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July 10, 2009


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Mr. Hell no to Felix,

Are you seriously stupid enough to go on about a company that has US$100 in their account in Palau? So what? LD spends tens of thousands each time he comes to Palau, so even without the project he is already assisting the Palau economy you dick-head.

UKIHL were obviously too smart to put more money in a bank that in the end failed with large amounts of Palau Social Security money disappearing along with it... Ohhh, who put the Social Security money in there - yeah TR instructed Sadang (who is now himself under investigation)... Ahem, may I have your attention please, I know this is burning you down deep inside there Mr. Hell No To Felix but wait for it... who bailed out their monies using Social Security money to back their withdrawals... oh yeas the TR Cronies... So, why don't you stop playing your old bent out of shape flute of sarcastic scaming fear mongering tunes, its all soiled from your playing with it up your a**.

You say TR turned his back on LD??? ha ha ha that's a real nice try but you overlooked the fact that everyone knows LD was the one who turn his back on TR coz TR asked for backhanders.

Hell No To Felix, please stop wasting the bloggers time with unfounded accusations and lies about anyting and everything. The way you suck up to TR sounds like you're either TR or his A## LICKER.


Hey Hell No To Felix,

So you think that there's anamosity between TR and UKIHL, think again, , check this out dip-shit...

... Don't let the cross border resignation fool you, the fact is that the SP has been kicked out of Palau by UKIHL with his tails (yes two tails for a two faced son of a bitch) between his legs.

Nevermind, SP, TR promised the judge position Miller left vacant, but I guess you picked the wrong people to play god with... You guys (SP, TR, KN and so on) are all certainly not gods by any means of the reverent word; more like pathetic weasels. Now you have to stew in your own crap of deception. You shame the People of Palau. TR, SP and Chin... Palau's Judiciary has a big acne on its face and GN is going to squeeze till the pus splatters all over you guys!

SP if you're reading this, don't worry soon you'll be back facing several indictments I'm sure, just like your old pal who gave you an Executive safe escort out of Palau. How's it feel to have the staaaanky shoe thown back in your face like George Bush Jr. did?

Say what you will about NC or LD or our dear beloved Mr. President Toribiong but I was truly impressed by them and the Fifth Malaysian Prime Minister when His Excellency came to visit us in Peleliu recently for the NC blessing and endorsement ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, it was overseen an blessed by the Deacon, The President, the Fifth Prime Minister, Chief Obak, the Legislature, etc..

President invited the Fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia to even give words of blessing in his faith (holy islamic verses) for an unprecedented coming together of religion, culture and diplomacy... The Fifth Prime Minister mentioned in his speech to bless the Nautilus City and Solaris City projects that LD and his family was his long time friend whom the Fifth Malaysian PM knew very well. The ex-PM said that he knows for sure that LD will make the Nautilus City project happen for all the people.

As an outsider I certainly cannot see how can there be animosity against TR who has now truly lost all credibility sitting in the Senate with his tails (yes another two for this two faced two timing wife beater) between his legs wiping up the pee he keep leaking all over the place just to remind us he is still alive and kicking... only to be slapped again and again with barrages of cases that GN's gonna throw on his lap for the next foreseeable future. It's so hilarious to see justice served so righteously and deservedly! LD was probably smoking a cigar with President Toribiong, Tun Badauwi and GN in great satisfaction knowing god always smiles on the righteous.

President Johnson, you are a true humanitarian, a great man of vision and a true patriot. You and LD have give the people of Peleliu more hope in these few weeks that TR and KN did in the last 16 bloody years! Jackson Ngiraingas you are the man!

Palau is finally moving in the right direction.

Long live Palau.

Hey Cheuas,

Where did you get your information from? The three stooges? Hell, Go Tommy and Mosi, or maybe that wound up eel Mardingoal?

That’s the trouble with you guys, you empty vessels blog about people and things you know nothing about. You mislead the people and make us correct you all the time! What a waste of energy! I suppose we cannot blame you as you take your training from TR who kept on lying and saying Palau was fine while we were sinking like the Titanic – pity he did not go down before the ship started sinking.

You idiot! The person you are talking about is NOT LD – he is only an employee of PIPL – the people who have failed to pay for their land lease and are now trying to fool Alan Seid for some land. Alan has lots of land and his Angaur broker will do the deal if they get some money! He he he.

You clearly do not know anything about the people you choose to blog about and really show yourself up to be a kebelung! What are you on? Can’t be anything good!

Suggest you get out a bit more and you would know that LD just left Palau from the VVIP lounge – bet you did not even know that existed! He took 15 rooms at the PPR while he was here! Went out fishing, enjoyed our pristine fish and sashimi and met all our top chiefs and government people, etc etc and now I heard that he has left for England and his titled estate. He loves Palau and has come here for well over 15 years and I really don't understand why any Palauan would dislike him! Perhaps only those who have never met him - like YOU and the others you associate with! Anyone who is anything has met the guy - clearly you guys are very unhappy nobodys!

Now don’t that make you look the fools?

Can’t anybody blog something useful or informative here instead of rearing up their snake heads with thrash? You guys maybe hurting but this is no way to behave!

Maybe you forgot to go listen to your pastor this week and maybe some private counseling may help you better than bad blogging? You guys seem to use this site for your therapy sessions but to bear false witness is nothing more than broadcasting wrong information and a mortal sin!

