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June 13, 2009


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Please don't insult our intelligence by saying those of us who are against this resettlement of Uighurs are "misinformed" or have a political agenda. We are NOT misinformed nor do we have any political agenda!!! We are worried about the welfare of our country, our future generation to come and what could possibly impact our small nation with these detainees. We are concern that by accepting these terrorist and placing them in our Country and have them live in our midst is asking for nothing but trouble and problems. Your reason that we are following what our forefathers did during the Wilson era is a JOKE! We chose you to represent us, therefore please listen to us, the people of Belau. If these Uighurs are not terrorist then by all means, US should resettle them in the DC Community of Uighurs who are willing to accept them. I watched / listened to you on the MSNBC and I was embarrassed. Your reasons for accepting these Uighurs are weak and frankly didn't make any sense. The only "sense" that was seen and heard was the dollar cents. I can guarantee you three things if our small island nation accept these Uighurs who are rejected by their own country as well as Australia:

1. Tourism will decline drastically
2. These Uighurs will either be hurt physically
by a local or they will hurt a local
3. Come next election, you will loose.

Sulang for listening/reading.

I'm just curious,

I don't know if this thought has crossed your minds but does anyone think that maybe our President has his own agenda in relation to his issue? Maybe leave his mark in world? I don't know. It all seems really fast and decisions made quickly, but I'm hoping it's nothing like this. I'm sorry if I offend anyone.

Mr. President,

Do not listen to these cowards spreading none sense fear here !!!

Bring the Uighurs to Palau as soon as you can. Do not waste anytime. FSM could take them and that will make us look like fools who only talk and quick to back out. NO, Palauan must stand firm and strong. After all, US will protect us all the way to the end of the line as an ally.

Palau was born out of bravery and strong principles. We are not going to back down and I hope you will make sure these Uighurs come to Palau rightaway.

When they arrive, we should take good care of them and give them the best treatment we can. Why have a BBQ for them and invite all Palau to hand them flowers as a sign of our klebelau tradition of welcoming.


I remember that taking the Afghan refugees was a big issue so the Australians were told, "No."

Palau never agreed to take the Afghan refugees.

Never heard about Pol Pot, the Cambodian dictator accused of genocide, was going to be allowed political asylum. Anyone who worked for ROP State dept that can confirm or deny those claims? Or, anyone else who is familiar with those?

I wonder if it is good thing hat the US taxpayers will know from this article just how much Palau has received in COFA funds.

Also, read that 1 in 436 families in the U.S. received foreclosure notices this month. $200 million might seem excessive to them for 13 refugees.

Toribiong: Gitmo detainees to Palau not a done deal "But it will be soon"......


According to our MOS Sandra Pierantcozzi in her letter to Imelda Nakamura yesterday on the Bridge forum, Belau will be compensated for hosting the 13 Uygurs @ $85K per detainee. She also mentioned that this deal is still "inconclusive" and SHE'S NEVER HEARD OF THE $200 MILLION.

that's because the 200M is already been split amongst the coconut politicians and the 85k is a front for the public to see. CNN asia even mentioned the 200M during their report, that the U.S is willing to put up the cost for their garbage in "paradis".......the sad part is Belau,...more than ever needs the funding to survive, otherwise the gov't will collapse, not that it won't in the near future but a lot sooner than we thought. GOOOOD LUCK!!!!!

You know after all this talk about declining tourism and the threats posed by the 13 or 17 desert nomads I'm beginning to wonder if it's not such a bad thing to have them come over.

First, it wouldn't be a bad idea to close up the tourist shops for a while - let the reefs, roads, and sewers recuperate.

Second, as land-locked, desert nomads they'll probably freak out at the endless, endless sea before them and do something drastic.

There's only 13 or 17 of them. The peched or osaka-hang boys can take care of them if the MOJ can't.

So are we gonna get any of these prisoners or what? It would be shameful if don't given all our willingness to accept all over the media but I hope the world now perceives us as not so heartless!!!!

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