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June 11, 2004


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was this on government's expense? or was he using his own money for the trip? if it was on government's expense, i sure hope he didn't take advantage of the time to campeign.

Im sure President know what he is doing, ever on government's expenses or his own pocket...as well He can balance the worksheet. Is that very matters for President requested to write off the balance for any reason?

Kora wondering

campaigning or not i think palau needs a new change of pace...and by doing this we need someone who can proudly represent us with pride and honesty...sounds far-fetched i know...but if we are not careful with our resources and our financial status now, there will not be a future palau...this might be hard for others to stomach when they know that half of the people that comment about such things are always those that are abroad...if only they could all understand that we are all here to better ourselves so that one day when we return back home as assets to our island...but for now we need a leader that can pave our way into the future...as to who that is i'll leave it up to you...just think carefully and wisely because you don't want that person to be in it for the money...GODSPEED TO ALL BELAUANS....

adang. most people who comment on these messages are people abroad. for one, its because the internet in palau is so darn expensive, plus were abroad for school, work, and other reason why we left home. engdi moktek er ngak el ngara eroid el beluu, a melai ra skulek for my own good, as well as to help our fellow palauans someday, when i finish my education. di mle soak el clarify er sei. im a concerned belauan abroad, interested in palauan politics , but not the American politics.

i just hope that we'll find the right leader.

what you think about Tommy,poly carp, or ben? techar tir a lecha sebeched el trust er ngii el kutmeklii a beluad, especially our money?

Okay, if the president can use his budget to attend his son's graduation in Hilo then what's to say that he didn't use it for this so called compaign. Uhhgggh! I just get so frustrated with these dirty politics these incompetent people are pulling one of them being the current president. What's even worse, the things that he does gets displayed on the Oceania media. How embarassing. The funny things is, even though I may not like the other candidates for the presidency, I have to consider them because I do not prefer the alternative. Sad...

So, which one of these candidates, Poly, Ben, and or Tommy, do you really think is gonna steer Belau the right way? I do not really know Ben, and Tommy the last four years I don't see any accomplishments he has made towards Belau and it's citizens, anyone has any ideas? Ploycarp is a business man and of course a business man wants to see his business blossom, so let's think that the island of palau is the business for Polycarp to nurture and hopefully all the belauans are the "koyas" to make our little tiny island grow for the better of it's people. What you all think? We never gave a businessman a chance with Tmetuchl, let's give Polycarp a chance to steer our puny island towards the stars!

Is there anyone else who would like to run for presidency?

Ben has run many times for office and lost; Remengesau Jr. hasn't done anything productive except for youth sports and his own campaigning; and POLYCARP? You've got to be kidding me! All this time we complain about how business men have been leading our government and here we are with Polycarp running for PRESIDENCY??? WHAT A JOKE THIS ELECTION WILL BE!

SERIOUSLY....ngdiak a ngodch el soal tial techal?

Can we write in Pierrantozzi or Camsek for PRESIDENT? Frankly, those are the only two I can see who are fit for the job. Now they are running for the wrong offices!


you're kidding right? Pierrantozzi should answer why there are 6 million dollars in unpaid medical referral bills. As for Camsek, I think there is a law against U.S. citizens running for political office in any foreign country. Allen Seid should run. He has my vote.

Like those before me, I cannot seem to find confidence in this coming election for Palau's Presidency. None of the candidates seem competent enough to fully satisfy what I as a citizen want for the next coming 4 years. Clearly, Ben Roberto has no real political standing as to what he might accomplish. Polycarp on the other hand is worry-some just because of self-interest. Finally, Tommy has proved ineffective in balancing the nation's finances, hasn't presented effective policies in economical ventures, and has been incapable of establish strong ties with the congress. Therefore, one could only hope that another person, other than these candidates, may be elected for the office. And as those before me, I would rather see Alan Seid, Casmek Chin, or Kuniwo Nakamura in the President's office.

What do you think?

Dear Islandman --- I was just reaching!

