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July 15, 2009


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Octavlus, King of Nautilus,
He thought he could bend,
but found there's no end,
to greed that he seek,
and feed his soul meek,

Sought amongst friends,
But came all his fiends
anger they broke,
down tears to choke,
till life roll in turmoil,
is much to toil

Nautilus waits 'O King Octavius
Time has no end, but no pow'r can bend,
As to seek much greed, You have none to feed...


Hey HO,

Alii do not produce that without my permission. ALII A COPY RIGHT, LOL...

Have a nice day!!!


Your response is irrelevant to what I asked. I’m fully aware your position towards NC/SC, however …
please refer to my postings on July 21, 2009 at 09:06 AM and July 21, 2009 at 10:56 AM. Otherwise your argument is baseless,


Sorry e HO,

I got carried away, but that's it! Prioritize! What do Palau needs at the moment. For example: Designate a commercial area where investors would come, look at the lands and decide what is good for that. Let the government be the sole governing agency to rule over land issues to include approval of relevant licenses. (EQPB,FIB,FIU,etc.etc)

Turn the whole government into a money making body. The proceeds of that will then be turned into economic stimulus packages in form of business loans limited only to locals. At the same time set criteria so well that the decision making can select based on credits of the applicants.

Also legalize tourist night clubs such as: Strip Joints, gambling, and other entertainment centers. establishment of these will only focus on tourists, and laws will be set at regulating locals who visits especially gamling places. Sort of like this: "If he is already drunk, do not serve anymore alcohol" or "if he is broke, send him home, and do not accept any land, homes, children, spouses, in gambling" type of law.

Law enforcement will make sure that these places are safe by making their regular rounds to them.

Also privatize some agencies, outsource some work to local contractor-Down Size the Government, where only those that collects taxes, ss, and those involved in border enforcement, and others will stay.

Down size the Congress as well, and set pay scale to where only those who are really there for the cause of the whole are there, and not those for the sake of fame and fortune...

Make use of our ultimate natural resouces-Citizens by teaching, utilize and take care of their needs.

I think with this, then we can begin to see, what else is needed done but mainly focusing on the little details.

Why I'm saying this is because the only term that I can think of about this government is, Misplaced priorities...

Perhaps if you contribute with some your thought, we can be able to package this for all to see...




This is in response to your post on: July 21, 2009 at 09:03 PM

Although you mention a lot with respect to the existing government, I tried to summarize it, came up with these three words:
1. Prioritize
2. Privatize
3. Utilize
4. Downsize
Do you agree with my summery? Or, did I miss anything? Let me hear your confirmation so we can proceed with a healthy discussion.



1. Prioritize
2. Legalize
3. Privatize
4. Utilize
5. Downsize

Set it up as a pilot project, so we give time say, 3 years and constantly monitor it to see what is still needed. Also give it a name like ministry of commerce and development whose sole responsibility is monitoring and regulating. At the end of the term, the whole project will then be evaluated. If it works, then it will then be adopted and become a system. This minstry will be independent and must be free from legislative control in the duration of its term. Sort of like SP Office.

Thanks for your insights..


Thank you! I overlooked that one. “Ligalize.”
Yes in deed …like you -I am affirmed believer that our government is oversize for its population. And because of that, our leaders, if not the government itself is disoriented, doesn’t know how or unable to manage these 5 words: Prioritize, Privatize, Legalize, Utilize and Downsize; and perhaps some other things.

Or, should I say the leaders are too comfortable with their pay so they rather go with the flow and deal with it later? It seems to be that way the way I see it. And so, if that’s the case, then we (constituents) are having issue. The question is: How can we effectively approach this issue?

And by the way, you mention about independent ministry to monitor such thing, but I would say the first “priority” is to downsize the government and therefore, all the ministries will be gone; we’ll call them as: Depart of Health, Depart of Land and Natural Resources, Dept. of so & so…

Not sure how much the ministers /Department head are making annually but I think the decent pay for that position in Palau would be 30k to 35k annually. And for the senators and delegates I would say 35k to 40k. And the President would be 40k to 45k

Let’s face it! A great State of Hawaii with population of over a million pay roughly 48k/yr for their congressmen. Their minimum wage is 7.25 hr. They were making 35K last year while our congressmen were making 50k. Imagine that!

Let’s take a look at the Palau Senators’ salaries for example: again this is just senators only. Let’s do the math: If we reduce their (13 senators’) salaries to say-40K, that means we have 130k that could be used for COLA. If you divide that among let say 2000 government employee- each employees will have extra $65/ per paycheck. I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong with numbers. Not sure about the data for the government employees but I think you got the picture.

Again, we fall back to square 1.
How can we effectively approach this matter?