At least ‘Snitch the Parrot’ seems to have some in-depth info, thank the Lord!

As for you, Go Tommy, what damming evidence? Evidence is for something criminal – the only criminal here seems to be the HACKER, ‘Hell’ and also your own friend and confidant ‘Tommy’ (TR)!

BTW, TR tried to throw everything at them when he was President and was at war with JN and came up with NOTHING so what evidence do you think you have from a hacked and incomplete website?

You guys are really full of your own dogshit! Do you eat the stuff? WOW – you guys are really desperate! Must be the heat from all those criminal charges!

He He He!


Your update to everyone:

"During campaigning three things were promised in the 100 days.

1. Workers Salary

2. Medical Insurance

3. Stimulus for every house hold in Palau.

200 days are almost up, and the 2 kids who were involved in the census, are now keeping count of the Angaur Monkeys"

Well maybe that's because TR left them nothing to count in the bank?!?!?!?!? Reklai is dead and PSB matters is too hot too handle.

"And what was the first bill that was signed into law? Salary for the law makers. And what is turning Palau inside out? Another Salary issue for the Law Makers. So who are the fools?"

Not the voter, but certainly you. For you who obviously know nothing about day to day administration matters, Palau President is merely trying to set a realistic overall pay scale before budgeting for an overall pay reduction across the board. Right now the pay scale for Government members does not reflect the job they hold fool. So let's YOU stop kidding yourself.

"NC and Solaris? They are all good dreams" - - - thanks for the acknowledgment.

"Lord Davidson? He is a Joke. He stays at the President's apartment, and he drives an old beat up Mark II Japanese Lefty"?!?!?! That's more like his mascot on loan to the President for a dummy shark distracting bait when President goes spear fishing. Lord Davidson travels first class, stays at the best hotels in the best suites. He is driven in the most luxurious German automobiles and dines at the top restaurants. All his friends adore him because he makes them all money including the mascot driving the Mark II Japanese lefty. You're clearly clueless as to who LD is!

Yes indeed no matter how much zeros you add to yourself, the answer is you're still the zero. Badawi and President are learned and wise leaders who would not waste time with a pretender... if you think otherwise, your definitely the idiot in this blog site!

Beliefs and traditional rights of the people of Peleliu without having to step over someone's corpse. If that's the case the world would come to a standstill because the grounds are littered with corpses... In Palau the majority of the Corpses are foreigners anyway who came to Palau and chopped off our heads (Japanese) or made us their yes-men (USA).

IF A PETITION IS CIRCULATING NOW, LET IT BE POSTED AS WELL HERE. I'm selling my signature for free... damn man you sure are desperate!
Petition this - go away dude, you are such a waste of space!


Palauan please be careful! There are many intelligent scams out there preying on poor people in this time of poor economy.

I think joe (sen. Toribiong) is just being joe. he wants controversy where there is none so resigns and tries to create one. I 've known him long enough to know that we should not read too much into his latest move to resign as senate JGA chair. I mean if he is truly sincere about being a senator and using his position to influence chang for the better, then he should try harder, despite the difficulty of having to deal with a moron like senator diaz.
I think joe is too old and doesn't have the stamina to be a good senator these days. most of all, like many of his colleagues in the senate, he does not have the love for his country and its people to stick to his convictions and work hard because that is what we elected him to do.
I am sick and tired of these people who get elected because they are rich and popular but lack the quality of being a good public servant.
sad to say that this is one of the short comings of a democratic system of government.


Tumult in the Senate,

Well what do you expect with jerks like Midget Tommy Remengesau and fatty Surangle and sissy Diaz making up some of the Senate members.

Palauan's must be mad to elect such degenerates!

All I can say is that Tommy lost all credibility when Malaysian Airforce Jet landed at Palau International Airport carrying the Malaysia's Fifth Prime Minister who later went to Peleliu and together with President Toribiong, Chief Obak, Peleliu Governor, Peleliu Legislator endorsed the Nautilus City Project.

Tommy crawled out of Palau with his tail between his legs. lol. LD does not have the support of the PM, indeed! Tommy you are gone. Come next election go stand for Angaur monkey catcher.... hehehehe!

I was told by relaible sources that the Malaysian Prime Minister promised our President that Malaysian Airlines would soon be introducing direct flights to Palau. This will bring 500,000 new tourist from the ASEAN region and that as soon as the Peleliu Airport is built direct flights would be introduced to Peleliu to bring tourist to Nautilus City.


Palau will see tourist number baloon to 2.5 million annually with NC. That's how Palau will become economically independent.

Palau receiving just $100 per tourist will make $250,000,000.00 per year. Something to drool about.




I come here to read any news about palau and all i get is bloggers throwing dirt at each other. sad.
is there any palau newspaper online?

good bye.

Red Herring, Island, et. al.;

When a plane flies to palau with load of tourists I am very happy but I am wondering is the flight going to stay and wait for the same okyaku or does it fly out on the same day? I mean if the flight originate from Malaysia, how many palauans or anyone besides the tourists you said will be coming will fly to Malaysia? I cannot do the math but please educate us the doubters.


If a flight originate from a certain country (say Malaysia as an example) than tourists that took that flight will in turn return to that originating place.

Tourists that have already spent time in Palau will catch the flight that is leaving Palau.

Whether or not they proceed on to somewhere else after that is another matter.