Really I don't know who I'd put up there as President; I just want someone else other than the 3 we have now. Alan Seid is a great candidate too!

all i have to say is that these old school candidate need to retire and let new people go in. they been there to damn long.. te kmal na mo mechut...why not!let diaz go in for once he is a blunt and honest man..Go VP Sandra P..to all of you belauanz abroad hurry up and graduate palau needs you...u want change for belau go to belau... take the risk save belau...do it cauze u care not for the money... aight much love *peace*

ok, here's my own opinion about the three candidates. first of, i have been hearing rumors that the PResident had been using gov't money to use for his personal expenses. that's what i heard. so what good does that make?

second, polycarp? i have never seen him in public before, nor any other palauan customs. never mind about the palauan customs, but his a business man. how good would it be if he were the president of palau? probably he'll have strong ties with the U.S or any other foreign countries and build more buildings and make more business, probably putting them under his son's names or whatever. please, no business in politics. we want real motivated politicians, not businessman.

ben roberto? no comment. he seems like a quite guy. how well would he do in politics. especially the highest seat in palauan politics?


Of COURSE there are laws against US citizens running for office in Palau. But when the Embassy and the INS verifed that Chin was NOT a US citizen, I'm inclined to believe them over the OEK members trying to keep him out (motivated, it seems, by fear and their egos). Check out Chin's website. The letters from the embassy are there.

As for Pierantozzi, as I'm sure you'll agree, it seems to me that she's running for this office as almost an afterthought. "Hmmm... I have nothing else going on before November, (besides making a mockery of the Ministry of Health, that is). Oh, there's an upcoming election?! Deadline to file is Thursday? I guess I still have 2 days. President? Vice? President? Vice?"

I refuse to give my vote to someone whose only important decision seemed to be whether she wants power or more power.

Camsek Chin was at my house last NOVEMBER presenting his platform, ideas, and qualifications. He has been benefitting this nation since he was MOJ. We are lucky to have a candidate like him to put our faith in.

I agree with Aargh -- the former MOJ is an ASSET to PALAU. He has been more productive than the VP and the President; no doubt he should atleast run for this office -- why didn't anyone ask him to do that?


Okay, I'm not a political science major and I'm not quite sure how this works, but CAN WE DO THAT? Can we upset the poles?

To answer your question there "mousubes", the answer is yes. That is if you are using this strategy to overthrow a candidate. To further illustrate what I mean, the situation can be observed in this manner: If this particular candidate, Chin, is seen as a competent candidate for the presidency, voters may write him in. With enough votes, a majority by the primary election, he may be considered for the national election. But, the another question arises. Is this a smart political strategy. The answer would be no. Why? Because there is an uncertainty as to whether the candidate has a strong standing since he is not running for the presidential seat. Other voters or those who are in favor of Sandra may view this opportunity to get him off the poles for the vice-presidency. In this case, they might try to convince other voters that he is very likely to get enough votes for the presidency. The result of this may cause a result in the poles where the votes are split for candidate Chin for the positions vp and presidency. OH, and yes, I am a political science major.

THANKS CHAD RA BELAU! If you ran for office, I'd vote for you -- just because you had an educated explanation. I doubt any of the running candidates, other than Imelda, could've given any better an explanation than you!

By the way VOTERS, here are two qualities some of us forget to consider when VOTING -- credibility and education.

~Mousubes (not a poli-sci major)~

hello everyone,

its that time again every four years that
we choose who will lead our nation in the next
four years. My friends,this new term coming is
very crutial because our new compact is
scheduled for 2009.

That means the next president will lead our nation
into the new negotiations in 2008. For all our sakes, Let us hope and pray that there will be a
Democrat in the whitehouse. The only person who can lead us in this challenge is the current President.

Now is not the time to put someone new in office
just because we want change. The stakes are too high and the President was involved in the first
compact and he has the knowledge and the skills for this job.

