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April 17, 2004


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You know what... you slander the people who have brought about great change to our island. who exactly are you blaming for the degraded morals and snobby lifestyles of the people today? I would love to have a sit down with you and discuss why you think that traditional leadership does not deserve to have a say in how our island is run. You're looking the wrong way and forgetting that when you point a finger, you have three pointing right back at you. Lak molodech ra rael el uldelid ra irechar el mei. Kau a rengum ke tilobed ra delul a diokang? Don't you have any respect or pride for your roots? Come on... don't do this to us... speak of those that were shaped by today's western, individualistic, ethnocentric rules, not of those that identify us and have kept us around for centuries. I will be back in one week to see your response... if you would like private correspondence my email is melasm@hotmail.com. Please don't take this as an attack on you or your ideals. It is merely an attempt to clarify what i see as a greatly misguided vision of what this issue is trying to tackle. Anyways, have a great day and i look forward to reading further insight from you.

First Timer,

I can see that the above post have rattled your senses (Ak mla tmak er a kemrim).

First of all, show me where in this post or my previous posts have I slander anybody. If you think that by mentioning “Baseball Bat” Ibedul I have slandered a paramount chief or for opining that the women’s resolution only came from Bilung is a slanderous statement, then I suspect you don’t even know what makes a slander. It is clear to me that you define slander as one who disagree with chiefs or women chiefs of Palau, or for disagreeing with your beliefs for that matter.

"Lak molodech ra rael el uldelid ra irechar el mei. Kau a rengum ke tilobed ra delul a diokang?"

Ka msbedak el kmo ngera rael el uldelid er a irechar el mei? Kau ke kmul uasei sel temellii a llach a tara rubekul belau malechub a chad el meluchel a dui e kerdi mo mengchii a luk. Sei a Pride ma Respect el molekoi er ngii. A kemue!

“It is merely an attempt to clarify what i see as a greatly misguided vision of what this issue is trying to tackle.”

It looks very obvious from your comment that a “misguided vision” to you is when one shows “disrespect to our roots”. But what is disrespect to our roots, and how does merely giving you my analysis of an issue that is close to me a disrespect for my roots? You tell me.

As I am sure you very well know, criticisms of our elected government is a welcome part of the democratic process. Now, I believe that even our traditional leaders are neither above criticisms, nor do I think it is disrespectful for anyone to question the usefulness of our traditional structure of government.

And by the way, nobody is pointing fingers on anybody. I welcome your comments. It adds value to my blog. I have no fear of ideas I do not agree with. I welcome them and see no reason to delete or censor them.

For First Timer...

How far back in tradition/customs to do you want to go?

Frankly, a rechad ra Belau a mla mo smau ra WESTERN IDEALS/CULTURE/BELIEFS/VALUES. It's a sad perspective for the Palauan culture, I must admit, but it's time to move on. We can only take some parts of our OLD CULTURE with us. The traditional leaders have to step back a little bit more. Matter of fact, when the constitution was written, there was an ammendment that made sure that they didn't or would not have special treatment over the populace of Belau. And it seems that no one BUT THE TRADITIONAL LEADERS have complained about it.

WHY ONLY THEM? Because we (THE COMMONERS) don't want to be oppressed by them. We don't want to have games of "tug'o'war" with land rites. We don't want to kow-taw (sp?) to them anymore. We want to have a government of our own decided by the leaders that WE want and see fit.

Anyhow, it seems to me that the traditional leaders today are no where close to deserving the respect the former leaders earned. They themeselves don't practice ALL the traditions--why should I turn back to them now? Why do they deserve anymore power? Why must I become bound to them?

Please do give me a reason to believe that they should have a little more SAY in what MY Belau should become.

~Mousubes..we've come too far~


I couldn't help noticing your comment on the person you call the "First timer". And to me its really offensive, because you should be greatful that our elders are still alive and taking part in our country's politics. ke kmu kmo a rechad er belau a mla mo smau era western life style well certainly not me, all my life a kmle kiei er belau engdi chelchang ak ngara U.S el ngara school and ngmla mo almost el three years eak still diak sau era life era ngebard. Also your saying we must move on, to what? You sound like you want to live the American Dream. Also you said your sick and tired of the proposals, tell me which proposals sickens you and which ones makes you tired. You say Criticism plays a big part in Democracy, the way I see it, is that your kinds of criticism only makes palauans more apathetic.Democracy is not all perfect for our country but atleast we're trying live by its principles. I have more to say, but unfortunately, I have an appointment with my professor. If you want to email me on my comments email me at ngchus@hotmail.com. You are entitle to your opinion and to correct you it shouldn't be "what my Belau should become" it should be What "my Belau had become."

