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June 11, 2004


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God bless all these young Palauans and their families! The choice they've made to participate in the U.S military is undeniably the most difficult decision, especially during these trying times in the global arena. I wish you all the best and I certainly will be praying for each of you.


my heart just froze when i viewed this entry. a lot of these new recruits are my friends and people i personally know. ngak a currently serve ra U.S Army. i know some of you, well, actually most of you think it's the best decision, i know you're all proud of your decision n all... cause that's what i felt. i feel that you all should know better before you commit yourselves into this thing. i've been there and i'm still in it, and i know the facts and the reality of it, and let me tell you, i actually regret my decision! i wish i knew better. alsekum komdasu el kmo kemo join meng mosebechem el nguu a skulem, think again. elechal time ea skuul a diak el priority ra military, elechang eng war time, DEPLOYMENT a kot el priority, no... a skulem a mo medechel, sel temem el mo ra war eng diak a stob er ngii. TRUST me. i always wanted to go to school and pursue a higher degree, i thought that the military was the best answer, but, it actually kinda took me away from my goal. so please..learn from my experience and bomungil lomdasu.

choi.. to some people eng kmal lungil decision, alsekum meng diak a kmal rengum el muut el mora skuul e soam el better your self, e medengelii a rengum e mo join eak kmal happy for you. but for some who desire higher education and think that the military is the answer, please reconsider your decision. i just don't want you guys to go in BLIND, like me and most soldiers i know. yes, i was hard-headed like some of you guys, akulemdasu el kmo a rechad a diak a ngeral lodengei.. e mle ignore ertirekel mle try el influence ra decision er ngak meng diak join, i wish i listened. DO NOT LISTEN TO EVERYTHING THE RECRUITER TELLS YOU!! and i can't stress it enough.

if you or someone you know is joining the military, please give it a second thought, and if you have any questions, just respond to the comment and i'll try to answer it.

someone who cares

thanks for the wonderful information that you've shared through your web page. i nearly sweared into the army but i also had second thoughts. at first i decided to join the army afer two years in PCC, then join the army to get higher education. now that i read this web page, i could make the right decisions that need to be made. i hope those who sweared in will benefit from what they decided before.

One of the people listed is a family member of mine. I care for him and I wish the best for him. I appreciate the comments made by the fellow readers. I want to say to ALLof you, i wish you the best and you are all in our prayers.
To my brother I love you and take care.

dear sherry,
i wish you the best in what ever you decided to do. i really beleive in education and i think that pursuing a higher education is something not just for yourself but for our country as well. i'm so happy that at least somebody learned from my lesson and experience, trust me, you wont regret it!

to all the future G.I's, i wish you the best of luck in the career path you have chosen. good luck and God bless you all.

first and foremost you can be anything ,anytime if you put yourself to it..think of what you all want to be and what to do with your life 1st because we all have 1 life to live so live to the fullest. God bless each and everyone of you palauans who are representing Palau but also yourself..much love and take care cause i do care for all PALAUANS....

to all the young palauans that are in the army.
god bless you all. Mo blak a rengmiu e momeduch a rengmiu lek di mo blechoel pray for each of you. to other paluans, please, not only pray for them but their families as well, especially the mothers. sulang lilch

to all you recently joined the military. i am currently in military and deployed in iraq and tell you that it ain't a joke. so you go and do your basic training and ait and don't forget you are number# 1 candidate to iraq.this place is hostile and word of advice. you may like the people here but don't trust them and most of all Keep your head down and Keep your shot group tight.

like i told my family before i left: i said my good byes and you know i don't know what will happen to me around the corner on the next hour. so you guys take care and i am proud of you guys cause you are just like us who put the name of our country (Palau)in the world. Be proud to be a Palauan and Good Luck n God Bless Us All

sgt in iraq

I came across this joke to lighten things up for our Sailors and wanted to share it with you. When someone joins the Armed Forces of United States, it's never a smooth ride but few of us Palauans find it rewarding in terms of challenges and testing oneself. You decide if you're contemplating whether to join the U.S. Navy or not.

27 reasons why McDonald's is better than the Navy

> 1. If you have to take a piss, you can go take a piss. No questions asked.
> 2. You'll never have to go port and starboard on the fryer.
> 3. Better pay.
> 4. The ability to quit!
> 5. McDonald's doesn't deploy.
> 6. They have actual janitors.
> 7. No McDrills.
> 8. The grill breaks....You CALL someone to fix it.
> 9. No time at McDonald's will you hear your boss give a 30 minute dissertation over the P.A. on the importance of being at the register 15 minutes early.
> 10. McDonald's will eventually fire the ***REALLY*** stupid employees.
> 11. If McDonald's catches fire, you leave.
> 12. Someone else makes the water.
> 13. Personnel inspection requirements are written on the door. (no shirt, no shoes, no service)
> 14. At McDonald's, dislocating your shoulder is not considered getting the "good deal"
> 15. If you want to buy your boss a beer, thats okay.
> 16. If you want to tell your boss to "fuck off and just die, just fucking die" that's okay too.
> 17. There is no Uniform Code of McDonald's Justice to deal with.
> 18. No one will wake you at 2 in the morning to start the grill.
> 19. Chances of you getting called back after you get off work are pretty damn slim.
> 20. $2.99 is a meal price, not a daily wage at McDonalds
> 21. You don't have to go single register operations if someone spills a Coke.
> 22. McDonald's doesn't require a 24 hour Shutdown Register Operator and a McRoving Watch.
> 23. You don't have to come in to work at 7am only to wait around for an hour for your boss to tell you things you already knew.
> 24. If you burn a hamburger, they won't take away half a month's pay for two months and restrict you to the playground.
> 25. You don't have to take apart the shake machine once a quarter, JUST BECAUSE.
> 26. You scrub the floors because it's dirty, not because it's Wednesday.
> 27. ALL of the articles of the Constitution apply to you at McDonald's

Hoorah..To the new marines, Damn you guys are krazy,Bootcamp is going to suck so prepare yourselves..Beleive me i've been through it, me and two other emmaus boys did it and it was not what we thought it would be. I just hope you joined for the right reasons, MARINES "Ready to fight, ready to kill, ready to die, but never will" There's a war going on boys and they need few good men with a few things to live for..good luck..I will be going to Iraq in Febuary..so good luck and stay motivated and SEMPER FI...

To all the PROUD PALAUANS serving in the military.ARMY, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Gaurd. I am a Palauan in the Army and I'm about to leave for Iraq soon.I will be seeing you guys out there. Be safe, one shot one kill, NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN SOLDIER BEHIND!!!!

I just wanna say to all ya whose out there fighting,that i wish all ya luck and i'll be praying for all of you to come back home safe....god bless you all...

akora di mle soak el melekoi aikal kmal di sesei el tekingek. U- know the army is not that bad. ak meral mle enjoy era training er ngak engdi I got medically chaptered out eleng miltemall a choichik just recently..I'm proud to say I joined the Army and I will never forget the experience..there are no words to describe the feeling..to all future Soldiers and those who are serving right now...May GOD BLESS YOU e...and....come home safe..HOOAH!!!!!!!

Congratz to all ya Palauans joining the Army, Navy, Marines and etc.!! To Teru: hey bro, mo blak a rengum e mengetmokl a bedengem.
Oru-G: Take care ea rebuik ra Ngesekes a kmal miss er kau.. Wish you luck in the upcoming future!!
Take care you all!!!

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