There is also the issue of cargo. Planes do not only carry tourists. Planes that bring tourists will also bring cargo to Palau. That plane will not return empty as you suggest. That plane will not only be taking departing tourists back, but will also be taking back fish and other goods that can be exported out of Palau.


How stupid can one be? Kindergarden stuff!

Come here for news all the time. Amazed at some of the comments. 1 million plus tourists a year through a 2 bathroom airport. Get real. Where is the jet fuel going to be stored. Where are the cargo and luggage handeling equipment. Where are you going to park more than two planes. It takes 2 hours to clear out from Palau withonly 150 tourists what about 15,000. Half of all Palau would have to be working at the airport.

NC. after building an airport large enough to take care of 5 to 10 flights a day, where are you going to put the resort? Dreamers with no base in the real world. How about 3 service people to every 10 guests, 1,000,000 tourists, 90,000 a month, 9,000 service people, 2 shifts, 18,0000 people on what island....may they all flush at the same time the entire island will fill up S**t. Dreamers being lead around by the nose by thwe smell of $$$.

Everyday i read these blogs and its the same old story each of you slagging each other off. He said this, you said that etc .Why argue over speculation untill the proper facts are there infront of you .The fact of the matter is palau needs to support itself and the way forward is Tourism. Just look at the carribean,sychelles etc or even in dubai what they have done for tourism .fantastic resorts without upsetting normal life but infact creating a better life for the local population and creating jobs for many many people.Not only that but bringing in millions of dollars to there government.
You may not now this but in europe you can ask alot of people (where is palau) and they wouldnt have a clue where it is .This can change and put palau finally on the map as one of the top destinations in the world to go to and thus bringing in revenue to the palau government.

Because I never want Palau to be like any of the places that you mentioned. People in palau are less happy now then they have ever been in their history. Do palauans want to be part of the rat race? No way! Don't say our lifestyle has improved because it has'nt. We are fatter and lazier then we've ever been. In a way, we've lost sight of who we are and how we got here. Too much slag from the US Taiwan Japan has made us internally weak. There is no fight in us anymore so instead a great many of us abuse alcohol to forget.

So bankrupt the Govt. I don't give a damn. Nauru did and they seem to be doing fine albeit with aid from Australia etc.. The less people that visit palau the better if you ask me. Jelly Fish Lake should be considered sacred because there no where else in the world like it. Open up palau to more tourists and the demand placed on all our most treasured palauan places will be too much to bear. Palau will be kaput. Its environment will be kaput. Its people will be kaput.

Realistic man,

Be real man!!! Are these flights chartered? I am asking because I deal with Japanese tourists and most most of them come to palau by cContinental and/or chartered flights. One of the reason why they come only chartered flight is JAL cannot fill the seats on a regular basis on the return flight!!

LOL! YOu see Realistic Man,

The more you talk about these dreams the more you get choked with your own words. A very logical issue has been thrown to you by Uchel and there will be more from others that will make you stutter. Please complete your pipe dreams to the T and than come out to the public. Right now you are just making yourself like the kindergarden you think your not in.


Obviously the intricacies of business, tourism and economy are beyond your minds capacity. Just leave it to the professionals... coz to explain it to you would take to long. Suggest you go back to university and take a course in environmental management and an MBA as your second major with a few courses in Hospitality, F & B and Tourism. Maybe you might get some idea as to what the professionals are capable of. Malaysia receives 30 million tourists a year and we only have to tap into the high end (top 1% of the first class passengers like LD) and we already have 300,000 more big spending tourists coming to Palau! Why will they come, because Malaysia will give them a free stop-over as they already get with their first class and business class tickets (travelers to Malaysia from long-haul flights get free stop-over trip to Bangkok or Singapore; now they will have Palau as a choice).

Yes protect Jelly Fish Lake, stop people from swimming inside the lake or simply manage how they experience the special lake - might be an idea to stop people from using sun protection lotion and limit the amount of tourist swimming in the lake to say 10 a day and charge them for the experience... then it will really become a true attraction!

Otherwise just transplant some of them into the Alan Seid's casino aquarium and the jellyfish can be viewed there by the tourists instead and leave jelly fish lake as their natural undisturbed habitat. Who bright idea was it to let people go and swim in jelly fish lake anyway?!?!?!?!

NC and Solariis will be a reality and a shining beacon of perfection. Palau's environment and culture will be protected, remain intact and perhaps even be enhanced. Improve the best and protect the rest... because the developers are mindful to do that and they love Palau and Palauans, believe me I have spent time with them and I know. You haven't even met the people involved so stop shouting scam because you got nothing better in mind. There is no scam to cheat anyone so stop fear mongering.

Palau will join the rat race because like it or not, Palau is part of the world, either we join the rat race or join the cave man and become extinct species; that's when Palau, its environment and its people will be kaput. We need money to manage our country, our people and our environment. Mr. President has the best plans and the best project executioner in place to ensure that Palau will have a future. You have no pride, you'd rather see our beloved country go around begging like Tommy did for handouts. Where's your pride? You must've left it in the toilet with your brain when you shat it out with all the beetle nut and alcohol you consume!


Hawk, you ever heard

Sounds fishy to me. I've known JT, he's not a quitter.
But now that i've think about it, it's not the first time he's stumbled unto a wall he cant break through.
By resigning his chairmanship it goes to show he's of the same mind with the senate president. I suspect a drama is ongoing when in reality JT too is protecting Diaz The Expert.

