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June 15, 2009


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This is very bleak where it does not give a
clear picture. So FIB were charging $500 per head. How much were they charging for the real Survivor series when they had it twice in Palau. How much were they charging the French for their version of Survivor series. Was there a compromise if the fee was to high for the Philipine series. When we say "Reconsider", did we have a dollar amount in mind or was it free.

I am not saying who is right and who is wrong. I just wish we have a clear picture that lead to people's resignations.


I think we should ask Senator Oilouch for his input on this because, as he stated on the floor of the Senate, he was a member of the FIB during the Survivor USA series.

This a monopoly of the highest order. Roll'em is rolling in dollars yet there are not willing to pay. What happened to helping palau and palauans? Does it only apply when publicity is the ends? But when it cuts into the pocket book suddenly there is a cry of unfairness. Now we know Diaz was telling the truth. Kick Cassi and Jeff out of Palau like the govt. did with that Philippine diplomat. We don't need their liberalism nor their skewed business model. They are not doing us any favors only dividing us. Palau media should be for palauans only ownership.

diaz aka Mr. B why is wwfm off-line? fix it please, we really miss the palauan melodies.

It wasn't an issue with all the previous Survivors because it was always NECO that benefited.

Hmmmm...were any taxes paid during the previous Survivor filmings?

Mr. White why would Diaz waste his time here? You should think of opening an online radio station online yourself. Diaz has provided the service for free over the years and I hope he does not come on the air again. Each and every time he has stood up for us palauans, we have turned our backs and ridiculed him and question his ancestry. One thing I know is he is more palauan than Kassi or Jeff. How about them apples? Roll'em should pay the worker's fee period. But I know they went to JT and stroked his ego just like Sect. Clinton called him about the Chinese Muslims. That's how lawyers scratch each others backs. Kassi and Hillary and JT cut from the same JD cloth. Wish JT had a longer memory like when he was snubbed by Obama and Clinton when he was in DC after assuming the presidency. Get back to work on your manifesto Mr. White. You are going to need it in the years to come.

Lets not make this about Diaz and Kassi.

Lets look at the implication of any sitting president going after semi autonomous agencies because they are not towing the party line. Next you will see EQPB and all the others follow suit.

Lee is a good man of strong principles and I think that they made a good decision. Again, ask Senator Oilouch for his views because they did asses this fee on the Survivor, according to his statements on the Senate floor. FIB Oversight will result in big embarrassment for administration if the thinking continues that any sitting president can do whatever he wants.

Our democracy is crumbling by the minute.

Screw Mardi,

You are soooooooo negative we sick of your negativity here.

Listen, FIB works for the President, not against him. This is JT's administration, ok !

FIB did not charge survivors one and two, nor did they charge the French Survivor. So why are they charging the Phils Survivor ? That is why the President is infuriated. This is blatant discrimination and there is not excuse for it. As an Attorney, President cannot stand double standards under his watch.

FIB better start towing the President's line or they are all fired. You cannot be a winning commander-in-chief with your army insubordinating. Insubordination has no room in Palau.

This show mardi lacks management and leadership skills. Perhaps he wants to lead a no man army.

Crumbling by the minute.

I think the FIB's policies should be made clear regarding this issue. We should know what the current policies are and how they are different from the current requirements on foreign workers under the Department of Labor. I have no issues with requiring fees for workers. The law is the law until it is changed. But its application should be standardized and we should be able to follow the justification for it in the policies.

Mardingaol is right. Our democracy is crumbling. Is this the person you voted into office HS? Why the micro management? Does'nt JT have enough on his plate? The true JT is begining to show himself. I wonder which of the Roll'em tag team called him with their sob story? boo hoo As of now, I think I'll join Belas and try to drink my troubles away. Make sure you pay your full tax Uchel since you are in the mea culpa mood. Thank you.


The truth finally comes out. Thank you President Johnson Toribiong (a man of integrity and honor). YOu have my vote for your next term of office!

For four long years I have been calling for a probe into the questionable activities of SP Walton, AG Bettie and his wife Ms. Elizabeth Greenberg (the bitch).

I pointing out that Ms. Greenberg manipulated the FIB and EQPB members (who were on most part inept and/or corrupt themselves) into carrying out the corrupt and bias agenda of 'Tommy Boy' and other infuential crooks in the TR administration.

People like Mardingoal, Mosisechekiak and their gang of hecklers (who support Tommy Boy) tried to shut me up by their covert blogging activities. Now the truth be known!

This is but the tip of the rotten fishy iceberg. The corruption of the FIB and EQPB goes much, much deeper and is much more sinister as their terrible self serving activities have ruin Palau's economy. These people at traitors and must be held accountable.