Alii e first timer,
A kmal mechas a renguk ra tegami er kau! Kmal kora mekngit a babilngem ma uldesuem el kirel a rechad el meluchel a dui er Belau. Te rubdois rar meluchel a dui el chad el ngara Belau a kmal klou e betok al ruul lolngeseu e mengetmokl a telungalek ma kebliil er tir. A kmal olengit ma borngii a temem e bo moliuekl a beluu er Belau e kemo medengei. Ngar ngii om lilchesii el kmal ungil, el kmo ked mo ngmai a ungil omakes bedul uchei.
A kumerang el kmo kau a ngar sel m'ngarngii leng Belau el delad er rokui a milkurulau meng mo sebechem ngar el mel muut er chelechang? Ng dirrek el kirem el mo subii a reksii er kau me kemo melemalt e ungil a uldesuem, e ngak a dirrek el ngara skuul ra Ngebard eng di mo tongetngii a klengar el kirel Belau.
We can't live in our past because that is history but to make change we have to know and acknowledge our past.
I respect your comments but I have to disagree with you.
Lastly, before you make such comments just like behind and know where you from, I think you cannot walk with your brain and heart without feeling. Ma uriul

Mak kora di soak el kuk di kmu ngara uldesuek e please e ika kuk mal di point of views meng diak de kaiuengasech reng.

I must admit i agree with FIRST TIMER, kmal kired el thankful ra re mechuodel el kmal mle ungil omecheliu ra beluad ra irechar el mei.

Just because they are the leaders el meluchel a dui ra beluu ng diak el belkul a kmo te PERFECT. Kid el chad el rokui el di ngarngii a bo de mekngit er ngii malechub eng mo klechitechetul a rengud. Dont get me wrong here though, there is nothing wrong with saying what ,you, as an individual citizen er a beluam, think and feel might be wrong and needs to be pointed out and such, eng di all i am saying is that, kid a rechad ra belau, ofcourse e ke de move on, beluulchad el rokir el merael mong me ke dobengkel omerael, but lak dobes el kmo aldu meng sebeched el kmo" kemam a rechad ra belau el UNIQUE" is because of our CULTURE....unless we want to be americans then, SURE! why dont we just tell our traditional leaders to "step back" a bit while the so called constitution runs our island. C'mon people! Komla obes e kid a dimlak el dil kot e de ngara imerikel, ke de mla ngara jap time ma re ua esbangiol eng di through all those times....it was our CULTURE n TRADITIONAL leaders that kept our BELAU el me lmuut er chelechang. me kid tiang el kuk mla ngmai a klubeled ra erengel a taem ra irechar el mei me ke de mecha independent. And now ng locha kuk di mle one el mistek or kngtil a one ra merredel e kom meteberechel el smaod a kngtil a rubdois??!?! all for one incident?! Kom locha kuase, sel domes a kngtil a chad e de tutk eng ngungil le chad a mo medengei meng sebechel el improve for da better, but i personally think its unfair to assume such negatives things about people who deserve great respect! What's this about them leaders el di dengchokl e demand respect? They dont have to demand respect, they deserve it! Alii ngak a kmal diak kuu mondai ma diak kulab el mora rechad or individual. All im saying is sel next e bo bleketakl el kmo ng techang e milkerang e ngera uldesuem e ungil dokerang. Lak di mei em mdu "traditional leaders" because a Belau a betok a beluu er ngii ma re rubekul a bek el beluu e kmal betok er tir a diak bo de btechei a sulir ma re dirkak de btechei a sulir e te mla mo dibus er bita er kid.