Yes..TR should be chairman of JGA committee. After all, i've never seen or heard the man backing down from Diaz publicly.

a question is posed to realistic man and mascot responds...maybe the next post will be by islander...now, maybe realistic man/mascot/islander should read the post by dumboffislander and see where his math falls flat.


Have you ever heard of the Palau Community College Tourism and Hospitality School of Excellence??? The Australia government donated 230,000 Australian dollars or $185,000 in US dollars to it recently, maybe you can get a scholarship on the grounds of being soooo thick and stupid...


Hey m.ip,

This is a blog site, I should be able to respond to anyone i like... If you don't then please start up your own exclusive blog site. Maybe Realistic Man can't be bothered with your stupid query, so I stepped up to the plate because the answer to your question was so obvious I just could not stand it and had to say something...

As for "dumboffislander", his name says it all.

JT is works for "improving the best and upgrading the rest". This will certainly make Palau prosperous and sustainably so... not the dumb-ass TR slogan for stand-still and cronyism - "preserve the best and protect the rest".


Put TR in jail, President please do not pardon TR when he is convicted because a message of accountability needs to be heard internationally as this message of accountability will definitely benefit Palau's economy too.


You guys got me all wrong. I am not against developement coming to Belau nor am I against Nautilus City. Matter of fact if NC ever becomes reality I will stand to make tons of money. My father and his brother owns some of the land NC wants. I am just trying to do the numbers here ( you are quite right I need to go back to school) but the numbers do not add up to me regarding the flights. SPIA used have flights to belau, flew in lots of tourists but left with less than a third of its seats filled.
PMA also.

Cargo: PITI and PMIC used to have their own cargo plane to fly their fish out of belau but have stopped. Now they are just using Continental because they couldn't afford the landing fee and for their plane to be parked at the airport.

This begs another point: What cargo or cargoes fly out or shipped out of belau? nada! if you exclude frozen fish from PMIC, PITI and KFC!!

Sorry to rain on you parade but it seems the math just do not add up this pea brain of mine.

Wow mascot why so much venom in your tone? I was just here to pour my heart out about my country. And by the sound of it, you are not a palauan. I pretty sure you can tell who the palauans are on this site because they don't resort to attacks on each other but just on our elected officials and the state of affairs in Palau.

So you report that PCC received a donation from the Australian govt., that's great news. In fact, my cousin also had an opportunity to study in New Zealand. Too bad he could'nt find Tauton. LOL

Besides the name calling Mascott, what are your thoughts regarding the "tumult" in the senate? Don't you feel that with TR's years of experience that he would be the ideal Senate President.

I like him as you can tell by my writing because he is for the environment. He was recognized in the world as a environmental hero. Did you know about that? We need a guy like him despite his faults. He is human you know but in my heart I always know he put palau and palauans first. Thank you.


I agree with you on Joel! I remember when he campaign for Etpison instead of Tmetuchl.

Anyway, I feel the senate will implode into two or three facttion; Mlib, Diaz, Regis, and Kathy; Tommy, Jr, Hokkons (?), and :

Joel, Paul, Ada, Mark, OIluch, and Regina(?)

I left TR's group with a blank because TR can probably get Oilouch to his side. But I do not think Oilouch can leave Mark, and Mark I believe cannot deal with Jr. Regina is TR's cousin but She cannot forget what TR did to her husband.

Hokkons is big question mark because he can swing into any of this group!!

What is your take?

Imported labor is all robotic.

What about the sewage overflow problems in koror now with only 80,000 tourism annually? I mean unless you guys are blind, there are a number of sewage pump stations overflowing into our coastal waters everyday because our sewer lines are no longer adequate in size and pump used are outdated and needs repair. TR was able to get $4M from ROC the las couple of years for reapairs but these funds berely made a dent on the existing problems. I think before we invite more tourist to our shores we need to tackle this problem headon.
This is only one of the many infrustructure shortfall we are experiencing today. What about power and water?

Top two recent investment advice from billionaire Warren Buffet, also, listed in Forbes magazine as one of the richest men in the world:

Number one: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Number two: "Always look at how much the other guy is making if he is trying to sell you something."

Just some food for thought


If you know so much about this admin, why are you still here and telling me to get out? You see, there are 3 kinds of idiots:

1. blind idiot
2. deaf idiot
3. mute idiot

Mekechortung el loldidiu ra nglemekelem ra klaumerang er kau, meng diak mues, madiak nrenges, madirkak mdung aikel meral langel ra ringel.

Instead of seeing the real issues here, you run after your own creed and obsession, leng di soam a rokui lchad a boloba uldesuem. Meke medengei el kmo ngerang? Ngdiak kurael, ak kdi kiei mekede chachelim kau mengak eak mekerdii otelek, e oteklii a chimam el ngoikau lotechau ra mededaes. Alemilkolk eng di ungil, ngii dilak morreuaech, kemo lochoud a kmo ngerang meng mechesuches a chelsul a medam.

Mluut el mok a medam, msal moungil lomes, e morrenges, ma omolekoi, e meral smaod el mora ungil lurebetellel a lengelir ma mondelengir a rebeluu. E omngartiang el dimsodech lomiou, ekemol mo ua terriid....