Our main industry is tourism. My approach is to look into legalizing on areas that attracts more. Palau is known for its nature and tourist come for that, but at night, they do not have activities. So after diving, sight seeing, and other day things, they would go to their rooms. If we allow them the luxury of adventuring both night and day, then that would change their pattern. We travel a lot and I'm not going to lie. When we go to Asian countries, and happen to drop by at a night club involving strip shows, broadway, disco, etc.etc., you can tell that 90% of its customer are tourist from all faces of earth. What the law makers are worried about is the marital problems that may arise between husband and wife, and that is why once this is legal, there will also be monitoring. But the real issue here is how to entertain these tourist by giving them what they want. That would be the first night club for a tourist from a country that does not have a strip bar. How many tourist go to the local night club in Palau? None. How many tourist would walk on the street at night at time that they are supposed to be at a strip bar? All of them. This may sound crazy but it is true. In legalizing this market, women politicians are barred from deciding, as it is a conflict of interest on their part. Believe me, the first strip bar was packed with tourist almost everynite until its last day of operation.

Next we look at how we centralize some public entities and rename them. For example:

Bureau of Finance will be Department of Audit and Collection.

Immigration Customs and Quarantine will merge and be Named: Department of Broder Enforcement.

Labor would be separated and named: Department of Labor and Workforce Administration.

MOE will merge with PCC and be named: Department of Schools and Colleges.

And then there's Department of State

Department of Agriculture and Mariculture

And then there's Department of Marine Law Enforcement Administration which will merge with Department of Transportation.

Next, we will look at turning the government into money making body to look at all government land and designate commercial areas, where possible investor would come and decide what to put there. So many areas could be selected based on their proximity to Seaport, Ocean, airport, High areas, and heavily populated areas of Palau.

Next, we would bring in a fuel refinery factory so we could purchase crude oil and turn them into fuel, to sell to our neighboring states.

After Palau had made all the money, then we can look into better salary scales.

Next, it's your turn....


Please Visit the President's Official Blog at http://palaupresident.wordpress.com/
Thank You

Hey nis,

There's nothing much to see there. Is there a specific place there that you want us to see, or is it because its new?

Sorry for asking...


Tiakid a kuk uldesuek. Ng kmal soak aikal tekoi molekoi el kmo ng mo kekerei a kabelment, ke de mo ulterkokl el kmo ng ngera ikel kot el meklou a ultutelel el mo mekedmokl, ng mo oltirakl ra llach, ke de mousbech aikel ngar ngii er kid ng chutem ng daob, te mo betok a siobai ra di rechad ra beluu el lolengeseu ra keizai. Ng kmal di klebokel el rokui.

Engdi tial lomesodel a kmo ke de mo meruul a ua blil a omedobed ma ua kasino el meruul er tiang ng kmal di tiaikid e merekong a sebeched el meruul. Ng diak el ngerang, ng tiakid, ulekum meng mo rengii a rolel eng mo sebeched el lomais el mora jellyfish lake a le kebesengei, e ke de mekerdii e remuul a ungil losengelel me lebor ngii a retourist a le klebesei el lomes aikal charm.

Dolisiich a tekoi ra skuul ra chelitakl ma remesuub el lousekool aikal bekl bedengel a kloklel a chelitakl me le borngii a symphony ra rengelkel Belau me lomechar a retourist e le bol lomes er tir a le klebesei.

Deruul a bowling alley, e uaisei, blil a omilil ra retourist mel sebechir el mong e loilil e lak el medakd el kmo a rebuik ra beluu a mechetelaol e chabareter er tir.

Deruul a blil a katsudo, ng blil a omesubel a omengaus, ng blil a roller-blade..........E Cheuas, ngak ak locha diua Joe Murphy el ombeberous a tekoi el Pipe Dreams!?

Ak loumerang er tilecha el tekoi ra kabelment el lolengeseu ele a kmal kuldubech er ngii el tekoi a kmo, tial blai el ngara Ngerulmud le rellii el mo hotel me dongereker ele tia tara uchelel a klou el lomengitel a ududed a rebeluu.

Mousubes, a locha kulasem el melekoi er ngii el tekoi a kmo, dolasem el kuk mo ngodech.