Thank you Mr. President for being forthright!

Mr. Brown,

Democracy is not crumbling. You are another negative, anti all kinda Palauan.

By making sure all people are treated equally and fairly under the law is the root of democracy.

What do you know about democracy ? Toribiong is strengthening democracy in Palau.

Did you say strengthening his pocket book?

FIB is an independent automous agency created by law. It is Ministers/Cabinet Members that serve at the President's pleasure. The FIB board members are suppose to follow the law and the regulations. But, I guess the President is above the law now since there is no current checks & balance.

There was no waiver for US Survivor or French Survivor. They applied for their FIB licenses and paid their fees accordingly. JT only got part of the story. Check with FIB, if you have doubts, that's public info. An exception was made for Philippine Survivor, due to JT's pressure.

We're not all misinformed and politically motivated as JT just said in recent AP article related to Uighurs and those who are opposed to the idea). But, if you disagree with JT & supporters, they claim we're misinformed and "have a political agenda" or that you are a KN/TR supporter.


Did you know that US Homeland Security is enforcing their law that if you commited a crime in Palau. You cannot enter US Soil, territories. Some of our people were returned from Guam and US.

Now, Philippines Embassy in Palau sending BLACK list of Palauans to Manila so, you will not be allowed to enter. I commend, applaud and say thank you Filipinos for your working hard to build our island nation in the past many years since Bagaduan, Cesear, Abbear, Barao, Nelo and Jack Palance the Plumber, Ben Imperial, Pastor Hemeno of SDA, and all others non-Palauans who took part. Thank you, Salamat Po, Domo arigato, Kamsamida, Sie Sie, Kamegargou.

For Palau, I believe there is none and no enforcement. We welcome the INNOCENT.

Sulang nge.

Hello Everyone:
I urge the voting public to link these recent attempts to dismantle the FIB with the support from up top for the new FIAA that proposes to give a license to any foreigner that comes knocking on our doorsteps without looking at their backgrounds or check to see if they are truly investors or con-artists.

This move is to make the public think that there is something very wrong with the FIB. Knowing Mr. Ottobed, I doubt anyone can question this guys integrity or intelligence. The FIB does its job according to the current law and has been doing its job according to the current law.

Its rare to see a leader try to eradicate the pillars of his own government system.

FIB did its job. Yet people questioned that because there were always complaints. Now that we won't hear complaints anymore, people will think that the system is fixed. Then, in the long run, when people realize that even fewer people have benefited from this new set-up, we'll all be crying for the old FIB again.
For those of you trying to make it sound like these two upstanding members resigned because of this issue, please realize that courtesy resignations from ALL BOARDS & AUTHORITIES were submitted when the new president got sworn in and it was at the disgression of the president to accept them at anytime.


Its shows you do not have clear understanding of how foreign investments works or have experienced applying at FIB.

To apply now for FIB permit, you need to submit your personal financial statement, police clearance, copy of your personal bank accounts, detailed business plan, source of money, etc. and 15 copies to be given to different government agencies for every eyes to see.

This system is the reason why many investors refuse to bring big money into Palau. Instead, only small and few investors apply.

Rich people are not safe disclosing all their money because of security reasons. Their lives could be in danger because our system forces them to show confidential information. Investors can be kidnapped for ransom or murdered by thieves, gangsters, mafia and any other criminal elements, for their money.

Mardi, if you have millions in a bank, will you show everyone you bank account number and how much is in it ?

Dingal Belau,

You're wrong. Don't further confuse & mislead the public.

FIB requires that you show the money that you claim you have to invest. So, if you say you're going to invest a billion dollars, you have to show that you have a billion dollars. But, if you have a billion dollars and only want to make a million investment, than you only show proof of the million.

Some big investors have already done this as is evidenced by the investments here like the hotels for example and others.

Who is JT bending backwards for? Not any of them is a palauan. We're up the creek with no paddle. Belas I am coming to join you. Bye

Iang hai e rengelekei! Mereko morael el mo kairirei leng mla mo kebesengei. Kom di oketa mengesuch e mla obes el kmo a babii a okelall ma blatong a telbongel. Kabong. Ak merolung el mora stouang er chelechang. Alii ko mo ungil lorenges a tekoi. Ma uriul e rengelekei. Ochoi. Meboluaisei. Seikid a tekoi. Adang mekerang.

Jaime Jaime, bobecherei a klebelengum ra blim e morael el momekelii a swine er kau, kekedel ra longiil er tial bedeng el kall el mongetakl er ngii.

Tial Saul.


Yes, now the truth be known. You are just as stupid as you ever were. It is well documented that US Survivor and French Survivor paid the fees for all workers that were not exempt (present for less than 90 days). Anybody with a brain can look at the FIB files and see copies of the checks! Greenberg was not the attorney for the EQPB. It had its own attorney. You are pathetic. Nobody cares what you think.