Dear Hawk,

I'm not venomous, nor was i attacking fellow Palauans. It should be clear to you that i am merely pointing out the shortfall in thought and knowledge or how ridiculous some bloggers are - majority of the bloggers herein are definitely not Palauan or simply Palauans living overseas where they have no knowledge of what's really happening in Palau (but speak as though they're living in Palau) - just ask the webmaster for the stats. Many of the reports and articles posted in this website is also false or skewed (certain facts toned down or perhaps highlighted) to give a biased stand in accordance with the ideals of this blog site's administrator... Even newspapers do it these days... very sad but true.

Your statement that Palauans never attack their fellow man but only attack their wayward elected leaders is horse manure. I use Reklai family as an example of the venom and attacks Palauans dish out to fellow Palauans - in this case even within the family...

Next your comment - "So bankrupt the Govt. I don't give a damn. Nauru did and they seem to be doing fine albeit with aid from Australia etc.. The less people that visit palau the better if you ask me" is really amazingly ignorant - sorry if that sound venomous to you.

As for the query "Don't you feel that with TR's years of experience that he would be the ideal Senate President"...

...well if you think that a man experienced in lying, conniving, cheating, wife beating, thievery, monopolizing, cronyism, terrorizing, etc.,etc.,etc. is the man for the job then fine, go ahead and vote TR for Senate President.

Fact, TR is a recognized hero of the environment and a recognized exemplary leader (see Order of Brilliant Jade given by Taiwan President now incarcerated for corruption). However, I suggest you inspect closely how he was recognized for those things - only through more lies and deception.

TR's track record speaks for itself and no matter how he may be regarded by the international community, consider this, the international community only has what he and his propaganda machine says as a reference point. His actual record of tyranny, corruption and gangsterism is now beginning to come out.

I am sure that his Order of Brilliant Jade (worth less than nothing since the giver is a convicted criminal) and UN recognition for a man for the environment will be pulled back when the truth is revealed about how he used UN and EC grant funds for other purposes than what it was intended (otherwise why is the sewage overflowing into the see in Malakal Hbr? TR was given funds to upgrade the sewage system by US and UN and EC years ago...).

I can't wait till the day the whole truth is out and TR is put where he belongs - behind bars. This guy is a disgrace to the Palauan race and you actually thinking about whether he should be Senate President?!?!?!?!?!?! HELL NO TO TR is what I have to say (sorry Hell No to Felix, he he he).



I do not profess to be an expert in the air-transport business, but I did pose your theoretical pitch to the Manager of UKIHL and he simply smiled and said, the phrase “a little knowledge is dangerous” applies with this dumboffisland blogger. It is quite obvious that this ‘dumboffisland’ blogger is clearly looking just at the micro not the macro.
Anyway, the manager was happy to give a brief clarification saying that the flight services that will be introduced from Malaysia to Palau will be scheduled flights. The manager elaborated saying that Malaysian policy is to always looks at the long term and short term profits are inconsequential to them.
Initially there will be 2 flights per week coming from KK into Palau’s Airai International Airport. This exercise is to introduce Palau to Asian tourists. It is envisage that the 2 flights per week will bring in about 26,000 new tourists to Palau and existing hotels in Koror and Malakal will be able to accommodate this increase in tourist numbers as most hotels in Palau are currently running at about 35% occupancy.
Malaysian airline flights to Palau will initially originate from Kota Kinabalu (KK) that is in East Malaysia for those who are poor in geography. KK is the second largest Malaysian International Airport.
KK is only two hours flight from Palau and as such KK will be the ideal hub and transit point for global tourists who want to visit Palau.
Currently, there are 7 flights daily from Kuala Lumpur to KK. Many international airline fly into KK on a daily basis. Examples are:-
Malaysian Airlines:
Carry passengers direct from Bangkok to KK.
Carry Passenger direct from Hong Kong to KK.
Carry passengers direct from the Philippines to KK.
Carry passengers direct from Taiwan to KK.
Carry passengers direct from many European countries to KK
Carry passengers direct from Japan to KK.
Carry passengers direct from Jakarta direct to KK
Carry passengers direct from many US cities to KK
Air Asia:
Carry passenger direct from Kuala Lumpur, China and Philippines to KK.
Fares of flights from Kuala Lumpur to KK, is only US$10.00 and flights from Kuala Lumpur to London is US$30.00.

Royal Brunei Airlines:
Carry passengers direct from Brunei to KK, the flight is only 40 minutes.
Carry passengers direct from UK to KK.
Carry passengers from Australia to Brunei and KK.
Singapore Airlines, Silk Air and Tiger Air:
All carry passengers for Singapore and many other international destinations to KK.
South East Asian Airlines:
Also carry passengers from various destinations direct to KK.
Australian Airlines:
Carry passengers direct from Australia and other international destinations to KK.
Korean Air:
Carry passengers from Seoul and other international destinations to KK.
All the above mentioned airlines carry passengers direct from global destinations to KK.
Once Malaysian Airlines fly from KK to Palau, many passengers can and will transit in KK for Palau.
Everyone knows that Malaysian International Airports are extremely efficient and friendly with no customs and/or security hustling tourists at multiple check points as one would experience in the Philippines.
Tell me who would want to transit in Manila airport if they had KK as an alternative!
Another statistic that maybe of interest to Palauan people, currently 15,000 tourists for the USA visit KK monthly.
After the second year of operations, it is envisaged that Malaysian Airlines will introduce daily flights. This will increase tourist arrivals to 100,000 per annum. The increase in tourist numbers will no doubt encourage more hotels to be built.
It is projected that after the fourth year the Peleliu International Airport will be completed and be ready to accommodate airlines. By this time, part of the Nautilus City will also be completed. Initial hotel room numbers will be 4,000 rooms. This will accommodate approximately 350,000 tourists per annum. The number of flights to bring this number to Nautilus City will just be 3 flights per day.
This is a very simplistic projection simply done to explain how Nautilus City will operate on a commercially viable manner.
The volume of tourist arrival will be a little more for the Angaur Solariis City project.