Ke kmal mesaul e Belas ra ungil tekingem. Ak melekoi el uaisei, el ua di lokesiul kuk tekoi, me longiis a uldasu el ua ikal blam dung. E merang, Ng betok a sebeched el kutmokl el mo melaitechei a kuk llomes, ma bochal klebesei. Kesai lbuil ra memong eak mlo ra Taiwang. Ng ngarngii a dedul kmo, "Night Market". Ng dirrek el losisiu el rak eak kuk mlo sebechek el mora ikel beluu ra Scandinavia. Ng kldmokl a llecherir el sel le Sunday, ea ikel loketa rua Surangel, ma WCTC, ma ikel loketa meklou el blil a blengur, a chelsimer, ea rechad ra makit, ma rdi hutsu el chad, oldubech a kareta er tir ma remededechor ra bkul a rael el lolterau a oterullir. ng mlorengii a techellek el kuk kuleker ra tara kekerel chad el chad ra omenged ra salmol el kmo, Tiang uaisei? Eng uluuchais el kmo, tial beluu a mengmedaol er a bekl mad ra beluulechad, el kot ete me mesterir a rechad er tial beluu, ra uchei ra bolomes ku ikel losongel ma tebetab. Ma belkul a kmo, A rechad er sel beluu a kot, meng suobel ra skuul, el rengalk a ma kot el mo medengei tekingir, ma bekl merkelel a omesodel a belurir, er a uchei ra rokui el tekoi. Tiang a kmal longasireng el blekeradel. El lechuleku beluad, meng uaisei. Meng beot el teletael, engdi oungak el kmal mlo mechas a renguk, kele ldirrek el rebekl chad el mong, lsemeriar el dirrek el mo sioning e lechat e losengk ra osisiu el tekoi.

Meng merang, a beluad a kuk kekerei, engdi bodosiik eng dirrek el kmal betok aikel mekerei e mengasireng el deruul el mo belkul osisebellel a udoud, ea kmelebedebek el kmo, a uldekial ngii ma ikaikid el sorir tirkal kangkodang a didul mo msasu a obdois ra kerreker el me osiseb ra beluad.

E solae tiang a ngliuul a chesmerel el mor kid a rokui el chibelau el mengedek aikal berrous el keleng sebechel mo udasu, me bol sebeched el rokui el meral mo tutkii ede kebkelli sel borrebet er ngii tial soad e betik ra rengud el beluad...

Ak lmuut el kmal mereng a sulem e Ngirabelas el kirel aikal meringel chad el boketreng el di tobeda ra uldesuem el meremang....

A kmo meng siokel a dui, eak mochu rrimel me bo mtechelii ongingil tial ngklem, e dolibuk a klsel, me bol teruich meng diak e lsebechel lengelakl a diam...Ak dioungelakel eng di merang...


Ak melsemai a uldasu eleng mocha belsechel el diak di deluk. A rengellitel er kid a olengesonges er a uldasu ele tebetok engdi omerollir a kor omerolel a mekebud el sebekeaes lomerael el deruchellel a dioltirakl ra mesebngel.

Meng ngerachel e oberaod el chetengakl a rderta ma rderta rekid, a kuk bodetechelii a kedul ngii lomerael, me kuk di dekasiuekl ra lenger ku rael, me lebeot a chellungel.

E Belas meke kora ungil bdelud ritiang leng modoades a cheldechedecham ma soad a delecherul, mekedi mechelii ekede melasem el kaokedong el rokui e smodii, ma bocha lebleketakl, lemocholt ea lta sechelid ra Santy a sebechel di molocha besichel e ke dosebekii. Adang mekerang?

Me di kungiil ku ra kmo, ngkol mo oingerang, ma deturk ra kerodel, ede kldmokl.(tia kora chelitakl kung me di bodlia hu rengii..ha,ha,ha...)



Alii Balas and Cheuas,

I am so glad that there are people in Palau who have not lost their senses just because the whole world is going through a terrible economic crisis which shall come to pass. This is not the time to make desperate, panicky, and hasty policies.

President should declare as part of his MTGS (medium term goal strategies) agricultural product like taro and tapioca to be exported to Guam, Saipan, Marshalls, and Hawaii. These two crops are sustainable.

The government of Palau should propose to Guam and Saipan that we provide these two crops and to promote finished products like demok, elang, belsiich, delul diokang, cheredoched el diokang, shochu, and other value added and marketable products by Roberta Louch and others. It is all a matter of trade that we need to set up with Guam. Imagine export 20, 30, 40, and 50 tons of these two crops per month. Then Palau will have enough raw materials to produce tapioca starch instead of importing it. We have to start small like Sony.

Plus we provide cultural and traditional shows like Terebkul to Guam since they are struggling to bring back their culture and traditions. We should start with these things that are tangible and sustainable through the fruits of our effort instead of dreaming to be saved by the hands of foreign developers.

Besides it is our game plan that we will be running instead of depending on these high rollers who have one million other investments around the world to worry about.

Yes the world is a desparate place but we do not need to lose our heads now. It means we work harder and pray harder for this hardship to pass while maintaining our dignity. I am interested to get together with people who want to venture in to these undertakings. As a matter of fact, I am developing one venture right now but it is a lot of hard work. Sulang.