Is he the best? Hell no, but the alternatives makes me wanna pugh. Our island nation deserves
a President who serves the people not make a name
for himself in the business world.

Our senate candidates are bunch of fame seeking,
money seeking citizens who thinks their last names
are the reason why we should vote for them.

Lets combine both houses and reduce the number
of our Lawmakers. Its ridiculous for a country with about 20,000 citizens,to have two houses
of congress. Our forefathers did a lot of good
but this system of congress is a complete screw
up. adios !!!!

I highly doubt that majority of the people that just made comments here are aware of the current situation regarding Mr. Camsek Chin and his battle to obtain an office in the government. Not only that, but also the history behind Mr. Polycarp Basilius' association with the government in the very beginning. Did any of you know that Mr. Basiliu was there along with the late President Lazarus Salii and Former President Kunwio Nakamura when the Constitution of Palau was put in order. Obviously judging by your comments, I highly doubt that any of you did. I don't mean to badger anyone in here, but it just seems to me that your not educating yourselves before you criticize other people and what they stand for. I suggest that you visit www.palaufirst.com to read more on candidates and their platforms before you pass such strong judgements on them. Inform yourselves Belauans. Nothing justifies our ignorance regarding current issues in our motherland, even being far from home. And come on give me a break you want to see new faces in these offices then do something about it. Don't just sit there and expect someone else to carry the baton for you in the race of the future. This is such a serious decision. Something that needs to be carefully contemplated. I hope that God steers you in the right direction. I know where I am heading because I know all the facts. Do YOU?

Sorry 'Bekil'-- I'd rather Remengesau be President again than Polycarp. And yes, I'm well aware of the history of the constitution and who was there and who did what and what has been done since then. So again, I'd rather Remengesau go up there and do another term than Polycarp anyday!

Buil a medal sel Ngerel

I fully comply with "mousubes". Since I am unable to say it better "akora di bekikl", I'll borrow some one else's name; MOUSUBES! I believe I am well aware of the situation and have thoroughly educated myself enough to pass judgment on who I wish for the government to be led by. One can be sure of this, it would not be Mr. Polycarp Basilius. Forgive me for this, it is my personal weakness and bias, but I am not prepared as a Palauan to have a Filipina first lady. That's just one of the issues. Secondly, Polycarp Basilius had no major input in the constitutional convention. He was just there because there were no other people able enough from Melekeok. Anybody at the time who had a bachelor's would have been nominated for the position. But that's beside the one major issue. That is, what has Basilius been doing since the Concon? Can anyone guess? No mystery there! He's been busy making a name for himself outside the government. It's been more than a 2 or 3 decades since the Concon and Mr. Basilius finally thinks he is able to lead Palau's government into the next coming 4 years. What does he have to show for it. Leadership, commitment, strategy, adaptability are just some of the key elements that I haven't seen Basilius demonstrate. Aside from making it in the business venture, Basilius hasn't really had other accomplishments to show that he is fully prepared to carry on probably the most important role in Palau's government. Some of the more ethical questions I might ask along with others educated as I would be:

Has Basilius shown a strong support for the business community? After all, one of his objectives is to bring about business ventures.

If he is so keen on Palau's education system, why hasn't he thrown in any real cent, an opinion or two about it? Scholarships are good but were they not for tax cuts?

In his business ventures, did he take the time to consider the environmental impacts of such processes?

And once again, this is to "...bekikl", what is that rhetoric about God? Please stick to the issue by which you are arguing and do not bring religion into the discussion. I am sure Mr. Basilius would agree with me on this one as he is fully aware of the constitution, "Separation of Church and State."

About sitting down and letting someone carry the baton. I'll let you know that Democracy allows such condition. Here are two credible readings on democratic politics you might be interested in: 1) A PEOPLE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES by Howard Zinn, 2)MEDIA CONTROL by Noam Chomsky. Read them and see if you thinking that you know that facts really do know. Or take a 100-level political science course at any accredited college and see if you would still have the same opinion about Basilius.