Can you tell us exactly where in Peleliu is NC's sewage treatment plant?

Have you contacted anyone in construction business for this project? Have you no need for Surangel and Sons since you've disrespected Sr and Jr?

How are you going to compensate landowners for use of their land?

For interested condo buyer, do you require pre or post construction payment? I myself would like to buy one but I have to see it first. I would think the recent "Ocheraol" that grossed over $100K means any Palauan can afford 10% down payment.

More questions to come, and thanks to you LD for answering our questions. Say hi to PM whom you say is f@#&%@ a lot of Palau women.

British building standards eh! I prefer American.

Thanks Uchelmelis,

But right now I think it's still too soon to tell who will ride with who. Right now we already know that JR and TR are inseperatable. TR also pardoned Hokkons, so I guess he is in there with them. We all know about Melib and Diaz, and I think you are right about Regis together with them.

I know that Joel and Ada have worked together and they are defenitely a team to recon with. They bring in a no nonsense attitude with peoples concerns at heart. They will always fight for average Joe's and I feel that given an opportunity to lead in the Senate. We will see some stability and things will get done.

For the rest of the Senators, I really could not tell if they are thinking politics or relatives...


Speaking from experience of living in Palau:

Imported labor = robotic; local labor = robots out of batteries.

American building standards = not as good as british standards (fact). Even with cars this is true. I guess you could say the British taught the Americans all they know - read your history... Americans did not learn how to build sky scrapers from red indians did they!

As a contractor and small time developer, i am sure the sewage system in Peleliu NC already planned (don't stress yourself about it, no large developer would be dumb enough not to have thought of that and water and power solutions - why are you idiots asking such idiotic questions like "what about sewage, what about power, where the money coming from", jeeez. What if it rains tomorrow? What if there is not enough building material able to be supplied by Surangel? What if the sky fell down?

Peleliu will be definitely be eco-friendly so if you really not educated about that, just 'google' green sewage systems and it'll all be there for you to read about. After all the cut and paste job in earlier blogs by "Hell no to Felix" shows that they are very environmentally savey.

Hey, nobody said Surangel was a bad supplier of building materials, its only apparent that they are useless at politics and great at monopolizing he he he so seeing there are very limited suppliers in Palau, I am sure Surangel, Polycarp and the rest are going to earn lots of profits. I myself can't wait for their project to start because I will also have work.

I figure the landowners are compensated in the only way they can be compensated - with a future for their family, lots of money and care about how their land is managed/developed so that when the lease is up they inherit something spectacular and worth many multiples of its original value.

I can afford the 10% down payment I am sure I will have the opportunity along with many Palauans to buy homes/condos in NC/SC when the developers are ready to sell.

Pre-construction or Post-Construction payment, what do we care - just build something nice. I want to live in style and so far what's on offer is very below par... Mr. Ha's construction methods and local architects are not very good copared to the American Standards we're used to and if UKIHL are building to British Standards then we are really in a for a treat of classy eye candy, practical and reliable buildings that does not destroy but rather enhance our environment.

As for payments? I would imagine perhaps a combination of both. After all who the hell is going to build something that is not going to be able to be sold?!?!?!? I guess buyers pay as building progresses = the same everywhere else...

When can President and his Ministers approve everything UKIHL need to start construction???

Mr. Cheuas - Nice to see that you know there are several versions of idiots (you seem to exemplify all three). You can try to put me down all you like but at the end of the day you're still biased and I dare you to prove otherwise!


Of course I want to own a property in Pelelu, however I have to see it first before I write a check and by that I mean I will wait until half of the project is constructed but only and only if my property is built to withstand tsunami damage.

Drank the Koolaid!!!

So if I want a penthouse atop the 5- or 10-stories Maaaarriott-like structure, I have to wait, as the building progresses upward, for Mosi and 30 or 50 other individual unit holders to complete theirs before my baby is ready? My point/question is, does UKIHL itself have the money to build and complete Palasia-type structures or anything for that matter, as displayed in NC's initial website, "readily" available for purchase?

Mlib is protecting Albonso Ngirchorachel because if Albonso opens his big mouth, Mlib will be jailed. Remember a comment Albonso made on his radio a while back? People were talking about a high Senate official who "raped" his DH. It is said that the official paid $10,000 to the DH so she would not file complaint. I also heard that this incident was not the first one, that there have been a couple earlier. The official's wife told him that "she hated him". Is Albonso playing blackmail?

A kureng e Kurusii me lak molab a ilechal mei ra elsel tiang. A lengarngii a omodengei e bai mngai el mo sikii a lawyer ma lechub eng Baderei me lengesukau lochotii a melemalt el rael bo mokiu ngii.