Kemeral mesaul ra kemanget e ungil el luldesuem. Choi, ng klemeral tekoi, ngdi kired el blechoel menglou a rengud, le tial chelbulel a beluulechad, a ngarngii a ulebengelel. A rumlaoch a kmo: E solae ea uriul eng lmuut el kmal mo kellechakl a beluulechad, ma kerruul a lmuut el me obenged. Ma ikal kimosaod a kmal di ikel techall, el diak lengii a ikel kmal lungil, engdi kid a ngmai lmei e mibii e remous el mora ikel rokui lurebetellel. Ea ikel kora mo turrebetakl ra llach, a doues, meng di diul mo ungil e tal merael el rokui.

Ka 'eriei, e kau tial lkora mla mchebuchel ra kmo ngerang, malta desal momerek, eak kuumeral kmo ngua ikel bekl lurerem el kmal blechoel el di mo ungil. Uleku meke de betok el me tuobed mekede kebetech ngii el lungil ma mekngit, ma meklou ma mekekerei, ma ulsbechall ma chelsengsang luldasu, eak medengei el kmo, sel rekil a ureor, ea klou e mengasireng el dodai a mla mechederoder, el kmal dikired ku el lmo ltaut er ngii.

Ak lmuut el kmal mereng a sulem...

E Belas, Mekau meng diak di mluk. Molemolem e becherei ngikei el terriid me di lomsebosech lomiou, engdi ngii ku el mo melechesuar e keleng soiseba el me bengked, meng diak eng kuk remiid.

E Jamie, mekau bo leblak a rengum el melengoes ra ilengoes, e morusech ra ilsiich, lekau a moba kedul a umengel tia lurered. E mdechelir ra cheled ma merkou, me bo leberech e lebekeriamel a ureor me bol kkeltuker a siichel. Seikid a ungil, e seikid a tekoi....adang mekerang?


Ng klebokel el tekoi aikal mla medung e Santy ma Cheuas. Ng betok a meral sebeched el remuul ulekum me ke de mo oba tal bekall.

Ak kuldubech e oieng er kemiu. Altang mo meoud, engdi a reched a eoud!!! Lak docheueklii a klechibelau er kid ma klemeriar e kldidiul a rengud el chad ra beluu, e de techelbakl ra ikrel a chelemoll el motamet ra ngemors.

A isenged a meral di kmeed e diak de ngetemii.


Ngak a kot loumerang el kmo: A klungel a beluad, ma rrau el reng el kirel a a merael mei el klungiaol, ma ikel kuk medei, a kakerous, el kmal diomesoded a uchul. Ng di mle ilemengel e kede rodelii a teletelel orretel a beluad, el mo mengoir er a teletelel orretel a amt ra Merikel. Le sei ekede uluureor el ngar cheungir, ma lak lemoiuid ngii el teletael, eng metacherbesul. Chelechal taem, ekede rokui el mocha melechesuar el kmo, a beuad a kekerei, mekede ngesengesang lodekedek aikel kerrengetel a tekoi el locha mocha dikea lekerired el meruul, engdi ngua deserresoll ra kmo, A lak deruul el mo uaisei, eng metacher besul. Ma kerioll el tekoi a kmo: " Meng metacher besul el mora rua techang? Tiang diak lebeluad mederuul a sebeched, e dongereomel ra telkib el melatk ra klukuk me ngiosed?

Ma kulekoi er ngii a kmo, Omko kede meral di mo remurt er sel sebeched, me omkekerngii el tachel sens, e molasem el mengoit ra kleim el sens leke melatk ra ringel daob ma ses el iolt, eak medengei el kmo, ngii el ses el iolt ma ringel daob a mo kora temel tial riamel, el didulengiil er ngii mekede mesikang. Ea idib a melketek el kmal obkuuk.

Meng soak a temai ra Santy, eleng blechoel el melebedebek el kirel a klukuk me ngiaos er ngii, e kid e sechelei a mekerang? Ma lebebil, eng telkib el chetid el mo meruul ra tekoi le kede kmo ngdiak doutekoi ra tekoi, engdi a debo ra bekl cheldechuul eng diak lokor el kuk demesim a uldesued el mo mes ra ungil el mora rebetok engdi diak lungil merngak, ea kumdasu eng dirrek el kmal ngarngii a bo leketmeklii. Mede kebetech a uldasu e dosiik el kmo, ma terked ra cheldukl, e ngtecha ngikei el mo chad ra uak, ma techa ngikei el mo mengeblabl ra rsechudel el me metei, ma kuk rua techa tirkei el lolekerd a telechull, ele chad ra bekall a di ngikeikid eleng mla meruul el uaisei, ma bek el klaumerang meng kirel mo uaisei.

Ko kmal mesaul e dolemolem...


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