Bobii aikang,
Chad er Belau

eliik. sorry if i really offended Basilius, Remengsau, or Roberto's supporters. as candidates and for the supporters of the candidates for the presidency, you all have to learn to accept criticism, and open opinions. kom bai mai, e mes e mesuub, mang mo mesisiich a campeign er kemiu. it's not only that Basilius was with Nakamura and the other president during the constitution. that was then, and this is now. were looking for candidates with strong skills, and motivation, and public awareness. were also looking for candidates who are there for the public. so what about the constitution? that was then and this is now. i agree, among all the president candidates, remengsau has all the experience in our decade, as well as the skills. let's just warn him about his weaknesses in the office. got no other option, but to vote for him. he's the only one that suits our needs, and our expectations as off now.

what you think about former President Nakamura ? em write in er ngii. probably that's my number one option.

I don't know about you guys whether you've had any experience in any leadership role where people lives are at stake. I am a military man and know for a fact that Ben Roberto has proven himself in this area quite well. Don't go on to say that he's only been a fisherman and a farmer that he can't fathom the role he's running for. Compared to what choices we have, Ben is an honest man with fine qualities as follows:

- Courageous. Was a squad leader with 16 grunts under him who fought in Vietnam and returned with superb record. (I would want my President not to be a "push-over".)

- As a Palauan, I think his loyalty is unshaken. He is respectful and passionate about the future of Palau and its citizens. How many candidates have actually displayed their dedication of loyalty like Ben who faced such humility by going door-to-door; from North to South on foot? I think this guy is genuine. No BBQ or concert to entice voters.

- He has the mental and spiritual capacity to lead our island nation of around 23K citizens. His level of education is no less than the other candidates. Anyone with Bachelor Degree can quickly learn and immerse himself with the intricasies of governing Palau and her planned milestones. I think what he brings to the table is his sound judgment and the fact that he is honest. This man is a warrior who is deeply anchored with his Christian belief and will face problems head-on and provide results.

The question is this: What issues can he not take on? If you think you're happy the way things have been for the past four years then go ahead and vote for Tommy. If you want to turn the clock back and have secrecy as part of our policy making process - like the public lands in Melkeok - then vote for Basilius. But if you want the real change for the better then vote for someone who genuinely cares for his country and courageous enough to face problems head-on and solve them. We need is a leader who has the character and a proven record. One that can go into the enemy territory to kill, take care of problems and bring back his troops unscathe.



Olboid has a point but seemed too extreme. We don't want our President to kill anybody but if necessary has the courage to stand his ground if he's right. The fact that Ben has seen action makes him patient, calculated, and firm when hard decisions are to be made. Tommy plays for the media all the time and usually counters the OEK via memorandum or WWFM. Ben would have requested and received approval of the OEK to sit down with him and battle it out their difference without the public knowing. That's leadership. Polycarp would have just circumvented the OEK.

A major concern is who can plan, organize, execute, and control some of the issues we want implemented: infrastructures, economy baseline, taxation, merchandise price index, health insurance/care, better education, and our survivability after Compact Funds run out? I think any one of these candidates can do these things. The difference would be the level of outcome and timeliness.

I remember Kun Nakamura during his first candidacy when he promised that Babeldaob Highway will be completed if elected President. He did two terms and never accomplished what he promised. What he brought about were lots of money from the Far East to wet the appetites of many. Tommy said that he will carry the torch and will accomplish what Nakamura began, i.e., Babeldaob Highway will be ready by 2003, then 2004, and now 2005. Surely from the looks of it, that highway will not be done as scheduled because we picked the lowest bidder who didn't do their homeworks and are struggling now. Today, we improve our infrastructures with grants. Our harbor is no better than what they have in Yap. Our airstrip finishing project is another proof of no planning involved. Our medical referral office owes millions of money that we do not have. Only the rich has gotten richer in Palau; the poor, the worst.

