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June 08, 2009


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That is the thing, I am still baffled by why Palau did not wan't it when it was offered. Not too long ago a U.S Senator came to Palau and some of our leaders tried to get him to bring back the fiber optic cable. I don't know what came out of it, but here we go again on this merry go round where Monopoly remains firm.



I agrre that you must learn to find facts. ROP needs $40 to $60 milion dollars to connect fiber /submarine cable to Phillippines, Taiwan, Guam and Singapore or Yap if connect to Guam.

Fiber Optic link from RMI, FSM to Guam is mainly under US interest first. ROP missed connection to Guam from Australia, Singapore to Taiwan. ROP remain open for future connections/ with all neighbors

Should Yap connect with Guam then ROP will connect to Yap soon,

Let me remind you that infrastructures for National and States required funding/money, money. For Palau on short of money money money.

Say hello,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hey Mosi,

Wow, you finally agree with me that monopoly is unhealthy for Palau.

I tell you why we missed the boat. The old administration was too busy with doing 'their thing' to get on with what is important for Palau!

Similarly, we missed the opportunity with Simao Group and UKIHL group.

Anyway, please don't worry we have a fantastic President now who will make opportunities for our country.


This project was never part of the compact..why...one would ask??? 'cos our leaders were too preoccupied thinking of endless parties and how to handle this monster government and failed to foresee the future....and still nothing's changed. sometimes i fell like i'm on a ship of fools........NGDIAK A ISED.

Iang hai a rengelekei. Ngkora kmal melaok aikal chais. Kabong e mereko bom kairirei. A babii a okelall ma blatong a telbongel.

I know this is not related but Jaspher Obakrairur, a Palauan in a military, died in Iraq by road side bomb. This is in the news last Sunday 06/7/09

pray for the family


jasper? is this the same jasper that lived in medalaii? and moved to hilo a few years back?


Jasper moved to Hilo and was recruited in 2004. Yes and it is on the Guampdn.com


Despite your good intentions in announcing Jasper's tragedy, it may seem disrespectful to be using his name in posting. We in Palau have heard the tragic news before postings on this blog. Out of respect for his family use other user name in posting about Jasper. Just a suggestion. Let us joint together in mourning for a fallen Palauan son. God Bless.


Islander is Felix D


So sad to hear this I may don't know him but it's really touch my heart when I know his Palauan. Posting this in this website is so disrespect to him and his family I know for sure that he will be honor by US high ranking and also in Palau, President please give him full honor and lower our FLAG halfway down.My prayer will go out to his family.

Iang hai a rengelekei. Ngkora kmal melaok aikal chais. Kabong e mereko bom kairirei. A babii a okelall ma blatong a telbongel.

If you can believe that Islander is Felix then Dahliwal is an Angaur monkey. Lol

We don't just believe we know. What do you take us for anyway? By now you are probably tired at looking at the mirror and seeing the redundancy in your rantings. I have advised you to contact your friend at the Hilo Legal Aid Society. He is eagerly waiting for you reply. Oh have the guts to use your real name that way he knows who to put on the lawsuit. Now put up or shut up. No win No Place No show.

I thought we were teaming me up with the Philippines on this submarine cable including a host of other phone/internet services. See the following:


Hey John Attorney,

Take it easy man or you will blow a fuse. Lol. Man I must have struck a sensitive nerve.

The People of Palau know who are corrupt and who are inept and who delivers lip service. That is why they did not vote for anyone connected with the last administration.

I think it is you that is going to need legal aid. I hear that you have unpaid bills all over town. No side income eh?

None of the Ministers were voted into government. They could not get a job as government rat catcher. Ha Ha Ha!

Who are the people of Palau you are talking about Red Herring? Could you give us some names?
Why did your men Koshiba/Ngiraingas loose on the election. Did the people also think they were corrupted also?

Those who voted for TR who is a Senator now, Are they not the people of Palau also? Those who voted for Diaz, Are they not the people of Palau also?

Why are you splitting Palauans up. Why not report anything you know to the proper authorities instead of saying, They, We, The people of Palau....