And for those who are abroad, like myself, kmal ungil e kom eroid e di medengei e care el kirel a tekoi ra belumiu, especially when it comes to the LEADERS, but do keep in mind that THEY are the ones el ngara beluad el omecheliu er ngii e mengedmokl er ngii. They are the ones that are there and putting up with everything that goes on around the island. You have a problem with what,when,why,and where.....mrelii ra rengum el lomelemii whatever it is that you are there for and come back ra beluam em do something about it.

mechas a renguk er a rechad er belau el me er a ngebaard e measaod er a remeredeled er a elid. ng kmal merang, tirka rengrir te tilobed ra delul a diokang. especially sel le specify a ngklir (dui) a rechad el losaod er tir. ng kmal offend er ngak sel le du el uase a traditional leaders a diak el deserve a respect. elik, kimiu er a omngalk eng dimlak longedecheduch er kemiu a rechad ra blimiu. tia el system er kid a rechad er belau el lou traditional leaders a rullid mekede ngodech ra rechad ra betok el beluu. tia ia melisiich er a klechibelau er kid me a merael el mei el telcheroll. kom di mo meklou el mai a skuliu e obeso er a lukiu, komobeltang me ko mesaod a telcheradech el kirir a remeredeled el tir ia di rirebet er a keai e merredel el kmal deserve a respect. kom locha di emiis a reua siukang meng diak modenge el kmo how important a urerir a rubak me a remechisil belau er a elsel a beluu. a lak tir el melemolem aikal siukang er kid, eng remiid a klechibelau er kid, mekedemoua rechad er a reua guam me a hawaii. ng uaikemiu el chad a somiu el mo el mekodir a klechibelau er kid.

ngelkel Belau (OREOR)

reading the original message, I couldn't help but see the anger and frustrations coming out of it with the comment on who is "fucking" up the place! SO i was just curious to know if this was written with some personal feelings that have nothing to do with the topic or that you were simply angry at the way things are going with the situation between "westernizing" and staying traditional.
Although I agree with First Timer, I just wanted to clarify that to argue on a statement as slander, you'd have to prove the statement as false which we all know is true with the incident of one of our traditional leader and the baseball bat. However, I don't think it's fair that just because one traditional leader did wrong that everyone has to think that the traditonal system is no longer important. I think the Amendment should be done as a reminder to us Palauans of why we are here and the way we are today.
As for those who want to be "westernized," why don't you look around and see the current issues happening today with all the fighting. One man.....and it all started. Our capitol building is an imitation of the U.S. which i wish was something that symbolizes our belauan heritage. And another thing, with westernization comes individualism and if that is something you favor then that's fine. But think about it this way, we won't have that feeling that "extended family" is important cuz the whole focus would be on the neutral family. ANd turning the other way when someone is in need could lead to other problems as in drugs, theft, and homelessness. So before you wanna get "westernized" think about everything and everyone else too.

Hello again,

I agree with ngelkel belau(Oreor)ma ailand eleng diak el ngerang, sebecheched el kmu kmal betok el kngtil a beluad mar teletelir a remeredeled er chelchang engdi they wont mean nothing alsekum eng diak bode sumechokl. Alsekum e kemeral chad er belau eng kirem el medengelii a delcherum ma ngerchelem era beluam. Malsekum ke omdasue e kmo kedi ngar era ngebard expect to return home when all the problems are resolved e kau mla mo tourist. Kede bai lomolem a skuled e mo remei e try el contribute. A lsekum e kmal mla mo too westernized to live in palau then I suggest you change your citizenship to become an American so you can relate more to america and its problems. Have any comment: email me at Ngchus@hotmail.com

Benson Orrukem

Alii! amen to Benson Orrukem. ng kmal merang, kede bai mera ngebaard me ke de lomolem a skuled e mo er mei mekede contribute el mo er a tia el kekerei beluad. personally, ngak a kmal kekerei el ngalk el fresh out of high school eng di a kmal lungil medengelii a kotek e kmal mengull e melengmes er a rubekul me a remechesil belau, ele ngerang? tiaikid el lomengull me a omelengmes a rullak meng sebechek el kmo ak meral ngalk er belau. kede mo oungeuaol el mo osiik a ngarbab el llomes eng di ng kmal kele dobult me dometuut er a beluad, remeredeled er a elid, me a remechas el tir ea otil a klechibelau er kid.

ngelkel oreor

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