To me, Ben will do a better job. Don't fear change especially when it's crucial that our country needs a stronger leader. How can it be worst than it is today? And to allow Policarp to lead our nation is like hiring a fox to guard the sheeps. Just the facts.


you guys need to lighten up and enjoy the prosperity that Palau has endured. Of all the micronesian islands, Palau, with it's past and current leaders, is moving forward economically, socially and spiritually. We are becoming a great islands among islands, our infrastracture is moving forward to meet our needs, our roads, our new bridge, our new cultural center, our sewer system, our capital.....our tourism industy which is unrivaled within micronesia and others, our natural resources which are protected and conserved....we have cables and power to 90% of our states, we have internet (though slow but at least we have it and it's being upgraded sooner or later), we have cellular (although crappy but will get better)....compare what we have to yap, phonpei, chuuk, rmi and others, we have come along way.......so educate yourselves and rethink about our countries accomplishments and think about our leaders, whom have been in the frontline everyday to serve. No matter which President gets chosen this november, your comments, and many more comments from many more commentators, is never going to stop! So keep commentating cause we enjoy watching you guys keep running your mouths. If your always going to say something negative or always negative about our leaders, your always going to be negative no matter which leader or president we put on. If it's not you who's going to be negative, hey, I bet your ass there's going to be hundreds more whom are going to say something negative about your so-called righteous and true candidate. Be real and do something to help and running your mouths every single day ain't going to do much better! And if you chose to live in the US and not go back to Palau and help your family, relatives, friends and your Belau then, mei ma please and don't make comments b/c we all know the people whom choose to start a new life in the mainland are people who run away from their families, culture, esp. siukang and live the harsh reality of living in palau earning minimum wage and supporting your family and country.

Olekoi, and I thought this was a healthy forum for all of us to voice our opinions without resorting to using "ass" and accusing others of "running their mouths". If running mouths include anyone who puts his own opinion in here then you just ran your mouth too long.

When a candidate declares himself then it's open season for voters to know that person. I think it's healthy for anyone who has the priviledge to vote in this society to know the good/bad characters of the candidates. It would be interesting to know what Olboid is talking about when he mentioned the public lands issues in Melkeok. Likewise, Uaisei ought to clarify what he meant. In this manner, we can all educate ourselves. And please, back up your assumptions or facts with references.

Indeed we have some gains we need to be grateful of in our Island Nation, but when we become complacent that's when we begin to go down. Our desire to filter our leaders is a healthy endeavor in that we can learn from our past leaders and hopefully one of you guys who is smart enough to opine in this forum will one day become our beacon of leadership.

Oreor Repz.

Hear, hear, hear, see who talks negative in this thread. Come on ardingal prez, you appear to be someone who doesn't even know what comes out of your mouth.

To Artingal Repz, I think you're getting emotional about this and I empathize with you knowing that you evidently love Palau but your indifference is quite obvious. First of all, never think that just because Palau is better in some areas in Micronesia that we should take a break and enjoy life because we are satisfied with the standards of living already. You gives a hoot about the cellular phone capabilities? We pump raw sewage to the waters everytime we overload the system at Ice Box - monthly occurance. We have a hospital that runs out of supplies daily. We need alcohol addiction curving. Do you really think most Palauans living in Palau are happy as clams?? Palau is a Third World Country!!! "Saying negative about our leaders... who are at the frontline... working"... Who are you kidding??? Where's the return of the investment? The work everyone of these so-called your leaders are doing do not equate the salary they get beginning with over 30 grand a year for a freshman senator. Average joe in Palau receives around 11 grand a year. And since you are calling yourself someone from Melkeok then I shouldn't have to expound on the issue with our public lands. Lastly, I can't seem to understand why most folks in here assume in the first place that someone hasn't educated oneself in these matters. Pelleez!