You say you care. Where is the caring in your words? Maybe you are just an investor who have high hopes that JT will open all doors for you to push us Palauans aside. You Islander, and Curious, are trying to keep the attention on the previous administration with big hopes that your man JT will sneak in and open all doors when everyone is too pre-occupied. It seems that Majority of the Senators are already in on this scam of yours to flood our island with all kinds of dirty businesses where all of you will become rich and live happily ever after....

The way you guys put down Palauans and at the same time assume that this new leadership is a done deal for your interest is wayyyy out of line.

We Palauans are proud people and we will not just stand on the side and watch you make a fool out of us.

A. Dahliwal is Droopy the Dog in a cheap jail stripe turban and a fake rolex

KOROR (Palau Horizon) — Seventeen Chinese Muslim detainees held at Guantanamo Bay will be settled temporarily in Palau.

A U.S. Army soldier stands guard in the exercise yard outside Camp Five at the Joint Task Force Guantanamo detention center on Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. U.S. Army photo

President Johnson Toribiong said Palau’s decision to accept the temporary resettlement of the detainees “is a humanitarian gesture intended to help them be freed from any further unnecessary incarceration and to restart their lives anew in a normal fashion.”

But he said it is still not known whether the detainees will be brought to Palau.

He said his decision has nothing to do with the upcoming review of the Compact’s financial provisions, which Palau wants extended.

In a letter to Toribiong, U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said Palau shares with the U.S. its “commitment to humanitarian values.”

“We believe that Palau may be in good position to consider positively our request for assistance with the critical task of resettling certain detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay,” Clinton said.

Last week, Toribiong met with U.S. special envoy Dan Fried and his delegation to discuss the issue.

The detainees, ethnic Uighurs from the mostly Muslim autonomous region in western China, have been in U.S. custody since 2001.

They fled Afghanistan soon after the U.S.-led bombing campaign began that year, and Pakistani authorities turned them over to the U.S. military.

The U.S. said the 17 had engaged in weapons training at a Taliban military training camp in Afghanistan.

In 2004, the U.S. determined that the 17 Uighurs were not enemy combatants, but it kept them at Guantanamo while trying to persuade other countries to resettle them.

Last October, CNN quoted U.S. officials as saying that the detainees were not returned to China because of credible fears they could be persecuted if returned.

U.S. government lawyers said the law forbids the detainees’ entry into the United States, but efforts to find another nation willing to accept them had been unsuccessful, the CNN report stated.

Toribiong said these detainees are no longer considered enemy combatants.

“Palau’s decision is consistent with its age-old cultural tradition of accommodating and helping people in need…and is a recognition of Palau’s longstanding and strong relationship with the U.S.,” Toribiong said.

The president said he has authorized State Minister Sandra Pierantozzi, Health Minister Stevenson Kuartei and Palau Community College President Patrick Tellei to travel to Guantanamo Bay to verify the status of the detainees.

The president said providing the detainees with temporary resettlement will not pose any security problems.

He said his decision was made in consultation with the community.

is this a good idea?

Raja meba,
It's a horrible idea. What consultation with the community is his esteemed excellency talking about? If this is a budget building, kiss-ass attempt then be open about it.

IF in the end Palau accepts them, at least leverage this topic thread and get the fiber optic cable to Palau added to the FSM/Guam grid. (In addition to assurances of Compact revenue extensions.)

The fiber optic cable is one of the most critical infrastructure (I know there are many) improvements to ensure Palau's economic future and self-sufficiency. Because businesses can be run on the internet, equaling the playing field among small and large individuals/ businesses/ nations alike.

Not only that, it does not degrade environment, promotes culture, so it bypasses any development/environment debate.
(So better decisions on developerment can be made, because income problems become less acute. More time can be given.)

Plus opening up educational opportunities without the cost or scholarship need.

I currently derive all my income from the internet. I also continued higher education on the internet. And if this capability is brought to Palau I will train others to duplicate my success.

Regardless of whether Palau accepts these people, I encourage the administration (as I know it has done already) to continue to really press the fiber optic cable issue.

My two cents


That US Senator was Presidential Candidate John McCain. And what happened is he lost the election :(

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