JT wants no restrictions on foreign investment. Fine, but first change the law to get rid of the restrictions. Don't pretend like the law doesn't exist and scold those whose job it is to enfore it.

JT is bending over backwards for foreign investors. Fair enough. But he is bending over forwards for the US and Uighurs.

Ian adangmekerang, ngera meke kora omekakue er kid. Kabai ungil de keldau. Adang mekerang? Meboluaisei. Ochoi.

Hey D. Bunker,

Call me stupid or whatever but you can't deny that Greebbery was manipulaying the FIB and you can not deny that the FIB are inept and corrupt.

Are you aware that the FIB passed certsin FIAC applications in one day!!! A SINGLE DAY! while other applicantions (the ones that do not give envelopes) took one and even two years before FIAC was granted. Grease the wheels and ply the officials and easy terms will be yours. Don't pay, wait and FIAC conditions will be impossible.

Find out the terms of the FIAC that was awared to Mr. Ha and others who have influence with KN and TR! HA HA! Then compare it with terms required by the FIB when UKIHL applied for FIAC! You will see the favor shown to Mr. HA and the bias perpetrated on UKIHL!

The FIB were singularly responsible for driving big investors like Shimao and UKIHL away otherwise our country would not be in the financial hole it's in today.

The FIB is not autonomous at all as you would have us think, the members are appointed at the pleasure of the President. Under the circumstances, how could they be autonomous. Lol.

You are the idiot, if you think we be so gullible to go for your con statements.

Don't try to mislead the public.

We are watching.




I would suggest you direct your baseless accusations toward a more health discussion on the weaknesses of the current foreign investment law instead of spewing rumors that misinform the people.

If you have evidence, then you are right to go on that track of argument. Without it, I reason with you to be more constructive in your dialogue.

Let us utilize this blog to make improvements toward all of our people's lives.

Disappointed at you and the like-minded.


I meant, be careful when you accuse those whose hearts rest in serving the people...


what evidence or proof do you have to support your accusations about corruption at FIB?

you've made seriouis accussations that require you to prove yur statements here AND go forth to SP or AG office.

While there is some doubt about the exact number of FIB members being corrupt there is also guilt by association and guilt by collective decisions.

In a committe or such all are liable to be tainted with the same brush if members allow a few to 'rule' over them.

That is why if you are not happy with the board's decision a person always has the option to resign. Those who did not must abide by the decision and be called corrupt if the decision is or looks corrupt.

That there is a vast difference between how one application is treated and another then there will be a SUSPICION of curupt practices. Now it appears that upon reveiw there is corruption otherwise our President would not have made the statement.

The few who are not involved must remember that the decision is collective and so you are all tainted from the bad apples in the box!

Next time be more careful when you 'serve' the people. allowing decisons to be made by others in the pack still makes you all look like wolves.

Anyway, you all cry now but the fact is you all knew what was going on behind the scenes, as is the usual case in Palau. Those who really did not know; then these guys did not really deserve to be part of the decision making authority.

So you are all guilty in some form or another. Live with it - no need to pretend that their 'hearts rest in serving the public' because that type of 'do nothing' when others are corupt is not service. It is an injustcice to our intelligence and the nation.

Your friends may have not received the kickbacks but surely must have suspected that something was wrong yet did nothng - so they pay the price now - guilt by being part of the discriminatory decisions.

Go review the records and see for yourself. Blind faith in friends is what leads to corruption being ignored.

Realistic Man,
You views, thus your thinking, are just as empty and negative as Islander's.

Get your facts straight. You support statements that are factually empty and unsubstantiated.

Have you reviewed the "records?" I caution you to be careful because I speak with facts and actually am 100% familiar with the facts.

"Guilt by association or guilty by collective decision" is irrelevant here, again because the facts none of commentators here have in their hands show otherwise. All the decisions and outcomes of this whole fiasco were improperly informed. I urge you to go look into the FIB records (they're public info and you can exercise our version of FOIA here in Palau).

Can somebody go dig into the records and come, so we can hold a more informed discussion rather than make accusations and state opinions based on heresays?

Realistic Man,
from your comments, it's apparent that you're full of s#*t. You're just saying the same thing over and over. What, you think saying three times will make it come true?

worst things I've seen on these blogs are all your personal attacks. If you've got something against someone express a better opinion or why you disagree, not all of this your full of #%#@ and f@$@. Negative or positive it is opinion, this is a blog to VOICE opinion... not praises, go start a fan club blog if all you want to hear is whatever you agree with.