You seem so intent on making it a point that Palau is a third world country. It's true that Palau is classified as one of many third world countries but I surely don't feel that we are in terms of our progress since our independence. It's when you stop classifying yourself as a third world victim that you can feel better about yourself and your country. I'm just making it a point that throughout micronesia, we are much better off and should be grateful. And I don't doubt for a minute that we will continue moving forward into a better future because of us, whom pursue higher education in search of a better understanding of life so that when we return home that grateful day, we return with notion that together we will make Belau a much better place. True, our leaders make way more money than the regular mom and pop, and I agree that something has to be done regarding the salary issue and that majority of them are wealthy businessman. There's alot that needs room for improvements and it's a never ending cycle, there's always going to be something that needs to either be revised, replaced or removed. But for the meantime, take a day to enjoy being a Palauan for i'm always proud telling my micronesian fellows that i'm a Palauan.

A broader definition of a Third World Country is NOT DEVELOPED COUNTRY. As an educated person, you know that Palau falls into that category. If you're waivering, just read the needs of our country from Camsek Chin's perspective at his website. We all get the dreading feeling that we as a nation is still way behind. I have traveled to many countries in Pacific/Asian/Arabia regions and although we are quick to vie for recognition, our superficial appearance do not hide the truth that need more things to take place. Major works such as sewage system and potable water system are urgently needed before Babeldaob can be inhabited with citizens such as yourself that have become accustomed to the states amenities. We as citizens are alot cleaner in terms of how we take care of ourselves but our country is not fully developed. I think the consensus is that we all should not rest until we are classified as one of the most advanced and civilized Island Nation in the entire Pacific. Enjoying the day are for our children and our parents/grand-parents. We as adults should all strive to improve our country. We get breaks from work, during traffic, sleep, and campaign BBQs. We also have numerous days where we idle too much that can be considered enjoyment. What's wrong with wanting more? And as for being a Palauan - believe you me: I am a true blue blooded Palauan and will die for my country if the need arise. Be it a revolution, coup, or death march. What I am saying here is we need to be stronger not just lukewarm bunch of citizens. We come to the states to get educated, earn a little bread, and go home. We may start earning lower wage than we currently have but our mere presence and our suffering alongside our brethren back home will eventually plant seeds of ideas to improve things. I hope I see you next year as I will be making my journey home. As Oreor Girl mentioned, complacency is the enemy. So don't be too quick to start enjoying and being satisfied when the job is finished. Smile to your Micronesian friends, but in the "dark", persevere in doing your best - to hone your skills which may be put to good use once you're back to your country.

ak di oureng wase Belauans a ngiltii a muteling el sebechel kumokl a udoud er belau, use the money wisely, and minimize his expenses. Basilius, one's a business man, he's always a business man. a business man will always see things in his own perspectives, who knows?

for tommy. he'll have to clean up his mess, and get going. one thing i like about tommy, he has a down to earth personality.

ben, he's ok. used to be a soldier, but were all in different fields. i know that the soldiers fight for our freedom and all,he's got the military skills, can he lead palau?

Crystal clear Olboid, more power to our people and "us" whom choose to sacrifice our time and energy to better educate ourselved abroad with the sole intent of making Belau a better place to live everyday for us and our children. Like it's always been repeatedly quoted, "without struggle, there is no progress."

i am still wondering how Camsek got to be soldau, in his years of schooling, living abroad and all..of course you have/they have your documents and all but, the real truth is not out yet..i really want to join the "klosoldau" in his time it was hard since i am a PURE BLOODED PALAUAN. lots of immigration papers etc to be done. So you voters who want to push Camsek or write him in..think TRIPLE not twice...WHAT HAS HE DONE SINCE HIS BEEN BACK...nada..just complaining/compainng waiting for next election..duh his income from USA retire soldau!!

Bekikl, your the one that need to educate yourself about Palau and its constitution. And to put Poly on the same level with Eita and Kun is an insult. EITA and KUN belongs to a major league while Poly still need to learn the basic rules of the game. Remember Bank of Micronesia or Bank of Melkeok or MEDA-Melkeok econo devlpmnt Auth. They all share and have 2 things in common. They all failed,bankrupt,,etc. and Poly is the man behind them all. Try something else, politiking is not for you BEKIKL.


