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March 18, 2004


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You sure they FAILED to invite the youth? For some reason, I'm thinking that there was some sort of invitation, but most people didn't bother. I remember when I was in Palau, youth day was something big - parades, games, speech contests and celebrations. Alot of people showed up because that was the thing to do - getting together and having a blast. NOw, it's all about (at least for the youth-age 14-40) who's got the coolest car, who's the life of parties at the bars, who can drink the longest and not throw up, and earning the money to put up with such a life style.
I congratulate the organizers on putting up the set-up for a public that's losing interest in such celebrations. But I agree that there should have been a more aggressive campaign in getting the public involved. Happy Belated YOuth DAY!

I remember, back in the day, "Youth Week" was the IT thing. Everyone talked about it at school, and even wanted to participate in all the sports whether it was pulling a long rope through your clothes and into your neighbors or basketball. Matter of fact, you weren't cool if you didn't like "Youth Week". AND, it was fun and the youth (13-101) cared about it. My family made sure I attended all the events that I could. I made sure that I attended every booth at the field for all the grub I could buy!!!

Whatever happened to that? What has Palau lost along the way? Have we become to "Americanized"? Are the Youth today too cool for "Youth Week"?

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