Is it true that Joel & Paul were accused of shooting Bedor's father?

With Peleliu so divided, is the Nautilus city really going to happen? Or, are we still going to be hearing 4 years from now about what a great investment it is?

And, now, we're hearing it hasn't happen because of TR? And, next year, who else will be blamed? The economy? The foreign investment law? Or, will we hear that it's TR's fault, again?

And, if the investment is so great, then wouldn't other places be willing to accept NC? Or, are we their only option?

Sound advice: Take responsibility for your life and your failures in life.

FACT - Palau Foreign investment law is still not investment friendly.
FACT - There is a global recession being led by the largest economy in the world (USA).
FACT - UKIHL were systematically victimized by Tommy Remengesau Jr., Temmy Shmull, Judge Miller, AG Beattie and SP Walton amongst others.

So i guess UKIHL is to blame? Because they were invited and said yes to help Palau. Well it should be obvious there are many foreigners who care more for Palau than many Palauans do.

Concerned - It sounds like you can't face the truth and would rather lash out at whatever the biggest target of the moment is.

If you needed to shit but there could not find a toilet, will you blame god for making you an asshole?

As for TR, I am sure that if there is anything he could do to protect the monopoly that he and KN have worked so hard for over the last 16 years. It will take some time to dismantle them and open up the economy to all Palauans. TR has shown clearly that he would do anything to keep UKIHL or anyone that did not fatten his private coffers out of Palau. Even if it meant breaking the rules and playing the "legal chess game". TR is an expert liar and a master at hiding his real agenda under the cloak of some bullshit "do good" scam. He's so desperate for attention and desperate to look good and need to be President in 2012. I would imagine there will be many opportunities to blame TR for many things in the future, the guy can't help himself... his greed, vanity and ego are his true claim to fame.

Puhlease... the Palasia is an eye-sore and should be made a derelict as the building is a safety hazard, an accident waiting to happen - another K-B Bridge!

Any businessman can see that whether NC or any other development remains a dream or a reality depends on Palau President... not on whether the money is there or not.

These UKIHL guys have been at it for 5 years or more. They've obviously spent millions from all the work and effort... so my guess is that they must be either super rich or the richest scammers in the world (in which case they wouldn't need to scam Palau. The deal must be real...!!

If the phrase is "if its too good to be true than it probably isn't" certainly does not apply to UKIHL - everything they do is an up-hill battle, everything Palau is slow and tricky - what's too good to be true.

I say if they succeed, they deserve it 1000% for everything they have gone through and suffered.

LISTEN YOU BUNCH OF GREEDY PEOPLE. Live w/in your means & PRESERVE PALAU. STOP NC & SC. Tourist are coming to Palau to see Palau! Not to see their own country, so don't bring the same development that these tourists already have in their backyard. HELLOOO! Try to see things through tourists eyes NOT your eyes. PALAU is a rare genuine gem. Let's keep it that way.

Hey Hawk, you are one sorry stupid bird! Hawks are supposed to have 2020 vison.

Imagine saying: "Palauan people are less happy now then they have every been in Palau's history". What you are saying is that Palauan prople are happier ruled than being independent!

What absulute rubbish!

Next you say: "Bankrupt the government, I don't give a damn". You are not Palauan. You have no pride, You are scum!

Don't you realize how much our people will suffer if the government was bankrupt? The TR Administration did not care, all they were concerned about was lining their own pockets, leaving the government almost bankrupt.

The JT Administration is now having to work doubly hard to keep our country afloat, You should be kick out of Palau and your citizenship cancelled!

Hey Anti Taunton,

There are 2 basi types of property investors:-

(1) The investor who purchases off plan. They type will make bigger profits, becuase when an investors buys off plan, the investors will receive better value and perhaps even incentives. However, there are risks as the investors is buying an uncompleted product.

(2) The second class of investor buys only when the development is completed. They category of investor usually buys from the first category and not from the developer. This category of investor will have to wait awhile before realinzing profits as the first category of investors has taken the profit. However, on the upside is that there is no risk as the second category is buying a completed product.

Only you can decide what categogy of investor you are.

Happy investing!


Can you tell me how much are your NC/SC's 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties?

Thank you League of Justice for your frank and enlightening writing. I could not agree with you more with regards to the situation in Palau.

I am aware that UKIHL have been truly a very responsible company and a friend of Palau. They have complied with every single requirement asked of them by Palau and that is the reason I support them whole heartedly.

In 2004, UKIHL prepared a proposal document that costs that company tens of thousands of dollars.

The proposal was presented to the Peleliu Leadership under Governor Jackson Ngiraingas and Tommy Remengesau jr., the then President of Palau. Both Governor Ngiraingas and Pesident Remengesau told UKIHL they supported the proposal and asked UKIHL to proceed.

In good faith and on the directions of both President Remengesau and Governor Ngiraingas UKIHL proceeded with spending huge sums on money and their time on in-depth market studies, establishing a presence in Palau with their executives, attorneys, surveyors, architects and engineers visiting Palau several times a year. UKIHL have already conducted on-ground surveys, taken soil samples and producing detailed architectural and engineering working drawings. I am told that from conception and up to date UKIHL have spent close on to $10 million. Under the circumstances, it is absurd for anyone to question the commitment and ability of UKIHL to implement the Nautilus City and Solariis City tourist development project.