Since he have a website..email him to read these message,,it might be a MINOR to him,but HECK ! SEE/LOOK/READ....VP SANDRA SUMANG P.. She have time to answer email to us at the BRIDGE!!

To Pechedian:

I must say you put quite an argument there. You also made an interesting point. Such is that it was hard to get into the military during Chin's time (the 60s or 70s). So, as an informed individual, I shall lay down the facts and you could observe it, find out for yourself, and make a judgment on the issue again. Chin was naturalized by the U.S. government and became a U.S. citizen since it was policy during that era that military officers be U.S. citizens only. But after returning home (Palau), Chin was then naturalized by the Palauan government and then became a Palauan citizen again. If one questions the information, feel free to look it up at the court library or the court clerk's office under public records. An interesting idea about this whole ordeal is that Palau's government is the only democratic system where the congress overrode the supreme court on its findings about a national civil suit.
As for what Chin has done since he has been back, he was the minister of justice for one and served during Kuniwo's last term in office. This position was held by the previous Vice Presidents and if you care the observe, that is why the office of the Vice President is located near the jail. But that's not the point. The point is, Chin imposed many policies, most likely derived from his previous experience as a military officer, that were very much effective.
I am not choosing Chin's side. Just simply being objective. You may or may not agree but do make choices based on sound evidence and not assumptions.

Urusai, Camsek isn't my choice of candidate for the Presidency so I apologize because I don't have his website address. Sorry.

I meant vice presidency, typo!

Here is Camsek Chin's website:


There, now no one has any excuse about not being informed.

Chad er Belau: sulang ra infor ra camsek ma website erngii..

You're welcome Urusai. Bong e modngelii me bo el sebechem el kuk mo medengei aike el soal a Chin el mo meruul.

yang meral ulukum ma CAMSEK CHIN a bai rirurt el mo President er belau. Camsek chin a man with pride, and honesty.

This is to "Urusai"

I would like to set the record straight. Kuniwo Nakamura kept his promise in finishing the compact road. He started the work and has paved the road for Tommy E. Remengesau to pick where it was left off. This things go through a process and these process takes time. The money that funds compact road are not Palau's revenue. They are money from COFA and Kun may have been the President of Palau but there was a man in a higher position than him. So when you state things using people's name, please...please....gather your facts and post your comments. This way, others who come and visit this site will not be mislead with false information. You have a right to your opinion but when you give out information to the public that are not based on fact, please keep in mind that your misleading other people who do not really know these people and just want to learn more about them before election day (when they check those boxes).

merang eh

Alii "Chad er Belau"

A First Lady does not have to be the President's wife. I recently read in Tia Belau that Polycarp Basilius has appointed his neice to be his First Lady if chosen as our President. To be honest, I didn't think it was a good idea. But I sat down and started thinking and you know what? I started to think that I think it would be really good to have his neice as his First Lady. Why? Well, when you look at each State in Palau there's always the higher rank Rubak and Keldorolel ngkel Rubak. The Klderolel ngkel Rubak is always a female sister, cousin, aunt, or neice. And please do not say that Palauan traditions shouldn't be mixed with politics because our tradition way of punishment is still practice today and an example is what Chief Ibedul did to that American lawyer. Chief Ibedul didn't even go to jail for that. So if it really bother's you that a Filipina lady will be our First Lady if Polycarp wins the election, please think it over because that's a lame excuse not to vote for someone. I'm not saying that you should vote for Polycarp or not. I'm just asking you to think carefully of who you will vote and observe what each candidate has accomplished. Find out what new ideas they have to offer us as citizens of Belau and Belau.