Say something beneficial. Yes several people on this blog have negative comments but i mean, damn... Your all so damned sensitive to what the next posters comments might say. Who the hell cares, build constructive arguments founded on insight... not your stupid jealousy or rage.

I came here to voice my views and was slaughtered for it, I was told to stay in america even though I never wanted to leave palau other than to find education. I was told to shut the hell up or do something about it. Well damn, if thats some of your people's attitude in shutting down anything you dont want to hear, than no wonder we cannot get anywhere, especially since some of these people maybe like myself... young and ambitious, only hoping for a better future in our island home.

Be civilized and stop acting like children... believe it or not this is coming from someone who actually might be the same age as some of your own children or grandchildren.

Dear Mr. Wow,

You ask for evidence of corruption, OK.

Are you aware that a particular applicant for FIAC received FIAC permit in just one day? While some foreign companies do not receive FIAC after 1 years!

The process for securing FIAC permit is the applicant company must submit 15 copies of their documents to the FIB and thereafter the FIB is required by law to submit those 15 copies to 15 different departments for input.

Under the circumstances, do you believe that it is possible to approve any application in just one day? NO way! CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION!

Mr. Okada Techitong a very experienced and respected member of the Palau civil service did protest that his department never received any circular when the FIB approved their infamous 'one day application approval'! This is just one sample of corruption.

Next, scrutinize the terms the FIB gave Mr. Ha's company FIAC. Are you aware that Mr Ha's company never had to place any money into a joint account with the FIB as is required by the FIB of some foreign companies!

Are you aware that Mr. Ha's company can partake in any business that a Palauan company can do!

How is this possible? Corruption!

Mr. Wow, you are either very naieve or in the corrupt gang trying to cover up the corrupt practices of the FIB. Most of the FIB members should be placed in jail and you should be in with them!

No matter what you empty vessels (that support KN, TR and the FIB) claim, the fact is the FIB have been dissolved.

This is a clear indication that this administration does not think that the existance of the FIB is in the interest of Palau.

I for one support the actions of this administration.

No doubt in my mind that the FIB members are inept and corrupt. We don's need them. We don't want them and thank you Mr. President for getting rid of them!


To the 'bel' snd others who say they "know",

You keep on going on about not being corrupt and say you really do know - but what do you really know? What are you so desperate to cover up with your threats and abuse? You are the ones who keep on repeating that the Board members are not corrupt. Yet our President says the Board is corrupt. People have resigned - at least they have the decency to do so!

This display at being overly sensitive and abusive is sure looking like you are very much involved and do not like to face the truth.

It is this sort of deep denial that allows you to think that being abusive will get people to believe you.

The fact is that guilt by association is very real. Do not try to deny guilt just because you personally did not accept money - there are other things that people receive for being and remaining on a government Board and looking the other way when something is not right. Why did you not resign when decisions and delays were so obvious to everyone else around? If you had then maybe you can say you were not part of a corrupt board.

Just because you do not like being part of a corrupt board, too bad. The facts show that discrimination exists and why it exists is obvious to everyone else.

Dear Islander and the likes...

Hanpa man got his permit under the old law and grandfathered by the FIA...in getting that permit Ha cleverly found a loophole in the old and current law to get "options" to renew..sei a uchul meng ngara siyobai el reserved el mora rechad ra Belau. That's where the challenging issue will rise when his permit comes up for renewal. by the way, records show also ha man's companies are up to date with his security (he's no exception to the law).

Please understand that ALL applications are reviewed after the required number of days for public review...the frmr delegate, Techitong, must have not received his copy...by law all authorities/offices required of a copy GET an application submitted to the board.
Applicatins for license or approval can be denied or approved in ONE day when all requirements have been submitted and reviewed of their merits/validity.

You, me Redherring and others can argue back and forth about your allegations, but best way is to get records at FIB. they're public and i have gotten them.

bai de kakerker e desodii e dotobed a udesued ra: a board a diak el mekngit, ngarngii a disposition erngii ma dersta a sebechir el get bribed/di ua Labor Chief incident (assuming)...engi still, ungil ra dil one el bresident el approve a rokui. as diaz said it. i feel it's time we do away with this "exclusive" list of businesses for palauans..we've had it for over a decade with no real values or derivatives going to people of palau and our govt when we continue to struggle with the "front" issue...AND if we want to keep up with it, WE MUST mobilize ra NDBP and other liked-govt entities to provide more support for Palauans to capitalize on their rights to those kinds of business activities.

ka bong..kuk di udesuek mea tekingek.

First, get the right info before you accuse FIB of any wrong doing. If the charge is $500.00 then it should apply to all unless there is stipulation directing different fees to different companpies based on the amount of monies they spend in Palau.

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