I and most of the Palau government agencies have seen UKIHL’s proposal and I must stress that the proposal document is the most complete and professional proposal for any development that I have ever seen.

The documents contained:-

• Timelines, for commencement of work to completion of project.

• Provisions for Landowners to receive upfront cash payments as well as equity in UKIHL so as to ensure that the participating landowners and Clans would receive short term as well as long term benefits.

• There were also provisions for all Palauan to be able to take-up equity in UKIHL so that all would receive benefits.

• Complete architectural and conceptual plans that contained aerial surveys and GPS surveys.

• An environmental impact statement was also included with additional explanation backed up by scientific data on how the NC project would be implemented without causing damage to the environment and or causes any controversial effects to the culture or traditions of the Palau people.

• UKIHL guaranteed that the building standards to be deployed for NC would surpass any international building standards, European or American Construction standards for that matter.

• In fact the UKIHL proposal claimed that the NC development would enhance the environment as solar and wind power would be harnessed to support the more traditional power supply with special attention being paid to leaching, sewage, water and power management.

• Management of Dry and wet waste was also focused on, with solutions.

• There was a good-will package to cover development of homes for landowners. Programs for Funds and Trusts were planned for good and worthy causes (such as education, pension schemes, medical programs).

• Money was earmarked to build a new church; medical clinic and even some government office were to be constructed to help the Peleliu people and Peleliu government.

• UKIHL also agreed to upgrade the power station and water catchment in Peleliu.

• In addition, LD even used his personal influence to get Malaysia to agree to establish diplomatic and trade ties with Palau and secured agreement from the Prime Minister of Malaysia to assist Palau by introducing scheduled direct flights from Malaysia to Palau.

Unfortunately, TR, because of his personal feud fired by his jealousy of Governor Ngiraingas turned on UKIHL and LD. He accused UKIHL and LD of supporting GN rather than supporting him (TR).

TR demanded money from LD and asked UKIHL to cease having anything to do with GN. When his demands were not met TR escalated the intimidation; he called LD to Palau and set his Chief of Staff and Ms, Greenberg to threaten LD. They informed LD that TR would withdraw LD’s appointment as his (TR’s) special advisor and Palau Hon.. Consul designate to Malaysia. When the threats did not work and TR could not find any wrong doing on Ngiraingas’ part or UKIHL's part TR deployed Special Prosecutor Walton to harass and intimidate both Ngiraingas and UKIHL and its directors.

We all know the story about TR's odious attacks on GN and UKIHL and the tale is old hat! I personally am sick of it and have heard enough!

The question now, on all our minds is, when will UKIHL start work on the Nautilus City?

I asked LD when he was last in Palau with the Ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia that question and he responded by saying that UKIHL would commence work on the NC and SC development as soon as Palau reform its laws towards becoming more sensible and viable for foreign investment.

LD also pointed out that the FIB Act in particulars needed to be reformed. Banking and insurance laws needed also to be reformed to enable Palau to cope with international business and finally both Peleliu and Angaur would need to be made special tourist and economic development zones so that the many ‘red tape’ that impede foreign investment could be streamlined.

Finally LD said that both he and Ex-Prime Minister Badawi had every confidence in President Toribiong and the OEK and that he felt confident that the Toribiong Administration would soon address all the shortfalls to enable not only UKIHL but also many other investors who have long noted the potentials of Palau, but have not been able to invest due to the restrictive and monopolistic policies of the past administrations.

Long Live President Toribiong,
God bless Palau.


Negikel Belau,

I have no idea how much the properties are being priced at.

However, I am sure that UKIHL will be advertising when they decide to sell.

I was told that UKIHL have not started to sell or even taking any bookings on any of the proposed developments as they are still working on the final plans and waiting for a number of approvals.

UKIHL is a very proper and responsible company and would NEVER sell any of their developments without due authority.


Negikel Belau,

You say that tourists visit Palau to see Palau not what they can see in their own backyard.

This is a very childish statement. Of course prople come to Palau to see Palau. What do you think, Tourist visit Palau to see India? lol. What an idiot!

The fact is people come to Palau for a tropical holiday. The tourists that come to Palau are looking for fun in the sun and sea.

Palau has the sun and sea no doublt but set in a very primitive setting and that is why tourist numbers are falling and Palau hardly gets any repeat visitors! THE WORD IS OUT - PALAU IS BORING AND ALSO UNSAFE!

Palau has inadequate medical facilities! Palau has inadequate rescue services! Accessing Palau is difficult, and arriving at 2am is a nightmare and expensive! Palau is expensive!

Services for fishing and diving charters are substandard! The hotels are of poor quality. Palau does not even have a 5-Star Hotel! The food is mediocre, There is no shopping, no entertainment in the evening except for seedy joints.

Thes are the reason why Palau is not getting tourists. If you think that to-days tourist want mediocrity you are living in coocoo land!

The Nautilus City project will give tourists what they want, which is; a super up-market holiday destination in a pristine, magic, exotic and romantic tropical island destination that is SAFE, modern, easily accessible, economical with good food, world class entertainment, world class services, world class marinas, world class golf course, action 24/7!

Do you think that tourists find a filthy toilet with a hole in the ground that allows shit to drop into the sea (like the public toilets found in Angaur and Peleliu)exotic and romantic? lol.


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