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May 14, 2004


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I never thought that day would come, but here it is.

It just goes to show how dependent we are on the U.S.! Next thing you know, they'll be telling us to find our own monetary system, but hey, isn't that what a real INDEPENDENT NATION should already be doing?


Well, its about time something like this happened. Palau needs to get off its fat-butt and come up with it own programming. I know that Palau is filled with a lot of talented people. Its time to use our own resources. Its time we stop drooling over "American Idols", and develope Palauan stars. Thats why I don't think getting a waiver is such a good idea. Well, thats my opinion~ I got to go, Frasier is ON.

Palau daughters and sons are in Irag fighting to protect the rights and freedom of every Americans.
Citizens of FSM and Marshall are in military as well putting their lives in great danger for America.

Why is then America so quick to classify
its micronesian affilitated states as either potential security risk or friendly foe.

We love America. We die for America. Can't we
atleast have the pleasure to live vicariously
through Ross and Rachel in "Friends", or root
for our favorite "American Idol", and atleast
be a week behind but still well informed of
weather and traffic in the Bay Area. Is
that too much to ask?



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