybe they're not violent and maybe they're really good people. I do not know the kind of people they are. But I know one thing, these people are wanted by the Chinese government and this might cause a lot of problems between China and us. Also, the President should look into the needs and well-being of his own people when it comes to making big decisions like this. Just a thought!

Are these Uighur going to take part of this $200 million dollars & live better than most of our Palauan families?

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