Thank you,
Mekedemekerang Erchelechang

i had never talked about KUN/Tommy R. maybe you got a wrong person, talk about getting my info together i think its you..kokau erngak! as you
said "please...please....gather your facts and post your comments".
all i had asked in here is about Camsek and his web addy..elikeang !!

ollek, dunno what others think ,but i think tradition and government are conflicting over one another. of course, we do have to respect ibedul, but what he did to the american lawyer is inhumane. if he was in the united states, he would have been punished and he would be in prison by now.

if we want a government, we'll have to live by our constitution, and set aside our traditions, and customs and apply it to our fellow citizens who have done wrong in our society or whatever the traditions are for.

i do respect our cultures and traditions, and were just fortunate to have rubak and mechas to guide us. however, political and traditions do not ride in the same boat together.

To "Mekede Demekerang"

Allow me to reiterate what I was implying on the issue of possibly of having Polycarp in office. First of all, I was arguing on the conception of having a Filipina first lady. Not the actuality of it. Why? One may ask. If you had paid attention, I stated that it is my personal bias. I am not ready to have a foreigner, even if it was an American, as fist lady. The normative pressumption of commoners including myself would be skewed to the notion that the wife of a president is the first lady. Even though this may not be true in black and white, it is a compelling thought that is hard to get over. Yes, I agree that under the law, the president may appoint another, other than his wife as first lady but, don't you think that's rather inconvenient? I am sure many would agree with me that the relationship between a husband and wife is much different than an uncle and niece relationship. The "uncle and niece" relationship sets many many limitations on the discussion&processing of the affairs of the state for the president and his first lady.
As for seeing this issue in a Palauan traditional concept, I have no argument against it. Not to say that I am for it but because the governmental systems are very different from each other and therefore, are not comparable. The government we have institutionalized today is a democracy. In contrast, the traditional Palauan form of government was a lighter form of a feudal government. To say it short, the theories behind each form of government are not applicable to each other. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, they are not applicable.

i had never talked about KUN/Tommy R. maybe you got a wrong person, talk about getting my info together i think its you..kokau erngak! as you
said "please...please....gather your facts and post your comments".
all i had asked in here is about Camsek and his web addy..elikeang !!
Waiting for your REPLY !!!!!

Response to Mekede Demekerang, I read your article on the first lady and Polycarp and I would like to make this statement short and brief. " A leader who choose someone else other than the one who is close tho him, like his wife to be the first lady proves and clearly demonstrates his priorities ". An old palauan sayings teach that " Kedemekera mo ungil ra rael alsekum meng diak elsebeched el mo ungil ra blid elkot". To hold the highest position in our country and to be our spokesman to the world require that the one must be a person of integrity and standards that will not be moved or swayed by any means that will question his motives and action. I have nothing against having a niece as a First Lady of our country, but to give what is understood to be rightfully belongs to a person close to you in relationship to other put a doubt in mind if such can hold a position when he is capable to overlook what is the most important him or his fellow countryman.

Alii, Alii,

Ngkmal ungil a comments er everybody.
I'm glad I was able to read your latest comments
regarding the presidential and vice-presidential candidates and incumbents. I hope that some,if not all, of you may return to Palau soon and help us better develop our young nation. We've met our 10th year mark....we have 5 years left of the direct COFA funding and we have 35 years where we as a developing nation must come up with over $25 million in revenues per year to cover yearly expenditures of our government. For the past 3 fiscal years, the local revenues have generated around $28 to $31 million. The executive branch alone expends over $31 million per year. The legislative branch $3 million and the judicial branch $2 million. Then we have over $5 million for state governments. For the past 3 fiscal years, we have withdrawn $15 million from our COFA stock portfolio to fund ongoing operations.

The COFA Trust Fund went down from over $160 million to $124.5 milion in 2002. This year it's reported to be $148 million.
This $148 million Trust Fund is supposed to cover 16th to 50th year of COFA!?

Yes, Palau needs "pro-active" leaders to make sure that as we reach our 15th year mark in 2009, we can look forward to a future with infrastructures in Palau that are "developed"! Hence, we need to attain the status and the reality of a "developed nation."

Mesulang, Imelda #20

THANK YOU IMELDA! You've got my vote!

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