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June 12, 2004


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As I read this article about "Government employees asking for COLA", I see a proactive employee rights being practiced in Palau,Which is a great thing to see. One thing that I do not see is people pursuing life through other means, such as "service oriented" businesses,more import and export businesses, etc.

I urge all Palauan people to pursue other means of life sustaining avenues using our rich resources other than relying on government for pay-check every week or every month.
I know most of you are smart people who can run business. This will create a lot of wealth for you and your family, and the people of Palau. Now, if you are in business for yourself, you would be incharge of your own COLA. You might get a 25 cent increase to cover your COLA, but if you are in business for your self, you can create more that.

"Don't Let Someone dictate your destiny...You can be a millionaire if you choose it...Believe in yourself..."

Think about it...

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